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Infostack Testimonials


What Our Partners Have to Say About Working With Us:
Valued Contributor
“I really enjoyed partnering up with Infostack. They are well organized, friendly, and helpful. I will definitely participate in future Infostacks, whether it's as a contributor or an affiliate.”
Billie Gardner
Virtual Assistant mentor, founder of Desire to Done and Introvert VA Club, and author of "Hire a Virtual Assistant Workbook"
Valued Contributor
“Working with InfoStacks has been great! Really appreciate the support they provide leading up to and through the promotion. They make it easy to be successful--even if it's your first time running a promotion of this size.”
Christopher Maselli
Award-winning children’s author of more than 50 books, digital marketer, ghostwriter, and teacher
Valued Contributor
“JUST DO IT! You will NOT regret participating. I increased my Academy students 33x – yes, it was that BIG of a jump in my student enrollments from the Infostack bundle. I'm already planning for and looking forward to the next one!”
Stacy S.
Author and founder of Author's Mojo Academy

“I'm part of the League of Utah Writers, and I will definitely be recommending to other members of the League the benefits of participating in Infostack. First, I'll share with them my experience of Infostack's one-on-one personal touch and attention to detail emails and marketing tools to help affiliates succeed.
Next, I'll tell them about the amazing potential to grow their audience and income by being partnered with other affiliates.
Finally, I'll tell them how much I enjoyed being part of Write Publish Profit 4.0. Marketing isn't my strength, but marketing something as amazing as Infostack is so easy because it IS the best deal around.”

Robin Glassey
Author of award-winning YA fantasy

“This was a fantastic experience! As a contributor, I received wonderful exposure. Every day, new members have been joining my Facebook group for writers and they say they found me through the Super Stack. I've also been noticing sales of my other courses from writers who purchased the Super Stack. As an affiliate partner, it was a pleasure to be a part of. The swipe copy and graphics made it super-easy to promote, and my audience loved the amazing deals and were extremely appreciative.”

Stacy Juba
Founder of Shortcuts for Writers.

“Being a contributor to the Super Stack was a very positive experience. The Infostack team has been super easy to work with, and provided tons of support through the whole process. The results have been wonderful. We've seen our website traffic grow significantly, and the interest in our courses has skyrocketed. Many people who've signed up for the course we included in the stack, have also signed up for the other courses we offer too. I would work with Infostack again in a heartbeat.”

Kiri Jorgensen
Publisher and Senior Editor at Chicken Scratch Books

“It was a welcoming organization. I felt like I learned some good stuff about email/social media marketing from the tips they shared about promoting the stack that I can apply to my own business practices. Great communication. It felt like they really wanted you to be successful, which is a nice/rare feeling in the business world. I am excited to see the growth of my course/platform/social media platforms based on being included in this stack.”

Amanda Zieba
Author of 11 self-published books, creator of the Take Action Author Plan

“As a contributor to Writer's Craft 2.0, I've so far gotten 202 new subscribers. These are buying subscribers. That's like getting at least $202/month just by offering one of your products to be part of the bundle. If you have a good product to share, it's worth doing it through a future Super Stack.”

Britt Malka
Writer by choice and by heart

“Partnering with Infostack is SO easy! They make the process seamless, sharing all the resources possible to make this a success, you get to see an amazing marketing campaign put together from start to finish. They provide you with everything you need to make marketing this bundle easy. “

Cassandra Le
Brand & visibility strategist and copywriter, founder of The Quirky Pineapple Studio

“I say DEFINITELY go for it! There truly isn't anything to lose and knowing that our customer base already has such a deep love for our products and the Keto lifestyle we knew that it would be a good fit to get them even more help and products that they can use to be healthier and happier made us so happy!”

Amber Singer
Pioneer in the health food industry with products that go beyond gluten-free.

“With Infostack, I was able to pull in engaged, excited leads who genuinely wanted to be a part of my online community. It was a fantastic experience and one I hope I can participate in again next year! “

Carissa Andrews
International bestselling indie author & CEO of Author Revolution™

“Getting your product in front of so many eyes expands your visibility. My email list has jumped from people who bought a stack then joined the newsletter once they opened our product. “

Melissa Banczak
Writes the June Nash Mysteries and co-authors the Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journal Series