What People Are Saying About Infostack...
Valued Contributor
“I really enjoyed partnering up with Infostack. They are well organized, friendly, and helpful. I will definitely participate in future Infostacks, whether it's as a contributor or an affiliate.”
Billie Gardner
Virtual Assistant mentor, founder of Desire to Done and Introvert VA Club, and author of "Hire a Virtual Assistant Workbook"
Valued Contributor
“Working with InfoStacks has been great! Really appreciate the support they provide leading up to and through the promotion. They make it easy to be successful--even if it's your first time running a promotion of this size.”
Christopher Maselli
Award-winning children’s author of more than 50 books, digital marketer, ghostwriter, and teacher
Valued Contributor
“JUST DO IT! You will NOT regret participating. I increased my Academy students 33x – yes, it was that BIG of a jump in my student enrollments from the Infostack bundle. I'm already planning for and looking forward to the next one!”
Stacy S.
Author and founder of Author's Mojo Academy

“I'm part of the League of Utah Writers, and I will definitely be recommending to other members of the League the benefits of participating in Infostack. First, I'll share with them my experience of Infostack's one-on-one personal touch and attention to detail emails and marketing tools to help affiliates succeed.

Next, I'll tell them about the amazing potential to grow their audience and income by being partnered with other affiliates.

Finally, I'll tell them how much I enjoyed being part of Write Publish Profit 4.0. Marketing isn't my strength, but marketing something as amazing as Infostack is so easy because it IS the best deal around.”

Robin Glassey
Author of award-winning YA fantasy

“'It's a great opportunity to get your course and information out to a ton of people. Even if you don't make many sales the overall collaboration and the eyes on your product/course makes it worth it. I teach a very boring part of social media and I had a huge influx of people into my ecosystem.”

Harrison Baron
Founder of Growth Generators & Creator of LinkedIn Sales Masterclass

I’m absolutely glad I did it. Aside from earning commissions, it also helped me get clients and build my email list. I would definitely be happy to do it again.

Qat Wanders
Author, Editor, and Founder of Wandering Words Media

“It was a welcoming organization. I felt like I learned some good stuff about email/social media marketing from the tips they shared about promoting the stack that I can apply to my own business practices. Great communication. It felt like they really wanted you to be successful, which is a nice/rare feeling in the business world. I am excited to see the growth of my course/platform/social media platforms based on being included in this stack.”

Amanda Zieba
Author of 11 self-published books, creator of the Take Action Author Plan

“As a contributor to Writer's Craft 2.0, I've so far gotten 202 new subscribers. These are buying subscribers. That's like getting at least $202/month just by offering one of your products to be part of the bundle. If you have a good product to share, it's worth doing it through a future Super Stack.”

Britt Malka
Writer by choice and by heart

“Partnering with Infostack is SO easy! They make the process seamless, sharing all the resources possible to make this a success, you get to see an amazing marketing campaign put together from start to finish. They provide you with everything you need to make marketing this bundle easy. “

Cassandra Le
Brand & visibility strategist and copywriter, founder of The Quirky Pineapple Studio

“I say DEFINITELY go for it! There truly isn't anything to lose and knowing that our customer base already has such a deep love for our products and the Keto lifestyle we knew that it would be a good fit to get them even more help and products that they can use to be healthier and happier made us so happy!”

Amber Singer
Pioneer in the health food industry with products that go beyond gluten-free.

“With Infostack, I was able to pull in engaged, excited leads who genuinely wanted to be a part of my online community. It was a fantastic experience and one I hope I can participate in again next year! “

Carissa Andrews
International bestselling indie author & CEO of Author Revolution™

“Getting your product in front of so many eyes expands your visibility. My email list has jumped from people who bought a stack then joined the newsletter once they opened our product. “

Melissa Banczak
Writes the June Nash Mysteries and co-authors the Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journal Series

“The Novel Factory has contributed to several of the writing related Stacks now, and it’s been a fantastic experience for us. As well as greatly increasing the profile and reach of our brand, we have made a significant revenue from commissions, which has been a great boost. The hardest thing about selling the Stacks is convincing people they really are as good as they say they are, and that there’s no catch!”

Katja Kaine
creator of The Novel Factory - software by writers for writers
Valued Contributor
"Infostack's bundles are amazing to participate in. The conversion rates and EPC are MUCH higher than any other bundle I've promoted in a long time. I highly recommend joining one of their bundles. That's not easy for me to say considering I have a site that DIRECTLY competes with Infostack! But it's the truth. If you like publicity, professionalism, and rock solid affiliate commission for your promotional efforts, Infostack is something you should seriously consider."
Matt Stone
Amazon bestselling author, Founder of 100Covers, BuckBooks and 180DegreeHealth
Valued Contributor
“Few bundles are managed with as much professionalism and integrity as Cary and the Infostack team bring. I'm proud that my products have appeared among some of the top training resources in the coaching space inside the recent "Coach to Profit" stack. What's more, the high-quality of the offers makes promoting the bundles as an affiliate so easy. From start to finish, the entire experience with Infostack was fantastic, and I look forward to participating again in the future.”
Cindy Bidar
Founder of Six-Figure Systems and host of the Tiny Course Empire Podcast
Valued Contributor
“It has been such a positive experience offering my A-list programs and products through Infostack for several reasons. As a Spiritual Business Mentor, coach, retreat leader and author, I am often working in isolation. I LOVE being able to offer an affordable option to the amazing tribe that I am honored to serve. It is also wonderful to be able to collaborate and bundle my offerings with other coaches, healers and experts at the top of their game. Infostack rocks — and I look forward to working with them for a long time to come.”
Abiola Abrams
Founder of Womanifesting.com, award-winning author, speaker & Spiritual Success Coach

"I have been a regular contributor to Infostack since 2018 and have found Cary and his team to be professional, responsive and dependable. I supply the digital products, and Infostack provides all the marketing materials that make promoting their Infostacks a breeze. I was, of course, a little skeptical at first. I've seen online businesses offer a similar service over the years. However, their offerings and promotional methods left a lot to be desired. Infostack, on the other hand, handles everything in a very professional manner. They collect some of the best digital products available online, and make them accessible at a super affordable price. Their affiliate program is very generous and has helped me earn a nice side income alongside my existing business and offerings. A side benefit of partnering with Infostack (as an affiliate) is that they help expose my products and online business to thousands of potential customers each year. That, in itself, is priceless. I would highly recommend reaching out to Cary and learning more about Infostack. It could become a game-changing move for your online business."

Adam Sicinski
Founder of IQmatrix.com

“I love working with Infostack. They think of EVERYTHING the contributor needs, from swipe copy to ideas for promotion. And…they sell. Why? Because the bundles are fantastic! Curated from experts, the content is fantastic. I can authentically offer them to my audience knowing they are getting a fantastic deal. With Infostack, EVERYBODY wins!”

Susan May Warren
Christy, RITA, and Carol award-winning prolific novelist with over 1 million books sold. Founder of MyBookTherapy.com and LearnHowtoWriteaNovel.com

“I’ve been working with the team at Infostack for two years now and love how easy it is to work with them. They provide high quality promotions that make it easy for me to recommend to my tribe because they aren’t full of fluff! Since working with Infostack, I’ve earned over $5,000 in affiliate commissions. I look forward to continuing to work with Cary and the team for many years to come!”

Lise Cartwright
is a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur. Author of over 30 books on successful entrepreneurship

“Cary and the team at Infostack helped me reach lots of new students and customers. I was also able to serve my audience much more effectively. Students and subscribers emailed me to say they loved these bundles. I also earned a nice amount. I’m looking forward to working with Cary in 2020.”

Bryan Collins
author from Ireland who helps writers build authority. He's published multiple nonfiction books including This Is Working and The Power of Creativity. He also writes regularly for Forbes as a columnist.

Infostacks are the best value in the writing market. There's nothing even close.

Jon Bard
Children's Book Insider, Co-founder of Writing Blueprints. He’s been marketing online since 1990 (pioneering writing instruction of AOL and Compuserve in 1990). As owner of a New York PR agency, he represented Pictionary, Little Golden Books, Ertl Toys and many others

As a super fan of InfoStack from a customer point of view, I am TICKLED to be a part of it from this side! I know from experience that no one will be disappointed with their purchase - unless it's that there isn't more time in the day.

Laurie Wright
Author of the "Mindful Mantras" series, and marketing coach

We at SpeakerTunity® always get a river of great leads from participating in InfoStacks. And they even keep coming each time they reactivate special sales of previous stacks! InfoStacks really helps us to uplevel our lead gen!

Jackie Lapin
founder of SpeakerTunity®, The Speaker & Leader Resource Company

"It was a pleasure to partner [with Infostack] and associate with so many great creators, authors and artists. As a contributor and affiliate for the bundle the experience was wholly positive, and a great opportunity to give value to many, many people."

David Lee Martin
Pastor, author, creator, creative coach
Valued Contributor
“Infostack were very easy to work with, upfront and transparent. With step by step instruction and encouragement I felt very confident that in sharing the KidLit Creators Super Stack with my contacts, they would be getting an amazing stack of kidlit resources at an incredible price. I even purchased the stack myself!”
Jackie Hosking
Author of "An Amazing Australian Road Trip", and “Temper Tabitha”, editor of rhyme and metre, and creator of the kidlit ezine "Pass It On"
Valued Contributor
“I was impressed by the thorough professionalism of the marketing campaign and how easy you made it for us to participate with the emails, graphics, and general responsiveness, and overall hand-holding. It conveyed the message that you respected our various product offerings and had confidence in them too and it made the experience meaningful. I also feel like I learned new things from the Infostack team about email direct marketing and affiliate marketing.”
Mark Mitchell
Author and illustrator, teaches children's book illustration and painting at the Austin Contemporary Art School
Valued Contributor
"Working with Infostack for their bundles was AMAZING! I've never worked with a business that had all the available resources and content in such a timely manner for me to participate. It made it so easy for us to share about the bundle and our community was very interested! Our community loved seeing our products offered with other high-quality resources which made it that much more appealing."
Cassandra Le
The Quirky Pineapple Studio

"Working with Infostack has been a fantastic experience. Not only was the stack a really phenomenal value for my audience, but the process of working with Infostack throughout the campaign was great as well.

The stack that I was a part of was a perfect fit for my audience. I promise the people on my email list that I will not bombard them with email and that if they hear from me, it's important. I was happy to promote this stack to them. The value was truly there.

The process of working with Infostack to set up the campaign was about as effortless as it could be. They clearly communicate what they need from you and when. Then they provide you the tools you need to craft a few emails, offer excellent advice on how to be successful, and are there for you when/if you have questions.

Did I sell many stacks? Yes! It was an incredibly lucrative week for me. I'm excited to be a part of another stack and even to purchase future stacks for myself. I couldn't be happier with my experience."

Julie Eickhoff
Voice artist and owner of The Online School for Voice Over

“Participating in Writer’s Craft 2.0 was a thrill! Very fun to see the numbers come in...we would love to get involved in another Stack.”

Maggie McCloskey
Marketing Manager, Blackstone Career Institute | mlmccloskey@blackstone.edu

“Contributing to the Best Year Yet Super Stack was a great decision - I added over 100 responsive customers to my subscriber base with more coming in as time goes on and the process was simple and easy to follow thanks to Cary and his team.”

Adam Moody
Founder of Productivity Academy

“Even though my mailing list was smaller than others, I got a surprisingly successful result. The email outline with swipe copy was easy to use and a true treasure. I made way more sales than I thought I would!”

Arielle Haughee
Executive Vice President of the Florida Writers Association and owner of Orange Blossom Publishing

I LOVED working with Infostack! I am a really busy business owner and entrepreneur but loved the ways we could collaborate together. Anytime I say yes to something like this, I have to consider the amount of work needed from me. I was BEYOND surprised and pleased with how easy Infostack makes participating with them. The communication is clear and exactly as you need it. They created everything I needed, gave me copy to use, gave me timelines and links... it was AMAZING. I wouldn't hesitate to partner again with them on anything. Not only that, but I made considerably more in affiliate commission than expected (honestly, I was thinking more of my offer as a funnel for new customers than I was even thinking of affiliates.) I was blown away by how easy it was to get my network to purchase the stack because hello?! It's an incredible offer every time! This leads to new customers AND a surprise payout. THANK YOU Infostack for inviting me to partner with you!

Marcy Pusey
Founder of Miramare Ponte Press, LLC, bestselling, award-winning author of 18+ books, and story coach
Valued Contributor
"Working with Infostack was great. Their communication was quick, clear, and helpful every step of the way. I got some good exposure for my brand and web site by participating in the SuperStack, and the money wasn't bad either!"
Alli Brydon
Founder of kidlit consulting business Alli Brydon Creative, and editor of NYTimes #1 Bestselling picture book, "A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo"
Valued Contributor
"I loved working with Infostack! It was such a great experience, and they gave me all the tools I needed to promote the stack effectively to my audience."
Sarah Larson
Founder of Sarah Proofreads
Valued Contributor
"November 2020 was the first time we partnered with the Infostack team. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience! They are easy to work with, responsive, and provide great resources to market with. We picked up new students from all over the world and made new friends along the way. Thank you Infostack!"
David Pasqualone
Host of The Remarkable People Podcast

Hey Guys!

I had this great conversation with a client yesterday. She has bought two high tickets from me in the last 6 months. I mentioned how I was trying to streamline what I do (to focus mainly on my High Ticket offers and not create smaller stuff), and she told me to make sure not to scale back on everything else because she found me by purchasing one of Infostack's stacks a few years ago.

So a word to other contributors, the value of participation goes far beyond the launch!

Ray Brehm
USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author

“It was a pleasure working with Infostack. They made the process straightforward and seamless.They were experienced professionals who supported me through the process and knew the tactics to optimize my reach and my impact within my audience. They created an irresistible offer which made it easy to promote. I would happily recommend the Infostack team and would not hesitate to work with them in the future."

Dr. Melina Roberts
Naturopathic Doctor, author of Building a Healthy Child, Founder of Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre, International Lecturer and regarded as one of the top Biological Medicine practitioner in North America with a podcast "Building Health" awarded in the top 20 Naturopathic podcasts and youTube station awarded in the top 30 Naturopathic Channels

“I have never participated in a bundle program the size of Infostacks' Coach to Profit 2.0 before. I'll admit, I was a little nervous! However, the entire Infostack team made it a seamless and incredible experience. They clearly laid out what they needed from me, sent numerous reminder emails, and provided all types of email and image swipes to use for the stack's release. They made it so easy for me to participate in this, and just by sending a few emails to my warm list and posting to my social media accounts, I made a bunch of sales! All-in-all, a great experience, and I hope to participate in other Infostack collaborations in the future!”

Lindsey Anderson
Bestselling author and founder of Traffic & Leads full-scale digital marketing agency

"I feel blessed to have recently been a part of the plant based bundle super bundle and given the opportunity to provide my crew with an amazing plethora of vegan resources to really become creators in their health and wellness. Working with infostack was a streamlined joyful process that made it easy for me to bring this valuable offer and was received extremely well!"

Chris Kendall
Founder of The Raw Advantage, RHN, author of 'Frickin Rawsome Pizza', 'Naturally Rawsome Dressings', and more!

I absolutely loved being a contributor in the Coach to Profit Launch with InfoStack! Not only is the team amazing and very responsive and supportive, but they take care of basically everything for you! They do all the marketing, emails, and social media posts (of course you can tweak or make your own too), so it's really a no-brainer to help more people, reach a bigger audience, and earn a passive income stream in the process. One thing that impressed me so much is the actual stacks themselves. In the Coach to Profit one I participated in for example, many of the contributors are big name experts and entrepreneurs I've followed for years now! I can't believe how easy and basically stress free launching and working with InfoStack was and hope to continue working with them in future launches.

Laura Albers
Master Certified Wellness Coach
Valued Contributor
Infostack seriously set the bar for affiliate partnerships. Aside from exceptional commission rates, working with them was an absolute breeze. Beyond that, the feedback from my audience has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic! I can't thank Infostack enough for extending the opportunity to participate in the Keto 4.0 Super Stack.
Katie Rodriguez
Founder of Keto for Mamas, Certified Nutritional Consultant and creator of Keto Crush
Valued Contributor
Infostack were brilliant to work alongside – they were very thorough, organised and very communicative. They made the campaign fun and easy to take part in with generous commissions. I had customers that actually messaged me to check that the offer was real as it was so good! I’d work with them again without a doubt.
Samantha Houghton
Memoir mentor and ghostwriter
Valued Contributor
Working with infostack was a really smooth, enjoyable and profitable experience. My email list has seen great growth and I was able to make sales through the Side Hustle Toolbox (given how much of an amazing deal it was, that's no surprise!) I loved how easy Cary and Nicole made it to promote the bundle with their terrific swipe copy and graphics - it couldn't have been clearer and easier. I would definitely partner with Infostack in the future, no doubt about it!
Kerry Campion
SEO Copywriter and founder of God Save the SERP

“This was my first Infostack contribution, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. The team makes it easy to contribute and super easy to promote, and I was impressed by the high quality of all the content. I was most surprised by the strong response to my emails, and see Infostack as not only a bargain for writers but an excellent way for me to spread the word about my book coaching business.”

Janet Fox
Kidlit book coach, award-winning author of 9 books for young readers, from picture books through MG and YA

Working with infostack was sooo freaking SIMPLE and easy! Everything was laid out with deadlines and whatever I needed to be supplied with to make this EASY. So happy I was asked to be a part of it.

Shannon DePalma
Leading financial coach for female entrepreneurs who want to get wealthy. Her work has been featured in Being Boss and the Female Entrepreneur Association. You can find her best financial advice at www.shannondepalma.com

It was such a great experience to participate in the infostack bundles. The infostack team made the entire process very easy. It’s truly one of the best ways to offer additional valuable products to your tribe at a reasonable price, while gaining extra exposure and getting in front of a new audience.

Eli Natoli
International bestselling author, speaker, and coach

We loved working with Info Stack for their Gut Health Bundle. The process was seamless and it was a fantastic way to get our products out there to such a big audience. It was an honour to see our course included alongside so many fantastic resources.

Hannah Singleton
Co-Founder and Marketing Manager of HealthyLuxe

My team and I LOVED how easy it was to get started. Once we met with Cary, everything was very quick and easy! The team was incredibly responsive and helpful, which is great! They were absolute rockstars! There was much communication beforehand and during the giveaway which was amazing, you can never over communicate! We loved how fun and easy it was to participate!! Our customers had a great response to the giveaway, and we would definitely play again in the future! Yay!

Susie Carder
Profit Coach and Author of POWER YOUR PROFITS
Valued Contributor
Infostack has been amazing! I know that whenever I feel stuck as a writer learning something new will take me to the next level. The amazing content in the infostacks they offer for writers has been so helpful. As someone who has been writing and publishing since 2015, it is refreshing to keep learning something new. And they have been so communicative and helpful to work with as a contributor as well. All around, the team offers an excellent experience.
M.K. Williams
Founder of Author Your Ambition
Valued Contributor
I took part in the Writers' Craft 3.0 stack. It was my first experience working with InfoStack. The communication from them was thorough throughout. They made the process of taking part in the sale as easy as possible, and my followers really did appreciate being informed of the offer, which was an excellent one. Plus, I got a decent return out of it! I wouldn't hesitate to work with InfoStack again and would recommend them to other writers too. Thanks to Cary and Nicole for all their hard work.
Richie Billing
Co-host of The Fantasy Writers’ Toolshed podcast and author of “Pariah’s Lament.”
Valued Contributor
I loved participating in the Infostack bundle! I was impressed with how professional everything is set up, how fast it was to communicate and get onboarded and the clarity in how it works + help to promote it. I also appreciate a lot the personal reach from all parts involved, including the private videocall with the CEO. When the promotion started, it was very easy to share with my audience since the Infostack team provided great copy and ideas, and obviously the offer was an amazing deal.
Clàudia Orengo
Graphic designer and creative mentor at Heartmade.es
Valued Contributor
"I loved partnering with InfoStack on the Side Hustle Toolbox. They made it super easy to provide my followers with a ton of value for very little money, while also providing me with an especially simple, not to mention lucrative, opportunity. I'd definitely do it again!"
Ilise Benun
Author, Speaker and Business Coach for creative pros who want better clients with bigger budgets
Valued Contributor
"I sponsored a newsletter with Infostack and was pleased with the results. When you consider how much a Facebook ad costs for a similar number of leads as well as the quality of Infostack's leads, it's a solid investment. In addition, the Infostack team was very accommodating and easy to work with."
Chad R. Allen
Creator of BookCamp
Valued Contributor
Working with the team at Infostack has been a pleasure! From day 1, everybody on the team was incredibly clear and concise about the expectations and how things were going to be orchestrated. The other contributors all brought a ton of value to the table and I was honored to be a part of the bundle! Throughout the entire promotion, the team at Infostack provided tons of useful promotional graphics and newsletter templates that made getting the word out as pain free as possible! I've certainly enjoyed the opportunity and I would absolutely take part in an Infostack bundle in the future!
Robert Sikes
Founder of Keto Savage and the Keto Brick

The BEST way to grow your visibility with a target audience is to partner with other professionals who share the same audience. Infostack did a superb job with putting together a bundle of quality offerings that provide extreme value to my audience. I'm thrilled to have been a part of the offer and look forward to participating in future bundles with them.

Tara Alemany
Award-winning Author of "Publish with Purpose," Speaker and Founder of Emerald Lake Books

I loved being a part of this Super Stack, it was so easy to promote and the products are wonderful.

Lynnsey Robinson
Certified hypnotherapist, Intuitive Success Coach, host of High Vibin' It Podcast

Infostack is a super professional company to work with. Structured and helpful, these guys support creators around the world. They want the best for you whether you have 1,000,000 followers or a 1,000.

Nick Turner
Amazon Bestselling author, featured in Medium, Thrive Global and more

We've had a great experience partnering [with Infostack]! We've grown our email list, earned some extra cash and feel apart of a community.

Kate Bagoy
Member of the Forbes Coaches Council, a certified Book Yourself Solid® business coach and the founder of SixFigureFreelancers.com

This was a fantastic experience! As a contributor, I received wonderful exposure. Every day, new members have been joining my Facebook group for writers and they say they found me through the Super Stack. I've also been noticing sales of my other courses from writers who purchased the Super Stack. As an affiliate partner, it was a pleasure to be a part of. The swipe copy and graphics made it super-easy to promote, and my audience loved the amazing deals and were extremely appreciative. The partner prizes were also an exciting motivator. I signed on as an affiliate at the last minute, and between commissions and sales of my other courses to Super Stack buyers, I've earned close to a thousand dollars. I also appreciate the opportunity to have so many enthusiastic newcomers to my email list and Facebook group. I've been getting five star reviews and nice emails from people who purchased the Super Stack and have gone through my course.

Stacy Juba
Author, editor, and founder of Shortcuts for Writers
Valued Contributor
"Participating in the Super Stack program was a great and profitable experience. Besides making commissions, the traffic to my ecourse is really valuable. I highly recommend participating!"
John Cousins
Founder of MBA ASAP, Award winning professor, best selling author, took two of his startup companies public and sold a third to a Fortune 100 company.
Valued Contributor
"It was a great experience. The Infostack team is very friendly and extremely organized. I felt supported before and during the process. Great graphics and amazing swipe copy were provided. Great partnership opportunity with top-of-the-line contributors!"
Sandra Mateu
Fashion stylist, podcaster, and business consultant. Founder of the Fashion Entrepreneur Club and Gitana Styling
Valued Contributor
"It was a pleasure to partner up with Infostack and connect with other incredible experts in the field. It was a great way to connect with a completely new audience!"
Fab Giovanetti
Award-winning marketing consultant, CEO of Alt Marketing School, author, and founder of Creative Impact

[Working with Infostack] was a great experience! I believed in the super stack that was being sold and $49 is a good price point. I've had over 50 people sign up for my romance-specific story structure course so far, which surprised me because I know it's overwhelming to have that many products available all at once. The instructions to set up ThriveCart and the swipe copy made the process simple once the stack launched. Kudos to the InfoStack team for making this as painless and profitable as possible!

Jessica Snyder
Romance fiction editor and coach to both USA Today bestselling authors and not-yet-published writers

It's fun! And I love the Stacks...I always buy them myself. The amount of work is minimal and it's a great way to add value to your offerings to your followers.

Julie Eickhoff
Voice artist and owner of The Online School for Voice Over

You have nothing to lose - if it aligns with you then totally go for it. It was by far the best organised online event I have been involved in.

Samantha Houghton
Founder of Samantha Houghton - Memoir Mentor and Ghostwriter

DO IT! They literally make it SO easy and the product is always a no-brainer deal.

Marcy Pusey
Founder of Miramare Ponte Press, multi-award-winning author, 2x TEDx speaker, and, castle exploring buff. Or nerd. You decide.

I’ve told my team the stacks are well worth it. It’s practically done for you, and the profit share is really amazing!

Rebecca Hamilton
Career coach responsible for helping hundreds of authors hit national bestseller lists and earn six figures a year writing fiction.

It's an easy way to both give value to your audience and reap the benefits of an exceptionally high performing affiliate program

Donna Barker
Co-founders of The Creative Academy for Writers, and authors of both fiction and non-fiction books

The most professionally operated JV program I've ever been involved in. Add to that a superb swipe file and a high converting sales page and participation is a no-brainer.

Di-Di Hoffman
Founder of the Herb Academy, and BadassPreneurs

It was pretty easy to participate. I loaded up some emails (with minimal changes) and a couple of social graphics -- then I made a couple thousand dollars and got quite a few new email subscribers out of it. Overall, it was about 90% less work than anything I would've done myself to create those results this month!

Jenni Waldrop
Founder of Fuzzy and Birch
Valued Contributor
It's a no-brainer. Easy to promote and wonderful contetnt that we are roud to share with our subscribers.
Jaimie Skultety
CEO and founder of Upscale Your Business
Valued Contributor
Infostack is a good platform to promote your work and expertise.
Rommel Reyes
Pastry Chef and author of 'The Green Macarons, Les Macarons Verts and Pastry Deco - 10 Vegan Pastry Decoration Recipes'.
Valued Contributor
Well worth it!
Nachum Kligman
Co-Founder & CEO of Book Like A Boss
Valued Contributor
I love working with InfoStack. The bundles are always a tremendous value and it's a pleasure to promote their stacks.
Michal Wurm
Entrepreneur and marketing and brand consultant
Valued Contributor
I love Infostack promotions. They're incredibly professional and effective.
J. Thorn
Co-founder, Molten Universe Media, and proprietor of The Author Life
Valued Contributor
I was able to market the stack exactly as I chose and netted $1,500+ in commissions, far more than I expected.
Erik Bork
Multiple Emmy Award-winning writer-producer of projects including HBO's BAND OF BROTHERS who teaches and mentors writers around the world

Do it. There’s is so much marketing value in it, as well at the potential for great commissions. There’s little downside, just the time to write emails that you should’ve been writing anyway ;)

Esther Kurtz
Author of RULE OF THREE and founder of the WriteOn! Creative Community

It's a great way to increase your audience, collaborate with others, offer tons of value to our super engaged audience members and reward them for their loyalty

Julie Tyler
Founder of StoryBold

It’s a great way to network and get our brand out there to new audiences

Brittany Noelle
Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach and creator of Brittany Noelle Fitness

Great people to work with and a rewarding experience.

Daniel Schwabauer
Award-winning author, creator of 'One Year Novel' writing program.

I would most definitely recommend to anyone wanting to partner or become a contributor to a future Super Stack: I would let them know that the support and resources are truly magnificent! In addition, it's an amazing way to boost your brand and/or product. And you'll definitely learn a lot from a wonderful organization and team!

Elizabeth le Roux
Creator of 'Learn How To Transcribe' and Founder of VA Assist & Overflowing Oil Transcription
Valued Contributor
Infostack makes it easy for you to get a whole new audience to your offering.
Kelly McClymer
USA Today bestselling author and writing coach Kelly McClymer founded Hack Your Muse to help you write what you want, when you want, and how you want
Valued Contributor
You absolutely have nothing to lose. They take care of everything!
Erin Skye Kelly
Author of Get the Hell Out of Debt
Valued Contributor
Go for it. It's a fun experience and I was able to grow my subscriber list.
Susan Palmquist
Author, Coach, Dream Inspirer

I would be happy to recommend Infostack…the resources are great, the price is unbeatable, and as an affiliate the process was simple and made easy with the swipe file, graphics and suggested mailing timetable.

Emma Dhesi
Author and Book Coach

As a partner & consumer of Infostack’s “Super Stacks” I think they offer very valuable information for an affordable price.

Yolanda Allen
Owner/CEO of Rome Gibson Publishing, Fiction Author & Creator of the Author Essentials Planner™

Get your message out without even doing much lol

Alexander Graves
Founder of the Selfconquering Movement

What a supportive and awesome opportunity to find new leads and make commissions while getting connected with other amazing experts!

Allana Pratt
Icon of Influence, Intimacy Expert and Coach, Host of Intimate Conversations Podcast, Creator of the Intimacy Training & Partnering App Heartmates, Author of 6 books, featured in Huffington Post, People Magazine, Forbes, CBS, ABC, FOX, and TLC