What is Infostack all about?

Infostack is the world's leading bundle discount company. We curate premium collections of tools, training, and resources to help our customers achieve their goals while saving up to 99% off the retail price.
Our mission at Infostack is simple:

To help you achieve your goals by making the world's best tools, training, and resources available at an affordable price.

We do this by hand-curating collections of the best premium tools and resources within a specific niche, industry, or interest, and we make them available for a one-time fee that's up to 99% off the cumulative retail price. We call these: "Super Stacks."

Massive savings. Insane value. Big win for our community and our partners.

To date, we've partnered with over 500 companies, thought leaders, experts, and authors to bring our community the absolute best education and tools they need to achieve their goals.

Meet The Team

Our passionate, client-success-driven team is what sets Infostack apart from the rest. We’re made up of a bunch of lively, caring persons who will stop at nothing to get you the biggest discounts on the best products. Read on to get to know a little more about the Infostack team...
Cary Richards

Cary Richards

Entrepreneur, grandfather, vintage open wheel road racer.

Cary spent years in the trenches of the corporate sales world. All the while dreaming of one day becoming his own boss. Several years ago, setting out on a mission of discovery, Cary began searching for a way to become a full-time internet entrepreneur. After a very steep learning curve and several dead ends, opportunity finally met with preparation and was born.

Today, Cary is focused and passionate about bringing high quality teaching, information and resources to those searching for a way to fulfill their dreams without breaking the bank. He lives in the Pacific Northwest of the US with his wife Jeannie and competes with the “Infostack RF 81 Van Diemen Formula Ford”in vintage races up and down the west coast.
Tom Morkes

Jeannine Pettersson

Author & Copywriter
Our Editor-in Chief, who goes by the name EA Carter in the publishing world, is the multiple award-winning, Amazon #1 bestselling author of epic alternate historical fiction, sci-fi, and high fantasy love stories!

She also likes taking photos, drinking tea, and writing books.

Jeannine has a secret talent. This half-Russian wordsmith is collecting citizenships (she currently has 3!). If she can have a free day for herself, she’d want to spend it in a time machine and travel to ancient Egypt. EA Carter wants to learn how to build a quantum computer, get a movie deal for one of her books, and fall in love (or at least have a mad, passionate affair), but not necessarily in that order.

Nicole Conklin

Head of Partnerships
Nicole is a highly-motivated individual who enjoys establishing relationship with Infostack Contributors and Affiliates. A strategic thinker who has a knack for creating ideas and marketing strategies that will bridge connection with Infostack potential Partners.

She is highly organized with excellent time management skills. Nicole takes care of our Partners from Outreach to Onboarding. She collaborates with our Co-Founder, Cary to ensure that we are doing all the marketing efforts that we need to build an awesome Super Stack for our customers.

With the gazillion of emails coming in and out, it would be a total chaos without Nicole! She is a life saver!
John Mac

John Mac

Web Designer
John is the "master builder" of He works on creating and building new solutions, pages, and workflows for the website. In addition, he oversees the website functionality and keeps the technical maintenance of the site and other related and connected services.

Allow him to have freedom at work and in life, and he just might sing you a song that will give you goosebumps (but not until he's learned to do that).

Kent Gonzales

Graphic Designer
Kent’s artistic bent seems to extend beyond creating graphic designs and video editing because he does music remixing too! He loves it when he’s appreciated and gets positive feedback for his work.

A seasoned graphic designer and Illustrator, Ken is proficient at using Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom and inDesign for his various creative tasks.

Yenz Pianar

Technical Virtual Assistant
Like other VAs, Yenz wears many hats, from designing product pages to handling chat and email support to generating reports.

If she can have a free day for herself, she'd go to the mountain and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature with good music.

She wants to fulfill her family's needs and be a great help to the Infostack team.

Annelise Cartwright

Head Coach
The eldest of five kids, this secret tech whiz called Lise wants to spread inspiration and positive action. And where there are lots of GIFs around, that's guaranteed to make her smile! But beware - she doesn't like passive-aggressive discussions and people who don't take action but complain they aren't getting any success.

By yearend, she wants to have her husband out of his full-time job and, in five years, be living in Portugal. Oh, and did we say she has 30 fish?

Tom Leveen

Tom Leveen

Fiction Coach
Tom Leveen is an award-winning novelist and Bram Stoker Award finalist who has also written for the comic book SPAWN. Tom's novel ZERO was named a Best Book of 2013 by the Young Adult Library Services Association. His first horror novel SICK won the Westchester Fiction Award and Grand Canyon Reader Award. To date he has published nine novels with imprints of Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Abrams, and Sky Horse, and in multiple languages. 

Tom has contributed to Writers Digest and has been teaching writing for more than a decade at conferences, conventions, and schools across the country and in Germany. Tom brings more than twenty years of experience as a theatre actor and director to his courses and keynotes.