Blogging Strategy




Almost everybody has a blog attached to their website. Some people are serious, dyed in the wool bloggers who post high-quality content on a consistent basis.

Others hardly even, (if ever) look at their blog page. Either way, Blogging can be a viable addition to your Super Stack marketing program.

Done properly, blogging can be a wonderful way to support and augment your email marketing strategy. At the very least it’s a great way to consistently add good quality subscribers to your email list.

This guide will give you some of the basic blogging strategies that can help you be successful in your Super Stack affiliate marketing endeavors.

One note to keep in mind when driving traffic to a Super Stack from your blog. Our marketing strategy depends heavily on getting the prospect into our segmentation funnel early in the launch sequence.

You should use the “engagement” link prior to the “Open Cart” day. Then switch over to the “Segmentation funnel” link until the last few days. Then on the last day or two you can link the directly to the sales page. (Any questions, please contact us at

Step 1, Content:

Consistently create high quality, viral, shareable content on your blog. That’s about as simple as it gets.

Just publishing a post that says “Yea! The New Super Stack is here…Go buy it” isn’t going to get you very far.

The information you create on your blog needs to have some shareable, viral aspect to it or you’ll never get anywhere.

Sorry, but if you’re as boring as a dried leaf, no one is going to read your blog. If no one reads your blog, it’s a little like a race car sitting at the starting line of a race with its engine shut off.

Okay great! you say, “I can do that”, but what constitutes good, quality, viral, shareable content?

Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you might think to generate this type of content.

First, you want to give your readers something.

Give them a tip, a recipe, a strategy, a checklist, plans for a model, coaching on how to up their game etc. all of it, of course, relating directly to the topic of the Super Stack you are promoting.

You want most of this content to be new and as compelling and shareable as you possibly can make it. Try and make the content evergreen. In other words, something useful that will stand the test of time, even after you’re done promoting the Super Stack. You want to make sure they feel like they’ve gotten something of value after they’re done reading your blog.

Another tip is to keep paragraphs as short and to the point as you can and use bolded headlines for each paragraph.

Now, of course, having said all of that you definitely want to pitch the Super Stack in your posts.

There are several ways to go about this.

Having a graphic in the sidebar with a link to the landing page is great. (More on graphics in a minute)

But you also want to have a text link within the context of the content. These text links will probably prove to be your best and highest converting blog related traffic source. It’s a good idea to put one near the top of the post and then give your audience a good solid “call to action” with the link included at the end of the post.

Step 2, Graphics:

You should be using fresh, non-commercial, high-quality graphics. (By non-commercial, I mean something that doesn’t seem too bland and that has that “I bought this for $5 bucks on Shutterstock” feel to it.

Your images should be bright and as cheerful as possible. If you can, edit the images to increase the exposure and brightness so they POP!

Use Text in the middle of your graphics to increase engagement.

My secret weapon when it comes to graphics and images is a site called I use it constantly and it’s awesome.


Step 3, Landing Pages:

Lot’s of bloggers who are successful affiliates will link out to a separate landing page where they can get a little more directly promotional about the Super Stack.

This is where you can also offer the subscriber your own special bonuses if they purchase the Stack from you.

What you offer is up to you of course, but it should be something of value that relates to the subject of the Super Stack. An hour of free coaching by you maybe. Possibly a detailed checklist, or a free e-book, it could even be a tangible product although be very careful about spending a bunch of money on shipping etc.

Step 4, Calls to Action:

You need to have several good strong calls to action in several places within your blog.

If you’re new and aren’t sure what I mean when I say, “call to action” It’s the act of basically taking your subscriber by the hand and telling them exactly what to do. Here’s an example:

“Go right now and click on the button below to purchase your own Self-Publishing Super Stack”


“CLICK HERE to find out more about the Ultimate Internet Marketing Super Stack”

Do not make the mistake of thinking that your customer knows what to do or how to access the page where they can purchase your product. You must assume they never graduated from 5th grade, that you are communicating with them on the dark side of the moon and that this is the first time they’ve ever used the internet.

You’ve got to tell them exactly what to do. “CLICK HERE”, “Leave your email in the space below”, “Go here and sign up NOW!” Etc.

There are lots of places to consider using a “call to action”

Some people utilize a “Hello Bar” WordPress Plugin Banner above the post. (Google “Hello Bar” if you’d like to download this tool.)

You should probably have a least one banner ad in or around your post. Either above or below your content or on the sidebar. How aggressive you get with these is completely up to you of course. You know your audience better than we do and need to judge for yourself if you are risking being too pushy or getting overhyped.

Another possible way to place a call to action is with a pop-up window. Again, you know your audience. If they’re used to this kind of thing and you think they would respond favorably, then, by all means, utilize it.

Step 4, Scale:

With your posts written and your banners and text links in place, now you need to drive traffic to the blog.

Of course, one way to do this is to grab your credit card and buy some traffic. Let me be very clear. You’re not sending purchased traffic directly to the Super Stack sales page. This will result in a very low click-through rate and most probably not allow you to break even on your spend.

Much better to send the purchased traffic to your blog posts. This allows the potential customer to warm up and get engaged with the content before clicking on one of your affiliate links. (besides, in many cases places like Facebook frown on direct affiliate links in your ads)

Purchasing traffic is, of course not for the faint of heart. Facebook and Google Ad-words and the like are very, very good at vacuuming out your wallet. You should approach this concept with caution and start very slowly until you get a feel for how it works.

Buying traffic is a very deep and intricate subject. There is not room for a full explanation of it here is this publication. It can be a viable and effective way to send tons of traffic to your blog and ultimately sell lots of Super Stacks. However, I would urge you to get some detailed and specific training on it prior to jumping in with both feet.

Another option that doesn’t involve watching your bank account shrink is to run a social media campaign. It can involve some work, but it’s free and can be very effective.

The thing to do is either go back through your blog posts (Or if you’re new, write them) and find the 10 or so best posts related to the subject of the Super Stack you’re trying to promote.

Then promote those posts on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Spend about 2 to 3 weeks and really blitz your social accounts. It makes it easier to do this if you use a scheduler tool like HootSuite or Buffer. This way you can schedule out as many as 15 or 20 tweets per day over several days and really grab some attention.

Okay, that’s it for now. Good luck and good blogging.