Write Publish Profit 2.0
is a hand-curated collection of the exact tools and resources you need to write and publish your next bestseller, including:

21 Premium Video Ecourses ($3,549.97 Value)

These step-by-step online video classes and tutorials will teach you how to plan and write your book, how to package and prepare your book for publishing, how to create a hollywood-style book video trailer, and more.

12 Top-Ranked Ebooks ($90.89 Value)

Discover the secret to creating characters that captivate, learn how to edit your book like a professional even on a budget, find out how to get your book to bestseller, and more with these no-fluff guides and ebooks.

Free Access to Premium Software ($237.00)

Craft the perfect manuscript with 1 year of ProWritingAid writing and editing software, or build your spiffy new author website with 3 months of Authorcats website software, totally free with your purchase of Write Publish Profit 2.0.

Ready-to-Use Book Trailer Templates ($97.00 Value)

Create a professional looking book video trailer that gets readers pre-ordering your book.

5 Step-by-step Workbooks ($102.97 Value)

Including, the complete author business planning system that will help you build your author platform and grow your profit.

50% Off Your Professionally Designed Book Cover (Up to $100.00 Value)

Forget the amateur-looking DIY approach or spending an arm and leg on professional design; now you can get a slick looking new book cover without breaking the bank, thanks to 50% off your first cover over at 100Covers.

Cutting-Edge Self-Publishing Genre Reports ($111.00 Value)

Learn which genres are most profitable, what keywords are trending, and much more with these up-to-date self-publishing reports.

4 month free of Speakertunity Radio Insider ($144.00 Value)

Find and book speaking gigs across radio shows and podcasts to highlight and promote your book.

And so much more

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The Bulletproof Bestseller Launch


Full-length ecourse

The book launch process can be overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to put your focus and how to allocate your marketing budget. Thankfully, our program demystifies the process. We teach authors how to hit #1 bestseller status in a relevant category on Amazon, rank in the top 5,000 books on the entire Amazon platform, generate thousands of book sales, and accumulate 20, 50, or even 100 positive reviews within the first week of their launch.

  • Author: Jesse Tevelow: author, entrepreneur, and founder of LaunchTeam

“Publishing a book is a complex process. I couldn’t have done it without my friends and my marketing team. Shoutout to my LaunchTeam! Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to hit the bestseller list, let alone be a #1 bestseller.” – Denise Darlene


12 Months of ProWritingAid PREMIUM


12 months free | good for new and existing users

ProWritingAid is editing technology for the smarter writer. It’s a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor in one package.

Over one million writers now use ProWritingAid to edit their writing. Our software highlights potential improvements in over 20 writing reports. Some reports provide quick fixes to polish your text, others go in depth and reveal ways to develop and improve your writing style.

Reports include: overused words, repetitiveness, dialogue tags, cliches and redundancies, readability, sticky sentences, diction, consistency and more.

  • Author: ProWritingAid Premium

“If you’re a writer, check out @ProWritingAid. Talk about helpful. It’s like having an editor right inside your laptop. Repeated words? Glue words? Way too long sentences. Where has this been all my life?” – Felice Cohen, Author


Emulate NY Times Bestselling Book Kindle Covers w/ Canva


Book cover templates

This course grew out of a frustration among self-publishers and I have experienced it myself where we work hard to write a good (hopefully great) book and we want to share it with the world. We know that to give the book a fighting chance in the Amazon Kindle marketplace that it must have a really good cover. The problem is well-designed covers are usually very expensive to create. Alternatively, many indie publishers try to create the covers for themselves and, unfortunately, they possess neither the talent nor the skill to pull that off. This course aims to solve both of those problems.

  • Author: Daniel Hall, WSJ & USA Today bestselling author & host of the RealFastResults Podcast

“A great course for teaching the self-publisher how to make an eye-catching NY times bestseller cover.” – Diana McDowell


The Writer's Toolbox (Writing the Heart of Your Story, Shoot Your Novel, and The 12 Key Pillars of Novel Construction)


pdf, epub, mobi

The Writer’s Toolbox 3-ebook bundle will give fiction writers a wealth of information on how to write a successful novel. Writing the Heart of Your Story is a foundational look at the heart of your plot, characters, setting, and so much more. Shoot Your Novel teaches an innovative approach to using cinematic technique–specifically camera shots–to “show, don’t tell”–a must for novelists. And The 12 Key Pillars of Novel Construction explains all the key components required to construct a solid story. Whether you are a beginning or experienced novelist, these books will help you hone your skills!

  • Author: C. S. Lakin, copyeditor, writing coach, and award-winning blogger and author at

“With Shoot Your Novel, Susanne Lakin does something wonderful and unique. Lakin reveals how employing the tools and techniques of movie directing, editing and cinematography will give your fiction deeper meaning and greater emotional impact. Her book is an essential tool for any serious novelist.” – Michael Hauge, Hollywood screenwriting coach, author of Writing Screenplays That Sell


Growing Your Author Platform Bundle


Full-length ecourse

The “Grow Your Author Platform” bundle is for the author who is struggling to effectively market their book and grow their audience and fan base. There is nothing worse than doing all the things to have a well-written, edited, fantastic book that completely flops when you launch it. This self-paced bundle of courses will help authors:

– identify their target audience

– learn how to position themselves to grow the audience

– grow the email list and social media platforms

– receive expert guidance on tools and ways to market a book

  • Author: Alexa Bigwarfe, USA Today best selling author, author coach, and publisher

“Alexa helped me make an appropriate marketing and sales plan for my book. These sessions were extremely beneficial in helping me re-set my plan so that my book could sell. Once I implemented the changes she suggested, my sales quadrupled. She is extremely knowledgeable about all things book related.” – Shelly Longenecker


Scrivener 3 Fundamentals for Mac or Scrivener 1 for Windows: The Basics and Beyond


Full-length ecourse

The self-paced “Scrivener 3 Fundamentals” course introduces the essential functions and features of Scrivener that you need to get started writing. Valuable for plotters, pantsers/discovery writers, fiction and nonfiction of all lengths, blogging, and more.

By the end of a course, you’ll be able to:

– create and setup a project that works for your writing style/project.

– rename and rearrange sections of your manuscript.

– plot or preview your manuscript’s structure.

– find anything in your project, backup your work, compile to Word, and so much more.

  • Author: Gwen Hernandez, author of Scrivener For Dummies

“[Scrivener 3 Fundamentals for Mac] was worth more than every penny. … I can’t say enough for the gift for teaching that Ms. Hernandez possesses and brings to this course.” – Clark Farley


Author Video Trailers


Full-length ecourse and templates

Author Book Trailers Pro is the easiest way to create video trailers for books. These versatile and professionally-designed PowerPoint templates allow you to create trailers that are guaranteed to grab the attention of your audience, whether you write fiction or non-fiction books.

  • Author: CJ McDaniel, founder of

“These book trailer templates are fantastic. I just finished creating our first one, and it was every bit as easy as you promised!” – Natalie Winter


3 Months of Authorcats (author website builder)


3 months free | good for new and existing users

Authorcats is an all-in-one, done-for-you website platform for professional authors. Create a beautiful, conversion-optimized author website with our free Concierge Service, and turn visitors into subscribers, paying fans, and lifelong readers.

  • Author: Nick Stephenson, bestselling fiction author and co-founder of Authorcats

“My old website was an ugly mess and I had never fully understood how to do anything on it. I also have a mysterious superpower: any time I do anything on IT, I get it wrong. However, the support team at Authorcats was patient, thorough and persistent – and in the first month, my email list sign ups increased by 10 TIMES! The design is really clean and attractive and the theme is specifically made for authors. Plus, the Authorcats team will do it all for you if you need them to.” – Patricia Finney, Full-time Author


40 Days to a Bestseller


Video training

In this video, Steve gives you a step-by-step path to write and publish your book in 40 days on a shoestring budget.

– Discover the 4 major challenges of being a new author and how these impact your first few books.

– Learn why this process is a quick start strategy that should be used for the short term as you get your sea legs.”

  • Author: Steve Scott and Barrie Davenport, co-founders of Authority Pub Academy



Save $5,071.83 today.


Better Book Funnels


pdf, epub, mobi

“Better Book Funnels” is an international best sell book. It will help authors connect with their fans through email marketing and help them sell more books!

– Email templates included so you can get started quickly

– Easy copy and paste funnels

– Software recommendations to save you time

  • Author: Lise Cartwright, USA Today & Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author

“This is another great book by Lise Cartwright to make sure you find the right readers for your book. She gives so many avenues and bonus walk through videos, that it would be hard to fail with her help. Well organized , clear, well researched, current, and hugely practical. Thank you!” – J. Martin


How to Write Short Romance Kindle Books: A Complete Guide to Kindle Publishing


pdf, epub, mobi

Writing short romance Kindle books is an ideal home-based business, with minimal start-up costs.
This eBook guides you through an in-depth Step-by-Step on the key techniques that you need to start writing short romance fiction, which you can then publish on the Amazon Kindle platform.

– Understand the Amazon Kindle market for romance finction

– How to write romance

– How to edit and prepare your romance manuscript for publishing

– How to publish and market romance

Your complete starter plan is written in straightforward language and each step has been tried and tested.

  • Author: Nina Harrington, bestselling, award-winning author and founder of

“This was a fabulous ebook, filled with straight forward information. I had planned on this purchase for a few months. So glad I did. I found the section on publishing most helpful. I would definitely recommend it and will read it again.” – Sylvia M. Tharp, 5 / 5 stars


Writing Heroes and Villains


pdf, epub, mobi

“Writing Heroes and Villains is an ebook masterclass on the art of writing realistic characters. The advice works for any genre, any skill level, and is written in a friendly, casual style that’s fast, fun, and easy. You’ll learn:

– Heroic archetypes and how they they operate

– How to write realistic male and female characters

– Writing strong females to avoid the “Mary Sue”

– Differences between villains, false mentors, tempters, and traitors

– How to design a balanced, effective supporting cast

– How to turn minor characters into reader favorites (like Boba Fett)

– How to pick a hero’s magic powers

  • Author: Jackson Dean Chase, USA TODAY bestselling author

“I can’t believe how much information is in this book! I was expecting a basic overview of how to stick a book up on Amazon and not much else, so I was shocked to see just how much of the process this book covers. This is a very thorough, detailed resource! I highly recommend!” – Jane 


Indie With Ease


pdf, epub, mobi

“Indie With Ease” offers practical ways to conquer stress, boost productivity, and love your self-publishing career.

Stop feeling overwhelmed and instead learn to thrive as an independent publisher. With a blend of inspiration and practical steps, you will:

– Know yourself and your unique writing style.

– Set authentic, long-term writing goals.

– Maximize your energy and work at a pace you can sustain.

– Dodge the most common pitfalls for independent authors.

“Indie with Ease” is your essential guide to well-being, productivity and serenity as an indie author.

  • Author: Pauline Wiles, author, speaker & productivity cheerleader

“You’ll come away from this book with a whole host of things to try to kickstart your indie author career. So if you can’t afford a writing coach, Indie With Ease might be the next best thing.” – Icy Sedgwick


Fast-Draft Your Memoir: Write Your Life Story in 45 Hours (4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon with 55 reviews)


pdf, epub, mobi

“Fast-Draft Your Memoir: Write Your Life Story in 45 Hours” is your roadmap for completing the memoir you’ve dreamed about writing. Rachael Herron teaches this writing extension course at Stanford every fall – this is your chance to take the full course without traveling! Quit waiting to be a better writer! Write your story now!

  • Author: Rachael Herron, bestselling author and podcaster, inspiring teacher, unrepentant napper

“I read this book in two huge gulps. If you have ever struggled to finish a book, if you have a yen to write about a time in your life, but aren’t sure how to structure it, how to get through the middle and across the finish line—THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU.” – Barbara Edelman


Branding for Novelists: Foundations for Your Marketing


Full-length ecourse

The “Branding For Novelists” course is for self-published or traditionally published authors preparing to launch their books into the world. Over 100 students have used this course to build their marketing foundation. With it, you can:

– Create a 1-sentence branding statement so that you can easily spread the word about your book

– Write an author bio for promotions that carries the message about your book and your mission

– Set up a mailing list so that you can cultivate a community

– Craft a launch campaign to reach your best readers

– Draft a sustainable promotional content plan to fit your brand

  • Author: Beth Barany, award-winning novelist, master NLP practitioner, and certified creativity coach for writers

“How appreciative I am for this class filled with wonderful resources, examples and a comfortable learning atmosphere. Even if you think you know all about branding and marketing, take this class. It is one of the best things I did.” – Kim Kane, Aging Women and Gratitude Author


Copywriting for Authors


Full-length ecourse

“Copywriting for Authors” bridged the gap between authors and marketing. It will help authors to sell more books and convert more readers into fans.

– Turn Your Book Listing into a Magnetic Sales Page

– Convert Browsers into Buyers with a Bulletproof Back Cover

– Make a PROFIT with Ad on Amazon, Bookbub, or Facebook

  • Author: Jonathan Green, 200+ Bestselling Author from

“Jonathan Green’s “Copywriting for Authors” changed how I view book listings for ever. If you want to converting more visitors into customers, this training is mandatory.” – Paris Hansch


Bestseller Journey Simplified


Full-length ecourse

Wish you knew the real way to go from idea to bestselling book without all the fluff? Now You Can Access The Insider Strategies Used To Launch A Book That Sold Over 631 Copies In Only 5 Days. See Exactly How A Bestselling Author Goes From Just A Vague Book Idea, To Proven Concept, To Bestselling Book In Today’s Extremely Competitive Kindle Market… Including Strategies Even Total Newbie Authors Can Use

  • Author: Derek Doepker, founder of Bestseller Secrets

The Productive Writer


Full-length ecourse

The Productive Writer Course supports you in becoming a consistent and productive writer. This program includes proven strategies to help you write consistently, boldly, effectively, and creatively–at will. No more waiting for the Muse to show up. No more struggling to write on a regular basis and feeling frustrated about not making progress on your writing projects.

The Productive Writer Course includes six modules and a bonus to help you:

Get Out of Your Own Way and Write
Write Productively Daily
Start . . . and Finish . . . Your Book
Write Confidently
Overcome Overwhelm
Write Without Resistance

  • Author: Nina Amir

“Most authors I know today are bewildered when it comes to the current publishing landscape and how to successfully promote their books. If you want to know what it takes to create a book that will garner those needed reviews and gain the super fans and influencers who will generate the desired book buzz, then grab your copy of The Bestseller Journey right away. You’ll find plenty of immediate take-aways to implement now.” – Vikk Simmons


The Zbooks 7 Day Challenge - Publish Your First Ebook on Kindle!


Full-length ecourse

The Zbooks 7 Day Challenge Selfpublishing Course was designed especially for new authors who want to publish their first Kindle book. These step by step video tutorials will teach you how to:

– EASILY make a PROFESSIONAL looking Ebook=Instant Authority!

– Publish RIGHT the first time=no costly mistakes or rework!

– OPTIMIZE your book for maximum exposure=more Customers for YOU.

– Finally CONNECT with your readers with sign-up forms and FREE Email software.

– Make AWESOME covers=SAVES you TONS of money and expensive designers!

  • Author: Eric Z, creator and futurist at Zbooks.Co

“Thank you for a very good course, so well taught! As a teacher, you are as patient as you are knowledgeable; you’ve put together an end-to-end collection of how-to guides, videos, templates, and tools as well. All in all, great value for the money. Thank you, again!” – Karl


Book Sales Page


Full-length ecourse

“Book Sales Page” teaches authors how to create a landing page that will help you gain subscribers and sell more books. This easy-to-follow course teaches students:

– Why: Isn’t your Amazon’s Book Sales Page enough? (HINT: No.)

– Who: We’ll deep dive into what other successful authors are doing.

– What: The elements your need to build an excellent book sales page.

– How: The easy-to-follow steps to build your book sales page right.

– When: how to get it done fast.

  • Author: Angela J. Ford, award-winning blogger and bestselling epic fantasy author

“I’m so glad I decided to take this course when I did! I took the time to create attractive images of my book that I was then able to share with a company interested in selling it. Now I’m featured on their website and my book looks great! Thanks for your guidance.” – Kendall Becherer, Author


Going from Blank to Real with Character Traits


Full-length ecourse

Explore character development from the very beginning! We get to know our characters the same way we get to know real people: from the outside in. It all begins with traits, those identifiable characteristics and qualities we use to identify and understand each other.

Creating a new character can be a daunting task, but we’ll break it down from the first step. Any time you sit down to build a character, start here. You’ll have a real person ready to write into your plot in no time…and that’s when the fun begins!

  • Author: Alida Winternheimer, author, teacher, editor, podcaster at

“Alida’s material is clear, concise, and full of applicable-right-now exercises. I will definitely be revisiting these processes over and over as I develop new characters. This course is worth every second spent in it. Thank you for taking my writing to the next level!” – Kathryn Arnold


The Story Equation


pdf, epub, mobi

Learn the easy, organic, can’t-fail way to create compelling characters and plot your best-selling novel. With one powerful question, then using the storytelling equation you’ll learn:

– The amazing trick to creating unforgettable, compelling characters that epic movies use!

– How to create riveting tension to keep the story driving from chapter to chapter

– The easy solution to plotting the middle of your novel

– How to create story and scene tension…the kind that turns pages.

– And even…how to create a pitch and market your bestseller.

– Simple. Organic. Powerful. It’s time to make storytelling easy.

  • Author: Susan May Warren, best selling award-winning novelist and internationally acclaimed writing teacher

“In simple yet powerful terms, Susan May Warren lays down the essential crafting elements that make for a gripping tale. A great benefit to all writers of fiction.” – Ted Dekker, New York Times best-selling author


Fixing Your Plot and Story Structure Problems


pdf, epub, mobi

“Fixing Your Plot & Story Structure Problems” offers multiple revision options that best fit your writing process. Each workshop takes you through plot and story structure-related issues and teaches you how to analyze your draft, spot any problems or weak areas, and fix those problems.

It will help you:

– Create unpredictable plots

– Find the right beginning and setup for your story

– Avoid the boggy middle

– Develop compelling hooks & build tension
• Craft strong goals, conflicts, and stakes

It’s an easy-to-follow guide to crafting gripping plots and novels that are impossible to put down. “

  • Author: Janice Hardy, founder of Fiction University

How to Publish a Book on Amazon in 2019: Real Advice from Someone Who’s Doing it Well


pdf, epub, mobi

This is the most comprehensive book on the subject of publishing on Amazon. It’s for beginners or for published authors who aren’t seeing success. According to a recent reviewer, “Unlike many books on self-publishing, this book is NOT a bait and switch to attempt to sell you expensive products and services. This book is all meat, no fluff.”

Inside, you will learn how to:

– Choose a book topic and plan your manuscript

– Write, edit, and publish an ebook, paperback, and audiobook

– Market your book on AMS

– Get your book translated into other languages

  • Author: Sam Kerns, author of How to Publish a Book on Amazon

“I was blown away by the sheer amount of info I received by this author. I had no idea about the pre-release function of KDP, and he spelled out every step from writing, to the urgency of correct keyword and category, to how to get reviews. I highly recommend.” – Florencia Lachance



Save $5,071.83 today.


Build Your Author Platform on the Wide Wide Web


Full-length ecourse

This course helps authors build your platform on the world wide web. In it, you will learn how to:

– Choose and register a domain name

– Choose a web hosting service

– Build a website and blog (or hire it out)

– Set up an email marketing newsletter

– Create a lead magnet

– Use metadata and SEO so readers can find you

– Set up social media accounts

– Ensure a consistent brand across the web

The course is presented in text, audio, and video lessons. You’ll get worksheets, cheatsheets, ebooks, plus access to a private Facebook group so you can ask questions and get support.

  • Author: Carla King, founder of

“It’s actually fun to take these lessons. They are full of good advice, practical tips, and they include tons of resource material, all presented in a manner that is easy to follow and use. Carla’s infectious, bright personality and generous willingness to help others work their way through the jungle of self-publishing is evident throughout the course.” – Tamara Merrill, author, The Augustus Family Trilogy


How To Get Started With Your Business Building Book In 10 Simple Steps


Full-length ecourse

Not being sure how to get started is the biggest problem most business owners face when writing a book. The Get Started programme teaches 10 simple steps that simply gets you off the starting blocks. You’ll discover how to turn your ideas into content that sells you and your business, what makes your book different, and create a plan to ensure your book gets written AND published. This will ensure that you write a book that both builds your brand and expert status.

  • Author: Karen Williams, Book Mentor, bestselling author, and founder of Librotas

“I’d been planning a book for some time and Karen’s Get Started programme was exactly what I needed to unlock my creativity and flow. Karen was a marvel at helping me to pull my ideas into shape. I recommend Karen courses and Karen highly.” – Tina Radziszewicz


Non-Fiction Writing Workshop


Full-length ecourse

In this lively and fun online course, Dani and Steve Alcorn show you how to achieve success. During the past two decades, they’ve helped more than 30,000 aspiring writers structure their manuscripts, and many are now in print. You can be next!

This workshop shows you how to select the right category and topic for your book, how to organize and write it, and how to get it published. Step by step instructions and clear explanations make it easy for you to get into print and start your career as a successful non-fiction author!

  • Author: Dani and Steve Alcorn, COO and CEO of Writing Academy

“As they do in other classes, Dani and Steve present a lot of informative material in an engaging, yet succinct, fashion!” – Kyle


How to Self Publish a Book: For the Technology Challenged Author


pdf, epub, mobi

“How to Self-Publish a Book” was created for all authors looking to self-publish a book, particularly those who want details, not fluff. “How to Self-Publish a Book” leads authors along the publishing path from manuscript to a published book and every step in between. This book provides specific information on:

– ISBNs – why & where to get one

– Formatting & book structure – step by step instructions on how to create a professional looking book –

– Websites & portals needed for publishing to retail sites

– Strategies and details to be aware of, as well as red flags to avoid

– 47 pages of resources, glossary, lists of distributors, etc.

  • Author: Barb Drozdowich, experienced technical trainer to authors and bloggers

“I can’t believe how much information is in this book! I was expecting a basic overview of how to stick a book up on Amazon and not much else, so I was shocked to see just how much of the process this book covers. This is a very thorough, detailed resource! I highly recommend!” – Jane 


Love Letters to Writers: Encouragement, Accountability, and Truth-Telling


pdf, epub, mobi

Love Letters To Writers is a book written for writers at all experience levels to help them find courage, perseverance, and practical strategies to improve their writing lives. Through 52 letters drawn from Cumbo-Floyd’s experience as a professional writer and editor, readers will be encouraged to consider: what they define as success, how they manage negative critique when emotion surprises them in their writing and much more. Each letter is written with understanding and encouragement for the writers that Cumbo-Floyd holds dear.

  • Author: Andi Cumbo-Floyd, writer, editor and writing coach

“The advice and inspiration in Love Letters to Writers lands where gentleness and a swift kick in the pants meet. It’s wonderful to read in one sitting or just a little bit, day by day, for extra motivation to continue the work of writing.” – Suzanne Terry


Freestyle Business Card Book Action Plan and Toolkit


Full-length ecourse

Write THE Book that will showcase your expertise and your excellence. The Freestyle Business Card Book Action Plan and Toolkit is the solution for authors and entrepreneurs and for YOU if you want to know how to define you, your business, and your brand in one unique book. It will allow you to establish your expertise in your field like nothing else will, and will teach you how to:

– Package Your Knowledge and Expertise Into a Single Place

– Showcase the Best of Your Products and Services for Potential Clients and Customers

– Provide a Clear Understanding of Who You Are and What Your Business Represents

– Stand Out From Your Competition and Highlight Your Brand

– Become Absolutely Unforgettable to Your Target Audience

And much more.

  • Author: Teresa Miller, creative business coach and founder of

“Yes! Teresa Miller’s Freestyle Business Card Book training is perfection in action and helped me craft my book from my “assets”, as she put it – from content I already have that clearly tells people who I am in my authentic voice. She helped me pull the puzzle pieces together and find the glue. Frankly, she must charge ten times the tuition… for what Teresa gives is priceless.” – Donna Blevins-Author, MindShift on Demand


Getting Started on Your Nonfiction Book


Full-length ecourse

“Getting Started with Your Nonfiction Book” offers practical, tested advice for going from idea to action on a nonfiction book. Whether you’re writing a how-to, memoir, history, or narrative nonfiction, this online course will help you focus your efforts and create a plan.

On finishing the course, you should have:

– A clearer vision of your book’s place in its market

– Market research to inform reading and book promotion

– Fodder for creating a book proposal

  • Author: Anne Janzer, author and nonfiction writing coach

“I highly recommend this course for writers who want the best possible instruction from a teacher who knows their stuff.” – Chris Syme, founder of CKSyme Media and co-host of the award-winning Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast


The Editor's Eye


pdf, epub, mobi

Editing is integral to the writing process, but its role is often misunderstood. What if editing could make writing less stressful and more enjoyable? What if it could help you write sharper, more compelling prose?

The Editor’s Eye: A Practical Guide to Transforming Your Book from Good to Great shows you how editing can help you write your best book. In this no-nonsense guide, book coach and editor Stacy Ennis takes you through the ins and outs of the often bewildering book-editing process. As you begin to understand how writing and editing complement each other, you’ll become more confident as a writer, finish your book faster, and move toward the ultimate goal: publication.

Seasoned and would-be authors will discover how to:

– Master the basics: Understand the four core editing stages and when they should take place.

– Write with an editor’s eye: Streamline your writing with self-editing tips.

– Hire and work with editors. Learn where to look, what you can expect to pay, and how to collaborate.

– Revise painlessly. Implement editor and reader feedback with ease.

– Learn from the pros. Get advice from 20 publishing experts, fiction and nonfiction authors, and editors.

  • Author: Stacy Ennis, author, consultant, and keynote speaker

The Story Puzzle - Audited


Full-length ecourse

“The Story Puzzle” course is designed for writers who want to turn their ideas into bestselling novels. In this course, you’ll learn:

– How do I create characters, settings, and intriguing conflicts?

– How do I write a gripping opening?

– How can I escalate the tension and build interest through the middle?

– How can I build to a thrilling climax and powerful conclusion?

– And how do I make sure that I’m not wasting my time by writing a novel that won’t make a profit?

  • Author: David Farland, award-winning author and educator who has trained dozens of New York Times bestsellers

“I still use the writing techniques he discussed, and constantly reference him and his instruction when I teach creative writing myself. . . . His explanations led me directly to getting an agent, and, subsequently, my first book deal.” – Brandon Sanderson, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Wheel of Time, Mistborn


Revising Your Writing


Full-length ecourse

“Revising Your Writing” is an online course for anyone who needs to make their writing stronger, tighter, and better, whether you’re writing a book or a blog post. Great writing comes from careful revision. This course will teach you how to revise your own writing, as efficiently and effectively as possible.

In this short online course, you’ll learn:

– The most time-efficient way to revise your writing

– How to GPS-test your writing and find where readers may get lost

– Methods for strengthening your writing voice

  • Author: Anne Janzer, author and nonfiction writing coach

“I’ve learned so much about writing and disciplined creativity from Anne Janzer. I’m already using the suggestions from the course to revise and improve my writing.” – Renee Rubin Ross


Scene Stealer


Full-length ecourse

This master level e-course by the author of the bestselling book Make a Scene helps you master scene writing, the essential building block of good writing, to write the stories that matter to you so that readers can’t put them down. This course is for writers at all stages of the process, from beginners who are learning the craft, to intermediate writers who want to polish their work. Inside, you’ll learn:

– Scene essentials

– Scene design

– Characters and scenes

– Setting, the senses and images

– Braiding plot and scene

– How and when to use exposition in scenes

  • Author: Jordan Rosenfeld, author, editor and writing teacher



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Mastering the 10 Universal Hooks


Full-length ecourse

Want to create a page-turning story? Mastering the 10 Universal Hooks breaks down the ten most essential hooks needed by authors so you learn what each hook is and how to use hooks to improve your own stories. Work at your own pace while learning from samples by published authors in all genres to clarify what hooks can do, how to recognize when a hook works, and when it doesn’t. Includes a bonus module on where hooks must be placed in YOUR stories.

– Discover how hooks power up a story.

– Learn to identify and use the most important hooks.

– Put hooks to work immediately your stories.

  • Author: Mary Buckham, national writing speaker and instructor

“Mary Buckham knows her stuff. She gave me the tools to build a better and stronger story from the first page. She clarified where to place my hooks for optimum benefit and which types work best for my story. Mary leaves no stone unturned. Practical examples serve as road signs and guide you reliably to creating a true page-turner.” – P. Palmer


The Pre-Write Project


Pre-writing Workbook (digital)

“The Pre-Write Project” is a digital workbook designed to help fiction writers zap the overwhelm out of the pre-writing process. By utilizing the prompts provided throughout the workbook, writers can create a reference guide to use as they draft and revise their stories.

The Pre-Write Project includes seven sections for all fiction writers and four sections for authors of speculative fiction. Each section features an introductory lesson and activities with guided questions to helping writers embrace the power of drafting with a plan in place.

  • Author: Kristen Kieffer, author of fantasy fiction and creative writing resources at

“The Pre-Write Project from [Kristen Kieffer] has been a great tool for me! It is a printable workbook that guides you through planning your novel. I really can not recommend this enough. From character to world-building, she has thought of everything!” – T.R. Chandler


Writers' Huddle Self Study Packs


Audio Seminar Pack (mp3)

The “Writers’ Huddle Self-Study Seminar Packs” are a collection of all the best seminars from my Writers’ Huddle membership site (which ran from 2012 – 2018). They’re designed to be beginner friendly while also offering advanced tips for experienced writers.

The six seminar packs cover time management, writing fiction, publishing on Amazon, becoming a freelancer, editing your work, and more. Each pack is packed with four full-length seminars, plus nicely edited transcripts, and handy worksheets with a summary of key points plus exercises to get you to put what you’re learning into practice.

  • Author: Ali Luke, author and freelance blogger

Kindle in 30 Challenge


30-Day Challenge Workshop Series (digital)

This 30-Day Challenge is designed to help you write a Kindle book in 30 days, then publish and effectively market it for maximum profits. From writing styles to marketing strategies, the easy-to-follow four weeks’ worth of trainings will set your first (or next) Kindle book up for success from the start.

Each week is divided into three modules; one each for Writing, Publishing, and Marketing. Follow the Challenge for only the Writing portions, then go back through Publishing and Marketing, or follow each week in order. This “unavailable anywhere else” course puts you in the driver’s seat!”

  • Author: Kristen Joy Laidig, founder of The Book Ninja®

“Breakthrough! I’ve been wanting to publish my books on Amazon for years, but there were so many details to figure out, it was overwhelming. With Kristen’s detailed nuts and bolts teaching and her willingness to answer every question, and with the great support of the people in the Facebook group, I published not one, but TWO #1 Amazon bestsellers!” – Rae Shagalov


Believe, Plan, Act: A Platform + Productivity Planner for Writers


Author platform + productivity planner (digital)

Struggling to build your platform AND still find time to write (without pulling your hair out)? This complete author business planning system is designed to specifically address the needs of writers working to build their platforms and author businesses – everything from tracking daily word counts and book sales, to strategic marketing, launch planning, and developing your author brand.

Get everything you need to discover, plan and execute your writing and business goals – so you can finally remove the word “aspiring” from all your profiles.

  • Author: Kimberley Grabas, founder of

“As a writer, it’s so difficult to juggle everything. I have an active, popular blog, publish in both the traditional and indie sphere, and have thriving social media platforms. Kimberley’s planner is the best thing out there.” – Gabriella Campbell, Spanish fiction writer


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Delight your readers, expand your marketing reach, and multiply your book sales and profit using Pay What You Want pricing. With this exclusive deal, you not only get the bestselling copy of “The Compete Guide to Pay What You Want Pricing” but you also get:

BONUS: 3 In Depth PDF Case Studies, including:

– How Amanda Palmer makes millions using Pay What You Want pricing

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– How makes hundreds of dollars every day by using PWYW pricing

BONUS: 3 Expert Interviews

– How Joost Van Dongen created a Pay What You Want video game in his spare time – and made over $20,000 when he released it

– How Anthony Vennare of The Hybrid Athlete runs a generosity based business – and makes hundreds of thousands every year from free products

– How Tara Joyce runs her freelancing and consulting work as Pay What You Want (and why she’s been doing it for the past 5 years and has no intention of stopping)

  • Author: Tom Morkes, founder of Insurgent Publishing, and NYT, WSJ, and USA Today bestselling marketer

“For the record, pay-what-you-want works. Highest conversion rates I’ve ever seen. 47%.” – Jonathan Mead, founder of Paid to Exist


Author Alignment 101


Video training series (digital)

Are you tired of staring at a blank screen wondering how to win the hearts and minds of potential readers? Confused about what will make potential readers say YES to your books, courses, and social media posts? Author Alignment 101 will solve the mystery!

In this video course you’ll learn:

– How to select the ideal stories for your books

– Which marketing techniques will appeal to your ideal readers and don’t feel icky

– How to write from your strengths

– Precise language that will help you keep your promises to your readers

– What to share on Social Media and in presentations….and what to keep private

  • Author: Lynne Klippel, book expert

“You want to write a book, but have no idea where to start or how to progress. Enter Lynne Klippel. Her gentle guidance, tack-sharp intellect, and impressive publishing experience breaks down the mountain of fear that lives within most writers. She “gets” the demons dancing on your dream, and deals with them in small manageable steps. As a client I cannot recommend her talents more highly.” – Gail Gates


Write Your Book


Full-length ecourse

It’s a simple fact… my course “Write Your Book” is making it easier than ever before to become an author. There’s no denying it…Once upon a time, it used to be hard to write a book. You had to come up with an idea, find time to write, and learn the skills of successful authors. It was terrible…But not anymore. With “Write Your Book” you’ll learn exactly how to plan and write your book from scratch with ease.

  • Author: Bryan Collins is an author from Ireland who helps writers build authority

Mastering Twitter in Two Hours


Workbook (digital)

“Mastering Twitter in Two Hours” is a comprehensive explanation of the effective use and benefits of Twitter as a marketing tool. This is a tool all entrepreneurs and authors should consider using as it is the best networking site on the Internet. You’ll learn:

– How to set up your twitter account

– How to find targeted followers

– How to create lists to keep track of powerful Twitter accounts

– How to analyze your effectiveness

– How to write posts that inspire interaction

And more! There are a billion Twitter users! Don’t miss the opportunity to find your niche on Twitter.

  • Author: Denise Cassino, book promoter extraordinare

“Denise Cassino is exquisitely brilliant! She has simply stripped away all the clutter and the noise, and changed the world of marketing and promotion into a fun new game for me. Her imagination, creativity, generosity, and curiosity to figure out even better methods of doing things, will change you in amazing ways. As I move forward with my marketing and promotion, even though my relationship with Denise Cassino has ended, I am discovering my ways of doing things in the social marketing arena continue to evolve.” – Deborah McTiernan, Author of Lilly Noble & Actual Magic and the Actual Magic Series


Write Kindle Books Ridiculously Fast: 1 Book Every Month


Full-length ecourse

Discover how to build your own Kindle Book Empire. Learn how to write more content in a shorter period of time, and find more time in your day to create content for your book.

  • Author: Marc Guberti, host of Breakthrough Success and founder of Content Marketing Plaza

“I hadn’t heard of Marc before I received access to a course as a bonus. I’m impressed with his advice and am looking forward to applying it across my marketing mix.” – Mike Kunze


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Workbook (digital)

“The 7 P’s of Publishing Success” bundle is an eBook, audiobook and video tutorial not available anywhere else that draws upon more than three decades of experience in writing, publishing, and bookselling.

– What traits do the most successful authors have in common?

– Which strategic approaches can have the most powerful effect on your author career?

– What dangerous pitfalls should writers and publishers avoid?

Regardless of whether your publishing path involves traditional publishing or self-publishing, this package will help you understand the fundamental stepping stones to publishing success.

  • Author: Mark Lefebvre, trusted writing & publishing insider with 25+ years of experience in the business

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K-lytics Genre Reports represent the leading market research resource in the e-book market. Based on hundreds of thousands of books, they provide an essential fact-base for any author who wants to:

– Find the most attractive market niches in both fiction and nonfiction

– Adapt “work-in-progress” to latest genre trends

– Better market existing books.

Each of three 60-page genre reports comes with explanatory videos and covers genre sales trends, best categories, high-volume keywords, top cover art, top authors, publishers, best price points, high-sales/low-competition opportunities, and more.

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