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What's Inside Write Publish Profit 5.0 Platinum Edition

Live Coaching

Get the personalized attention your writing deserves with live coaching with top writing coaches, including:

    Enjoy this 8-Week Live Revision coaching program led by Georgetown University's Erik Koester. Known as “The Book Professor," Eric will help you get your book shining and ready for agents or self-publishing. Includes weekly live calls where discussion and collaboration are encouraged, plus a complimentary 3 hour Writing Boot Camp event to help you execute everything you learn!
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    Eric Koester
    Georgetown University Writing Professor, "The Book Professor"

    Publishing Payoff: Publish like a BOSS with Aurora Publicity

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    A vigorous publishing and marketing training workshop to help you publish like a boss.
    Looking to publish your first book, but need some expert guidance first? Or maybe you’ve already published but instead of shining bright, your book baby sank to the bottom of the Amazon abyss. During targeted live workshops we’ll be using your books, methods, and goals as examples to help you to put out the best product, using the best publishing methods, and the best marketing strategies to hit your realistic publishing goals. Make sure to save plenty of time for Q&As. If you can’t join us live, all sessions will be recorded and will be available to everyone who purchased the Platinum stack.
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    A customizable, reusable method for writing emotionally engaging characters, page-turning scenes, and compelling plots that hook readers to the end.

    If you’ve ever struggled with starting a book only to get stuck partway through, have sat at your keyboard not knowing what to write, needed to make massive rewrites but had no idea where to begin, or would love to figure out an easy process you can use to create your novels over and over again, all without taking the joy out of writing or having to do endless planning, then this method is for you!

    You'll gain:
    - Tools to create emotionally engaging characters, page-turning scenes, and compelling plots to hook readers
    - A plan you can use for your future novels
    - A way to reduce frustration and that “stuck” feeling and a feeling of accomplishment from making real progress on your novel

    Make real progress fulfilling your writing dreams with Jennifer Crosswhite's The Novel Blueprint Signature Course.
    Jennifer Crosswhite
    Founder and CEO of Tandem Services, empowering authors to improve and develop their craft, writing careers, community, and commerce around their books.
    Learn exactly how to capture your book in 100-200 tantalizing words that draw readers in and make them want to buy your book!

    Dive into this jam-packed video course that reveals the secrets of bestselling blurbs and how to create your own — sentence by sentence. Designed specifically for indie authors to learn how to step outside of their work and market their book, this course assumes no prior knowledge or sales expertise; it just gives you simple, repeatable strategies that will work for every book you ever write!

    You'll be able to:
    - Know you're attracting your ideal readers the first time, every time, with just a few strategic sentences
    - Represent your book authentically and masterfully as only you, the author, can
    - Save the $50+ per book that you'd normally need for a professional blurb-writer
    PLUS! Get a FREE 'Tier 2 Blurb Critique', exclusively available with this Super Stack deal. Once you've completed the course, you'll get a personalized evaluation of your blurb with detailed feedback and suggestions to help you refine your first book description.

    Create flawless, professional blurbs with Jessie Cunniffe's Book Blurb Magic.
    Jessie Cunniffe
    Professional Blurb Writer and Creator of Book Blurb Magic.

    Access To One Of The World's Largest Online Writing Communities

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    Get feedback from writers all over the world, find beta readers, and get the know-how to pitch to agents or self-publish with confidence.
    Get 12 months access to Scribophile. Members regularly go on to be published at Simon & Schuster, Houghton Mifflin, Penguin Random House, Scholastic, Harper Collins, and more. Many others successfully self-publish or sell their work to smaller markets.

    Done-For-You Marketing Materials

    Get custom resources designed to help you get more clicks and inspire you to do your best work.

    Custom Pinterest Graphic
    Get up to a million views or re-Pins on Pinterest with a bespoke graphic to drive traffic to your website, book sales page, or any lead capture page. 

    Drawing upon his success of millions of re-Pins of his Pinterest graphics, John will create a graphic for any author, publisher, or marketer that will get views and re-Pins on Pinterest.
    Custom Vision Cover
    Get a premium, done-for-you personalized VISION COVER that you can print, frame, and use to manifest your book writing success!

    And, yes, you can absolutely use it as an *actual* book cover!

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    Extended Licenses To Top Software

    Get 6 months access to Dabble Premium.

    6 Month License To Top Writing Software Dabble Premium

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    Dabble helps you go from first draft to published author with ease.
    Dabble is the only writing platform made specifically for fiction writers to keep focused and finish their novel. Enjoy one-click access to all your notes for a frictionless writing process that's saved securely in the Cloud!

    2 Months Access to Virtual Summit Planning Workshop

    Hosting a Virtual Summit helps you quickly build a large email list, connect with influencers you would otherwise be afraid to approach, generate income and build huge authority. In Virtual Summit, you'll discover: 
    Why planning the summit topic first is the exact wrong approach, and how to use the Big CATS method to properly plan and create your summits.
    How to determine the type of speakers who fit your summit and how to reach out to them (and why it is easy to do).
    A special kind of Summit One-Pager you can create to show influencers you are a serious host plus a no fail template interview plan (the items you ask when the recording is off are just as important) and more!
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    And So Much More...

    Seriously, we packed this PLATINUM EDITION upgrade to the brim with so many valuable resources that we had to take a quick break before we continue...

    When you upgrade to PLATINUM today, you get:

    • 26 Hours of Live Coaching by celebrated writing coaches, award winning authors and “The Book Professor” Georgetown University’s Eric Koester.
    • DONE-FOR-YOU marketing materials designed to get you more clicks and readers.
    • Access to one of the web's largest online writing communities where you can find beta readers and critique partners with ease.
    • Extended license to novel writing software from Dabble Writer.
    • And more...

    All backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Get Started Today With ZERO RISK.
    We believe so deeply in the value and quality of the coaching, community, and bonus resources we've assembled that we provide an industry leading, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
    If for whatever reason you don't love your PLATINUM Edition Upgrade (though we think you will), just let us know within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund.

    Here's Everything You Get When You Upgrade To The Platinum Edition

    Upgrade today and receive over $4,000 worth of premium writing  coaching, support, and community for only $97, including:

    Book Blurb Magic

    Book Blurb Magic

    $37.00 Value

    Jessie Cunniffe

    The Novel Blueprint Signature Course

    The Novel Blueprint Signature Course

    $667.00 Value

    Jennifer Crosswhite

    Dabble Premium (6 Months Subscription)

    Dabble Premium (6 Months Subscription)

    $120.00 Value

    Jacob Wright

    Pinterest QuoteGraphic or Tip-O-Graphic to Reach Millions of Pinterest Users

    Pinterest QuoteGraphic or Tip-O-Graphic to Reach Millions of Pinterest Users

    $400.00 Value

    John Kremer

    Done for You Vision Cover: See Your Book Into Being!

    Done for You Vision Cover: See Your Book Into Being!

    $799.00 Value

    Donna Kozik

    Publishing Payoff: Publish like a BOSS with Aurora Publicity

    Publishing Payoff: Publish like a BOSS with Aurora Publicity

    $550.00 Value

    Samantha Williams

    Virtual Summit Planning Workshop

    Virtual Summit Planning Workshop

    $597.00 Value

    Ray Brehm

    The Get Book Reviews Challenge

    The Get Book Reviews Challenge

    $20.00 Value

    Derek Doepker

    Scribophile Premium Membership (6 Months Access)

    Scribophile Premium Membership (6 Months Access)

    $66.00 Value

    Alex Cabal

    This Limited-Time Offer Expires Soon.

    Upgrade today and get more than $4,000 worth of premium coaching, membership access, advanced self-publishing training, and done-for-you resources for only $97 (one-time charge).

    Upgrade to the PLATINUM EDITION now:

    "One of the best deals for writers I've ever seen. The value is off the charts - any writer who wants to see their book become reality can't afford to miss this deal!"
    Alex Cabal
    Founder of Scribophile, Writerfolio, and Standard Ebooks
    "[This deal is] loaded with incredible books, products, and services that any author can use. The price is so low, and the value is so high. Act today. Don't wait. You'll be glad you took advantage of this special offer."
    John Kremer
    John Kremer is the author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, mentor to authors who sold a billion books, and founder of the Billion Book Initiative.
    "This is our first time joining Infostack and I don't think we've ever offered such an amazing deal like this here at Dabble. We Dabblers love to create, and I'm sure you're going to write something amazing! We are so excited to be a part of Write Publish Profit 5.0 and your writing journey."
    Jacob Wright
    Founder and CEO of Dabble. Passionate about telling amazing stories, removing friction from fiction, and helping people write

    Is this deal for real?

    Yes, it’s real. Very real.

    We spent months scouring the web for the best possible tools and resources to help you achieve your personal and professional goals…then we spent months negotiating deals and putting it all together into this unique, one-time offer.

    So while rare (and limited), it is for real. Just make sure not to procrastinate, or you might miss this deal forever.

    How do I receive these tools and resources?

    All products are delivered electronically. When you buy, you can redeem all your training, tools, and resources immediately.

    Ebooks are typically downloaded as individual files (PDF, epub, mobi, etc.) and ecourses are typically hosted either on the instructor’s website or via a third party ecourse delivery platform (e.g. Thinkific, etc.).

    You get lifetime access to all courses and ebooks, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

    Wait, so when I buy today, I get everything in this Upgrade?

    You got it. Once you buy, you get instant access to everything listed on this page (and sometimes a thing or two NOT listed on this page, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise).

    When will this deal expire?

    This is a one-time-only offer. The deal on this page expires when the countdown timer reaches zero. Don't wait till the last minute. When this deal expires you will be redirected to your purchase confirmation page and will no longer be able to upgrade (and you will miss out on these exclusive bonuses)
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