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Start And Grow A Lucrative REI Portfolio With Confidence

Grow your wealth and reclaim your freedom with this proven collection of Real Estate Investing resources. Inside, you’ll discover smart ways to find and assess lucrative investments, finance your acquisitions with other people’s money, and enjoy new levels of wealth and freedom in your life. Created BY proven real estate investors FOR real estate investors. This collection is great for beginners and experts alike.

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“Inside [The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Super Stack] you will find a wealth of information at a once-in-a-lifetime price you'd be crazy to pass up.”

Roger Blankenship
Author, educator, motivational speaker, business leader, and host of “Flipping America” with more than 1.5 million listeners across the US.

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We teamed up with 11 leading private money experts and veteran real estate investors to share their top strategies and systems to help you:

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Close your first real estate deal within 30 days.
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Quickly and easily evaluate investments properties.
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Acquire and operate your first rental with confidence.
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Find and buy deeply discounted properties in your city for maximum upside.
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Profit from alternative real estate investments, like storage facilities (and more).
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Get 6-figure financing from investors and invest in your next lucrative investment property in just weeks.
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And so much more...
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Get instant access to a hand-curated collection of best-in-class REI training, tools, and resources, including lifetime access to premium, profit-building investing courses and finance-leveraging resoures. Plus, when you sign up today, you’ll get 12 months access to a private investing community run by a veteran house flipper of 40 years!

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Complete REI eCourses
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Private Capital Raising Workshop 
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12 Month Membership To The Private REI Community ($199 Value) Join a private community of real estate investors and get coached through your first (or next) flip by a 30+ year veteran property investor, assessor, and author of the bestseller First Flip: 30 Years of Secrets So Your First Flip Isn’t a Flop.

“I'm stoked for The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Super Stack from Infostack. Inside you're going to find more than enough information to build wealth and achieve financial freedom!”

David Pere
Active duty, decorated marine who went from negative net-worth to financially free millionaire and owner of 100+ rental units.

“I don't think there's a better deal right now for real estate investors. I can't recommend it enough.”

Tyrus Gross
Real estate investor of 30+ years, author of Get The Deals Now, and featured guest on the Rich State of Mind podcast, and other prominent real estate, investing and entrepreneur podcasts

Get Started With Real Estate Investing The Simple, Safe, and SMART Way

We’ve stashed  $1,938.62 worth of smart real estate investing, ethical finance-leveraging, and property acquisition training, tools, and resources into this bundle. Find everything you need to find, assess, fund, and acquire lucrative investment properties.
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“I'm thrilled to be a part of The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Super Stack. Inside, you'll find everything you need to purchase your first rental property in 30-60 days. I can't recommend it enough.”

Kimberly Kesterke
Founder, The W2 Landlord, presenter at Atlanta Real Estate Investment Associations, and featured guest on the Flipping America Podcast, REL Podcast, She Sells Radio, and Newbie Investors Podcast.

Take A Sneak Peek Inside The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Super Stack

This collection has everything you need to start earning new streams of income on the side. 

Get instant access to 11 premium resources worth $1,938.62 in total retail value, including:

2022-2023 Housing Market Prices, Trends & Forecast

Lifetime Access

Get insight into the "Top 10" housing marketing trends in the U.S.

Whether you are looking to invest in a particular market or just curious about markets in general, this guide will help you consider your options. While it contains a large amount of data and information, it is not intended to be an exhaustive report.

You'll get:

  • A detailed overview of prices, and trends
  • Forecasting of various large housing markets within the United States
  • Information you can use to further research your investment strategy

Choose the right markets to invest in with Marco Santarelli's 2022-2023 Housing Market Prices, Trends & Forecast

2022-2023 Housing Market Prices, Trends & Forecast by Marco Santarelli

Marco Santarelli

Inc. 1000 Entrepreneur, Investor, Broadway Producer, and Founder of Norada Capital Management and Norada Real Estate Investments twice named Inc. 5000 Entrepreneur
About Marco
Marco Santarelli is a serial entrepreneur, investor, author, Inc. 1000 entrepreneur, the host of the top-rated podcast Passive Real Estate Investing, and the founder of Norada Capital Management and Norada Real Estate Investments (the largest nationwide provider of turnkey cash-flow investment property).

The Complete Guide to Deferring Taxes With Trusts and Private Family Foundations

Lifetime Access

Stop paying too much tax with this strategy to protect your assets.

Real Estate investing is a powerful strategy for wealth creation and while there are popular strategies for deferring capital gains taxes, unfortunately, sooner or later you or your children can end up paying a fortune in taxes.

If you are an experienced investor tired of sharing your hard-earned profits with unproductive entities, then using Trusts for managing your properties is the solution.

Follow the playbook of Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and other billionaires and discover how you can defer and possibly eliminate taxes on your real estate deals.

Save a fortune with Scott Paton's The Complete Guide to Deferring Taxes With Trusts and Private Family Foundations.

The Complete Guide to Deferring Taxes With Trusts and Private Family Foundations by Scott Paton

Scott Paton

Digital Nomad, Real Estate Investor Trainer, Executive Producer of Real Estate Live Streams and Podcasts, Trust Advisor
About Scott
Scott Paton has been podcasting since 2005. In 2017, he was introduced to a real estate investor who wanted to train new investors. He produced 5 real estate courses with real estate trainers with over 100,000 students. In the past two years, Scott has been introduced to effective tax strategies for real estate investors using Trusts and Private Family Foundations. He is excited to share this exciting information with real estate investors.

The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Super Stack Handy Product Redemption Checklist

Lifetime Access

Get this handy-dandy checklist to keep track of all your products. This bonus is FREE with your purchase.

Handy Product Redemption Checklist -sales Page

Cary Richards

Founder of Infostack

Fire Your Banker! Fast Deal Funding Stress-Free!

Lifetime Access

Discover how to have all the funding you need within days of finding your real estate deal.

Get your hands on this eye-opening course for real estate investors who have closed at least one deal. Every REI runs into a roadblock with banks sooner or later. You have a great deal all setup, BUT the bank drags their feet or worse yet, refuses your application. Never miss a deal because you couldn't get the fund fast enough.

Learn how to:

  • Skip the bank and their control freak hoops, rules, and regulations.
  • Take control of your funding and never lose a night's sleep wondering if the funds will come.
  • Close your deals fast and with less money.

Always have enough funds for your deals with Jay Conner's Fire Your Banker! Fast Deal Funding Stress-Free!

Fire Your Banker! Fast Deal Funding Stress-Free! by Jay Conner

Jay Conner

The Private Money Authority.
"While attending Jay's Live Seminar "Fire Your Banker!", I sent a link of Jay's brochure to an attorney I know. I immediately received a text message back from him saying: "I've got a $100,000.00, give me a call as soon as you can!" - Ron Wilkerson, Huntsville, Alabama

The Capital ACTIVATOR System and Live Training Workshop

Lifetime Access

Access the proven system to generate the private capital you need to do all the real estate deals you want!

Start raising private capital for your real estate investing business with this proven system that will show you how you can raise 6-figures in a matter of weeks, and 7-figures in a matter of months, even if you've never worked with investors before! Includes 5 easy-to-follow video training lessons, a resource bundle of handouts, worksheets, and action assignments to help you implement what you've learned, and 2 Tickets to our LIVE (via Zoom) workshop where you and a guest can learn the newest and most up-to-date capital tricks and tactics working right now.

You'll learn how to:

  • Get investors calling you, instead of you chasing them!
  • Raise the money without high-pressure 'sales' shenanigans.
  • Never worry about where you're going to get the money again!

PLUS! 3 BIG Bonuses: The More Deals Now - Deal Attraction Marketing System; Insider Secrets for Raising Millions - video training; A 1-on-1 Coaching Session (Clarity & Capital Strategy Session).

Scale up using other people's money with Dave Dubeau's The Capital ACTIVATOR System and Live Training Workshop.

The Capital ACTIVATOR System and Live Training Workshop by Dave Dubeau

Dave Dubeau

Capital Raising Author & Authority, Creator of "The Capital ACTIVATOR".
"I took Dave's course and it was totally awesome!... I followed his tips and went and had a meeting with an investor... I got an investor eagerly on board along with all of her friends." - Brendan Skilton-Douglas

30 Days to Close - Foundational Strategies to Find, Fund and Acquire your next Real Estate Deal

Lifetime Access

All the strategies you need to find, fund, and acquire real estate in 30 days.

Learn how to find, fund, and acquire your next real estate deal using a systematic, 30-day approach. Especially for anyone with a full-time job who wants to diversify their retirement using real estate investments; those who want to find profitable deals to flip, and experienced real estate investors who want to get back to the basics. It's all about achieving a Return on Investment in the least amount of time. You will be equipped with all the tasks required to secure a profitable real estate deal in 30 days. Not only that, the bonus Web class will help you write and send letters to potential owners - securing those deals before any other investor!

You learn:

  • A 30-day strategy to secure profitable real estate deals.
  • Hacks on how to find profitable deals - even in a competitive market.
  • Which members do you need to add to your investing team and how to speak to owners directly, and much more…

PLUS! Bonus workshop: “How to Write Letters That Land Deals” is exclusively available with this Super Stack deal.

Secure more real estate deals at a higher velocity with Kimberly Kesterke's 30 Days to Close - Foundational Strategies to Find, Fund, and Acquire your next Real Estate Deal.

30 Days to Close - Foundational Strategies to Find, Fund and Acquire your next Real Estate Deal by Kimberly Kesterke

Kimberly Kesterke

Founder & Creator of the W2 Landlord Content and Brand
My First Furnished Rental - "I was extremely nervous to become a landlord when I purchased my first rental property. With Kim's help, I was able to not only purchase the property but furnish it, place it on several websites and find a corporate tenant right away. This will add $27,000 of gross income to my retirement."

Mastering Real Estate Investing - Part 1

Lifetime Access

Learn how the experts evaluate real estate investments for maximum profit.

Discover the methods seasoned, successful investors use with this foundation course in the fundamentals of property investing. Includes quizzes, practice problems, and an Excel-based APOD form you can use to help you evaluate potential investment properties.

In this series of nine videos, you'll learn the importance of:

  • The four basic returns, and the key financial vocabulary.
  • Due diligence.
  • Net operating income, and income capitalization.

PLUS! Get a bonus ebook: Should You Buy Residential Or Commercial Investment Property?; and if you later decide you want to upgrade to the complete Mastering Real Estate Investing course, you’ll have a coupon code for $99 off that upgrade.

Invest in your own financial success with Frank Gallinelli's Mastering Real Estate Investing - Part 1.

Mastering Real Estate Investing - Part 1 by Frank Gallinelli

Frank Gallinelli

"The course is thorough, clear, concise, and professionally delivered. The content is very relevant to actual real-life real estate investing...I highly recommend this course to anyone working in fields related to real estate and especially for those looking to invest themselves."- Brad Trauth, Owner/Investor/Developer/REALTOR, Trauth Property Group

Stacy's Six Step System to Storage

Lifetime Access

How to buy a storage facility in 90 days even if you've never invested in real estate before.

Learn how to get started in self-storage investing in this mini-course for beginners that takes you step-by-step through how to buy your first self-storage facility plus a basic understanding of the processes you'll be working with.

You'll learn:

  • How to set up your office, the first steps to get your business up and rolling, marketing strategies to find the best storage deals, and how to automate and systematize them.
  • How to run commercial deal analysis, ROI, comparative market analysis, how to talk to sellers and negotiate with them and which contracts to use plus how to sell them and scale up by doing transactions such as 1031 exchanges.
  • The different types of ways you can fund your deals, such as creative deal structuring and finding private money lenders, using bank loans and which types of loans are available.

PLUS! How to manage your properties, train your tenants, and make your properties completely passive so you can be anywhere in the world and run them.

Build your self-storage business with Stacy's Six Step System to Storage.

Stacy_s Six Step System to Storage by Stacy Rossetti

Stacy Rossetti

Investor and Coach in Self-Storage.
"Stacy does a great job taking you step-by-step through this course. I now have the fundamental knowledge to get out there and look for facilities to buy." - Jim

Get The Deals Now

Lifetime Access

Learn how to quickly find and buy deeply discounted houses in your city!

Buying deeply discounted houses from wholesalers is for both the beginning investor struggling to get great deals and also the seasoned investor looking to dramatically expand their business.

You'll get the know-how to:

  • Buy from wholesalers to reduce the stress, anxiety, and frustration when flipping houses (because the wholesaler is doing the heavy lifting and negotiating for you).
  • Drastically improve your profit margins (also perfect for landlords looking to hold for long-term gains).

PLUS: Get access to all the Land Trust documents that were specifically created for real estate investors. These documents were created by an experienced real estate attorney designed to protect investors against frivolous lawsuits and have a real-world value of at least $1,000.

Max out your investment profits with Tyrus Gross's Get The Deals Now.

Get The Deals Now by Tyrus Gross

Tyrus Gross

About Tyrus
Tyrus Gross has been buying and selling houses for profit for over 30 years and has learned the hard way what to do and what NOT to do. Specifically, he has built a network of real estate wholesalers nationwide and he will share with you how to get deep discounts on houses. He does this by buying from wholesalers, using Private Lenders to fund the wholesale deals, and then selling the houses quickly. This process is part of the success path that drastically improves your success in real estate. Tyrus also wrote the book Get The Deals Now where he details how to get wholesale real estate deals in 7 days or less.

Real Estate Investing Quick Start

Lifetime Access

Discover how to make your first real estate deal within 30 days.

Get everything you need to start your profitable real estate investing business with this quick overview of the REI Business, which dives right into helping you make offers and bring in profits. What's inside will have you hit the ground running, and making offers in as little as two weeks. You won’t feel ready - you won’t actually BE ready, but the course will show you how to build in safeguards and help you learn as you go.

You'll learn how to:

  • Start quickly, hit it hard, and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Crunch the key numbers required for deal analysis and the exact formulas so you’ll know precisely what to offer for each property.
  • Understand the seller's needs and the correct approach that’ll win sellers over and create win-win scenarios.

PLUS! A guide for building a buyers list for wholesaling and all you need to know to set up your office.

Start making offers within two weeks with Roger Blankenship's Real Estate Investing Quick Start.

Real Estate Investing Quick Start by Roger Blankenship

Roger Blankenship

Founder of Flipping America, the podcast and training academy, Author of FLIPPING HOUSES IN TEN DAYS, Speaker, and High-Performance Coach.
"Roger Blankenship's "Real Estate Investing Quick Start" literally changed my life. I didn't know why I couldn't get my investing career going, but he immediately put it in high gear. I've never looked back." - Starr Keels

Zero to One: Real Estate Investing for Beginners

Lifetime Access

Everything you need to find, purchase, and operate your first rental property with confidence.

Grab the ultimate breakdown of everything you need to know to find, buy, and operate cash-flowing real estate. There is no fluff in this course, and you won't need to buy any follow-on training either!

You'll learn how to:

  • Build your investing foundation and your team.
  • Finance your purchases, and conduct due diligence (to cover your ass).
  • Renovate and operate your properties, plus so much more!

Get the no-bull guide to success at real estate investment with David Pere's From Zero to One: Real Estate Investing for Beginners.

Zero to One Real Estate Investing for Beginners by David Pere

David Pere

Author of The No B.S. Guide To Military Life, and active-duty Marine who devotes his free time to teaching service members and veterans how to build wealth through real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and personal finance.
"I was immediately hooked by his content, and his in-your-face NO BS personality. David lays a solid foundation in the course covering various topics to take anyone who is uncomfortable with the idea (even wants to puke at the thought of investing) to give sufficient knowledge to take action." - Anonymous

12 Month Membership to

12 Month Access

Get coached through your first (or next) flip by an expert flipper.

Great for both the newbie and the experienced investor, join the community that features weekly Zoom coaching calls hosted by a 30+ year veteran investor and author of the bestseller First Flip: 30 Years of Secrets So Your First Flip Isn’t a Flop

You'll get:

  • Familiar with all aspects of flipping houses to make you more comfortable in the process of doing your first flip (or if you're already flipping houses, you'll become more efficient and potentially more profitable).
  • A weekly Zoom coaching call touching on a different topic each week with personal access to Bruce during these calls which are recorded so you can watch at any time!
  • Access to the Flippin Bruce Private FaceBook page where Bruce regularly shares videos and tips from current projects.

PLUS! Members also have access to numerous case studies with full details and numbers to take a closer look at Bruce's flips.

Learn all the secrets of a veteran flipper with a 12 Month's Membership at

12 Month Membership to by Bruce Glenn

Bruce Glenn

House flipper for nearly 40 years and residential real estate appraiser for 30 years
"Bruce took me under his wing and mentored me when I told him I wanted to get into real estate. He taught me everything I know about purchasing, rehabbing, flipping, and renting out investment properties. Without his help and knowledge, I would never have been able to have a business in real estate investing." - Steve Dunlap

Future Proof Your Money With Lucrative Investing Strategies And Systems

Packed with decades of combined expertise from leading private money experts and proven real estate investors, this beginner’s collection of real estate investing training and resources will give you the tools and strategies you need to find, evaluate, and acquire (and even flip and sell) lucrative real estate deals with ease.

Inside The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Super Stack, you’ll find step-by-step guidance to secure private financing for your investments within weeks, strategies to quickly assess and evaluate properties with confidence (so you know you’re always making the right deal), and templates and systems to help you acquire your first or next property with ease.

Total retail value: $1,938.62
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Unlock the secret to consistent profit with real estate with The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Super Stack. Learn how to secure private funding for your next deal, discover deeply discounted properties you’d otherwise miss, tap into the financial benefits of flipping, and become a multi-unit real estate investor with confidence (even if you’ve never done it before). Get instant access with $1,938.62 worth of powerful training, tools, and resources.
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Jay Conner
Buyer and seller of houses for 14 years, with $52m+ in transactions, raised $2.1m+ in private money in less than 90 days, National Speaker on Private Money, Income Automation, and Foreclosures.
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