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Imagine instead of the industry standard 20% show-up rate… you were getting 60-80% of your customers to show up for a webinar to sell your offer…

...and generating triple the sales…

Sounds pretty impossible, huh?

In this step-by-step, 5-Day Training we’re going to be doing a deep dive into the latest Podcast monetization strategy called “Pop-Up Podcasts.”

Pop-Up Podcasts are BRAND NEW… and are the secret to getting your offer in-front of your dream customer.

Less and less of your dream customers are watching live webinars… but they are listening to podcasts.

Some recent results from a well-known 7-figure entrepreneur saw:

40-60% of leads consuming the content (Much higher than 15-20% show up rates for webinars)

And around 50% higher booked appointments rate.

…AND get this.

Their regular webinars had around 25% of customers buying a $30,000+ 12 month done-for-you package…

Their pop-up podcast had 3X that with 75% of customers opting for the same $30k done-for-you package 

In this program, we’ll be mapping out the exact strategy to go and crush your offer, in any industry (NO Existing Podcast Required) 

Pop-Up Podcasts are a new type of podcast designed to turn your podcast episodes from regular old content into a powerhouse sales machine.

We’re teamed up with Jamie Atkinson a #1 best selling author, and top 20 podcast expert who in just the last 12 months helped 250 entrepreneurs generate over $6,000,000 in combined sales…

These are small businesses and solopreneurs just like you… who don’t have large email lists, don’t have huge followings but have a message and offer they want to share with the world.

Pop-up podcasts were created for a very simple reason…

Most people have a really hard time making money podcasting! We want to help you to unlock your very own Pop-Up Podcast that can get you paid in just 5 days.

This revolutionary new idea takes the powerful community aspects of a challenge, and fuses them with the high engagement rates of podcasting… 

To allow you to create an incredibly simple 3-5 episode ‘Pop-Up Podcast’ to immediately sell your customers on your product or service.

That’s exactly what Sam did.

Sam was able to go from thinking about launching a podcast for months… to launching a simple 3-episode “pop-up podcast” that brought in over $5,000 in just a few days.

Here’s what you get when you join Profit With Pop-Up Podcasts Today…

You’re going to get immediate access to the entire 5 day Pop-Up Podcast training showing you how to create your own profitable pop-up podcast, so you can immediately start to profit from your podcast fast.. 

This entire Pop-Up Podcast series can be downloaded straight away...

That means you’ll be able to subscribe and listen to this training from your phone, or your computer directly in your favorite podcasting app.

As Jamie walks you step-by-step through how to create your own Pop-Up Series...

You’ll not only get access to all of the inside secrets of what makes Pop-Up Podcasting so effective…

But you’ll also get to experience and see first hand exactly what a Pop-Up Podcast looks, sounds and feels like… as the training is delivered directly to you in Pop-Up Podcast format.

  1. When you join you’ll immediately learn the secret ingredient to help you speed up how fast you’re able to make money podcasting and take a slice of that $6,000,000 for yourself...
  2. You’ll learn how to go from idea to launch in as little as 5-days… creating your own 6 or 7 figure pop-up podcast...
  3. You’ll discover the secret pop-up formula which led to 300%-500% higher show-up rate and consumption rates.
  4. As well as being able to sell to the top 20% of most profitable customers in your audience.
  5. You’ll also discover how to create a pop-up podcast in under 5 minutes… and discover a powerful piece of software that makes creating pop-up podcasts a piece of cake.
  6. When you join you’ll also get access to  5 x recorded Q&A sessions Jamie completed with his $5,000/year mastermind community… answering every question about pop-up podcasting.
  7. Finally you’ll uncover how to turn your Pop-Up Podcast into an ‘evergreen offer’ that you can sell time and time again without any extra creative effort required. 

Pop-Up Podcasting is more than just another podcast program… it’s a cutting edge system that’ll help you to go from idea to sales incredibly fast. 

And because you just joined Podcast to Profit. I want to make it available to you for a one-time only special discount.

If you go to Jamie’s website right now you can see he sells Profit With Pop-Up Podcasts for $1,997…

But you can get ALL OF THE ABOVE for only $197, right now.

Hurry, though - this is a ONE TIME ONLY offer and you won’t be able to get access to it after you leave this page.

Pop-up Podcast Upgrade
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