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Jumpstart your way to online success with this exclusive collection of premium tools and resources that will show you step-by-step how to create and launch products, generate passive income streams, and earn money online with more ease and less stress than ever before.

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For a limited time, get Online Business Toolkit 2.0 for only  $67.  Hurry, this discount expires at 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, January 25th!

“Online Business Toolkit 2.0 has everything that an entrepreneur needs to launch and scale an online business. There isn’t a better deal out there where you can find everything you need in one place. I can't recommend it enough.”

Jake Lang
Founder of The Entrepreneur Ride Along and Author of Step One, featured on Smart Passive Income, How to Life Podcast and The Cliff Ravenscraft Show.

Bottom Line Up Front:

We teamed up with 25 of today’s top online business experts, founders, and entrepreneurs to share their best strategies and tools to help you:

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Discover how easy it is to take your idea online and start earning right away.
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Choose the perfect online business to suit your style (even if you’re starting from scratch).
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Tap into a powerful 7-step method to create your online income machine.
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Generate sales without a fancy marketing system, specialized equipment, or celebrity status.
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Prime your online business, site, or blog to sell for maximum profit!
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Plus: Unlock a host of templates to protect your business and maximize your reach and earnings.
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And so much more...
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Everything you need to create, launch, and grow your own online business in 2022 (even if you’re starting from scratch).



Complete Ecourses ($1,769 Value)


Unique Chart Topping eBooks 
($38.51 Value)


Advanced Masterclass ($97 Value)


Legal Contract Template 
($100 Value)

PLUS -- Get These Exclusive Bonuses:

12 Months Access To The SEO Masterclass ($60 Value) Discover in just one hour exactly how to grow your traffic ethically - even if you have no idea how SEO works!
3 Months Access To The Inner Triangle Group Coaching Mastermind Community ($375 Value) Immerse yourself in a group mastermind coaching community every two weeks with like-minded creatives to check in, support and learn from one another on a wide range of topics to help level up your creative career.
100% Discount On SocialBee PRO Plan For The First 3 Months ($237 Value) Make your social content scheduling smarter, faster, and more engaging than ever.
20% Discount On SpeakerTunity’s Curated List Of Speaking Opportunities In Your Niche Market (60 Niches Available!) Massively reduce your research time, money, and effort to secure bookings to speak at business, networking, association, special interest, or support meetings in selected highly-desired niches with these comprehensive contact directories.
12 Months Access To 43 Ways to Make Your Book Work for You Masterclass ($297 Value) Increase awareness of your brand, attract new readers and dream clients, connect with your audience, build your career or business, generate more revenue and build a thriving business simply by leveraging a book.
And so much more...


What The World’s Top Business Experts Are Saying About the Online Business Toolkit 2.0 Super Stack

“Online Business Toolkit 2.0 is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to create a thriving business online. Go grab it now and start getting more clients today!”

Liam Austin
Co-founder of Entrepreneurs HQ and virtual event strategist featured in Inc, Forbes, BRW and The Australian.

“I don't think there's a better deal on the planet for small business owners and entrepreneurs. You'd have to be crazy to miss this deal.”

Gilad Segev
The Collaboration Man, MBA attorney, award-winning author, sought after speaker, international entrepreneur, mentor to entrepreneurs and CEOs.

“Online Business Toolkit 2.0 is an incredible deal so take full advantage of it!”

Kris Safarova
WSJ/USA Today bestselling author, portfolio manager at FIRMSconsulting.com & StrategyTraining.com which oversees several of the world’s largest strategy and consulting business-building training platforms.

“The team at Infostack have done a great job of vetting the contributors and the resources they've provided for this Stack. There is so much value inside…it’s worth the very reasonable price.”

Lisa Mullis
Copywriter and designer with 20+ years experience, co-teacher in Ilise Benun's Business Incubator program for American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI).

“Launching and running an online business can be pretty overwhelming. I love that Cary, Tom, and the team have pulled together this great set of resources. Online Business Toolkit 2.0 is going to make it so much easier to succeed.”

Cindy Bidar
Founder of Six-Figure Systems, online business mentor, and course creator.

“I'm so excited for Online Business Toolkit 2.0. I don't think there's a better deal out there that includes so many incredible tools and resources to get you started with your online business! I can't say enough good things about it!”

Amira Irfan
Business lawyer and founder of A Self Guru, featured on Yahoo News, Business Digest, HuffPost, IBT, and Authority Magazine.

"I can't wait for you to get into Online Business Toolkit 2.0. Not only do you get the best possible resources to help you get paid to change lives, but you also get access to my "How to Get Paying Coaching Clients From Scratch" - a $500 value - for FREE."

Jeffrey T. Sooey
Dean and Founder of Master Coach University, featured in The New York Times and Hal Elrod’s blockbuster The Miracle Morning.

Unlock The Power To Profit Online

We’ve packed $4,307.50 worth of cutting-edge online business tools, training, and resources into this first-class collection. Curated especially for creatives and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to turn their ideas into a reality, Online Business Toolkit 2.0 has everything you need to create, launch, and profit from your first (or next) online business. 
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Ready To Take A Sneak Peek Inside Online Business Toolkit 2.0?

We’ve got everything you need to take what you love and turn it into profit, fast.

Get instant access to 25 premium resources worth $4,307.50 in total retail value, including:

How to Get Paying Coaching Clients From Scratch

Lifetime Access

Learn the secret to turning strangers into paying coaching clients.

Discover how to enroll new coaching clients without a fancy marketing system, being a best-selling author/guru, or having specialized equipment or expertise.

Inside you'll get the know-how to:

  • Get people interested in running a free coaching session with you (and exactly what to say).
  • Create your pricing, set a predictable income, handle objections, onboard new clients, and reach your ideal number of clients.
  • Generate coaching 'leads' at seminars, with email and social media, your own workshops, or with joint venture partners.

Take control of your coaching business income with Jeffrey Sooey's How to Get Paying Coaching Clients From Scratch.

How to Get Paying Coaching Clients From Scratch by Jeffrey Sooey

Jeffrey Sooey

Dean and founder of Master Coach University, featured in the New York Times and the bestseller THE MIRACLE MORNING
"Thanks, Jeffrey Sooey, for this amazing course! I feel like I’m getting a 3 year graduate level marketing class in just 3 hours. Feeling compelled to move fast so I don’t lose anything I’m learning." - Kelly Jennings

Event To Client Bundle

Lifetime Access

Get the powerful 7 step method to enroll clients and create your own predictable income machine.

Get ready to position yourself as the authority people will want to work with to get real results! If you want more high-paying clients, this method will show you how to build your dream lifestyle.

Access the formula to:

  • Invite strategic partners to work with you.
  • Build a marketing system that converts.
  • The proven-to-work 4-step funnel that turns your virtual event attendees into paying clients for your high-ticket programs and offers.

Build your tribe of raving fans with Liam Austin's Event To Client Bundle.

Event To Client Bundle by Liam Austin

Liam Austin

Co-founder of Entrepreneurs HQ and virtual event strategist
"You’ll be in great hands with Liam. He’s figured out what works and what doesn’t work. Everything in the training really streamlines the process. I’ve known Liam for a number of years, and I only support people I trust and I wholeheartedly trust Liam. I know he is the best in this space." - Steve Olsher, Podcast Magazine

Email Marketing Demystified

Lifetime Access

Access the secret to get your first 1,000 email subscribers.

Learn from the man who has organically grown an email list of more than 2,500,000 investors and generates more than $25 million per year in revenue with the strategies shared in this book. Discover the techniques top email marketers use to build large mailing lists, write compelling copy that converts, and generate millions in revenue.

You'll learn how to:

  • Build a massive mailing list using 15 different proven list-building techniques plus keep your messages out of the spam folder.
  • Write compelling copy that engages your readers and drives them to take action.
  • Optimize every step of your email marketing funnel to supercharge your sales.

Skyrocket your online business with Matthew Paulson's Email Marketing Demystified.

Email Marketing Demystified by Matthew Paulson

Matthew Paulson

Founder of MarketBeat
"As a consultant working for Fortune 500 companies, I have analyzed data on more than 500 million emails sent and I can tell you the advice in this book is spot on. Not only was it informative and easy to digest, there were also some gems included that will help me to market my businesses. If you are a small business owner or want to get into digital communications and really learn list building, this is a must read." — Kevin Petersen

Sponsored Posts Contract Template

Lifetime Access

Build long-term relationships, avoid legal issues, and get paid on time!
Grab the only lawyer-approved contract template you need to easily collaborate with brands to create sponsored content such as blog and social media posts, or videos featuring the brand's products.

  • Protects you and your business from legal disputes.
  • Includes all the legalese you need to protect yourself legally and financially.
  • Instant access & super easy to use, can start customizing the template right away!
  • Free lifetime updates Plus! Get 3 incredible bonuses worth $500!

Feel safe and protected working with companies and brands with Amira Irfan's Sponsored Posts Contract Template.

Sponsored Posts Contract Template by Amira Irfan

Amira Irfan

Business lawyer and founder of A Self Guru
"What I especially love about Amira's legal template is that it takes all the "guesswork" out of the negotiations with the brand so that you can focus on providing great content and building relationships with brands to grow your business. Definitely worth every penny to know that your business is covered in every aspect!" - Sasha Lassey

100% discount on SocialBee PRO Plan for the first 3 months

3 Month Access

Sharing content on your favorite platforms just got a whole lot easier!

Get the ultimate scheduling tool and start sharing content like a pro. Decide if your posts are evergreen or should only be posted once. Create variations, and go in-depth with customization. Recycle evergreen posts or expire time-sensitive content, enjoy Canva integration inside SocialBee's editor, and import web content via the RSS feature.


  • Schedule content from one place to share on all your profiles with tweaks so it suits each network's unique design.
  • Organize your posts into categories to create a better mix of content, a practice used by top social media specialists.
  • Upload your content in different formats and from various sources with ease and simplicity.

Make your social content scheduling smarter, faster, and more engaging than ever with a 100% discount on the SocialBee PRO Plan for the first 3 months ($237 value).

100% discount on SocialBee PRO Plan for the first 3 months ($237 value) by Ovi Negrean

Ovi Negrean

CEO and co-founder of SocialBee
"SocialBee is my secret weapon!", Neal Schaffer, Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer, https://nealschaffer.com/

EarlyParrot Referral Marketing Platform - Unlimited Plan (3 months full access) + 20% OFF our coaching program

Lifetime Access

Generate more leads and get more clients on autopilot.

Leverage the networking power of your existing audience to acquire high quality and high converting leads with this easy drag-and-drop referral marketing platform designed to entice your audience to spread the word about your free resource, webinar, workshop, event, or coaching program in exchange for rewards.

EarlyParrot will:

  • Track all of your leads and customers.
  • Determine who is referring who.
  • Automatically deliver out rewards to referrers.

Grow your reach the easy way with EarlyParrot's Referral Marketing Platform - Unlimited Plan (3 months full access) + 20% OFF their coaching program

EarlyParrot Referral Marketing Platform by Gaetano Caruana

Gaetano Caruana

Founder of EarlyParrot and Referral Marketing Coach
“We got a 19%+ increase in our attendees across all virtual summits. What we really love about EarlyParrot is the ability to add it to existing funnels without having to change anything from our end. That has helped us to get more referrals for our lists.” - Liam Austin, Co-Founder Entrepreneurs HQ

SEO Masterclass

12 Month Access

Unlock the secrets of SEO with simple, practical advice and tips.

Get ahead in the search rankings with insight into the 'psychology' of SEO, exactly how it works and what you need to start doing right now to improve traffic to your site. Suitable even for complete beginners, the complexity of SEO is clarified in an easy-to-understand way complete with practical tips.

Over the course of an hour you'll:

  • De-mystify SEO so it can work for you instead of against you.
  • Access practical advice you can implement immediately, and start seeing results over time.
  • Get a handy worksheet to make SEO even easier.

Simplify SEO with Hannah Martin's SEO Masterclass.

SEO Masterclass by Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin

Founder of Talented Ladies Club
"Wow thanks, this is really helpful and I feel I can action it, whereas before I was totally scared to even research SEO!" — Bernadette B

Subscription Growth Model Accelerator

Lifetime Access

Unlock the fastest way to accelerate your subscription growth.

Learn the secret to creating a high-performing subscription business that grows month after month, dominates your competitors, and paves the way for your business to lead in your industry.

Inside you'll get:

  • 4 subscription drivers and how they can quickly accelerate your growth.
  • A one-page plan on how to implement the model for your business.
  • Explanatory videos on growth drivers like offers, retention, pricing, and lifetime value.

Increase your business cash flow and growth with Robert Skrob's Subscription Growth Model Accelerator.

Subscription Growth Model Accelerator by Robert Skrob

Robert Skrob

#1 expert in subscription membership retention.
"Marketing approach changed for the better” Before Robert, my marketing strategy looked like an untrained dog pulling at the leash, chasing every squirrel, sniffing every blade of grass, making life horrible for its owner. Then I watched Robert's videos. Once I saw the proper way to approach the subscription funnel my entire world changed. The parts of the subscription funnel that had frustrated me were actually easy to fix. That wild untrained dog pulling the arms out of its owners sockets got the equivalent of a no-pull harness. My marketing approach changed for the better, and my subscription funnel became enjoyable. Just like the dog owner that now looks forward to walking a dog that doesn't pull at the leash, I look forward to adding leads to the funnel! Brian London, London Tourism Publications

Airtable Essentials Plus

Lifetime Access

Maximize the organizational power of your business data with Airtable.

Discover how to navigate Airtable and use its suite of organizational tools and templates to maximize your business potential. For both new and intermediate users, you'll understand how to think about structuring your data, and how to get started with some no-code automation.

Be guided step by step through:

  • The fundamental building blocks of Airtable.
  • How to create and link tables.
  • How to use views to work more efficiently.

PLUS! Get access to an advanced Quick Start Guide that will share 5 customizable Airtable templates with you. Each template is accompanied by training videos that will help you unlock additional potential from the software.

Get your data working harder for you with Gareth Pronovost's Airtable Essentials Plus.

Airtable Essentials Plus by Gareth Pronovost

Gareth Pronovost

Founder, GAP Consulting
"Gareth's course was fantastic and exceeded all expectations. His ability to share his deep knowledge of Airtable, workflow automation, and database design in an easy to learn and highly organized process was remarkable." - Diane Elkins

2022 Goal Setting Workshop + Goal Planner

Lifetime Access

Give yourself the tools to create a clear path to your goals.

Grow exponentially in 2022 by knowing how to set measurable goals that give you focus and clarity.

Get the steps you need to follow to get your focus on with Jacob Cass's 2022 Goal Setting Workshop + Goal Planner.

2022 Goal Setting Workshop + Goal Planner by Jacob Cass

Jacob Cass

Founder of JUST Creative, brand designer & strategist, business coach
"I know now I have to write SMART goals down, define my values and have a focus. DISC profiling was new to me as was the Wheel of Life. What a great workshop!!" - Tobias Johnson

43 Ways to Make Your Book Work for You

12 Month Access

Uncover 43 powerful ways to leverage your book to build your business and grow your reach.

Increase awareness of your brand, attract new readers and dream clients, connect with your audience, build your career or business, generate more revenue and build a thriving business simply by leveraging a book.

You will learn how to:

  • Build awareness about your book even before you even write the first sentence.
  • Understand your ideal clients so you can connect with them and help them.
  • Set yourself apart from the competition.

PLUS! How to price your book on preorder and on the launch day.

Increase your reach, authority and income with Kris Safarova's 43 Ways to Make Your Book Work for You.

43 Ways to Make Your Book Work for You by Kris Safarova

Kris Safarova

WSJ/USA Today bestselling author, FIRMSconsulting.com & StrategyTraining.com
"Before, I used to think that my career would normally happen. Because I was ‘good,’ I would have a ‘good’ career. I have learned that if you plan the right way and work hard, you can have an amazing career and have a much more significant impact in the world and the people around you. I would recommend FC to anyone interested in taking his/her career to the next level. The quality of the materials is top notch and there is really no better set of materials out there.” – Daniel Ramirez

Open Sesame

12 Month Access

Learn the secrets to get your emails opened and subscribers buying.

Writing a great email is great, but if no one is opening your emails, it doesn’t matter what’s inside.

In this signature workshop you'll discover exactly how to make:

  • Your email list healthy.
  • People excited to see your emails in their inbox.
  • Subscribers excited to buy, buy, buy.

PLUS! Get an already-written welcome sequence, cold scrub sequence, and video on how to get people to reply to you for customer research. Get your emails opened every time with Liz Wilcox's Open Sesame.

Open Sesame by Liz Wilcox

Liz Wilcox

The Fresh Princess of Email Marketing, Liz Wilcox is on a freakin' mission to help more businesses package up their magic and sell through email.
"I joined because email just seems so difficult for me. I wanted to know if this was better than blogging or social media. You broke things down easily and the activities were simple but I'm starting to see the impact already. My open rate has gone up a lot and people are clicking, replying, and buying so much more now! Email is definitely something I no longer overthink! And it's fun!" - Anonymous

Productivity Success - How to achieve more every day!

Lifetime Access

End procrastination and achieve far more in less time.

Perfect for anyone who struggles with overwhelm, procrastination, or gets easily distracted, this highly effective method will help you improve your productivity so you can get far more done every single day.

You'll learn how to:

  • Squeeze the absolute maximum out of your time, every single day.
  • Focus on what you want to achieve and the steps you need to take to reach your goals.
  • Get far more done in the time you have available than ever before.

Reach your goals faster than ever with Chris Towland's Productivity Success - How to achieve more every day!

Productivity Success - How to achieve more every day! by Chris Towland (1)

Chris Towland

Author and creator of a number of bestselling Udemy courses.
"I was struggling to stay focused. This course has helped me to become more organized and productive in reaching my goals." - Cindy Hricenak

Podcast Install Template & Training Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access

Unlock the best lead generating, content marketing skill your business needs to succeed, fast.

Access the complete all-in-one training business owners, coaches, authors or experts need to successfully start a podcast. Podcasting is the best way to build authority, rise in the search engine ranks, and build relationships with fans, followers, listeners, and subscribers.

You'll learn exactly how to:

  • Get your own domain, install WordPress, and choose plugins, microphones, apps, and mixing software.
  • Create your Podcast logo.
  • Produce and post your show and so much more.

PLUS! 40 Podsafe Royalty Free music downloads for show production

Get the A-Z to your podcasting success with Michael Stewart's Podcast Install Template & Training.

Podcast Install Template _ Training Lifetime Access by Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart

The Internet Audio and Video Guy
"I am so grateful Mike Stewart has shared podcasting with me. You should get his course Podcast Install today." - Bob Neal, Sportscaster, Turner Broadcasting, CNN, NBC

Flash Sale Email Box Templates

Lifetime Access

Boost sales with proven flash sale email campaign templates.

Described as “one of the easiest ways I made money this year," these email templates can be used in sales campaigns throughout the year whenever you need an increase in sales. Specifically designed for online business owners such as coaches, digital product creators, service providers, and freelancers, you can modify and use the templates anytime you need to sell your services or digital products.

You’ll get:

  • 10 Flash Sale emails that you can use for a flash sale to get a quick cash injection in your business.
  • 24+ Flash Sale email subject lines so you can A/B split test and use in your “resend” emails to unopens.
  • A Google Doc link containing the templates that you will copy, save, and edit right in your own Google Drive account.

Inject quick cash into your business with Destini Copp's Flash Sale Email Box Templates.

Flash Sale Email Box Templates by Destini Copp

Destini Copp

Founder of DestiniCopp.com, and author of the bestseller LAUNCH YOUR ONLINE COURSE BUSINESS IN 90 DAYS OR LESS
"I used the Flash Sale Email Box Templates bundle for a flash sale I did in my business to sell some website audits. I made $2,500 In just a few hours by sending out a flash sale email. It was one of the easiest ways I made money this year!" - Jodi Bourne

Collaborate for Success - The Single Most Powerful Marketing Strategy For Low Cost Leads & Major Profit

Lifetime Access

Short-cut your path to success with this powerful marketing strategy.

Used by leading entrepreneurs, get the step-by-step practical guide to set up a win/win strategy that leads to a real reduction in marketing costs, faster sales, plus saves a ton of time and effort with short, step-by-step “how-to” procedures you can embed into your day-to-day business activities.

Inside you'll learn how to:

  • Give yourself clarity for your business.
  • Identify the right product for your ideal customer.
  • Create an immediate action plan to increase sales.

Earn more in less time with Gilad Segev's Collaborate for Success - The Single Most Powerful Marketing Strategy For Low Cost Leads & Major Profit.

Collaborate for Success by Gilad Segev

Gilad Segev

The Collaboration Man, award-winning author, sought after speaker, international entrepreneur, mentor to entrepreneurs and CEO’s, MBA attorney
“In a business world that generates more and more complexity daily, it’s great to have a guide that can make sense of it all. It’s refreshing to know that even today, there are some proven and time tested strategies that can cut through the clutter to short-cut your route to success. Gilad’s book has provided clear and easy to understand guidance on one of the most powerful strategies in business. This book is filled with many profound insights, and if you want accelerate your progress, you will learn to master the art of collaboration. Start here.” - Kevin Paetz Serial Entrepreneur, international speaker, global strategist and advisor to CEO’s

Easy Product Launch Planning

Lifetime Access

Easily create, launch, and deliver a digital course or information product like marketing pros.

Imagine what it would mean to your business if you could spy on the marketing operations of 6- and 7-figure online businesses. Now you can! Get ready to grow at exponential rates and earn a great profit!

Created with new digital product sellers in mind, you'll discover exactly how to:

  • Write compelling sales copy that connects with readers and acts as a profit magnet.
  • Choose the perfect platforms and systems for stress-free launches.
  • Entice partners to share your content with their audience.

Get the manual for your online business success with Cindy Bidar's Easy Product Launch Planning.

Easy Product Launch Planning by Cindy Bidar

Cindy Bidar

Founder of Six-Figure Systems and host of the Tiny Course Empire Podcast
"This course was very timely. I have a ton of content and have committed to launching Visions Academy my on demand learning platform. I love how easily digestible the content is and the straightforward checklists and templates provided." - Nicole Chamblin

Introduction to Becoming a Voice Artist and Audiobook Narrator

Lifetime Access

Take a comprehensive, inside look at the field of voiceovers and audiobook narration.
If you’ve ever considered doing voiceovers or becoming an audiobook narrator, this is your opportunity to pull back the curtain and learn what it’s all about.
You'll discover:

  • The skills you need to be successful.
  • What equipment and software you need.
  • How to earn money and where to find work.

Plus! At the end of the course, you’ll have an opportunity to get behind the mic yourself! Take a test run. The course includes a sample script for you to record…use your phone or any microphone you have to record. See if it feels right for you and has some fun!

After you send in your audio, you’ll receive a coupon for $25 off a future purchase from The Online School for Voice Over.
Discover the value in your voice with Julie Eickhoff's Introduction to Becoming a Voice Artist and Audiobook Narrator.

Introduction to Becoming a Voice Artist and Audiobook Narrator by Julie Eickhoff

Julie Eickhoff

Voice artist and owner of The Online School for Voice Over
"Wonderful, thorough and easy to digest: This is such an approachable way to learn about working doing voiceovers. It was thorough but not overwhelming in scope. I definitely feel prepared to now go through the action items." -Tonya M

VIP Tickets to Podcast Sales Machine Live

Lifetime Access

Step into your power to create your best life and help others, too!

All around the globe, people are looking for reassurance, guidance, inspiration, and support on a vast array of niches and topics. You can be a part of their solution by turning what you know and do into a thriving online business that changes lives.

Learn how to monetize your podcast using a new, unique, and proven process that grows an audience of eager buyers and creates a consistent stream of high-ticket sales month after month.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to build remarkable relationships, increase revenue and profits, automate client renewals and generate a flood of referrals.
  • Eliminate complicated marketing strategies plus stop attracting freebie-seekers, low-ticket bargain hunters and problem clients.
  • Strategically grow your podcast audience and create more time and freedom to focus on doing what you love - sharing your message and changing lives.

Sell more high-ticket offers and grow an audience of buyers by sharing what you know with Michelle Abraham's VIP Tickets to Podcast Sales Machine Live.

VIP Tickets to Podcast Sales Machine Live by Michelle Abraham

Michelle Abraham

Award-winning founder of Amplifyou Podcast Management Agency and Podcast
"Michelle & Evans deliver so much value in this event I felt like I should have paid them 10x the ticket price. I took 24 pages of notes and can't wait to start implementing." - JP

Course Creation Hero

Lifetime Access

Access The #1 course creation video coaching library.

Say goodbye to overwhelm, decision paralysis and being stuck in course creation mode and get the answers you need, fast with this wildly valuable Course Creation Knowledge Base comprised of 100’s of hours of private coaching condensed into bite-sized clips.

Be led through every aspect of course creation including:

  • Choosing a profitable course topic.
  • How to smash out your course creation quicker than a trip to the salon.
  • How to make sales on your course even if you have a list skinnier than a supermodel.

PLUS! How to: Hack funnels and win at Facebook Ads!

Get everything you need to make your course succeed with Amber Renae's Course Creation Hero.

Course Creation Hero by Amber Renae

Amber Renae

Online business strategist and educator
"It’s like having a Course Creation Coach on Speed Dial" - Career Development Course Creator, Ineke

Niche Site Seller's Starter Kit

Lifetime Access

Discover how to prime your niche site to sell it for maximum profit!

Learn the secret to sell your blog, website, eCommerce biz, etc to buyers ready to pay for quality content sites. Presented by a niche site investor and an intermediary who has bought, sold, and brokered over $1,000,000 worth in websites.


  • A proven blueprint to prepare your site for sale.
  • What you need to do to attract buyers.
  • The strategy to sell for top dollar in today's market.

Make more from your site with Chelsea Clarke's Niche Site Seller's Starter Kit.

Niche Site Seller_s Starter Kit by Chelsea Clarke

Chelsea Clarke

Founder of HerPaperRoute
About Chelsea
Chelsea Clarke is a niche site investor and Business Intermediary, who helps entrepreneurs start, scale and sell their online businesses. Former waitress turned founder of a 7-figure media company, Chelsea teaches profit-hacking website investing strategies at HerPaperRoute.com, and founded the BlogsForSale.co marketplace. At BlogsForSale.co, creators and investors buy and sell unique, profitable niche sites.

Copy Camp: Learn how to write great headlines, titles, and subject lines to up your opens, get the opt-ins, and amp your offers

Lifetime Access

Write engaging homepage headlines and email subject lines that click and convert.

Fire up your writing for connections and conversions with headlines, titles, subtitles, subject lines, and page-turning, email-opening, button-clicking one-liners.

You’ll learn:

  • The biggest mistake you can make with your content and what to do instead plus the easiest way to get the biggest ‘aha’ from your reader in 10 words or less.
  • How to come up with the core elements of any great headline/title/call-to-action so writing them becomes a no-brainer plus how to modify your one-liners for different uses such as on your website, for a social post, an ad, etc.
  • Formatting and design tricks that increase readability and clickability.
  • Real-world examples of copywriting techniques in action.
  • Fail-safe, fill-in-the-blank templates you can use right away.
  • Lifetime access to all the content.

Get the engagement you deserve with Lisa Mullis's Copy Camp: Learn how to write great headlines, titles, and subject lines to up your opens, get the opt-ins and amp your offers.

Copy Camp by Lisa Mullis

Lisa Mullis

Copywriter and designer with 20+ years experience
"I'm really enjoying re-watching all the videos… really helping me understand where I’ve gone wrong, especially on my homepage. As I only have a few seconds to show people what I offer and how it can help them, I realize I struggle to do that. I have so much to say/offer I find it hard to crystallize. Today, I'm going to work on creating some benefit/outcome burritos." - Anonymous

Step One: The Surprisingly Simple Process to Research, Validate, and Choose the Perfect Online Business

Lifetime Access

Research, validate, and choose your perfect online business idea.

Discover just how easy it is to launch your first business and take action. You'll come up with over one hundred and fifty business ideas, conduct market research to narrow your list of ideas down to one viable idea, and validate the idea so you can hit the ground running and launch your business.


  • Go through a step-by-step process to research, validate, and choose the perfect idea for your online business.
  • Learn how to research the market and test your business idea to ensure your business is set up for success before launch.
  • Learn how to validate your business idea before you invest a single dollar.

PLUS! Get access to a full companion course with free supplemental downloads, detailed video tutorials, and step-by-step instructions so you can follow along with Jake’s examples to validate your business idea.

Start your business with confidence with Jacob Lang's Step One: The Surprisingly Simple Process to Research, Validate, and Choose the Perfect Online Business.

Step One The Surprisingly Simple Process to Research, Validate, and Choose the Perfect Online Business by Jacob Lang

Jacob Lang

Founder of The Entrepreneur Ride Along and Author of Step One
“You cannot do any better. Jake breaks it down. He helped me start a niche business on Army promotion points, something I had no idea I could do. Jake is really good at helping you identify the right idea that has legs in the online space. I can tell you that he helped me home in on this. He helped me realize how I could monetize my idea and then helped me discover that passion, identify the market opportunity, put together the step-by-step strategy, and launch my business. I recommend Jake highly.” - Steven Foust: cutoffscores.com and ncosupport.com

$160 Credit Toward Virtual Latinos Virtual Assistance (VA): 20 Hours' of Entry-Level Virtual Assistance ($160 Value)

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Unlock $160 credit of professional VA support with Virtual Latinos.

Designed to connect entrepreneurs, teams and agencies from the US, Canada and the world with virtual assistants and virtual marketers from Latin America and South America, Virtual Latinos is perfect for anyone looking to hire part-time or full-time professional help in one of many different roles.

Benefits include:

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Grow your business faster with Jaime Nacach's $160 Credit Toward Virtual Latinos Virtual Assistance (VA): 20 Hours' of Entry-Level Virtual Assistance ($160 Value).

Virtual Latinos by Jaime Nacach-INFOSTACK

Jaime Nacach

Founder and CEO of Virtual Latinos, Latino Virtual Assistants, digital marketing and automation expert.
"The process of hiring an assistant is very organized. This ensures that only top-notch talent is presented to client for consideration. All team members I worked with replied quickly." - F H

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Give yourself the power to get booked in your market segment with zero research!

Massively reduce your research time, money, and effort to secure bookings to speak at business, networking, association, special interest, or support meetings in selected highly-desired niches with these comprehensive contact directories.


  • Organizations eager to book leaders with valuable information.
  • Attract your key target audience in more than 60 different niches.
  • An exclusive 20% off these first-of-their-kind directories!

Get a great start on your speaking opportunities in 2022 with Jackie Lapin's Curated List of Speaking Opportunities in Your Niche Market (60 Niches Available!).

20% Curated List of Speaking Opportunities in Your Niche Market (60 Niches Available!) by Jackie Lapin

Jackie Lapin

Founder of SpeakerTunity and Expert at Helping Leaders Get Booked
"I was able to set up 15 speaking gigs within 2 weeks, with only a month in advance to being there. These lists are accurate, informative, and LUCRATIVE. If you are even wondering about purchasing these lists, DON’T WASTE your time - PURCHASE IT NOW! I was able to generate over 50K in sales from these speaking opportunities, well worth the cost of purchase.” Erin Loman Jeck, Executive Speech Coach, TEDx Speaking Coach and Speaker

Dream Big. Earn Bigger.

Packed to the brim with the combined expert knowledge and experience of industry-leading online business experts, this collection of premium resources is carefully curated to help you hone your business idea, build your brand, expand your reach, generate traffic, leads, and sales, and start earning big online.

Inside Online Business Toolkit 2.0, you’ll find step-by-step expert guidance that will show you how to start and grow your online business like a pro and pandemic-proof your earnings in a new economy.

Get instant access to 25 premium online business tools and resources.

Total retail value: $4,307.50
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“Online Business Toolkit 2.0 is JUST AMAZING! What an incredible collection of tools! Don't miss this one.”

Jacob Cass
Founder of JUST Creative, brand designer and strategist, TEDx speaker, featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal and Yahoo! His client list includes Nike, Disney, Seinfeld, Red Bull, Nintendo, and the city of San Francisco.

“Online Business Toolkit 2.0 is on the top of my list for making an impactful marketing strategy in 2022!”

Jackie Lapin
Founder of SpeakerTunity, the Speaker and Leader Resource Company. Her Conscious Media Relations Radio/Podcast Tours have helped introduce more than 200 luminaries to up to 9000 radio shows and podcasts, including clients like Don Miguel Ruiz, Dr. Joe Vitale, James Twyman, Arielle Ford, Hay House and more.

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Michelle Abraham
Award-winning founder of Amplifyou Podcast Management Agency, International Speaker, Podcast host of Amplifyou praised by Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, Podcast Entrepreneur of the Year 2020, nominated for People's Choice Award 2021.

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Robert Skrob
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