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Transform your story idea into a timeless classic with our exclusive collection of industry-leading ecourses, bestselling ebooks, step-by-step masterclasses and one-to-one professional story coaching primed to help you publish an unforgettable kids book your readers will love and cherish.

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Remember your favorite childhood stories? I bet you read them over and over until the print faded.

And I bet you thought about them, dreamed of them…talked about them.

Wished they could come to life.

What if I told you that you can bring them to life?

And earn money doing it, too.

This year, the market for children’s books in the US alone is worth $2 billion and it’s growing fast. 

And now more than ever, self-published children’s authors are becoming the new bestsellers.

School teacher Stacy C. Bauer is a #1 bestselling children’s author who wrote and self-published the Cami Kangaroo & Wyatt Too children's picture book series. She’s sold more than 20k books in three years with zero marketing experience.

(You can discover her secrets to success with her ‘Marketing Your Children’s Book’ ecourse worth $179, included FREE in this stack.)

Here’s another industry secret... 

Two top children’s book publishers and authors (also included in this stack) share what makes a children’s book timeless. 

“If it's a picture book, make it a totally immersiv experience, with the illustrations, paper, and colors all supporting the story.” - Arielle Haughee, multiple award-winning author of children's books Grumbler, Joyride, and Pling's Party, and owner of Orange Blossom Publishing.

“If it’s Middle Grade or Young Adult, create a compelling character who deals with issues relatable to kids and takes them on a unique journey. Get kids to care about that character, and your story will stay with them forever.” - Laura Backes, Random House published author, editor, agent, educator, and the publisher of Children's Book Insider.

Want to know how to craft kid’s stories just like these step-by-step?

Now you can with The KidLit Creators Super Stack.

The KidLit Creators Super Stack is your complete A-Z collection of 26 world-class tools, training and resources that shows you how you write, illustrate, and publish your kid’s book like an industry pro.

With the help of 
The KidLit Creators Super Stack, you can...

Infostack item
Access a step-by-step blueprint to take to your children’s book from first draft to publication (plus sales) from a 2x TEDx speaker, bestselling author, and story coach.
Infostack item
Discover how to publish and launch your book with crowdfunding from Kickstarter.
Infostack item
Learn the secrets of social media to sell your books like crazy (even with zero marketing skills).
Infostack item
Uncover the unique narrative elements Middle Grade readers are hungry for, and how to write them.
Infostack item
Get one-to-one professional story coaching from a Pushcart Prize nominee.
Infostack item
Grow your audience, build your author brand, and create content that converts one-time readers into fans.
Infostack item
Prepare your book for its best pitch to agents and publishers with insider tips from industry leaders.
Infostack item
Enjoy exclusive access to step-by-step instruction to format and illustrate your picture book from an award-winning illustrator.
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✔ 50% off professional one-to-one coaching, develop a new book, revise a completed one, or invigorate a stalled manuscript with the support of a Pushcart Prize nominated author and story coach.

✔ Unlimited access to live workshops with multiple award-winning author and illustrator Mark Mitchell, dive into live painting mini-workshops and group critiques with guest instructors, plus enjoy access to Mark’s full library of archived sessions (3 month subscription). 

✔ 12 months access to An Introduction to Informational Writing for Kids: Facts Are Fun, if you want to share your knowledge or what you are passionate about with kids, this training program will show you how to write fun, fact-based books kids will love.

✔ And so much more...

Just a few of the reasons we think you'll ❤️ 
The KidLit Creators Super Stack:

“There are so few resources for people who want to write and publish children's books. The KidLit Creators Super Stack is incredible. It has every single thing you need all in one place! I would have given anything to have something like this when I started out!”

Arielle Haughee
Multiple award-winning author, editor, speaker, consultant, founder of Orange Blossom Publishing.

“I'm so excited for the KidLit Creators Super Stack. Inside, you'll find everything you need to successfully create and market children's books. I can't recommend it enough.”

Stacy Bauer
Bestselling author of Cami Kangaroo & Wyatt Too series, founder of Hop Off the Press.

“If you want to write a children's book, the KidLit Creators Super Stack is THE stack to get! Nowhere else can you get this amount of amazing information for this price.”

Brooke Van Sickle
Award-winning author of three picture books, founder BiblioKid Publishing.

“I'm delighted to be part of the KidLit Creators Super Stack. This is a rare opportunity to access a myriad of children's writing resources in one bundle.”

Suzanne Barton
Children’s picture book author, professional editor and communications specialist.

“This is the deal you’ve been waiting for! Give your writing true momentum with the KidLit Creators Super Stack! Wish I’d had this when I was writing my first novel…”

Christopher P.N. Maselli
Award-winning children’s author with more than 1.4 million books in print.

“If you're serious about learning the world of children's books and improving your craft, don't miss this chance to position yourself above the rest.”

Kiri Jorgensen 
Publisher and senior editor, Chicken Scratch Books.

“The KidLit Creators Super Stack is the stack I could have used before writing and publishing my own children's book. What an inspiring and motivating group of authors and stories.”

Emily Grosvenor
Award-winning journalist featured in The Atlantic, Marie Claire Magazine, and, editor of Oregon Home Magazine, children’s book author.


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Ready to Take a Sneak Peak Inside The KidLit Creators Super Stack?

Below, you'll find all the fantastic tools and resources we’ve stashed into The KidLit Creators Super Stack

Get instant access to 26 premium resources worth $2,214.96 in total retail value:

Perfecting Your Picture Book: How to Revise Your Own Manuscript

Lifetime Access

Learn how to edit and revise your picture book manuscript to perfection.
Discover how to notice mistakes in your early drafts and fix them plus get guidance on the practice of story structure, characterization, and how to infuse a manuscript with importance and meaning. If you are a children’s book writer who wants to publish your own book and/or catch the attention of agents and editors, then this is for you!

Inside this 45 minute masterclass you will be able to:

  • Figure out why, when, where, and how you should revise.
  • Benefit from an insider’s knowledge of the most common issues in early manuscript drafts.
  • Understand when your manuscript is “finished”.
  • Download worksheets to help you with plot and character development.

And even better…when you watch the online course “Perfecting Your Picture Book,” you also get a special code to enjoy a 30% discount off Alli Brydon Creative kidlit editorial services! Take your manuscript one step further with a professional 1-1 editorial critique. This offer is available only to viewers of this course and lasts the entire year of 2021.
Complete a polished manuscript for your picture book with Alli Brydon’s “Perfecting Your Picture Book: How to Revise Your Own Manuscript”.

Perfecting Your Picture Book How to Revise Your Own Manuscript by Alli Brydon

Alli Brydon

Founder of kidlit consulting business Alli Brydon Creative, and editor of NYTimes #1 Bestselling picture book, "A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo"
"Thank GOODNESS for Alli Brydon and her online course Perfecting Your Picture Book. My early manuscript drafts are always a little chaotic, and with so many ideas it's hard to decide what should happen next. Her workshop encourages me to ask questions, take a closer look at my characters, and rein in the chaos to produce a strong and satisfying story.” – Maddie Frost, children’s book author-illustrator of SMUG SEAGULL (Little, Brown, 2020), WAKEY BIRDS (Templar, 2019), ANIMOBILES (Sourcebooks, 2018), and JUST BE JELLY (coming June 2021 from Little, Brown)

How Should I Print? POD vs Offset Printing

Lifetime Access

Get the right printing method for your book to fit your budget and your goals.

One of the most essential decisions in the publishing process is how to print your books. There are many printers to choose from, but first, you have to decide which printing method is right for you. Learn about the two types of book printing to quickly determine which is best for you.
In this course, new authors will gain the tools to make the best decision before starting and experienced publishers will discover the benefits of an alternative print method. There’s something for everyone!

Get ready to:

  • Learn the benefits and drawbacks of both types of book printing: print-on-demand and offset print to determine which is best for you.
  • Know how to compare costs and print quality.
  • Have the information you need to determine which option is the best for you and your project.

Plus! Access bonus content on inventory management and learn the secret of how to make your book look like it came from a traditional publisher.

Save time and money publishing your book with Arielle Haughee’s “How Should I Print? POD vs Offset Printing”.

How Should I Print POD vs Offset Printing by Arielle Haughee

Arielle Haughee

Owner of Orange Blossom Publishing, award-winning author, editor, speaker, and VP of the Florida Writers Association
"Arielle Haughee is a real game changer. As a new novelist, I needed some help with an early draft of my manuscript, to find some of the weak areas and shore them up. After one consultation, Arielle zeroed in on the problems and helped me find a few new ways to solve them. She even helped me with a few follow-up questions, making sure I was on the right track." - Erik Deckers, Owner of ProBlog Service and author of Branding Yourself

Picture Book Perfection

Lifetime Access

Don’t just dream about your children’s book. Write it!

Make this the year you write your first picture book. This beautiful workbook will teach you how step-by-step.

You’ll learn:

  • How to know if your idea’s good enough and what to do next.
  • Tips to write strong characters and engaging plots.
  • Essentials to write and edit your story to ensure it’s ready to publish.
  • Plus, what to do when it’s all finished!.

with Brooke Van Sickle’s “Picture Book Perfection”.

Picture Book Perfection by Brooke Van Sickle

Brooke Van Sickle

Award-winning children's book author
"Picture Book Perfect is user-friendly and includes lots of steps to follow and implement. Even if you've written the book already, you can still use it to edit your book!" - Colleen Anderson

Four Fab Writing Mini Courses

12 Month Access

Explore a bonanza of four mini-courses prepped to show you how to write picture books.
For writers or illustrators at any stage of their journey, this bundle of mini-courses explains all the rules and tools you need to write picture books publishers want to publish!

  • “Developing Your Writer’s and Character’s Voice(s)”. Editors and agents love a strong writer’s voice. But a strong voice can be an elusive and abstract thing to master – this mini-course will help with lots of resources.
  • “Creating Humor for Kids”. The #1 thing that gets children to read is humor. Lerner editor Amy Fitzgerald knows what makes parents and children laugh and shares her techniques here.
  • “Writing with Emotion”. Join Random House/Knopf Editor Kelly Delaney and Dr. Mira Reisberg for a fun and informative webinar with lots of insider information on “How to Hook Agents, Editors, & Readers with Emotion!”
  • “The Writer’s Trifecta: Master the Three Key Aspects of Writing Winning KidLit: Character, Emotion and Action – the Cornerstones for Marketable Picture Books”. Random House/Knopf editor Kelly Delaney and Dr. Mira Reisberg teach you how to: write memorable characters, integrate emotion, and use action for compelling plots.

Hang out with the pros and get the know-how to write picture books that sell with Dr. Mira Reisberg’s “Four Fab Writing Mini Courses”. Mira’s students have won most major awards and traditionally published well over 550 books!

Four Fab Writing Mini Courses by Dr Mira Reisberg

Dr. Mira Reisberg

Acquiring Art Director, editor, and Children's Book Academy founder
"I have taken a number of picture book writing classes and webinars before but none of them like this. If you are looking to write picture books everything you need from beginning to end is all in one place!" - Charlotte Offsay (Now Published)

The Ultimate Guide to Kickstarting Children’s Books

Lifetime Access

Learn how to launch your book using Kickstarter.
For anyone with a dream to write a children’s book, this ultimate bundle includes an e-course, e-book, and a 30-page PDF week-by-week planner for your crowd-funding campaign plus inspiration to help you get your work out there.
Get everything you need to know to decide:

  • Whether to self-publish your book or send to publishers, and how to connect with an audience before your campaign launches.
  • If crowd-funding is the right option for you and how to run a successful campaign.
  • How to position your book within a crowded marketplace and bake marketing into the creation of your book.

Make writing your children’s book dream come true with Emily Grosvenor’s “The Ultimate Guide to Kickstarting Children’s Books”.

The Ultimate Guide to Kickstarting Children_s Books by Emily Grosvenor

Emily Grosvenor

Award-winning journalist, Editor of Oregon Home magazine and author of the children's picture book "Tessalation!"
"I enjoyed this class, it exceeded my expectations. The printables that are included are very helpful. I feel a lot more confident moving forward with my first children’s book." - TaNisha Hutcherson

50% off Story Coaching

12 Month Access

Get 50% off professional one-to-one coaching to develop a new book, revise a completed one, or push through a stalled manuscript.

If you’ve started your novel ten different times but can’t seem to get past the first few chapters; have a story you want to tell but every time you sit down to write, you feel stumped; you’re halfway through writing your novel, but feeling stuck, or you’ve written a novel, but something just isn’t working and you can’t figure out what.

Help is here. From kid’s fiction author, and Pushcart Prize nominee, Eva is a story coach who specializes in Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction.

During your coaching you’ll get:

  • One-on-one help to start a new novel, revise an old one, or push through a manuscript that has stalled halfway.
  • Written feedback and ideas about your plot, characters, conflict, and more.
  • Suggestions about where to go from there plus direction towards useful resources.

Get the help you need to get to “The End” with Eva Langston’s “50% off Story Coaching”.

50_ off Story Coaching by Eva Langston

Eva Langston

Kids fiction author, Pushcart Prize nominee, and teacher
"Eva’s critique was a vital part of getting my manuscript ready and submitted to agents for consideration, and I feel lucky to have such a trusted person on my team. Her services are professional, valuable, and I recommend them if you’re feeling stuck." – B.A. Veiman

Writing Historical Fiction

Lifetime Access

Get the secrets to write historical fiction with confidence.
Being able to transport readers to another era is a fundamental skill every author needs in order to build a lasting fiction writing career. In this remarkable workshop, historical fiction master Teresa Funke, renowned for her vividly-crafted books set during World War 2, will teach you exactly how to write historical fiction

Whether it’s a flashback set in a current-day novel, or an entire work of fiction set in another time and place, this workshop will be all you’ll need to embark on some seriously exciting time travel!
You’ll learn everything you need to know about:

  • The current market opportunities for historical fiction and the types of historical events that lend themselves to good storytelling.
  • How to avoid major pitfalls like info dumps and imbalances between fact and fiction, plus whether you should ever take liberties with history.
  • How to write a children’s book or picture book in historical settings, use dialogue that truly fits your time period, and choose historical details that make us feel like we’re right there.

Get ready to go back in time with Teresa Funke’s “Writing Historical Fiction”.

Writing Historical Nonfiction by Teresa Funke (teacher of course - course is being submitted by Jon Bard)

Teresa Funke

Award-winning historical fiction author and writer's coach
About Teresa
Teresa Funke is an award-winning author and in-demand writer's coach. Teresa is the author of numerous historical fiction books for young readers, including Dancing In Combat Books, V for Victory and Wave Me Goodbye.

How To Write A Middle Grade Novel

Lifetime Access

Write your best middle-grade book with the help of a children’s publisher.
For writers of KidLit fiction who want to learn how to master the craft of middle-grade fiction, with techniques you can apply to your own writing right away.
Inside this course, you’ll:

  • Explore the world of middle-grade books and what sets this age category apart from all the others.
  • Learn the inner workings of the middle-grade world, and how to intentionally plot your story to fit into it.
  • Get tips to master the two writing elements most unique to fiction for middle-grade readers: Voice and Pacing.

Make your middle grade fiction shine with Kiri Jorgensen’s “How To Write A Middle Grade Novel”.

How To Write A Middle Grade Novel by Kiri Jorgensen

Kiri Jorgensen

Publisher and Senior Editor at Chicken Scratch Books
"I just finished my first draft and I was wondering how I was going to start revising. Chicken Scratch miraculously popped into my life. Not only was this class timely but informative - ok, perfect! Thank you!" - Sue Sutherland

Content Marketing for Children’s Authors

Lifetime Access

Build a brand, create powerful content and grow your audience.

Sell your children’s books and increase your impact without the ick, pushy sales, or having to cross your fingers and hope for the best. Instead, discover how to use a solid marketing system that actually works, plus get the support of a community who’s going through the same journey as you.

Here’s what you will learn to do:

  • Build a brand and find your audience.
  • Create valuable, authentic content that your audience wants to read.
  • Explode your audience growth.

Get your book seen in all the right places with Laurie Wright’s “Content Marketing for Children’s Authors”.

Content Marketing for Children_s Authors by Laurie Wright

Laurie Wright

Author of the "Mindful Mantras" series, and marketing coach
"This week, I took Laurie Wright's course that she offered (THANK YOU LAURIE!!!). It was SO GOOD- I literally took 12 PAGES worth of notes! And now I'm going to go through my notes, highlight what I'm going to do next, make a plan, execute my plan and then evaluate how it went." - Stacy Bauer, Author of the Cami Kangaroo series

Marketing your Children’s Book

Lifetime Access

Everything you need to know about selling your children’s book in one place!

Access three years of research and strategy compiled into one amazing 12 lesson video course to help you turn your children’s book into a favorite on every child’s bookshelf.

Get the expertise on:

  • How to raise money with Kickstarter and start your marketing before you publish.
  • How to build a social media following and use Canva’s tools to create eye-catching graphics.
  • Booking successful events and school visits plus tips on selling your book on Amazon.

Get a head start with Stacy C. Bauer’s “Marketing Your Children’s Book”.

Marketing your Children_s Book by Stacy Bauer

Stacy Bauer

Best selling author of the "Cami Kangaroo and Wyatt Too" book series, founder of publishing company, Hop Off the Press, LLC.
"I highly recommend Stacy C Bauer's course "Marketing Your Children's Book". I found the lessons informative, yet down to earth. She discusses the topics as a colleague rather than talking down to you. Her Amazon lesson helped me understand how to navigate something so huge. I also loved the Canva lesson! I'm already getting better use of it. This was definitely worth the time and cost." - Jennifer Gladen Imlay

Writing Picture Books 101 Mini Course

Lifetime Access

Learn how to master the art of children’s picture book writing.
Led by a professional editor, this mini-course invites you to play with the poetry of language, plan your story flow and learn about different publishing models.

Highlights include:

  • Self-guided writing skills and techniques module.
  • Practical tools to help you plan and pitch your story.
  • Printable ‘Top Tips for Picture Book Writers’ Infographic.

Optional extra: After completing this course, students are invited to book a discounted manuscript assessment to get feedback on their favorite story from a professional editor.
Take your picture writing to the next level with Suzanne Barton’s “Writing Picture Books 101 Mini Course”.

Writing Picture Books 101 Mini Course by Suzanne Barton

Suzanne Barton

Children’s book author, professional editor and communications specialist
"Writing Picture Books 101 Mini Course is a detailed introduction to children's picture book writing. It is simple and easy to follow. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in writing a children's book." Savanna Griechen

How to Publish a Children’s Book Blueprint

Lifetime Access

Your step-by-step blueprint to self-publish a children’s book, from the first draft to sales.
Access everything you need to publish and sell your book even if you’ve never written one before. With this blueprint, you’ll become the published author you’ve dreamed of!
Through videos and a helpful guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Write an engaging story, find a qualified editor, and hire the perfect illustrator.
  • Plan your cover design, and prep your book for formatting.
  • Build a launch team, and upload your book for publishing.

Get ready to set your story free with Marcy Pusey’s “How to Publish a Children’s Book Blueprint”.

How to Publish a Children_s Book Blueprint by Marcy Pusey

Marcy Pusey

Founder of Miramare Ponte Press, LLC, bestselling, award-winning author of 18+ books, and story coach
"Working with Marcy was a DREAM! I honestly, don't know what I would've done without her! Not only is she a skilled editor, she is incredibly thoughtful as a coach and mentor. She truly takes pleasure in helping other's dreams of being published come true. Marcy, how grateful I am to have found YOU!” - Kristin Dooley, author of Tee-Time with Daddy: My First Nine

Children’s Writing Super System

Lifetime Access

Grab the ultimate training to turn your kid’s story idea into a book that sells.
Get ready to learn all the ins and outs to take your book from conception to publication with this 5-part online video training course.


  • “Great Opportunities for Children’s Writers” – Take an in-depth look at available children’s writing opportunities. Explore word counts, ages and markets you may not even realize exist.
  • “Developing Strong Story Structure” – Learn how to come up with solid ideas, create memorable characters and plot like a pro.
  • “Common Children’s Book Blunders” – Find out about the most common mistakes writers make when writing children’s books…so you can avoid them!
  • “The Perfect Pitch” – Discover how to create One Sheets, Queries, Cover Letters, and how to approach editors and agents.
  • “Proposals with Pizzazz” – Get the award-winning format that will help get your children’s book proposal out of the slush pile with step-by-step examples of every page.

Give your writing the boost it deserves with Christopher P.N. Maselli’s “Children’s Writing Super System”.

Childrens Writing Super System by Christopher PN Maselli

Christopher P.N. Maselli

Award-winning children’s author of more than 50 books, digital marketer, ghostwriter, and teacher
"Chris is a very gifted teacher. Having served alongside him at several writing conferences, I can honestly say he is a genius at holding the conferees’ attention and explaining difficult concepts, turning them into relatable information." - Michelle Medlock Adams, Best-selling Author.

Craft Complex Characters

Lifetime Access

The 6 simple steps to craft a character-driven story kids will love.

Young Adult and Middle-Grade readers love stories because they get to live in someone else’s shoes—someone who is flawed but capable of change and growth. They see themselves, and what’s possible, through the characters we write.

Which means our stories need to be written with character front and center. You may have worked through character goals, plot stakes, and internal struggles before, but have you ever tied them together?

This guide will prove why the connections between a character’s external plot journey and internal change is critical to a strong character arc—and how to craft one. By the end, you’ll have a sketch for a real, three dimensional character with the potential to capture young readers’ hearts.
Develop your character’s arc alongside examples from:

  • “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen.
  • “A Game of Thrones” by George R. R. Martin.
  • “An Ember in the Ashes” by Sabaa Tahir.

 Create the characters kids will love with Emily Golden’s and Rachel May’s “Craft Complex Characters”.

Craft Complex Characters by Emily Golden and Rachel May

Emily Golden and Rachel May

Book coaches, developmental editors, and founders of Golden May Editing
"I didn’t realize how lost I was as an author struggling to create compelling characters that jump off the page until I read this workbook. Each of the chapters provides clear, concise, easily understood guidance for crafting deep-seated motivations and goals for your characters." — Bob Masingale

Metre Matters

Lifetime Access

Discover the secret to make your words sing.
Explore this easy to read, interactive e-book/course that will show you how meter works and why it matters.
Also included with the course:

  • Membership to the private Facebook group, “The Versealots”, where you’ll find writing support and publishing opportunities.
  • Feedback on your completed exercises.
  • Free entry to Jackie’s annual Spring Competition (for KidLit writers of rhyme) plus a $10 discount off the hourly rate of her Rhyming Manuscript Editing Service.

Rhyme like the experts with Jackie Hosking’s “Metre Matters”.

Metre Matters by Jackie Hosking

Jackie Hosking

Author of "An Amazing Australian Road Trip", and “Temper Tabitha”, editor of rhyme and metre, and creator of the kidlit ezine "Pass It On"
“Metre does matter! This course helped me refine my rhyme and saved me time. I believe that the exercises and suggestions from the Metre Matters course helped secure my first picture book contract! I highly recommend for people wanting to improve their craft.” – Jacinta Froud

Unlock Your Picture Book Course

Lifetime Access

Dig into the course that’s launched many successful picture book authors.

This step-by-step course simplifies picture book writing and self-editing with doable steps that make it nearly impossible to fail. Whether you are an aspiring or published author, this course will take you step-by-step, from milestone to milestone, to get your picture book manuscript done!
Designed to provide you with all the knowledge, tools, and motivation to create your best picture book, no matter your experience level.
You’ll get:

  • Guided tasks to help you get your manuscript done.
  • Video missions that guide you through the steps you need to do including companion course worksheets and templates.
  • The ability to connect with others on the same journey and get feedback plus find an editor and illustrator.

Write your way to success with Karen Ferreira’s “Unlock Your Picture Book Course”.

Unlock Your Picture Book Course by Karen Ferreira

Karen Ferreira

Illustrator, award-winning creative director, and founder of Children's Book Mastery
"Karen's personality is a delight, she kept us going at a good pace, allowed for catch-up days in just the right spots, offered a FB forum to connect participants, and was straight-forward. I have gone farther in these 21 days with Karen than I have in 9 years on my own." - Kindra Kreislers

KidLit Debut Social Media Pack

Lifetime Access

Gorgeous social media templates to instantly announce and promote your children’s book.
Inspire your followers with beautiful posts of your cover reveals, book birthdays, and book giveaways! Customizable Kidlit author designs are perfect to build an Instagram debut from scratch or give your existing feed the boost it needs! Made for busy book marketing authors and writers, you can easily customize colors, fonts, backgrounds to suit your unique style. Use them over and over again to grow your online presence.
You’ll get:

  • 30 professional and layered designs for FB, IG, Stories, Pinterest, Websites, and Blogs.
  • Customizable fonts, colors, and images.
  • 15 templates including Author Intro, Book launch, Book giveaway, Book Inspiration, Cover reveal, Book signing, an Ebook on Amazon.

Get ready to stress less and write more with Liz Ski Healey’s “KidLit Debut Social Media Pack”.

KidLit Debut Social Media Pack by Liz Ski Healey 1053x1053

Liz Ski Healey

Children’s book writer, graphic designer. and former Junior Olympic alpine ski racer.
"Creating a business IG account with the confidence that I have great graphics that present a unified image was a huge step. Having the graphics motivated me to create professional content to attach to them, and I'm excited to see that I'm already getting engagement. Working with Liz helped me redefine my vision because I needed to put "my business and me" into words/colors/pictures so she could translate that into graphics. I feel excited about this fresh start!" - Jennifer B.

Marks & Splashes Deep Dives (3 month subscription)

3 Month Access

Learn to paint watercolor illustrations with an award-winning illustrator.
Get ready to start creating your own children’s book illustrations with artist and illustrator Mark Mitchell at his monthly live watercolor illustrations workshops. Membership period also includes access to the entire archive of “Deep Dive” and “Guest Group Critiques” replays.
Mark teaches watercolor and children’s book illustration at The Contemporary Art School in Austin, Texas. He has illustrated his own and other authors’ books and for the children’s magazines Cobblestone, Apple Seeds, Faces, Calliope, Pockets, and Cricket. His book “Raising ‘La Belle’: The Story of the La Salle Shipwreck” (Eakin Press) received the Western Writers of America Spur Award for juvenile nonfiction and the U.S. Maritime Literature Award.
Discover the wonder of watercolors with Mark Mitchell’s “Marks & Splashes Deep Dives (3 month subscription)”.

Marks & Splashes Deep Dives (3 month subscription) by Mark Mitchell

Mark Mitchell

"Author and illustrator, teaches children's book illustration and painting at the Austin Contemporary Art School "
"I feel like a child again playing with the paint and my own imagination, but with a much firmer foundation. I can now actually understand why a painting I gave up on didn't work. It's amazing. It's a sense of freedom I've never known before." - Linda Bray

1000 Storybooks Complete Children’s Book Publishing Package

Lifetime Access

Go from draft to done with expert digital publishers 1000 Storybooks.
1000 Storybooks removes all the common barriers to publishing children’s picture books by doing everything for you except write the first draft of the story. All you have to do is write a decent, 14-page story that is roughly 1,000 words in length.
You’ll get back a perfectly edited, dynamic children’s picture book in eBook, paperback, and hardcover on par with the industry’s best and ready to compete in the children’s book market.

Once you’ve got a manuscript ready, we will provide:

  • Professional editing.
  • Book cover design.
  • 14 custom illustrations (one for each page to accompany the text).


  • Book formatting for publishing as a KDP paperback and case laminate hardcover.
  • 3D images great for use on your website and for posting on social media
  • Advertising graphics as needed.
  • Finished files will be ready to publish via IngramSpark for sale on Amazon, Barnes, and Noble, and everywhere else Ingram distributes your book, including brick and mortar bookstores.
  • You are the sole owner and copyright holder of the finished product, so you won’t have to share royalties with anyone, ever.

Bring your picture book to life with ease with Matt Stone’s “1000 Storybooks Complete Children’s Book Publishing Package”.

's Book Publishing Package by Matt Stone (2)

Matt Stone

Founder of a variety of resources serving the self-publishing community, including 100 Covers, Buck Books, BookAds, and 1000 Storybooks.
About Matt
Matt Stone has been involved in publishing for more than 20 years, and through the variety of self-publishing services he has launched to better serve the author community, has provided more than 5,000 book promotions, managed more than $1 million of advertising campaigns, overseeing more than 3,000 book cover designs, and has sold more than 5 million copies of books for his clients! His newest venture is 1000 Storybooks, a done-for-you children's picture book publishing service that includes editing, illustration, book cover design, and formatting for a fraction of the typical cost.

Picture Book Maker Mini-Class

Lifetime Access

Get to grips with the basics of the craft and business of picture books.
Enjoy this two-hour mini-class taught by the teacher and award-winning author, Shannon Anderson, to get you started on your path toward publication!
You’ll discover:

  • The nuts and bolts of getting started in children’s book publishing.
  • How to craft a picture book story based on industry standards and learn ways to polish it for submission to an editor or agent.
  • Industry insider tips and craft secrets for picture book authors.

Begin your journey today to picture book publication with Shannon Anderson’s “Picture Book Maker Mini-Class”.

Picture Book Maker Mini-Class by Shannon Anderson (1)

Shannon Anderson

Award-winning author of over a dozen books for kids, #1 on Amazon best seller list, and former SCBWI Regional Advisor
"Shannon’s workshop was very informative and super helpful. I walked away with a deeper knowledge of many techniques that she generously shared. Shannon offered her insightful guidance and I loved learning from her. Looking forward to the next one. She is a precious gem of knowledge." - Ida Nalbandian - Los Angeles

Writer’s Bane: Formatting 101 Picture Book to YA (Infostack Exclusive)

Lifetime Access

Discover how to format your book like an industry pro.
Book design has advanced and with the aid of new software, print-on-demand, and eBooks, accessibility for authors of all levels to publish has gotten easier. Now you can publish like a traditional publisher with step-by-step formatting guides, layout recommendations, storyboarding for picture books, how genre and audience affect a book’s format, and much more.

Boost your book’s visual impact with:

  • The importance of prepping a book (picture books, middle grade, and young adult fiction) before you start.
  • Tips on how to layout your book in a way that is pleasing to the eye.
  • A glossary of industry terms; anatomy of a book’s interior; specific guides for each book type; layout and design advice, plus much more.

Create a gorgeous book with Valerie Willis’s “Writer’s Bane: Formatting 101 Picture Book to YA (Infostack Exclusive)”

's Bane by Valerie Willis

Valerie Willis

COO of 4 Horsemen Publications, Inc. & Expert Digital Typesetter
"Talented author and designer! Her stories are awesome and I couldn't produce my books without her!" - Kerry Evelyn, Romance Author of the Crane's Cove Series

How to Write a Children’s Fiction Book

Lifetime Access

Your A-Z guide to writing children’s fiction from picture books to Young Adult.
Grab this ‘course in a book’ that has everything you need to know to write fiction for children, along with advice on how to find a publisher or agent and market your books. Explore many examples of good children’s writing, plus resources to help you as you progress.
You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the different genres of children’s literature and how to write for the different age groups.
  • Build your story arc, create and develop your characters, write great dialogue and deliver a satisfying ending.
  • Revise and edit your story, find a publisher or agent, and create visibility for your book.

Plus, if you write a review on Amazon and email the proof to Karen, you’ll also get her ebook: “DIY Self-Publishing” that talks about the formatting of your book, book covers, ISBNs, the LCCN, making your book searchable, and so much more.
Craft your book with confidence with Karen Cioffi’s “How to Write a Children’s Fiction Book”.

How to Write a Children_s Fiction Book by Karen Cioffi

Karen Cioffi

Author of "How to Write a Children's Fiction Book", and children's ghostwriter
"Cioffi doesn’t miss a bet. She warns writers of the no-nos. We have all seen and been amused by books (even series!) of children’s books that touch on themes and topics—from snot and farts to the classic wicked witch stories. Many of them have been bestsellers. Nevertheless, Cioffi will make sure you don’t assume the children’s literature scene is an anything-goes-landscape. But more than anything else, there are writing techniques an author has used successfully in a book that should be avoided or altered for a children’s book. Check page twenty-six for one example or do a find on “point-of-view.” The traps here seem nearly infinite: Dialogue. Sentence structure. And on and on. In fact, authors may find some of Cioffi’s tips useful in whatever writing they do from this moment on. Here is the upshot. I am stowing Cioffi’s book on the keeper shelf in my office. I have a collection of children’s stories inspired by my travels—many of them based on local legends and myths--stored in the bowels of my computer. I will drag this how-to book our and read it again—cover to cover—before I do any rewriting from my first draft." - Carolyn Howard-Johnson, author of the HowToDoItFrugally series of books for writers

An Introduction to Informational Writing for Kids: Facts Are Fun

Lifetime Access

Learn how easy it is to share what you know with kid’s nonfiction.
If you want to share your knowledge or wisdom with children, then this 50-minute on-demand video class is exactly what you need to turn what you care about into book kids will enjoy.

Get ready to learn how to:

  • Identify informational writing opportunities.
  • Understand the difference between nonfiction and informational fiction.
  • Engage your reader and build their sense of wonder.

Make learning entertaining with Annette Whipple’s “An Introduction to Informational Writing for Kids: Facts Are Fun”.

Informational Writing for Kids An Introduction (1 year access) by Annette Whipple

Annette Whipple

Nonfiction author Annette Whipple of "Whooo Knew?" and "The Laura Ingalls Wilder Companion"
"An articulate and energetic speaker, Annette's love of teaching and desire to benefit other writers with her own experience came through loud and clear. I found her excitement contagious and came away with lots of ideas for how to improve my own writing!" - Sara M

(Re)thinking Like an Illustrator: An Introduction

Lifetime Access

Discover the secret to create of eye-catching and heart-warming picture-book illustrations.
Dive into a unique course that synthesizes art and science to unveil the secret of triggering narrative emotion in your readers. Loved by both established professionals and developing illustrators, this course is for anyone at any stage of their careers, and can be applied to any illustration style.
Enjoy a host of downloadable PDFs including a comprehensive glossary to talk like a professional, a cheat-sheet to get you from blank page to fleshed out illustration-rough, and picture-book templates including cover template, internals templates, and double-spread template, complete with instructions.

In this course you will:

  • Learn why picture-book illustration is a unique art.
  • Discover how to successfully work with and around the constraints of the picture-book form.
  • Identify the hidden secrets of fabulous illustration and how to apply these secrets to your own work.

Learn the power of emotion through illustration with Margrete Lamond’s “(Re)thinking Like an Illustrator: an Introduction”.

(Re)thinking Like an Illustrator an Introduction by Margrete Lamond

Margrete Lamond

Founder and Creative Director of Dirt Lane Press Inc., author of 20+ books for children
“Your micro-course is just wonderful! There is a year’s worth of practice and study in it, what a gold mine you’ve created for illustrators. I wish I had been taught so much of this material years and years ago. Thank you so much for creating the course, and sharing your extraordinary expertise, it is a wonderful resource.” - Matt Ottley, painter, award-winning illustrator-author, composer, classical guitarist, and pianist

When Rhyme is a Crime

Lifetime Access

The winning way to write rhyming books that sell.
If you grew up reading rhyming Dr. Seuss books you might have realized by now it’s harder to write in rhyme than Dr. Seuss made it look. But there is another way.
With more than 70 industry awards for her writing–many for her rhyming board books and picture books–Michelle is the perfect teacher to show you:

  • The top six rhyme felonies and how to avoid committing those crimes.
  • How to break free of rhyming bad habits.
  • Ways to produce lively, rhythmic stories that will grab an editor’s attention.
    Channel your inner Dr. Seuss with Michelle Medlock Adams’s “When Rhyme is a Crime”.
When Rhyme is a Crime by Michelle Medlock Adams

Michelle Medlock Adams

Award-winning author of over 100 books with more than 4 million copies sold.
“Rhyming may seem like child’s play, but rhyming well is tricky. If you consider how people in different regions pronounce the same word, it gets even trickier! In many cases, it’s better not to rhyme at all. Oh, but a well-crafted rhyme is pure gold! So how do we make our rhymes shine and avoid committing a rhyme crime? Michelle Medlock Adams tells all in her class “When Rhyme is a Crime.” I highly recommend this class. It’s appropriate for beginners, but it’s also a great refresher for those with rhyming experience.” - Josie Siler, Author & Photographer


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