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Unlock the secrets to crypto success with lifetime access to jargon-free guides from the world’s leading crypto, blockchain, and Web 3.0 experts. Inside this hand-curated collection, you’ll discover a fast path to digital currency mastery; from learning how to make smart choices in the world of crypto, to minting and selling NFTs, to learning the ins and outs of Web 3.0, this bundle has it all. Made for absolute beginners as well as those looking to master the new age of blockchain.

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“You won't find better value anywhere on the internet related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.”

Allen Taylor
Author of Cryptosocial: How Cryptocurrencies Are Changing Social Media, Former Newspaper Editor, Award-winning Journalist, and Taylored Content Lead

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We teamed up with today’s leading blockchain experts, emerging technology specialists, Web 3.0 creators, certified digital asset CPAs, and cryptocurrency, NFT, and digital asset investors to share their best strategies and tools to help you:

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Invest in digital assets such as cryptocurrency (even if you’re an absolute beginner)
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Safeguard your identity, your data, and your digital assets
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Protect yourself from massive capital gains taxation
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Understand the blockchain (step by step)
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Setup your first wallet
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Make and sell NFTs
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And so much more...
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Discover the tools, training, and resources you need to understand the blockchain, invest in cryptocurrency, create and sell your own NFTs, and more. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or looking to level up your wealth, this bundle has everything you need to get started and grow.

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We’ve hand-selected $436.62 worth of best-in-class crypto, NFT, and blockchain training and resources for this collection, and designed it specifically for those who want to understand this emerging asset class and capitalize on it for the biggest gain possible.
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Ready To Take A Sneak Peek Inside The Ultimate Crypto Super Stack?

Get instant access to these industry-leading cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFT tools and resources, including:

Crypto Bot Profits Blueprint Program

Lifetime Access

Luis’s Crypto Bot Profits Blueprint Program is the best crypto bot program ever created to help aspiring crypto investors build and grow an automated cash flow generating bot.  

Leveraging automation and technology, Luis has created a simple framework that his students can implement to quickly, set up, and launch crypto trading bots.  The program includes a standardized approach that is easy to learn and understand and walks you through step by step. It includes done-for-you strategies, in addition to a bullet-proof risk management model that even total beginners can implement to protect their principle while earning. 

The best part is, after the initial setup and curriculum, students have little to no involvement necessary to maintain and upkeep. This is the dream opportunity for anyone with the desire to build wealth faster leveraging crypto currencies and also create a semi-passive income stream that does not require starting and growing a business.

Crypto Bot Profits Blueprint Program by Luis Madrid

Luis Madrid

"Very few people understand that Crypto is here to stay like Luis Madrid. I watched firsthand as he scaled one of his bots to over $30k in a single month, even after starting it from 0. That alone is impressive, but what really stands out to me is his holistic grasp of every piece of the puzzle. Cryptocurrencies, up-and-coming coins, Exchanges, Trading Strategies, Trade Signals, technical analysis you name it. Luis can provide the blueprint for how to do it because he's ALREADY been there. The big reason why I joined was that Luis had built such a plug-and-play blueprint with his crypto bots, that requires no coding skills and this is something that almost anyone can model off of as well!" - Steven Martinez

Hidden Profits in NFT’s and Blockchain

Lifetime Access

Discover real-world applications for NFTs you can implement in your business right away.

Prepare to dive into the exciting new world of Web 3.0 where cryptographic assets called NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are based on blockchain technology and have unique identification codes and metadata that set them apart from each other. Such tokens can be used as placeholders for real-world assets such as artwork and real estate. So far, the hype has been on NFT collectibles, but its real power will come as NFTs move into commerce and business building. This course delves into real-world applications and case studies that are happening right now!

You'll learn:

  • What are Blockchains
  • Why the Blockchain will impact commerce globally over the next five years
  • What part do NFTs play in this business revolution

PLUS! Bonus: How to protect yourself from massive capital gains taxation

Give your business the leading edge against competitors with Scott Paton's Hidden Profits in NFT’s and Blockchain

Hidden Profits in NFT’s and Blockchain by Scott Paton

Scott Paton

President of Free eBooks Dot Net, Podcast Pioneer, Founder of Global Digital Media, and Udemy Course Creator of 150+ video courses, with 500K+ students, and 15K+ 4.3 star reviews
About Scott
Scott Paton is the President of Free eBooks Dot Net, Podcast Pioneer, and Founder of Global Digital Media. He partners with leading experts dedicated to improving the world.

Web3 Social: How Creators Are Changing the World Wide Web

Lifetime Access

Discover how Web3 gives content creators more freedom, better monetization methods, and protection against IP and identity theft.

Developers are busy creating the tools to usher in the next great age of the World Wide Web and early adopters already have a head start. Content creators should not get left behind. Now is the perfect time to gain an understanding of Web3 tools and how decentralization will benefit you as you position your personal brands in the emerging World Wide Web.

You'll learn:

  • Why the early internet was decentralized and decentralization protects freedom of speech and content monetization
  • What each of the three phases of the World Wide Web gave to content creators and why Web3 promises to deliver more benefits than ever
  • Where social media came from and how it has taken over the Internet to make it more centralized while inhibiting the freedom and ability to monetize creator content

Gain more control over your content, better monetization models, and more freedom with Allen Taylor's Web3 Social: How Creators Are Changing the World Wide Web

Web3 Social How Creators Are Changing the World Wide Web by Allen Taylor

Allen Taylor

Amazon Bestselling Author, Freelance Writer, Editor, Publisher, and Writer of Cryptocracy at Substack featured on Hackernoon, HubSpot, and PaymentsJournal
About Allen
Allen Taylor is a freelance writer, the chief content officer at Taylored Content, and an Amazon best-selling author. A former newspaper editor and award-winning journalist, he has written more than 10,000 blog posts since 2006. He writes a Substack newsletter titled Cryptocracy and curates the latest news on cryptocurrencies. He is the co-host of the Defluenced podcast. As a freelancer, Allen has specialized in fintech writing since 2015. Since 2018, he has written extensively about cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance. He has also ghostwritten multiple business books for other authors. He lives in a van with his wife and co-produces their YouTube channel, which highlights small towns with rich histories featuring Allen's corny sense of humor. He is an award-winning fiction writer and poet.

How to Make & Sell NFTs Workshop + NFT Project Launch Checklist

Lifetime Access

Discover the jargon-free way to make, sell, and earn money from NFTs.

In this 2-hour deep-dive NFT workshop for beginners, you will learn how to make and sell NFTs as a creative plus discover how others are making money from them.

You'll learn:

  • What NFTs are and why creatives need them
  • How to create and mint an NFT, including an explainer on wallets, gas fees, and blockchains
  • How to sell your NFT using branding & storytelling

PLUS! Bonus ebook NFT Project Launch Checklist PDF

Demystify how to earn from NFTs with Jacob Cass's How to Make & Sell NFTs Workshop + NFT Project Launch Checklist

How to Make & Sell NFTs Workshop + NFT Project Launch Checklist by Jacob Cass

Jacob Cass

Founder of JUST Creative, Brand Designer & Strategist, and Business Coach featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal & Yahoo!
"The perfect guide for beginners wanting to buy & sell NFTS." - John Primer


Lifetime Access

The ultimate guide for beginners to buy, sell, use, and create NFTs!

Get the most comprehensive and practical course on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) currently on the market. You don't need to understand cryptography or how Ethereum works to use this material. It was created by developers for non-developers with no previous knowledge of crypto, blockchain, or smart contracts needed! Inside, you'll learn everything you need to know to navigate the NFT marketplace plus how to make your own Non-Fungible Tokens sell - even if you are not an artist!

You'll get all the training you need to:

  • Have a full grasp of NFTs & the knowledge to make informed decisions
  • Set up all your Crypto wallets
  • Be ready to buy, sell and create NFTs with confidence

Demystify NFTs and get the know-how to profit like a pro with Baal Kadmon's WTF IS AN NFT?

WTF IS AN NFT by Baal Kadmon

Baal Kadmon

Founder of Blockchain Immersive, creator of WTF IS AN NFT? Video Course, and Bestselling Author
"I wanted to learn more about NFTs but was intimidated by the complexity. Baal really simplified the subject and made it easy for me to understand. I used this course to confidently purchase my first NFT, which I am really excited about!" - G. Dvorak

Blockchain Battle: A Game-Based Online Class

Lifetime Access

Enjoy a unique experience that takes you deep into the fascinating world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, all built around a video game.

Don't be fooled. Blockchain is a difficult concept to wrap your head around, because of how abstract it sounds. Despite a large number of articles and videos on the subject, cryptocurrency remains a mystery for most of us. To get a grasp of how it works, you need to dive in head first and manipulate it. We mix a narrative video game with high-quality instructive videos that let you experiment with a simulation of a real blockchain, as you solve puzzles and communicate with fellow hackers.

In this class, you’ll discover:

  • Hash functions and cryptographic keys, the history of money, and digital signatures
  • The Byzantine General's Problem, and the challenges of building distributed systems
  • The big picture on a blockchain such as Bitcoin and how it really works

Learn the fun way about blockchain with Jesse Himmelstein's Blockchain Battle: A Game-Based Online Class

Blockchain Battle A Game-Based Online Class by Jesse Himmelstein (2)

Jesse Himmelstein

Teacher, Co-founder of Play Curious, and Game Designer of Blockchain Battle featured at Paris Games Week and AMAZE Open Screens
"The game-based class brought a lot to our students in the Corporate Finance and Fintech masters program at ESC Clermont. … We were able to raise their awareness on topics around digital finance such as blockchain and cryptocurrency. The educational yet playful dimension of the game makes the class interactive and stimulates learning by doing.” - Aymen Turki Finance Associate Professor at ESC Clermont Business School

Cryptosocial: How Cryptocurrencies Are Changing Social Media

Lifetime Access

Take back your freedom, reclaim your sovereignty, and protect your identity, your data, and your digital assets.

Instead of giving up control over your social media content so that large global corporations can profit from it while selling your data, you can protect your data and identities while monetizing your content using the tools of decentralization embedded in a new breed of social media. Get an introduction to blockchain technology, the concept of decentralization, and why it's necessary for a free Internet, plus learn about cryptography, cryptoeconomics, and emerging opportunities to earn cryptocurrencies by posting on social media.

You'll learn how:

  • The Internet went from a decentralized asset no one controls to a centralized medium consisting of walled gardens owned and controlled by large, centralized global organizations for their own interests
  • World Wide Web users have traded their sovereignty and freedom to become Google’s, Facebook’s, and Twitter’s product
  • To take back your freedom, gain back your personal sovereignty, and protect your identity, data, and digital assets

Get started on the path to self-sovereign monetization and control over your own social media content with Allen Taylor's Cryptosocial: How Cryptocurrencies Are Changing Social Media

Cryptosocial How Cryptocurrencies Are Changing Social Media by Allen Taylor

Allen Taylor

Author of Cryptosocial: How Cryptocurrencies are Changing Social Media, Former Newspaper Editor, Award-winning Journalist, and Taylored Content Lead
"Whether you're a seasoned crypto veteran looking for new platforms or a social media pro looking to monetize your creativity, you’ll find ins these pages." - JaseDMF

The Language of Value: Solutions for Business Using New Information-Based Currencies

Lifetime Access

Get the roadmap to navigate the new technologies that make dollars a thing of the past.

Learn how cryptocurrencies and Web3 are disrupting industries and transforming business practices globally, similar to the advent of the Internet at the turn of the 21st century.

You'll learn:

  • How to adapt your businesses to survive
  • How to implement innovative new strategies that will enable their long-term success
  • Details of this hard reality of fast-moving change

Get the primer to all things crypto with Virginia Robertson's The Language of Value: Solutions for Business Using New Information-Based Currencies

The Language of Value Solutions for Business Using New Information-Based Currencies by Virginia Robertson

Virginia Robertson

Blockchain and Crypto Specialist
“This book should be required reading for all mid-level and upper-level executives, as well as individuals entering the cryptocurrency field for the first time.” – Dr. Michael J. Cerullo, Emeritus Professor in the School of Accountancy

Blockchain Hurricane: Origins, Applications and Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Lifetime Access

Cut through the crypto-hype and gain a solid foundation for smart business decision-making in a new economy.

What is blockchain, and how is it changing the world? You'll be walked through the creation of Bitcoin, the different cryptocurrencies and blockchains that followed it, the problems that are already being solved using this technology, and a glimpse of the applications of the future.

You'll get:

  • A thorough and non-technical introduction to blockchain and cryptoassets
  • An understanding of how they are used in everything from finance and manufacturing to supply chains and games
  • An explanation of the jargon, the applications, and the implications of adopting blockchain and crypto to address enterprise challenges, develop new business models, and access new markets

Get crypto-smart with Kate Baucherel's Blockchain Hurricane: Origins, Applications and Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain Hurricane Origins, Applications and Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency by Kate Baucherel

Kate Baucherel

BA(Hons) FCMA CGMA, Emerging Technology Consultant, Speaker, and Author specializing in blockchain and crypto applications regularly featured on the BBC
“This is a brilliant read. It is beautifully written with authenticity, clarity, and conceptual elegance. Explanations are clear and engaging, making it an indispensable and accessible resource for those wishing to gain in or reinforce fundamental understanding; developmental origins are painstakingly and generously elaborated; and challenges for future developers and adopters are both appetizing and pull no punches. I have previously sought to read about this topic but never yet come across such a readable, uncluttered, informative, measured, and engaging exposition. Superb.” - Prof. Alison Shaw, Newcastle University

Unlock The Door To More Wealth and Freedom With Crypto

With the combined knowledge of today’s leading digital asset, Web 3.0, blockchain, NFT, and crypto specialists, we designed this collection intentionally both for beginners looking to invest in crypto safely (with step-by-step guidance and expert wisdom to guide you), and for those looking to take their digital assets to the next level through savvy tax planning, NFTs, and Web 3.0 opportunities.

Even if some of this sounds like “Greek” -- have no fear. Our lineup of experts will guide you step-by-step through this process, so you can make the best decisions possible for yourself and your future.

Total retail value: $436.62
Yours today for only $49.

"A great way to discover new stuff on these complex subjects and prepare yourself for the future of Web 3.0!"

Jesse Himmelstein
Teacher, Game Designer, and Co-founder of Play Curious

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Kate Baucherel
BA(Hons) FCMA CGMA, Emerging Technology Consultant, Speaker, and Author specializing in blockchain and crypto applications

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Discover The Secret Profit-Making Potential of Crypto, NFTs, and Web 3.0

This hand-vetted collection has everything you need to:

Purchase, trade, and invest in cryptocurrency
Safeguard your identity, your data, and your digital assets
Protect yourself from massive capital gains taxation
Understand Wallets, Gas Fees & the Blockchain
Identify emerging Web 3.0 opportunities
Make and sell your first (or next) NFT
Learn how the Blockchain works
And more
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Scott Patton
Udemy Course Creator of 150+ video courses, with 500K+ students, and 15K+ 4.3 star reviews
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