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Michael Solomon
Marketing Professor, Industry Consultant, Contributor at, Author of 30+ books on marketing, consumer behavior, advertising and social media

Bottom Line Up Front:

We teamed up with the world's leading influencers, livestreamers, and creators to share their top strategies to help you:

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Build Instagram Reels like a pro
Infostack item
Create, price, and automate a Digital Product
Infostack item
Captivate the attention of your ideal audience
Infostack item
Amplify the impact of your marketing messages
Infostack item
Stand out from the crowd and build an unforgettable brand
Infostack item
Discover, track, and crush your writing and author goals
Infostack item
Get a consistent stream of leads & clients in just 90 minutes
Infostack item
Amplify your message without the need to create more content
Infostack item
Update your old blog content to improve your SEO and grow your traffic
Infostack item
Design eye-catching graphics using easy, simple, user-friendly softwares and apps
Infostack item
Look better, sound better and deliver your on-camera message more effectively
Infostack item
And so much more...
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Complete Branding, Creating and Business Building Ecourses
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Chart Topping Books
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Expert-Level Masterclasses
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Content Templates
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In-Depth Training Programs
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Content Creator Checklist
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Transformative Step by Step Planner
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Voice Recovery Workshop ($147 Value)  Learn how to avoid voice loss even during times of excessive use (12 month access).
Transform Your On-Camera Performance ($99 Value) Look and sound better on camera, and learn to deliver your message clearly and effectively on camera (12 month access).
Podcasters Directory ($240 Value) Podcasters Get More Podcast Bookings, Speakers Get More Speaking Gigs, Authors Get More Books Sold!
And more...


What Today's Leading Influencers, Creators, and Personal Brands Are Saying About 
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Julie Eickhoff
Online Course Creator and Founder of The Online School for Voice Over

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Allen Taylor
Author, Editor, Publisher

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Lord Al Jensen
THE Entrepreneur & Speaker Talent Developer

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Justine Reiss
Voiceover Talent and Coach, Speaker, Breast Cancer Survivor and Mother, Justine's voice can be heard in national campaigns for Toshiba, Starbucks, Walgreens and more.

“The team at Infostack does it again! I'm excited to participate in the Content Creators Infostack sale. The collection of resources and programs is unmatched! Definitely a must-have.”

LaTisha Styles
Founder & CEO, Featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and Business Insider, Content Producer, Ambassador, and Expert for Progressive Insurance, The National Association of Realtors, Beazer Homes, and PNC Bank

“These stacks offer so much value for your money. So much bang for your buck. As a frugalpreneur, I live for these stacks.”

Sarah St John
Podcast host, CEO and founder, featured on NBC News, Brad's Deals, Authority Magazine, and the Side Hustle Show
Nate Ciraulo

Founder of Photolearningism and author, recipient of Fairfield County Bank’s prestigious Leadership Award
Kyle Gray

World-class presentation coach, story strategist and author

Make Your Content Your Career

We’ve packed $4,499.96 worth of top-rated audience growth tools into this collection that offers content creators everything they need to increase their reach, impact, and revenue…
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Sheree Ade
Founder of Darling Steps

Take A Sneak Peek Inside The Content Creators Super Stack

Get instant access to 31 premium resources worth $4,499.96 in total retail value, including:

Next Stage Course Content Planner

Lifetime Access

Plan a course that will build your bank account, build others’ trust in you and help you build a name in your industry.

Start building a valuable business asset you can launch & sell again & again–with little extra effort, for years to come!

You'll learn how to:

  • get students excited to give you money & learn from you
  • work fewer hours while transforming more lives (and without exhausting yourself with 1:1 clients)
  • build your credibility & become an authority in your niche

Get an exact step-by-step process to follow to plan your course with Lord Al Jensen's Next Stage Course Content Planner.

Next Stage Course Content Planner by Lord Al Jensen

Lord Al Jensen

THE Entrepreneur & Speaker Talent Developer
"The RockStar Course Content Planner was just what I needed! I've tried to create a few courses in the past and it was a disaster. With this planner, I was able to plan my course in just a few hours and I'm confident this time I'll create a winner!" - Dea Irby

Go LIVE in 5

Lifetime Access

The ultimate shortcut training for creating Facebook LIVES that convert viewers into buyers.

Great for those intimidated by producing a Facebook LIVE as well as for experienced streamers who want better results.

You will:

  • find your keyword 'sweet spot' (relevant, easy-to-rank keyword phrases)
  • discover how to write juicy titles for your LIVEs
  • learn going LIVE strategies that encourage more viewer engagement

Identify sought-after topics people are seeking answers to and use that to plan and produce compelling LIVEs, so that your audience thinks of you as the expert with Virginia Parsons' Go LIVE in 5 course.

Go LIVE in 5 by Virginia Parsons

Virginia Parsons

Award-Winning Visibility Marketing Coach, Founder of Media Spotlight Marketing, Creator of Go LIVE Leveraged, Interview Leveraged & Go LIVE in 5.
There were so many takeaways! The biggest is probably just the overall consciousness of how to be engaging in FB LIVE and learning all of the parts in doing so. I never knew so much went into it. I really appreciated knowing how to search popular keywords, titles & such. PLUS the training was fun! Thank you so much, Virginia, you made everything so great and I totally appreciate the support you gave all of us. Everything was perfect!!!" - Lisa Weeks

You're On The Air: How to Really Make it in Voiceover

Lifetime Access

Use your speaking voice to create a fun, creative, lucrative business in Voiceover.

Learn how to use your voice for commercials, films, or videos using a unique, outside-the-box way to break into this creative, fulfilling, and potentially lucrative industry.

You'll learn about:

  • the numerous career opportunities within this industry
  • how to market yourself in this fast-changing industry and how to land work
  • what equipment and tools are needed to get started

Find out what to expect and how to get started in Voiceover with Justine Reiss' You're On The Air: How to Really Make it in Voiceover webinar.

're On The Air How to Really Make it in Voiceover by Justine Reiss

Justine Reiss

Voiceover Talent and Coach, Speaker, Breast Cancer Survivor and Mother, Justine's voice can be heard in national campaigns for Toshiba, Starbucks, Walgreens and more.
"I can't begin to describe the impact Justine Reiss has had on my life. Since our first interaction, I could tell that she was someone that I could trust, someone that I could believe in, and someone that believed in me. Justine is more than just a coach, she is a mentor! She guides you, supports you, and challenges you to become the best version of yourself that you possibly can be. And, if you're willing to listen, Justine will transform you, your business, & your career into something you can be proud of." -Evan Richards Sr. / Voice Actor/ Voice Over Talent website:

Professional Video Editing from Tasty Edits - 55% Off Your First Order

Lifetime Access

Level up your content and take back your time with professional video editing.

Videos edited by the professionals at Tasty Edits are uniquely tailored to the content creator’s voice and vision -- they use the best transitions, effects, and assets to make your content stand out and get views.

With your order you get:

  • A dedicated team to turn your unique voice into a beautifully crafted and polished video
  • Turnaround times of 48 hours or less guaranteed
  • Unlimited effects, motion graphics, and access to licensed assets

upload your raw footage, provide your instructions then sit back and relax while your viral-worthy video that will captivate your viewers and grow your audience gets created. Get 55% off your first order from Tasty Edits.

Professional Video Editing from Tasty Edits 55% Off Your First Order by Tasty Edits

Tasty Edits

Tasty Edits is the best video editing company for content creators, helping new and veteran creators alike edit their videos and grow their audience.
“Brandon really loves all the edits you guys do and it’s exactly what we’ve been searching for.” -Brandon Farris’s (YouTuber) Manager, Barbie

Podcast Guest Bookings - without the Agency Fees! (6 month subscription)

6 Month Access

Get found when podcasters are searching for experts, authors & speakers.

Use the Podcasters Directory to book more podcasts, sell more books and book more speaking gigs!

As a member you'll:

  • get matched auto-magically to guests
  • avoid agency fees for getting booked
  • promote your books, products, courses, and offer deals

Grow your influence by joining the world's largest podcast marketplace, Podcasters Directory.

Podcast Guest Bookings - without the Agency Fees! (6 month subscription) by Podcasters Directory

Podcasters Directory

We Help Podcasters, Speakers and Authors Get... More Podcast Bookings! More Speaking Gigs! More Books Sold!
"This is a B A R G A I N in any capacity! If you are an entrepreneur, you know that payoffs can be a long time coming. That is not the case with the Podcasters Directory. The investment to join in any capacity is a BARGAIN! Within 30 MINUTES!! a member responded to be a guest on my Podcast. Can you afford to pass up an opportunity like this? The answer is, “No!“ - Diane Bogino

Flodesk Basics

Lifetime Access

Manage your list and monetize your audience through email marketing.

Learn how to put an email marketing strategy into place with the easy-to-use platform, Flodesk.

You'll be able to:

  • Create opt-ins
  • Set up workflows to deliver email funnels and freebies
  • Segment your email lists

Send beautiful email campaigns and easily manage your list after taking Gillian Sarah's Flodesk Basics ecourse.

Flodesk Basics by Gillian Sarah

Gillian Sarah

Website designer for bloggers and influencers
About Gillian
Gillian is the owner and founder of the blog and website design company Gillian Sarah. She makes it her mission to provide all of her clients with hand-crafted websites and branding that truly show their personality and ethos. To date, she and her team have helped over 4,000 small businesses build their online presence in unique and meaningful ways. And by meaningful - we mean profitable!

Business Blogging Masterclass + Launch Pro bundle

Lifetime Access

Launch your digital products and never struggle to sell your products again.

Establish yourself as a niche expert and boost your blog's profitability with these two training programs.

You'll be able to:

  • Generate more traffic, leads, and sales
  • Know the precise steps you need to take, and in the correct order
  • Build a flourishing digital product business

Launch your digital products like a pro and get the blogging advantage with Sarah Arrow's Business Blogging Masterclass + Launch Pro bundle

Business Blogging Masterclass + Launch Pro bundle by Sarah Arrow

Sarah Arrow

Co-Founder of the Online Visibility Academy
"If you think blogging is just to start a blog and it will be enough, that was me until I met Sarah many moons ago and learned and got coached ... as she helped me make my blogging journey magic, and it still is!!!" - Sarupa Shah

Content Dashboard - Notion Template Bundle

Lifetime Access

Organize every element of your brand in one convenient place.

Say goodbye to the multiple spreadsheets, docs, Trello boards, and apps where you currently house your content marketing info. Disorganization is hindering your content creation - you need a content calendar system that works.

You'll be able to:

  • Plan, create, and organize all your blog, social, video, email, and podcast content across all platforms, in one place
  • Link posts to tasks, expenses, sales, campaigns, partners, and more
  • Track your outreach efforts and partnerships in a dedicated hub

Get organized so that you can finally get to creating content consistently with Mel Lee-Smith's Content Dashboard - Notion Template Bundle

Content Dashboard - Notion Template Bundle by Mel Lee-Smith

Mel Lee-Smith

SEO content manager, Notion consultant, and devout creative, featured in The Daily Wag!, TWLOHA, The Mighty, Education Technology Magazine, Deep South Magazine
"My Notion blogging templates are pure gold! I can’t believe the thought and detail Mel put into these. She covered everything you could possibly want to track as a blogger, made it pretty, and organized it in a way that my brain would never have been able to figure out, but loves using." - Jeanette N.

Disclosure Template

Lifetime Access

Get your disclosure sorted in less than 5 minutes.

Use this plug-and-play legal template to comply with FTC guidelines and other legal requirements, and avoid fines and legal disputes.

You will:

  • Avoid fines
  • Get accepted into affiliate programs and brand partnerships
  • Build trust with your audience and turn them into repeat customers

Write your disclosure in the next 5 minutes with Lucrezia Iapichino's Disclosure Template

Disclosure Template by Lucrezia Iapichino

Lucrezia Lapichino

LLB, LLM, PhD, legal expert, founder, featured on Fox, CBS, USA Today, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The NYC Journal, The Canberra Times, MarketWatch, WA Today
"Within a week of getting my policies sorted I received a collaboration offer, and going through the Disclosures Module made knowing how to set up my affiliate posts a breeze- right in time for Christmas! Thanks so much!” - Helen, Founder of Dotted Pages

365 Days of Content Ideas for TikTok & How to Monetize on TikTok Workshop Training

Lifetime Access

Never run out of content ideas and start monetizing on TikTok for your business.

Stop feeling overwhelmed with TikTok and/or video marketing. Find your ideal audience, and prime them to take the next steps through your TikTok videos.

You'll be able to:

  • Map your entire year with the 365 Days of Content Calendar
  • Take the guesswork out of what you need to be successful
  • Show up on camera with "on-camera training for introverts"

Convert followers to customers, explode your online presence via TikTok, and learn the strategies to be more confident using video marketing with Samantha Vlasceanu's 365 Days of Content Ideas for TikTok & How to Monetize on TikTok Workshop Training

365 Days of Content Ideas for TikTok & How to Monetize on TikTok Workshop Training by Samantha Vlasceanu

Samantha Vlasceanu

CEO of The TikTok Coach, Co-Author of "Remarkable", Named Top 10 TikTok/Reels Coach 2021
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ''Sam was easy to work with, clear, responsive, and super educated in TikTok’s algorithms to help me get the success I had in just 3 months. I have multiple million-view videos and have gained my investment back and more! Thank you Samantha for shifting my perspective of Tik Tok and helping me grow my business!'' -Tia Slightham

Predictable Income Machine Workshop

Lifetime Access

Discover the proven system to a consistent stream of leads & clients in just 90 minutes.

With this proven, 7-step system, you'll learn how to create an actionable plan for a consistent stream of leads and clients - all on autopilot. Especially for coaches or consultants who’re looking to scale their business WITHOUT adding more hours to their calendar; or their highest-ticket item is at the 2-5K mark and they're worried about charging more, or their earnings have plateaued and don't know how to get past it.

You'll be able to:

  • Create a successful lifestyle business while limiting your time on low-impact tasks, and instead focusing on what truly will drive your business forward
  • Work with your ideal clients
  • Charge what you're worth

Get your leads on autopilot with Liam Austin's Predictable Income Machine Workshop

Predictable Income Machine Workshop by Liam Austin

Liam Austin

Co-founder of Entrepreneurs HQ
About Liam
Liam Austin's main passion is to help business owners create a lifestyle business, using his proven 7-step high-ticket offer system to create Predictable Income Freedom. He's a virtual event strategist, having launched over 15 virtual summits and online conferences, and countless virtual events, hosting over 400 speakers whilst educating 100,000+ business owners through his programs. With all this experience, he's a specialist at making it easy for people to create their own online events and virtual conferences to grow their email list, authority, impact, and revenue.

Monetise You

Lifetime Access

Create income online by sharing the things you use and love.

Whether you're not yet using social media to generate income or are currently trying, but not seeing the income you want, you'll be able to monetise every aspect of your lifestyle, passions and experience.

You'll create:

  • A stunning personal brand
  • Proven and engaging content
  • Multiple streams of income

Follow the fail-proof blueprint to a money making blog in 30 days with Debbie Spellman's Monetise You

Monetise You by Debbie Spellman

Debbie Spellman

Affiliate Marketing Mentor, Personal Branding and Business Coach
“I've discovered my true niche and it feels amazing and so aligned! I felt stuck and had struggled on my own for so long. Debbie shares her knowledge and targets areas where we all have blockages, having been there herself. Working with her has been truly inspirational and beneficial." - JANE CURNOW

How to Increase Website Traffic and Get More Leads With Your Content

Lifetime Access

Master the art of attracting traffic with highly sharable content.

Consistently adding people to your mailing list is the key to continued sales and greater business growth, and for that, you need website traffic.

Traffic is easy with consistency and a solid, proven plan to follow.

You'll generate the traffic you need to:

  • Solidly establish your expertise in your niche
  • Continually grow your audience
  • Build a targeted, responsive mailing list
  • And make more sales!

Stop struggling with a trickle of traffic, and learn how to open the floodgates with Jeannette Koczela's How to Increase Website Traffic and Get More Leads With Your Content

How to Increase Website Traffic and Get More Leads With Your Content by Jeannette Koczela

Jeannette Koczela

Founder & President of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches®
“Jeannette has a gold mine of business and marketing training for coaches. I was blown away reading her material and I thought, ‘Wow, she’s got a ton of value to bring to these people.’ My recommendation is, YOU'VE STRUCK IT RICH! You don’t need to go anywhere else!” – Gary B. Henson, President, and Founder of

The Personal Brand Course

Lifetime Access

Take control of your career by building a personal brand that gets noticed.

Focusing on brand growth will ultimately increase your annual income and get you featured in top publications. This practical blend of personal branding information combined with specific and helpful ways to apply the content will help you achieve your short and long-term goals.

You'll be able to:

  • Demystify the goal-setting process
  • Grow your personal brand using proven insider tools and resources
  • Define your brand in a way that gets noticed

Learn how to build a personal brand that lands you clients, job opportunities, and a well-deserved sense of control with Hilary Sutton's The Personal Brand Course

The Personal Brand Course by Hilary Sutton

Hilary Sutton

Founder, podcast host, and featured in USA Today, the Washington Post, HuffPost, Yahoo! Singapore, and HuffPost United Kingdom
"The Personal Brand Course is a fantastic blend of personal branding information with specific and helpful ways to apply the content. If you're looking to fine-tune your brand on social media, begin the branding process, or learn any aspect of branding, this course is for you! It will help you define your brand as well as give you the tools to achieve your short and long-term goals." -Kimberly, Actress & Vocal Impersonator featured on Buzzfeed and on the Kelly Clarkson show

Explode With Reels Course

Lifetime Access

Master your Reels strategy like a seasoned pro.

Learn how to create a Reel from scratch using the Instagram app, InShot, or CapCut. Creating Reels has never been easier than this.

You'll be able to:

  • Understand how to work with the Reels algorithm, not against it
  • Discover the secret recipe for viral Reels
  • Eliminate the stress and overwhelm that come with planning and creating Reels

Get clarity on how to create a Reels content strategy that allows you to grow your Instagram presence with Juan Galan's Explode With Reels Course

Explode With Reels Course by Juan Galan

Juan Galan

Founder of IG Creator Academy
"Finally took the leap and invested in your course. I'm two modules in and it's life-changing! I've heard 'provide value' by so many creators, but no one has broken it down and explained it like you!"

Online Challenge Hosting Starter Kit

Lifetime Access

Everything you need to launch and run a successful online challenge to market your business or product.

Use this secret tool to capture and convert your audience, and ultimately generate more revenue.

You get:

  • A step-by-step workbook to help you structure your topic and plan out the details of your challenge
  • Professionally designed Canva templates optimized for Pinterest Great to use for website banners as well!
  • 3 fillable spreadsheet templates, perfect for housing and tracking your challenge hosting plans: Task and Timeline Tracker, Content Planner, and Outreach Management Tracker

Feel confident and ready to launch an online challenge to rapidly increase your subscribers with Hedy Zhou's Online Challenge Hosting Starter Kit

Online Challenge Hosting Starter Kit by Hedy Zhou

Hedy Zhou

Founder & Creative Director of Happily Hedy
About Hedy
Hedy Zhou is the founder and creative director at Happily Hedy, a web design and branding studio for female entrepreneurs. Hedy’s experience includes running and strategizing marketing campaigns and launches for multiple organizations and businesses. Her clients have been featured in the New York Times, Entrepreneur, and USA Today. Hedy also enjoys speaking at conferences and summits, and she has been featured in multiple industry blogs and publications.

How To Update Your Old Content To Grow Your Traffic

Lifetime Access

Update your old blog content for a BIG boost in traffic.

Learn step-by-step how to update your old blog content to improve your SEO and grow your traffic, with less work required than creating a new blog post.

You'll learn how to:

  • Choose which blog posts to update and revive
  • Use Google Search Console to strategically update content to grow your traffic
  • Increase audience engagement and conversions on your content

Boost your traffic using old blog posts with Jessie Festa's How To Update Your Old Content To Grow Your Traffic

How To Update Your Old Content To Grow Your Traffic by Jessie Festa

Jessie Festa

Founder of the travel blog Jessie on a Journey & Travel Blog Prosperity, featured in USA Today, CNN, Business Insider, Thrillist, and WestJet Magazine
About Jessie
Jessie is the creator of the solo travel blog, Jessie on a Journey, as well as the online ethical travel magazine, Epicure & Culture. Her passion for travel and content creation led her to create a membership community called Travel Blog Prosperity as well as NYC Photo Journeys, a photo tour company.

Livecast Lifestyle: The Secret to Fun, Fulfilling, and Consistent Content Creation

Lifetime Access

Create a social media storm of content each week to reach new prospective clients and gain a tribe of loyal followers.

Learn to use current technology with a proven framework to build your brand and business through consistent content marketing. Confidently grow your audience and expand your brand while also enjoying more free time!

You'll know how to:

  • Make more money from diverse revenue streams
  • Build your portfolio as a Thought Leader and Brand
  • Publish two or more books every year

Adopt the quickest and simplest method of creating, publishing, distributing, and repurposing every type of media content each week with Shelley Carney's Livecast Lifestyle: The Secret to Fun, Fulfilling, and Consistent Content Creation

Square course graphic Livecast Life

Shelley Carney

Livestream host, coach and author of Livecast Life: The Content Creator Lifestyle
"The Livecast Lifestyle course is full of gold! Shelley shares practical, helpful information and action steps that I know I can do because she breaks it down and makes it easy." - Lorraine S.

Create It With Canva!

Lifetime Access

Design eye-catching graphics using this user-friendly software.

Gain confidence using Canva even if you have zero design skills with this in-depth, yet simple user-friendly course. A plethora of tutorials, tips, tricks, and hacks will support you wherever you are in your design journey.

You'll learn:

  • Professional software isn't necessary to create amazing designs
  • You don’t need to spend a ton of money on apps or software
  • To create designs that shine

Go from MEH to MARVELOUS in graphic design with Sheree Ade's Create It With Canva!

Create It With Canva! by Sheree Ade

Sheree Ade

Founder of Darling Steps
"Before I took Create It With Canva! I was getting along in the office but then Sheree helped me to see the advantages of the Canva app and now I'm free to create with Canva anywhere I go!" -Megan

5 Minute Authority Story Course

Lifetime Access

Create a story that inspires trust, curiosity, and a desire to work with you.

Increase your sales and conversions whenever you speak in virtual and live environments by creating and perfecting a captivating personal story that listeners can't help but respond to.

Leverage your authority story to:

  • Dramatically increase your confidence when speaking
  • Encourage a desire for clients to work with you
  • Get immediate results in sales, conversions, and engagement

Understand the myths around speaking and discover your powerful stories with Kyle Gray's 5-Minute Authority Story Course

5 Minute Authority Story Course by Kyle Gray

Kyle Gray

World-class presentation coach, story strategist and author
About Kyle
Kyle Gray is an entrepreneur, story strategist, and author who helps coaches, startups, and influencers use storytelling to better communicate their unique value and create connections and trust with their audience. He combines timeless storytelling with cutting-edge marketing to ensure you’ve got the right story to tell while presenting, on a sales call, or in conversation, both online and offline.

Create Hormozi Style Reels in Premiere Pro

Lifetime Access

Learn Premiere Pro FAST, without any long, boring tutorials.

Go from complete beginner to making your own "scroll-stopping" reel in just a few hours with this ecourse.

You get:

  • A step-by-step process that will take you from ZERO to scroll stops
  • Easy-to-follow project-based learning
  • Crazy engagement on your posts

Learn Premiere Pro efficiently, quickly, and sufficiently enough to make high-quality videos with Ryan Collins' Create "Hormozi Style" Reels in Premiere Pro

Create Hormozi Style Reels in Premiere Pro by Ryan Collins

Ryan Collins

Founder of RyanCollinsVideo
"THIS program IS AMAZING!! This man really is THE expert in the field. LOVED IT!!! SUPER easy to follow and create. Thanks, Ryan John Collins!" - Rania Loughlan

Podcast Profit Pro

Lifetime Access

Produce and promote a podcast you can profit from.

Manage, market, and monetize your podcast with trackers, templates, scripts, and walk-throughs in this self-paced ecourse.

You'll get:

  • Free + shipping book funnel template
  • Guest email templates & tracker
  • Sponsorship scripts & collaboration tracker

Manage, market, and monetize your podcast with Sarah St John's Podcast Profit Pro

Podcast Profit Pro by Sarah St John

Sarah St John

Podcast host, CEO and founder, featured on NBC News, Brad's Deals, Authority Magazine, and the Side Hustle Show
About Sarah
Sarah St John is an entrepreneur, podcaster, online course creator, and author. She has created several startups throughout her entrepreneurial career. She owns a podcast production and marketing agency called PodSeam. She is also the podcast host of “Frugalpreneur: Building a Business on a Bootstrapped Budget” which aims to show people how to launch and manage an online business on a budget.

25K Digital Product Blueprint

Lifetime Access

Make automated sales happen day or night with digital products.

Grow an audience so you can sell a coaching program or course with ease using a nurturing system that delivers the highest quality potential clients with this ecourse.

You'll learn:

  • The market opportunity that is growing at 14.2% per year, and how to capitalize on it
  • The 5 simple questions to ask so you'll know exactly what digital product will sell
  • The 15 min call method removes fear, scarcity, and sleazy sales tactics

Create, price, and automate a digital product with LaTisha Styles' 25K Digital Product Blueprint

25K Digital Product Blueprint by LaTisha Styles

LaTisha Styles

Founder & CEO, Featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and Business Insider, Content Producer, Ambassador, and Expert for Progressive Insurance, The National Association of Realtors, Beazer Homes, and PNC Bank
"LaTisha D Styles I sold my first course. I've had so many consultations with people who do not buy...and this student purchased after I answered a few of her questions in the DM. I have been in business for 2 years. I typically take a deposit and then begin the work. The fact that I just got paid and there is no work to begin is amazing!" - CANDICE O - Tax Consultant

ENGAGE! How to Turn Your (Bored) Customers into Brand Fanatics

Lifetime Access

Engage your customers to build brand loyalty and grow your revenue.

Forge strong connections with your customers and turn them into brand fanatics with this ecourse.

You'll learn:

  • Understand what customers are really buying your product/service for
  • Why the best offering will fail if this one thing is missing
  • To become aware of subtle factors in the environment that can reinforce - or disrupt - your intended message

Ramp up your customers' engagement with Michael Solomon's ENGAGE! How to Turn Your (Bored) Customers into Brand Fanatics

ENGAGE! How to Turn Your (Bored) Customers into Brand Fanatics by Michael Solomon

Michael Solomon

Marketing professor and industry consultant, contributor at, and author of 30+ books on marketing, consumer behavior, advertising and social media
"As a new marketer, I found the course highly informative and interesting. Michael touches on a lot of very useful topics and techniques I never even considered! I have already had more sales just from applying some of the marketing techniques I learned during this course. I have a better understanding of how to identify and meet my customers’ needs now." - Bradley Spencer, Director, My Night Show

Storytelling Mastery Online Course

Lifetime Access

Learn the one technique that every entrepreneur can use to skyrocket their sales.

Tell stories instead of just giving information so that people remember what you say, and to help people make decisions about where to spend their money in this ecourse.

You will discover:

  • The main reason why stories help you close more sales and a simple method of finding compelling stories you didn’t know you had
  • Storytelling secrets professional speakers use that instantly create a connection with potential clients and motivate them to say YES to you
  • The “Red Pen & Spice Technique” will transform your stories from “good” to absolutely captivating every single time and the “Back Pocket Story Strategy” gives you the exact story you need for any situation

Find compelling stories you didn't know you had and use them to close more sales with Janelle Anderson's Storytelling Mastery Online Course

Storytelling Mastery Online Course by Janelle Anderson

Janelle Anderson

Founder, Creator, Bestselling Author, Recipient of the Top Coach 2021 Award by the Coach Foundation, ICF PCC Credentialed Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, and COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics Specialist
"Storytelling Mastery for Entrepreneurs is a wonderful and helpful course. I enjoyed it a lot and learned great tools and got great ideas for writing stories. Janelle is an excellent teacher, and coach and very knowledgeable! She has great energy and patience, and I loved the experience." - Ira Heidemann

First Steps: Becoming a Content Creator and Next Steps: Approach Content Creation Strategically

Lifetime Access

Think strategically about becoming a content creator.

Practical advice for getting started, finding a niche, and setting realistic expectations for yourself as you get started as a content creator. Also included is a recommendation list of free or inexpensive tools, perfect for beginners.

Compile strategies that will:

  • Help you take your first steps into content creation
  • Think strategically about creating and selling content
  • Ensure you don't overspend on unnecessary tools prior to earning any income

Get started in the world of content creation now with Nate Ciraulo's First Steps: Becoming a Content Creator and Next Steps: Approach Content Creation Strategically

First Steps Becoming a Content Creator and Next Steps Approach Content Creation Strategically by Nate Ciraulo

Nate Ciraulo

Founder of Photolearningism and author, recipient of Fairfield County Bank’s prestigious Leadership Award
"This title gives good starting points for content creation, as well as great tools to start with. Definitely worth a look." - Joshua Bernstein

The Micro-Influencer’s Brand Partnership Bible

Lifetime Access

Grow your personal brand and navigate the influencer path from start to finish.

As a micro-influencer, your impact is a hot commodity, and you need a step-by-step process to ensure your financial freedom. Success as an influencer is a replicable formula if you follow a strategic plan.

You'll learn how to:

  • Grow engagement so brands notice you
  • Get brands to pay you more than you think your content is worth
  • Build a brand people love using key tactics

Master the art of self-marketing on social media and land brand partnerships to grow your income, following, and brand with Ashleigh Warren's The Micro-Influencer’s Brand Partnership Bible

The Micro-Influencer’s Brand Partnership Bible by Ashleigh Warren

Ashleigh Warren

Author, Featured in Forbes, and has worked with Post Malone, MrBeast, Kesha, Marshmello, Steve Aoki, Shawn Mendes, Mike Tyson and T-Pain
"Ashleigh breaks down the influencer industry in a way that actually provides a framework to build a sustainable business model on. The book is informational, down to earth, and not focused on recycled sales concepts or purely hype-motivation mindset. Haven’t seen this info & growth framework from any other teachers yet. Learn from the best, ignore the rest!" - Taylor Young

Web3 Social: How Creators Are Changing the World Wide Web

Lifetime Access

Understand Web3 to achieve more control, freedom, and better monetization of your content.

Start learning the tools to reap the benefits of the next phase of the World Wide Web with this ebook.

You will learn:

  • Why Web3 promises to deliver more benefits than ever
  • Why and how Web3 social tools will put power back into the hands of creators to monetize their content while ensuring they have more control over their assets and identities
  • Why now is the time to learn about Web3 and the tools it offers

Get your head start and learn the tools of Web3 with Allen Taylor's Web3 Social: How Creators Are Changing the World Wide Web

Web3 Social How Creators Are Changing the World Wide Web by Allen Taylor

Allen Taylor

Author, editor, and publisher
About Allen
Allen Taylor is a freelance writer, chief content officer at Taylored Content, and an Amazon best-selling author. A former newspaper editor and award-winning journalist, he has written more than 10,000 blog posts since 2006. He writes a Substack newsletter titled Cryptocracy and curates the latest news on cryptocurrencies. He is the co-host of the Defluenced podcast. As a freelancer, Allen has specialized in fintech writing since 2015. Since 2018, he has written extensively about cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance. He has also ghostwritten multiple business books for other authors.

The Complete Content Repurposing Formula

Lifetime Access

Amplify your content without doing more work.

Repurpose your content for a variety of different media with a more streamlined content creation process that will save you time creating content.

You'll learn how to:

  • Easily reshape your content into different formats to save you time creating content
  • Take the guesswork out of content repurposing by following the 60-step-by-step formula
  • Eliminate inconsistency so you can show up online to better serve your clients with regular content

Simplify your content creation processes with Sandy Norman's The Complete Content Repurposing Formula

The Complete Content Repurposing Formula by Sandy Norman

Sandy Norman

Writer, Editor, and Creator of the Concepts to Content Magazine, featured in the Entrepreneurial Outlaws podcast, Rebel Boss Summit, and Introvertpreneur Summit
About Sandy
Sandy Norman is a writer, editor, and creative content marketer. She helps creative entrepreneurs expand their impact and build magnetic authority online by writing and repurposing click-worthy blog posts that attract their dream clients.

Transform Your On-Camera Performance

12 Month Access

Look better, sound better, and deliver your message more effectively on camera.

Feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera by learning what sets people apart.

You'll learn the following:

  • What equipment and tools are necessary to look and sound your best
  • How to improve your performance skills, because it's more than how loud you speak
  • The one secret that sets people apart on camera

Improve your equipment set-up, script your presentations and practice new delivery skills with Julie Eickhoff's Transform Your On-Camera Performance

Transform Your On-Camera Performance by Julie Eickhoff

Julie Eickhoff

Online course creator, founder The Online School for Voice Over, and Audible Approved Producer
About Julie
Julie Eickhoff is the founder of The Online School for Voice Over and Transform your On-Camera Performance Course. With a varied background ranging from teaching to broadcasting, Julie was able to craft a perfect work-from-home solution over a decade ago...before nearly everyone had to learn how to do it.

Voice Recovery Workshop

12 Month Access

Avoid voice loss, even during times of excessive use.

Stop struggling with hoarseness and the nuisance of not being able to speak well, during times when you really need to be heard and understood.

You'll learn how to:

  • Take care of your voice so it stays strong and healthy
  • Protect your vocal instrument
  • Recover your voice quickly after you've lost it

Master protective voice techniques with Kris Safarova's Voice Recovery Workshop

Voice Recovery Workshop by Kris Safarova

Kris Safarova

Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon bestselling author, Founder and CEO, MBA
About Kris
Kris Safarova is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling author, and founder and CEO of &

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