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“The Novel Factory has contributed to several of the writing related Stacks now, and it’s been a fantastic experience for us. As well as greatly increasing the profile and reach of our brand, we have made a significant revenue from commissions, which has been a great boost. The hardest thing about selling the Stacks is convincing people they really are as good as they say they are, and that there’s no catch!”

Katya Kaine, creator of The Novel Factory, software by writers for writers

"Infostack's bundles are amazing to participate in. The conversion rates and EPC are MUCH higher than any other bundle I've promoted in a long time. I highly recommend joining one of their bundles. That's not easy for me to say considering I have a site that DIRECTLY competes with Infostack! But it's the truth. If you like publicity, professionalism, and rock solid affiliate commission for your promotional efforts, Infostack is something you should seriously consider."

Matt Stone, founder of 100Covers, BuckBooks and 180DegreeHealth

“It was a pleasure working with Infostack. They made the process straightforward and seamless.They were experienced professionals who supported me through the process and knew the tactics to optimize my reach and my impact within my audience. They created an irresistible offer which made it easy to promote. I would happily recommend the Infostack team and would not hesitate to work with them in the future."

Dr. Melina Roberts, Naturopathic Doctor, author of Building a Healthy Child, Founder of Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre, International Lecturer and regarded as one of the top Biological Medicine practitioner in North America with a podcast "Building Health" awarded in the top 20 Naturopathic podcasts and youTube station awarded in the top 30 Naturopathic Channels

"We've had a great experience partnering with Infostack! We've grown our email list, earned some extra cash and feel apart of a community."

Kate Bagoy, Member of the Forbes Coaches Council, a certified Book Yourself Solid® business coach and the founder of

"Working with infostack was a really smooth, enjoyable and profitable experience. My email list has seen great growth and I was able to make sales through the Side Hustle Toolbox (given how much of an amazing deal it was, that's no surprise!) I loved how easy Cary and Nicole made it to promote the bundle with their terrific swipe copy and graphics - it couldn't have been clearer and easier. I would definitely partner with Infostack in the future, no doubt about it!"

Kerry Campion, SEO Copywriter and founder of God Save the SERP

"I have been a regular contributor to Infostack since 2018 and have found Cary and his team to be professional, responsive and dependable. I supply the digital products, and Infostack provides all the marketing materials that make promoting their Infostacks a breeze. 

I was, of course, a little skeptical at first. I've seen online businesses offer a similar service over the years. However, their offerings and promotional methods left a lot to be desired. 

Infostack, on the other hand, handles everything in a very professional manner. They collect some of the best digital products available online, and make them accessible at a super affordable price. Their affiliate program is very generous and has helped me earn a nice side income alongside my existing business and offerings. 

A side benefit of partnering with Infostack (as an affiliate) is that they help expose my products and online business to thousands of potential customers each year. That, in itself, is priceless. I would highly recommend reaching out to Cary and learning more about Infostack. It could become a game-changing move for your online business."

Adam Sicinski, Founder of