Whether you’ve been marketing on line for years or this is your first attempt, we’re glad you’re here. In order to help you be as successful as possible in your affiliate marketing endeavors we’ve put together a few training materials and tools.

As mentioned elsewhere, we have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars researching each of the niches for which we have created Super Stacks. We then build “Segmentation” funnels based on that research that greatly increase engagement and produce amazing conversion rates. Because of this, there is a certain tone, timing and rhythm to the emails we suggest you send to your list that will greatly maximize your Super Stack marketing success.

So, the first thing to do is click on the “Overall Marketing Strategy” banner below and familiarize yourself with the suggested basic concepts.

Then click on the specific E mail, Blogging and Social Media strategy banners. Inside you’ll find helpful hints, email templates and suggestions on how to maximize each vertical.


If you're looking for Banners and Graphics for your emails, blog or social media applications. You'll find them under "Creatives" in on the menu bar on the main affiliate dashboard page.

Click on the banners below to access your Super Stack Marketing info.