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Keto Lifestyle Super Stack

$1,017.79 worth of premium ecookbooks, meal plans, workout routines, and expert video tutorials to help you live a heathier, more energetic life with the ketogenic diet.

Master the fundamentals of Keto

Discover delicious, healthy, and easy-to-prepare meals

Uncover the secret to unstoppable energy through a ketogenic diet

Lose weight and keep it off with flexible daily workout plans

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Over $1,100+ worth of digital cookbooks, meal plans, healthy living video tutorials, and more, including:


21 Day Intermittent Fasting



Get 3 weeks of curated learning materials, support, guidance, motivation – and most importantly – 21 days of results.

This challenge is designed specifically for people who want to lose weight, get more energy and focus, learn discipline and build a habit of Intermittent Fasting, that will help to transform your life forever.

  • Author: Tauras Sinkus, co-founder and Chief Habit Builder at 21 Day Hero

“21-Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge helped me kick-off my Intermittent Fasting journey and as a result, reach maintainable weight loss without having to sacrifice my favorite foods. Something that felt impossible for a long time! The e-book and motivational emails provided just the right amount of support I needed to keep going.” – Matt Schaffnit


28-Day Fast & Easy Keto Meal Blueprint


Full-length ecourse

Get the meal planning solution for busy people trying to figure out the easiest and most effective way to follow a keto diet.

– Save time with super fast meal planning and prep

– Learn the simple and easy way to hit your macros with The Foolproof Meal Formula.

– Discover how to save money by purchasing healthy food ingredients at any grocery store.

  • Author: Carole Freeman, keto nutrition and psychology specialist

“Thanks Carole, much appreciated. I was way out on my calculations before!!! I must be doing something right as I have lost 4 kg at day 7 of this blueprint. Thank you so much! I am so glad I stumbled onto it, as it has inspired me and given me so much hope now.” – Sharon


Keto Starter Course


Full-length ecourse

Heal your body with “The Keto Starter Course.” Inside, you get unlimited access to the 90 day Keto Course, 30 days of interactive meal plans (where you can change the serving sizes and generate interactive grocery lists), as well as over 75 video tutorials, including recipes demonstration, cooking techniques, and detailed information about how to heal your body with a ketogenic lifestyle.

  • Author: Maria Emmerich, nutritionist and international bestselling author.

“This package is amazing! I can’t believe how beautiful and professional the videos are and the amount of information Craig and Maria are able to pack into this course while keeping it so easy to understand and follow!” – Julie


21 Day Keto Cleanse



The Aussie Keto Queen’s “21 Day Keto Cleanse” has helped thousands of people get started with the Keto diet. With 3 full weeks of complete recipes, meal plans and shopping lists, all the hard work is done for you. Stop wondering if Keto is right for you and get started today with simple but delicious recipes and easy to follow meal plans. Carefully crafted and well thought out, the “21 Day Keto Cleanse” meal plan includes:

– A focus on fresh, whole food

– How to use leftovers to minimize cooking time

– A comprehensive FAQ

– Full macros to swap around meals

  • Author: Rachel Hurd, founder of The Aussie Keto Queen

“I am so thankful that I found this 21 Day Challenge. The meals are delicious and the meal plan + shopping list were easy and so helpful for this busy Mama. I was hopeful for a physical & mindset cleanse and I got it, the loss of 4kgs was a bonus! “


Easy, Tasty, Low Carb



“Easy, Tasty Low Carb” is the ultimate low carb diet crash course and companion, with over 90 full color low carb recipes, complete with nutritional information, full instructions, divided across breakfast, lunch, dinner, side-dishes & desserts!

  • Author: Natalja O'Connor, founder of Lowcarbbabe.com

“Thanks for your amazing “Easy, Tasty,L ow Carb” book! I can’t say enough good things about it. It covers everything. Your recipes are delicious and easy to make. Like I said I am blown away and more than happy to recommend your course to all your readers.”


Ketogenic Diet For Beginners



“Ketogenic Diet For Beginners” is the perfect course for anyone wanting to dive into the keto diet and get immediate results without all the hassle and fuss. This ecourse gets straight to the point to help get you results. The course includes:

– 21 days of quick and easy meal plans and recipes.

– 3 weeks of fat burning workouts that compliment the meal plans for maximum your fat loss.

– Recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth.

– Guide to eating out while on keto.

  • Author: Brandi Clark, metabolism expert

“Brandi was right, I should have started keto a long time ago! This has been a life changer for me. I’ve lost 20+ pounds in the first month, learned what macro’s really mean and learned a pretty kick-ass knowledge base about how to fuel my body…all thanks to Brandi (the hot mom with the top-knot). I’ve never been this in-tune with my body and I can’t remember the last time I felt this good. I love ME again! (and Brandi too because this was her idea).” – Emily Geisler, 39


Feed a Brain Keto Nutritional Guides by Cavin Balaster



These Keto Nutritional Guides are the culmination of the nutritional tools learned through the journey of recovering from a severe traumatic brain injury that left the author comatose with less than a 10% chance of regaining consciousness beyond a vegetative state. It is not only for brain injury or disease but for health practitioners and anyone seeking to improve their brain. Learn about specific brain-supporting nutrients, how they affect us, and what we can eat to support our brain health.

  • Author: Cavin Balaster, Author of How to Feed a Brain, host of the Adventures in Brain Injury Podcast

Internationally Accredited Diploma in Keto Dietary Advisor



Learn how the keto diet works, including the Ketogenic diet & its 5 variations which are applicable for people of different cultural background, how to design a variation of Ketogenic Diet for yourself and your clients, and discover the secret to improved mental clarity, focus, and productivity.

  • Author: Akash Sehrawat, founder of Fabulousbody

“I thought the course was great. Last year, I lost 60+ lbs using the standard ketogenic diet. I have so many people asking me how I achieved my goals that I decided I wanted to learn how to coach. I have a
university background in Nutrition (but no degree/diploma). Thanks for a wonderful course!” – Kiva Rakosi


CKL 21: The Ultimate Keto Accelerator Program



“CKL 21: The Ultimate Keto Accelerator” is designed to turn your body into a fat-burning machine. Creator Karissa Long takes away all the guesswork by giving you the exact plan to follow for 21 days, including:

– Easy-to-follow Ketogenic food guidelines

– Tips for healthy eating within your family and social group

– 35 simple and delicious Ketogenic recipes

– Weekly meal plans and grocery shopping lists, as well as weekend prep instructions (to make your life EVEN EASIER!)

– A complete list of the kitchen tools & gadgets you’ll need, as well as what to clear out of your pantry, and what pantry staples to stock up on instead

  • Author: Karissa Long, bestselling author and founder of Clean Keto Lifestyle

“CKL 21 program was exactly what I needed to start changing my life for the better! I had heard of the keto diet but had no clue how to do it or where to even start. Enter: this amazing program. Karissa laid out everything that I needed to know about the keto diet in an easy to understand format. Her simple to follow steps, meal plan and tips set me up for success! I am already down 15 lbs. and loving my body again!” – Sarah


100+ Keto Recipes Everyone Will Actually Eat



“100+ Keto Recipes Everyone Will Actually Eat” is a premium ecookbook with 100+ mouthwatering, filling and easy-to-prepare ketogenic recipes. Author Aaron Day turned his love for cooking delicious & healthy recipes into one essential guide for you. According to Day, everything will tastes so amazing that you won’t feel like you’re “on a diet” (and your family and friends won’t know it’s keto!). This ecookbook includes:

– Detailed breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, and plenty of keto snacks, smoothies, sauces, bread and desserts.

– How to use simple ingredients you can find at your local grocery store and simple cooking equipment (a frying pan and an oven is basically almost all you need).

– How to prepare your recipes for the day in 30 minutes or less.

  • Author: Aaron Day, blogger at FatForWeightLoss

“The recipes are amazing. The best thing about it is the amount of ingredients, only a few with real flavour. I have most on hand and can just whip up what I want to cook. My husband is a very fussy eater. Even though he doesn’t really know about keto (nor would understand mind you) really loves what I put on his plate. Thanks Aaron for great recipes and a happy husband.” – Kate


Ultimate Guide to Keto (w/ recipes!)



“The Ultimate Guide to Keto” is just what you need, whether starting keto or as an ongoing reference guide for those already practicing a keto lifestyle. The Ultimate Guide to Keto includes:

– The Basics of the Low Carb Diet

– Ketosis -The Benefits of a Low Carb Diet

– Macronutrients

– Getting Started and What to Buy

– Keto Flu, Success on Keto

– 1000 Low Carb Recipes

  • Author: Dee Dee, Keto lifestyle strategist

Fun Ketogenic Cooking Made Simple



Many times, when someone starts a ketogenic diet, they are afraid it will be no fun and they will be bored in the kitchen. Thanks to “Fun Ketogenic Cooking Made Simple,” this does NOT have to be the case. Whether you love sweets, savory is your thing, or anything in between, this course has you covered. Designed for busy (or just bored!) Keto dieters who would love to add some easy and delicious “go to’s” into their diet.

  • Author: Delaine Ross, owner of Train With Delaine

“Fun Ketogenic Cooking Made Simple” clearly explains how to cook some delicious recipes I would have never thought of. Delaine shows you how you can get out of your keto rut with some simple and tasty recipes anyone can execute.” – Tamra Melton


The Good Carb Chef AND Good Carb Family Cookbook



“In “Real Food Real Easy,” Food Network chef George Stella serves up 120 good-carb recipes. Once weighing 470 pounds, George turned his entire life, and the life of his family, around simply by eating . . . simply. As a family, they dropped 565 pounds and ate great food doing it! George Stella’s cookbooks have been a favorite of millions of families everywhere! George doesn’t sacrifice flavor and has handpicked his family’s best recipes that are easy to prepare. From appetizers & snacks to main courses, desserts, and even slow cooker recipes . . . make full family meals healthy, make them real!

The “Good Carb Family Cookbook” is George’s third cookbook since his family lost over 500 pounds using his Good Carb recipes. His latest book co-authored by his son Christian, with contributions from the whole family is a testimony to the effectiveness of eating Stella Style for not only loosing weight but keeping it off. In his Good Carb Family Cookbook, George Stella, Food Network chef and weight loss sensation serves up the secrets to his and his family’s success!”

  • Author: George Stella, The Low-Carb Chef from Food Network

“If you own just one Low Carb Cookbook, THIS IS THE ONE YOU SHOULD OWN!!! EVERY recipe I have made out of this book (about 20 recipes so far) have been keepers. My family loves the recipes as well. My dad, who is diabetic can cook and eat from this book and not have blood sugar problems, I follow the Atkins plan but use the recipes out of this book to help me lose and maintain my weight. HIGHLY recommend this book over any of the others I own. You feel like you are eating gourmet with these simple and delicious recipes.”


My Keto Toolkit: Begin Your Journey



“My Keto Toolkit: Begin Your Journey” is the beginner’s guide to getting started on the ketogenic diet. Inside, you’ll find tips, tricks, favorite resources, personal recipes, and more to move to help you live a healthier life starting today.

  • Author: Jade Nelson, Ketogenic Advocate and Community Health Educator

“My Keto Toolkit is really easy to understand. Not too much not too little – just perfect !! learned a lot and mostly – to not be too hard on myself if I screw up. So encouraging. I am happy I got to read it in one day, what a quick easy to digest read.”


The Perfect Paleo Cookbook



“The Perfect Paleo Cookbook” is an ecookbook that will help you burn fat, keep it off, and live your healthiest, happiest life. This ecookbook was designed specifically for people trying to lose body fat, effortlessly. According to author Justin Nault, if you spent the next 30 days only eating recipes from this book, you would see significant improvements in all aspects of your health! This ecookbook includes:

– Exact Macronutrient Ratio for each recipe (Fat, Protein, and Net Carbs)

– Nutrition Facts and Serving Sizes for each recipe

– All recipes have been tested for simplicity, so you’re ready to go even if you’re on a time crunch

  • Author: Justin Nault, CEO of Clovis, Certified Nutritional Therapist and Specialist in Sports Nutrition

“This cookbook changed the game for me. When you make the switch towards a Clovis/ Keto lifestyle it can be a transition, and this cookbook made that transition so much easier. You don’t have to compromise taste to make healthy meals. It’s worth every penny!” – Annika N.


Keto Coaching Course (Getting Started)



“Keto Coaching Course” is a 6 week, Keto 101 program to help newbies get started on the Keto diet. Instead of focusing on meal plans, this course provides extensive food lists, so you can truly understand how to create the meals you love. Use the included recipes to get started and fly with your new lifestyle.

  • Author: Doug Reynolds, fitness and health coach

Evolving Food Pyramids - The Lies We've Been Told and The Truths We Need To Know



Evolving Food Pyramids is a modular video course uncovering the lies we’ve been told and clarifying the truths we need to know. It’s for those who want to be optimally healthy, perform at their best and age gracefully, as well as those struggling with weight, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, depression and other issues.

– See clearly the exact steps you can take.

– Discover how to avoid the pitfalls.

– Learn what you need to measure, along your journey, so you can stay on track.

– Know where to go for more information, if you need it. Save years of confusion and get on with the important things. 

  • Author: Dr. Darag Rennie, Simplifying Life's Lessons

“I battled fluctuating weight most of my adult life. I’d tried every diet you can imagine. From Darag’s course I finally understood where I wasn’t eating right. My weight is now stable and I feel the best I’ve ever felt. It’s truly been life changing. Gratitude.” – Trish E. NZ 


Keto 101 Starter Kit



Discover exactly what the ketogenic diet is (and isn’t), what it can do for you and how to try it with this simple and fun course that will save you time and all the mistakes of going it alone.

Six lessons of bite-size and fun videos that will get you up to speed with knowing exactly what the keto diet is, how it can benefit you and how you can get started as soon as you’re ready for 10x health and weight loss results.

  • Author: Laura Rimmer, Keto & Alkaline Diet Nutritionist

Modified Keto and Intermittent Fasting Combo Pack



The Modified Keto and Intermittent Fasting training set is everything you need to know about getting started with this lifestyle!

You will get the scientific basis for why these are not only safe and effective, but actually beneficial to your overall health – not just weight loss! Together, these two methods make your body a powerhouse of fat burning and disease fighting!

This is for you if you have been wondering how to get started, or if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed. This is for you if you want to know not only WHAT to do, but HOW and the WHY. 

  • Author: Jessie Conley, Certified Fitness Coach

“I just had to tell you, I started Keto last Monday with Intermittent Fasting and I’m down 12 pounds already!! This is the bomb!” – Katie Dorosh

“Been doing this for 4 weeks and I’m down 15.25 inches and right at 13 lbs. Feeling much better health wise. Thank you so much for the help!” – Ashley Merrill


The Ultimate Guide To Plant-Based Ketogenic Nutrition



Curious about the ketogenic diet but turned off by all the meat and dairy? Are you struggling with brain fog, blood sugar problems, cravings, fatigue, weight loss resistance, or chronic inflammation? Take action on your health and learn key plant-based and ketogenic principles to reverse ongoing health problems, naturally, through the best of plant-based ketogenic food medicines. If you are struggling with ongoing health problems such as brain fog, chronic inflammation, fatigue, weight loss resistance, or imbalanced blood sugar, or you want to learn how to take your health into your own hands and manage it, naturally through a plant-based ketogenic diet, this course is for you. In this course you will get:

– 1 Hour and 50 minutes of educational information + instruction from leading functional medicine expert, Dr. Will Cole.

– Tips and tricks to elevate your plant-based (vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian) ketogenic lifestyle beyond food.

– Cooking demonstrations by Dr. Will Cole of delicious plant-based ketogenic meals.

– Exclusive e-book with additional recipes.

– Invite to our exclusive FB group to ask Dr. Cole direct questions, interact with other users, and get additional health tips.

  • Author: Adam Harper, the Keto Sauce Boss

“I’m the only person at my house that’s keto. Since using KETO SAUCES I haven’t changed how I’ve cooked. Now I just add a KETO SAUCE. My family doesn’t feel the pain of having to deal with someone who may eat different. The SAUCES make all my meals keto.” – John M.


Keto Sauce Boss Weight Loss



“Keto Sauce Boss Weight Loss” was designed for normal, busy people who want to improve their health and fitness using the ketogenic diet. It differs from many other books on the market by focusing on creating delicious, keto sauces for meat and vegetables to make your food keto-friendly!

  • Author: Adam Harper, the Keto Sauce Boss

“I’m the only person at my house that’s keto. Since using KETO SAUCES I haven’t changed how I’ve cooked. Now I just add a KETO SAUCE. My family doesn’t feel the pain of having to deal with someone who may eat different. The SAUCES make all my meals keto.” – John M.


Kiss'd by Keto



“Kiss’d by Keto” is an 8 week online experience that gives women a step-by-step blueprint to ketogenic living.

Created for the girl on-the-go, this course teaches women how to use the core Ketogenic principles to fuel their unique body and flip their fat burning switch into overdrive.

It’s allows women to lose weight, gain energy, reduce stress and feel great in their bodies and mind, Every. Single. Day.

  • Author: Jessica Pankoff, founder of Life with a Kiss

“Results are out of this world! I unfortunately am an instant gratification kind of person, which is probably the reason I don’t stick to many things… the time and effort just do not pay off fast enough. So this in one week has me on cloud nine! Not only am I physically seeing the change, but I can feel it! My body feels cleaner, lighter and happier. Jessica Suzanne, my husband and my son thank you!” – Shaina D


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28-Day Fast & Easy Keto Meal Blueprint by Carole Freeman ($67.00 value)

Fun Ketogenic Cooking Made Simple by Delaine Ross ($24.99 value)

Kiss'd by Keto by Jessica Pankoff ($349.00 value)

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