How much are commissions?
Contributors earn 70% on each Stack sold through their unique link; non-contributing affiliates earn 40%.

When will I get paid?
Payments are sent to every contributor and affiliate via PayPal on the 15th of the second month after the sale date. That means April’s earnings will be sent on June 15th, June’s will be sent August 15th, and so on.

Where can I update my PayPal address?
Please e mail with your correct PayPal address, and we will get that updated for you!

Where should customers email their questions?
Please direct customers to with any questions about the order process, missing emails, login troubles, etc. You may want to respond to the customer directly and copy Info|stack support in your reply so that they hear from someone right away and know you’ve forwarded it on.

I have written another e book or course or plan to release one in the future. How can I get on the list for potential contributors for future Super Stack sales?

Contact us directly at and we’ll get you on the list

Keep in mind that because of the number of applications we receive, we’re unable to respond to each of them individually; however, you will definitely hear from us if we’re interested in reviewing your digital product for a future Supper Stack.

My Affiliate Portal is blank.
Please logout, do a hard re-boot and then log back in. If you still have problems, contact us at the support e mail above.

How do I access the Super Stack?
Affiliates are able to purchase a copy of the bundle at 40% off or earn a free Stack based on their sales total. Find more details under “Current Stacks” in the Affiliate Portal.

Can I also use my own affiliate link to purchase a Super Stack during the sale?
Yes! This will give you a great discount, and bundles make great gifts and promotional giveaways.

Is it possible to gift a Super Stack to someone else?
Yes. To do so, place the order with your information and then email to have it transferred. Please do not give your login information to anyone else, as this gives them access to your entire account.

Can I redeem any of the bonus offers before the sale?
Yes, the bonus offers are usually available on your access page between a week and two weeks prior to the launch date.

How are cookies tracked for the sale?
When a reader clicks one of your affiliate links, it places a cookie in their browser. If they purchase then or at any time after that, you will earn a commission off their sale.
The only way you would not earn the commission is if:

  1. They clicked on someone else’s affiliate link after clicking on yours but before purchasing.
  2. They don’t save cookies in their browser (though this is rare-most people’s browsers are set up to accept cookies).

Sales are made based on the last cookie clicked. In other words, if someone clicks on a cookie today but on someone else’s cookie the day they buy, the person whose cookie they buy through actually gets the sale.

How do I check my stats?
Click on Earnings in the Affiliate Portal. You’ll find a link to the Stats and commissions page.

Someone told me they purchased through my link, but it’s not showing up on my ledger.
A customer might think they’ve purchased through your link, but there are a couple of reasons it might not be credited–if they used a different device or browser or clicked someone else’s link after yours.

Why don’t my number of Products Sold match my commission?
Products sold includes incomplete orders and failed payments, while commissions are awarded only on successful ones.

What are some ways to market the Super Stacks?
The number one way to promote the bundle is via email! We also encourage you to post about this bundle all week long on both your blog and via social media.

To help you plan ahead and make the most of your marketing efforts, we’ve added several training documents to the Marketing Training section of the portal:

Also, we encourage you to use the Facebook group to engage with other authors and affiliates about strategies and ideas.

Can I make my own bonus available to customers who purchase the Super Stack through my link?
Yes, absolutely! Many of our contributors and affiliates have great success engaging their audience by offering an additional bonus with purchase, whether it’s another digital bonus or a physical bonus offer of some sort.

The benefits of offering a bonus extend beyond increasing your sales; it’s also a great way to build customer loyalty with your readers and to create a list of very warm prospects for future product launches and bundle promotions.

Will you provide HTML codes for us to use in blog posts?
Yes, there is sales code and copy available under Tools in the Affiliate Portal. We encourage you to tweak the copy or write your own introductions.

Where do I find promotional banners and buttons for the sale?
Promotional banners and buttons are under “Current Stacks” in the Affiliate Portal. Just click on the appropriate Stack and they’ll be down under the affiliate links.

You may also find promotional images that other authors have shared with everyone else in the Facebook group (but make sure that they’ve specified it is free for anyone to use, otherwise ask their permission first).

Where can I find a list of all the e books included in the Super Stack?
Click “Current Stacks” in the Affiliate Portal and click on the appropriate Stack for a downloadable list of the e books and bonuses .

What are advanced tracking links?
You’ll find info on advanced tracking links under “Marketing / training” in the Affiliate Portal. These allow you to track the performance of specific posts, emails and social media posts.

Use a separate link in each of your posts, emails or social media updates and track their performance on in Google Analytics

You do not have to use Advanced Tracking links, nor do you have to use all of them. In fact, if they’re going to make you feel overwhelmed, just ignore them altogether. They’re for more technical authors and affiliates who want to track commissions all the way back to where the traffic originated.

What should I do with my blog posts/affiliate links after the sale?
Once the sale ends, all links will redirect to a “sale has ended” page where your readers can sign up for future bundle notifications (with a 6-month affiliate cookie).

Evergreen Super Stacks will remain available at a higher price and there will also be random “Flash Sales” these links will redirect automatically.

Can I tell people about the flash sale later this year?
While we run 48-hour flash sales for many of our Super Stacks, part of their effectiveness is that we don’t talk about them ahead of time. Rather than giving specifics, you can let readers know that bundles sometimes come back for brief flash sales.