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The SpeakerTunity Recurring Virtual Networking Update

The SpeakerTunity Recurring Virtual Networking Update

Discover 200 recurring virtual networking events where you can prospect for clients.

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Jackie Lapin
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The SpeakerTunity Recurring Virtual Networking Update


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January 31, 2022

Want to prospect for new clients at Virtual Networking Events? The SpeakerTunity Recurring Virtual Networking Update® has identified 200 of them that are recurring and no-cost or low-cost -- events that welcome you to market yourself and your products/services. And 50 of these are just for women! This resource is continually updated as more events develop Nowhere else will you find a compendium of these opportunities ripe for you to attract and engage prospects in person!

A note from Jackie Lapin

Thanks for checking out Virtual Networking Events. May you secure many clients with the help of this valuable resource!

The SpeakerTunity Recurring Virtual Networking Update
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Jackie Lapin is a leader in helping leaders, authors, coaches, and speakers connect with their next followers around the globe. An expert at aiding them to GET BOOKED, she provides strategies, guidance and leads through her SpeakerTunity® programs, tip sheets and regional and niche specialty directories that get changemakers booked on stages, radio shows, podcasts, virtual summits, TEDx events and virtual networking across North America. SpeakerTunity® also offers a speaker-one sheet graphic design service and turnkey Success Booking System. SpeakerTunity® is the Ultimate Speaker’s Toolbox.

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