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The Fashion Business Online Incubator

The Fashion Business Online Incubator

Let’s work together for 10 weeks to take your fashion or beauty business to the next level!

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Sandra Mateu
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The Fashion Business Online Incubator


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January 17, 2023

The Fashion Business Online Incubator is an online program where you get coached by me for 10 weeks via email to take your fashion or beauty business to the next level. Every week I'll help you set up each part of your business to have an organized and profitable business. 

This product is for fashion and beauty entrepreneurs who are just getting started with their business or for those who have been in business for a while, but feel unorganized, overwhelmed, and want complete clarity and focus.

Ask yourself, am I doing what I need to do to successfully grow this business?

Join us in this email program to set up your business for success!

A note from Sandra Mateu

Set a little time aside each week to work “on” your business.
You have 1 week to complete each lesson and submit questions.
Have lifetime access to all content.
Continue to have access to your instructor after the program ends (You can always send us questions!).

The Fashion Business Online Incubator
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Sandra Mateu is the Founder of Gitana Styling and the Fashion Entrepreneur Club. She has worked in the media and fashion industry for more than 10 years. Some of the brands she has worked with include Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Miami Hair Beauty & Fashion, Phoenix Fashion Week, SONY, Desso, MasterCard, Glamour, and many more.

Her goal is to help entrepreneurs, especially in the fashion and beauty industries, create businesses that really work for them, so they can enjoy their personal lives too. She also loves sharing her journey, knowledge, and creating spaces for conversations about entrepreneurship, so people feel supported in their journey.

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