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The C.U.L.T. Report

The C.U.L.T. Report

Learn how to grow your own cult of 50 evangelists promoting your business every week for a year.
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Seth Greene
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The C.U.L.T. Report


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What if you could have a C.U.L.T of 50 evangelists who would promote your business every week for a year?
Imagine customers knocking on your doors because someone devoted their time and money to promote your business.

What if you could put the power of CULT marketing secrets (picture here leaving your family and friends behind, quitting your job, selling all your belongings, donating all your money in exchange for nothing tangible, and devoting years of your life to a stranger) to work for you?

8-time best-selling author, and co-host of the #6 rated SharkPreneur podcast (with Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington), and nationally recognized direct response marketing expert, Seth Greene, reveals how to grow your own business CULT!

Endorsed by Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, The Harmon Brothers (kings of viral video - 1 Billion video views and $450,000,000 in sales), and many others, The CULT Report provides principles to rapidly scale your business in an ethical way.

In this book you will discover:

  • How to identify your real target market.
  • How do cults get otherwise rational people to dedicate their lives to them.
  • How to make people spend time and money in your service – for free!
  • How some of these principles were even used in the 2016 and 2020 US presidential election campaigns.
  • How to determine who influences your ideal customers.
  • What to do to get those influencers to promote your business every week, for a year.
  • How to grow your business with the CULT model.
  • How to avoid any ad budget - no Facebook ads, no Google ads, no paid traffic at all!
  • To be clear, we’re not talking about you starting a religious cult.
  • No spaceships.
  • No poison kool aid.
  • No compound with weird outfits.

Pick your copy today and make influencers pitch your business to your ideal customers.

The C.U.L.T. Report
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KEVIN MULLANI is an author, book coach, speaker, and closet digital marketer who is dedicated to serving entrepreneurs and skilled professionals that want to write and publish a book. Shortly after getting out of the Air Force, the unexpected passing of Kevin’s youngest son prompted him to start a publishing company as a way to help others pass on their wisdom through books. Growing his company from scratch, his service has always been based on integrity and centered around producing the highest quality books for his clients. Kevin has helped countless authors write and publish books, leaving legacies of their own. Kevin is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association and the Nonfiction Authors Association. He has ghostwritten and produced several bestselling and award-winning books for his clients and currently lives in Boise, Idaho with his wife and two children.
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