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Heart-to-Heart Podcasting Kit

Heart-to-Heart Podcasting Kit

This podcasting kit is system that includes a step-by-step plan, templates, and checklists to help you start and launch and your podcast. You'll get a podcast workflow, show notes, emails, and so much more!

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Melissa Ingold
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Heart-to-Heart Podcasting Kit


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January 31, 2022

"Designed for coaches and entrepreneurs, the ""Heart-to-Heart Podcasting Kit"" will help you authentically connect with your audience and grow your business through the power of podcasting.

If you know you want to start a podcast for your business, but you're not sure what you even need to do to get started - this kit will help!

You'll get a 44-page step-by-step plan that covers:
Getting Started
Marketing Strategy Overview
Timeline & Budget
Step 1: Create a Podcast That Fulfills You
Step 2: Dreamy-Vibe Check for Podcasting Success
Step 3: Let’s Debunk the Tech Issues & Make This Easy as Pie
Step 4: Your Podcast Workflow & Creating Killer Systems
Step 5: Launching Your Show WITHOUT the Madness
Step 6: Achieve the New and Noteworthy Badge
Step 7: Use Giveaways that Your Audience Easily Gravitates Too
Step 8: Build Your Social Sharing Networks for Increased Exposure
Step 9: Leverage Your Exposure with Interviews
Step 10: Creating Profitable Ads for Your Podcast
Step 11: Build Your Bottom-Line with Patreon
Step 12: Cash-in with Affiliates and their Uncapped Earning Potential
Step 13: Give Your Audience What They Want (really, really, want)

Plus, you'll also get these 27 templates + checklists to help you take action.

Heart-to-Heart Podcasting Kit
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Infostack contributor

Melissa Ingold is the founder of TimeFreedomBusiness.com where she helps women entrepreneurs simplify, systemize and scale their online businesses.

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