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Expert Book Formula

Expert Book Formula

Expert Book Formula is for experts, entrepreneurs, and business owners who want to write a book that solves a specific problem for their readers while increasing their authority and revenue. The concepts in this framework are new, so experienced writers and those who just have an idea will both benefit.

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Kevin Mullani
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Expert Book Formula


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January 31, 2022

Expert Book Formula is a proven framework to structure and write a book that translates skills, experience, and expertise into an elite-level book. This innovative online course was developed utilizing secrets from the top marketers, publishers, and high-performance coaches and has been time-tested with authors in my own publishing company. It provides a dead-simple process to write a book quickly that will produce real results for the reader, create raving fans, and generate new business and revenue for the author.

Who it’s for:

Expert Book Formula is for experts, entrepreneurs, and business owners that need/want a book to increase their authority, drive more leads/revenue to their business, and want to provide solutions to those that need them.

The Expert Book Formula can help you:

  • quickly and easily translate experience, skills, and expertise into a book.
  • build marketing fundamentals right into the book content to increase traffic and leads to your business.
  • shows how to structure a book that delivers transformational training to its readers.
  • provide clarity and peace of mind knowing there is a proven, step-by-step system to follow.

The 5 video modules and 2 flex modules are like having a book coach on-demand.

Plus, you get downloadable checklists, templates, 3 bonus training, and access to a private Facebook group for Q&A sessions.

Expert Book Formula
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KEVIN MULLANI is an author, book coach, publisher, and speaker who is dedicated to serving experts, entrepreneurs, and skilled professionals that want to write a book to increase their authority and revenue. He has personally ghostwritten two bestselling books, produced multiple award-winning books, and has spoken at local and national level publishing events.

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