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We receive tons of inquiries every month, and that makes it hard to organize and sort through...so we put together this form to help speed up the process to make sure we're the right fit for one another before we move forward.

Please fill out the application to the best of your ability. The more detail the better. If you're not sure about a thing, answer as best as you can. If you look like a great fit for one of our Stacks, we'll be in touch within 48 hours. Thanks, and talk soon!

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Form guidelines


Which Stack Are You Participating In?

Please choose which stack you want to contribute to. If you'd like to contribute to more than one, please choose one, fill out the form, then come back to this page (or refresh the page) to enter information for the additional stack you'd like to contribute to.

One paragraph bio

Please provide a third person bio. It should be no more than 280 characters. Lead with your full name. You may include one url in the last sentence as a reference to a website of your choice. Example:

Sarah Podcasterten is the founder of Podcasting for Dummies. She was called the best podcaster in the world by 17 of the world's top leaders. Her work has been featured in Time, Bloomberg, Telemundo, and MTV. You can listen to her best podcasts at www.sarahpodcasterten.com.

One sentence bio

If you could only describe yourself in one sentence, what would it be? Please make sure it's in 3rd person (and less than 100 characters)

Example: Cary Richards, co-founder of Infostack.io

Product Title / Name of Product or Contribution

What is the name / title of your product or contribution? E.g.:

  • "The Complete Guide to Pay What You Want Pricing"
  • "ProWritingAid Premium (12 month subscription)"

Sales Page URL for your Product

The product you're contributing - what is the URL where it is currently being sold? Please share a URL to your current sales page that features your product (and where someone could go and buy said product right now).

This page MUST include a retail price of your product (or a link to the checkout with the retail price of your product), as this is what we will reference to confirm the retail price of your product.

Product Blurb (1 to 2 paragraphs)

Please include a description of your product. It should be in third person and no more than 800 characters. Lead with the name of the product. We recommend you include the following descriptions:

  1. what is the product
  2. who is it for (specific type of person or demographic? person with a specific GOAL? etc.)
  3. what does it do for me? (benefits)
  4. how does it work? (features - this part should be very, very brief - or exclude it altogether - benefits are definitely top priority)


"Fake Software is the world’s leading made up software. It will help this group of people do this one thing really well. VH2 calls it ‘the coolest thing since funny socks.’

  • bullet point benefit 1
  • bullet point benefit 2
  • bullet point benefit 3

Not only that, but with Fake Software you also get this bonus, that's entirely exclusive to this Super Stack. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!"

Product Retail Price

What is the price of your product? This is the price that someone could buy the product for right now.


If you are submitting a course with a ‘retail’ price of $500, but the average person can find the product ‘discounted’ to $97 (through evergreen email sequences, webinars, or otherwise), then please list the retail price as $97 (we want to ensure our customers understand the real world value of what they are buying, and we want to be as honest and transparent as possible).

Product Cover Image

Please provide the cover of your product here. Please ensure the image is at least 700px by 700px. Course covers will be edited to fit onto a 'device mockup' image template we use; book covers will be edited to fit a book design template we use.

If you do not have a professionally designed cover, and your cover does not meet our quality standards (e.g. it's just a picture of you with some WordArt overlay), we may edit, change, modify, or create from scratch an entirely new cover for you. Don't worry, our designers are really, really good. And yes you may keep the newly designed cover for your own purposes after the launch.

Product Testimonial

Please provide one amazing testimonial or quote about the product you are submitting. It should be no more than 280 characters, and should include the name of the person you’re quoting.

Why a product testimonial?

Because we want to show off how awesome you are and how great your product is. We'll feature your great product testimonial on the sales page - and if it's really good, we'll even include it in our email marketing and social media marketing campaign. That means more exposure for you - so don't be shy (or humble)!


“Johny Blogger’s ebook ‘Grab Your Blog by the Headline’ was amazing. It literally transformed my life. If you want to become the best blogger in the world, you need to read ‘Grab Your Blog by the Headline.” - David Readerton

Files / Product Download Page


Please provide the URL to the checkout cart / download page for your product.

This should be a UNIQUE, infostack-focused URL with the item available at the appropriate discount for Infostack customers. This particular page should not request credit card information. Finally, please ensure your coupon code and discount is already applied to this landing page.

EBOOK / WORKBOOK contribution:

Please provide a url to your ebook ZIP file that includes:

  • PDF
  • epub
  • mobi

If you don't have all those file types, please include those you have as well as a word doc (or equivalent) version so we can create the appropriate file formats for you.

Brag about yourself! Where have you been featured?

Please list any notable publicity you've received. This could include features or interviews in magazines, TV, well known websites, blogs, podcasts, etc.

The better your brag, the better we'll make you look on our sales page. Win-win.

Coupon Code

If you’re providing a DISCOUNT (100% for course, software, etc; or a % off for services and phsyical products), please provide the correct coupon code here.

Even if the coupon is already applied to the link you're providing above, please include the Coupon Code here, as this will reduce reduce confusion or error on the part of the customer.

Testimonial for Stack (optional)

Last, but not least:

Please provide a one or two sentence testimonial or recommendation for this stack. We will feature your testimonial at the top of our sales page for traffic from your affiliate link, so the experience is personalized just for your audience.

(we're using a really sophisticated personalization engine to curate the experience for your customers - we've seen 105 to 25% increase in conversion rates with this sort of personalization, so we highly recommend you include a testimonial!)

Here's a template you can use:

I'm so excited for the name of infostack stack sale*. Not only do you get the best possible resources to help you *achieve specific goal*, but you also get access to *name of your premium product.*


"I'm so excited for The Side Hustle Toolbox. Not only do you get the best possible resources to help you start earning extra income on the side, but you also get access to my latest course "The Ultimate eCourse" - a $197 value - for FREE." - Joey Bagofdonuts

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