Write and self-publish your book with step-by-step guidance especially for new writers.

Dreamed of penning a bestseller but not sure where to begin? Dive into our step-by-step guide and discover the tools to transform your thoughts into a tangible book.

You’ll learn how to:

Get the skills to become an author with Cindy Folk’s Make a Splash Self-Publishing: 7 Key Steps to Get You Started

Create page-turners with the perfect amount of conflict and steam.

Dive into the ultimate planner to your next heart-pounding romance that will guide your every step, ensuring an electric pace and tantalizing tension. Comes in digital or print versions with seamless integration into GoodNotes and iPad. What also makes this planner a must-have is that you can either download and print it out or you can keep it in PDF format and use any PDF annotation app to directly type in your info!


Create page-turning romance with Alesha Escobar’s Romance Author Novel Planner

Explore 150+ popular romance tropes readers can’t wait to get their hands on.

Dive deep into an extensive list of sought-after romance tropes, ready to fuel your writing projects for the year ahead.

You’ll be able to:

Get inspired with Dakota Rebel’s Ideas for Authors: Printable Romance Trope List

Keep your stories straight with the all-in-one romance series planner that keeps track of your details, ideas, and thoughts.

Write up to 8 books and keep it all together with this comprenhensive planner and workbook created by a USA Today bestselling author and Emmy nominated screenwriter. Keep your series organized and cohesive and never again struggle to remember a character’s backstory or lose track of a plot line!

You’ll be able to:

Save time and stay on track with Rebekah R. Ganiere’s The Ultimate Romance Series Bible

Unleash the power to quickly transition a webinar idea into a highly successful presentation.

Webinars are a great way to connect with your audience because it gives you extended time spent with prospects and customers. It also allows your audience to hear, see and interact with you live. Though highly effective, webinars are a lot of work to plan, set up and conduct. With instant access to a professionally-designed journal, you don’t have to spend hours creating a plan yourself. Plus, you get the rights to private label this book. This means you can sell it on your own site and keep all the money!

You’ll gain the ability to:

Optimize webinar success, plus enjoy exclusive private label rights with Lynette Chandler’s Profitable Webinar Workbook

Get your first client with the white-label planning tool you can sell!

Explore a comprehensive private label rights planner you can brand and edit that’s tailored to guide both emerging and struggling coaches toward landing their first client in seven simple steps.

You’ll discover how to:

PLUS! You can save your white label planner as a PDF and upload it to Amazon KDP and sell it as a Print on Demand product – which gives you an additional revenue stream.

Kickstart your coaching life with Sharyn Sheldon’s Get Your First Coaching Client Planner

Discover the fun way to promote your book from within your comfort zone.

Imagine book promotion aligned perfectly with your comfort zone and the curious interests of your readers, imagine connecting with your audience in a way that lets your genuine, introverted self, shine through. After the hard work of writing your book and putting your heart and soul into your nonfiction masterpiece, comes the part that might seem a bit scary – promotion. But don’t worry, this can be a fun, creative expedition, not a daunting task. 

This treasure trove of promotional ideas includes:

Turn your promos into a playful game with Judy M. Baker’s The Unconventional Author’s Playbook: 25 Unique Promotion Ideas for your Nonfiction Book

Gain the skills and confidence to impress literary agents and publishers with your book proposal.

Designed to take you through each step of the proposal writing process, this printable PDF includes easy-to-follow instructions and helpful tips. You will learn how to effectively pitch your book idea, create an attention-grabbing overview, outline your chapters, and much more.

You’ll learn how to:

Get the ultimate resource for writing nonfiction with Jessica Leibe’s Book Proposal Workbook for Nonfiction

Learn to tell a story that inspires action and leaves the world a better place.

This 24-page workbook, designed by a certified nonfiction book coach is for anyone who has dedicated their time to solving the big problems of today and is ready to pass along their knowledge. You know your approach works, but you have been doing the work, not documenting it. You know you need to sit down and figure out how to explain it to readers and prove that it works. The written exercises and bonus audio messages will help you map your journey to where you are now and plan the route to your own book. 

In two hours you will uncover:

Define your book’s message with Dinah Laprairie’s Destination: Book – A book planning workbook for people who drive change

Turn your event audience into loyal customers with the ultimate follow-up toolkit.

You just gave a great presentation – you can still hear the applause! – but now what do you do? How do you re-engage with your audience? How do you convert the applause to sales? The audience to customers? Designed to help summit and event participants and speakers easily and effectively re-engage with their event audience and attendees, you’ll never have to stress about what to do next again!

With this toolkit, you will be able to:

Maximize your after-event re-connection with The Digital Divas’s The Audience-To-Customers Kit