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Want to go keto but don't want to rely on meat & dairy? This unique meal plan is your solution!

This easy-to-use, nutrient-dense 7-day, 3 meals-a-day, the ketogenic meal plan is full of flavor and light on dairy and red meat. Great for anyone who's new to the ketogenic lifestyle to help save time, money, and energy. Already a keto lifestyler? What's inside will provide new recipe inspiration with all the admin of calculating daily macros already taken care of. This meal plan uses a wide range of nutrient-dense ingredients to avoid common nutrient deficiencies associated with a ketogenic diet and includes a full explanation of why these ingredients have been chosen. Plus, with this meal plan, you can enjoy smoothies or after-dinner sweet treats without sacrificing ketosis!


Discover the alternative way to reach ketosis with Catherine Barnhoorn's The "Reluctant-Carnivore" Keto Meal Plan.

Stop stressing about payday and get on track with your finances with this simple to use paycheck budget planner.

Get rid of debt overwhelm and start taking back control of your finances

with a simple-to-follow budget that you create to suit your needs.

You will:

Get your finances back on track with Ashley Patrick's Budgets Made Easy Budget Planner.

Your cornerstone guide to articulate your story's theme, character arcs, plot arc, and world.

Whether you are a novice writer starting your first project, or an experienced writer who may be stuck or in need of inspiration when you find your story's heart you will understand why you are writing and who you are writing for. Perfect for writers at all stages, writing in all genres and all young reader age groups.

Succinct and clear, this complete Workbook gives you:

Get the best foundation for your kidlit stories with Janet Fox's Finding Your Story Heart Workbook.

Make quick and easy digital product sales with no design skills, software, or hours of valuable time required.

Best for busy coaches who need a digital product to sell, upsell, or use as a bonus. You'll save a ton of time and money plus you'll earn without the effort. Download, customize and sell the workbook as your own digital product as early as tonight!

Let professional writers and designers do all the work for you with:

Start bringing money in now with Lynette Chandler's Comprehensive Startup Workbook.

Put your goals, projects, and schedules into one place.

Most planners aren’t designed for the way you actually work. They’re designed for setting appointments and meetings in a traditional work environment. Momentum is designed to help new planners get their most important projects done, and advanced planners can take advantage of the useful constraints built-in to keep you from overwhelming yourself with too many projects and tasks.

This complete, intuitive system helps you:

Get laser-focused and complete your goals with Charlie Gilkey's Momentum Planner.

Everything you need to plot, plan, and write your book.

Set yourself up for success with this all-in-one fiction-writing resource that guides you from your first flashes of inspiration to a cohesive plan for your book. Worksheets include: Character Profile, Character Conflicts, Premise Checklist, Storyboards, Story-Ending Questions, Setting Guide, Scene Checklist, Novel Checklist, Word-Count Tracker with Rewards, and more

This 70-plus-page fillable ebook is fully stocked with novel-writing worksheets on topics covering:

Take your story idea to completion with Erin Servais's Novel Planning Workbook.

Take those story ideas germinating in your brain and bring them to life with daily prompts, tips, and inspiration.

Inside this 33 page workbook (PDF/digital download) are 6 weeks of daily prompts (Monday - Thursday) to help you construct your fiction story, one scene at a time!


Get the foundation you need to write that novel you've been dreaming about with Amanda Zieba's Story Seedlings: Growing Your Novel One Scene at a Time.

Achieve your most important writing goals in less time.

This non-dated planner is ideal for writers of any level who may be struggling to make serious progress on their current draft or any subsequent publishing and marketing work. It's designed to help you develop hyper-focus on your most important writing objective so you can achieve crucial writing goals. Plus, you'll access critical review pages to reflect on your biggest challenges and develop new methods and disciplines for overcoming obstacles to achieving your goals.

You'll also get:

Hit the next level with Audrey Hughey's The Monthly Writing Focus Planner.

Get the tools to organize your ideas, create your writing schedule, and finish your manuscript.

Inside this guided notebook and dot grid journal, you'll access a host of tools to organize your fiction ideas on paper. Whether you're writing short stories or novels, this journal covers the basic things you need to know for each story, including characters, setting, and plot.

PLUS! This printable version of The Write Plan can be printed for every new fiction project you work on!

Start planning your next novel with ease with Hannah Bauman's The Write Plan: A Guided Notebook for Writers.

Write vivid, intentional, and masterful character descriptions.

Learn how to present a realistic, interesting, one-of-a-kind character that matches the person in your imagination and accurately delivers your cast of well-developed characters to your reader.

In this guide you’ll learn:

Write character descriptions readers will love with S.J. Siedenburg's Character Presentation: The Advanced Guide to Character Description.