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Live training with the creators of The KidLit Creators Super Stack.

Attract your ideal clients with an authentic story they will love.

Designed especially for mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to make a big difference in the world.

You'll discover how to:

Get the clients of your dreams with Lisa Manyon's "How to Create Marketing Messages With Integrity: Attract Your Ideal Clients With Your Authentic Voice".

Crack the code to being a popular guest on virtual summits (and rocket your income).
Get inside secrets to make yourself a sought-after and frequent virtual summit guest to expand your visibility, impact, and build your opt-in list with this 1- hour comprehensive video training (including worksheets).

You’ll learn how to:

Become the talk of the town with Jackie Lapin's "Become a Virtual Summit Magnet Video Training".

Learn the SEO secrets to get your business on the front page of Google.
Generate a ton more traffic and sales with this step-by-step approach using specific keywords to rank on the first page of Google. Even better, you don't need any website programming skills to do any of this!
By the end of this course you will know how to create an SEO friendly site, plus:

Rank your business with the best with Adonis Anastasiou's "Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Online Course".

Go plant based with these clever dinners and habits.
Specially created for those seeking to decrease their use of animal products (meat, dairy, eggs) and/or vegan processed foods.
Discover the powerful science of habit transformation to help you develop the meal planning and weekend prep routines you need to cook and eat plant-based whole foods made from scratch 5 days per week with zero stress.
You'll get:

Say goodbye to struggling to decide what to make for dinner with Brigitte Gemme's 'Plan & Prep Habit Builder' (3-month program).

Everything in the world is touched by the 80/20 rule. So what if you could get your offer in-front of the 20% of customers who bring you 80% of the sales? Join Jamie in this limited series "Pop-Up Podcast" where he'll show you the secret to getting over 80% of your leads showing up to your webinar or training, and how to turn those leads into buyers.

Launch your podcast in a week with the 6 P's of Podcasting.
Launching a podcast is not something they teach you at school, so we took the liberty to put a framework together and help you launch your podcast from idea to published in 6 easy to action lessons. The 6 P's of podcasting has helped many people launch their podcast, so it's been proven and tested to work!
The key to launching a podcast is having someone guide you bit by bit through the process. That is what this course is designed to do!

Accelerate Your Success by Modeling What's for Working for Podcasting Pros Today.
Are you an entrepreneur ready to monetize your message, impact millions, and change the world?
Learn from the industry's top experts how to create, launch, market, monetize & manage your podcast.
Get instant access to 6 Deep Dive Master Classes to help you explode your podcast growth.
Inside these masterclasses, you will learn:

Launch a professional membership subscription, products, or course sales page in less than an hour.
Dig into this course to start selling your membership products, courses, and/or valuable time on your website within an hour, plus setup a newsletter and access the best software to streamline bookings of your time via appointments.
This course offers you:

Make your website beautifully competitive with Marc Beneteau's 'WordPress Membership / Courseware Site (Plugins Included!).

Create, sell, and profit with your first online course in just six weeks.
Dive into the ultimate step-by-step video training that teaches you how to create your own training courses, harnesses the selling power of sites like Udemy and SkillShare, and guarantee you'll earn at least $100!
Get ready to learn the secrets to:

Start making money while you sleep with John Shea's 'Online Course Mastery Blueprint'.