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Heal yourself from the inside out.

Unsure where to begin with keto? Looking for someone to map out what you need to eat and when? If you want to make keto a lifestyle, not a fad, then grab your 3 months' access to "The Keto Starter Course".

Start your healing journey with Maria Emmerich's "Keto Starter Course".

Jumpstart your metabolism with ketosis and shed those unwanted pounds fast.

Learn how to get your body into ketosis and turn it into a fat burning machine with this 30 Day Plan.

Whether you are just getting started or want to end a weight-loss stall, this program will help you reach your personal goals with 24/7 support, premium member access, and online coaching videos with co-founder Tamara Vahn, a 2x Canadian National Fitness Champion, and former Miss Fitness Canada.



Turn your body into a fat-burning machine with Ryan Mahabir's Keto Jump Start Challenge.

Explore the path to boundless fulfillment and blissful peace.

Immerse yourself in 10 pre-recorded Compassionate Breath practices, which will take you on a profound journey of stillness within, where you can find clarity and breakthrough beyond all challenges.

The breath is with us throughout our entire lifespan so using it as a tool to navigate life with ease and grace is the simplest way to be in tune with our expanded wisdom and find all of the answers and solutions to face any challenges whatsoever.

With Compassionate Breath practices you will:

Discover the endless potential of you with Tania Castilho The Breath of Isness - A Journey Within.

Release stress and learn to trust the insights and guidance from your inner self.

Most of us lead such busy lives filled with stress and pressure that we ignore physical signs when something goes wrong. In this course you will start your journey to take control of your life, rediscover happiness, be guided how to take care of yourself, plus how to use journaling, meditation, and gratitude to navigate your life path.

Prepare to align with your inner warm glow, and give yourself a sense of comfort, ease, and strength.

In this course you will give yourself the power to:

Journey back to happiness and peace with Moira Hutchison's Master Your Personal Power (Eight-Week eCourse).

Start your profitable freelance business with these smart, powerful steps (even if you've never freelanced before!)

Designed especially for people who want to quit their 9-5 jobs or start a side hustle as a freelancer but have no idea where they should begin or what they should do.
Inside, you'll learn how to:

Boost your mindset and take back your time with Chhavi Agarwal's "Kickstart Your Business Bundle".

How to create your online shop from scratch and start earning extra money, even with zero experience.
Dive into more than 30+ hours of training suited for beginners on Shopify drop shipping, Amazon drop shipping, Amazon Fulfilment By Amazon, Print on Demand, Facebook ads strategies, influencers, finding winning products, sourcing products, and much more with hands-on step-by-step videos and training you can take at your own pace.
You'll learn:

Plus! Access bonus training on starting an online clothing brand, powerful SEO strategies, and customer relationships

Create your path to a 6-figure passive income with Arturo Knight's "Amazon and Shopify E-commerce Masterclass".

Forget social media, this is how to get clients for your freelance business FAST!

Getting clients doesn’t need to feel stressful or overwhelming! Nor does it need to take large amounts of time! Perfect for new or established virtual assistants or freelancers who are scared of putting themselves out there, unsure where to find clients, or just need MORE clients.

Learn from someone who went from 0 clients to fully booked within 3 months how to:

Plus! Receive a "Go Get Your Clients Playbook" to help you organize your thoughts and take ACTION!
Start bringing in more money without the hassle with Billie Gardner's "Go Get Your Clients!".

Live training with the writer's of The Gut Health 2.0 Super Stack.

Get certified to manage your own and your clients' gut health issues.
Gain the expertise to manage common health problems by balancing the gut biome. Access all of the latest information and research on gut health and discover how to treat the most common gut problems with probiotics, foods, and supplements.

In this course created by a medical doctor, you'll learn:

Get certified in gut health with Dr. Shirley Mcilvenny's "Certificate in Gut Health Management".

Crack the code to being a popular guest on virtual summits (and rocket your income).
Get inside secrets to make yourself a sought-after and frequent virtual summit guest to expand your visibility, impact, and build your opt-in list with this 1- hour comprehensive video training (including worksheets).

You’ll learn how to:

Become the talk of the town with Jackie Lapin's "Become a Virtual Summit Magnet Video Training".