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Discover the Fearless Conversations you need to be the best coach you can be for your clients, your team, your family.

Learn the “Art of Coaching” so you can have the Fearless Conversations you need to be the best coach you can be for your clients, your team and your family.
Each week, coach Rhonda Britten will inspire, educate and empower you by giving you the tips, tools and techniques she's learned over the past two-plus decades as a Master Coach, and head of the Life Coach Certification Program considered the “Ivy League of Life Coach Training."
Learn from Emmy Award-winning, #1 bestseller, and Oprah-approved coach Rhonda Britten, today.

Discover the ultimate go viral on TikTok and grow your business guide.

If you're a business owner (or want to be) TikTok is the best way to grow your company fast and secure opportunities you never thought imaginable. Learn from a verified creator on TikTok who breaks it all down for you how to reach millions, convert viewers into clients, grow your audience list, land paid brand partnerships, monetize and create impact.

You'll learn:

Tap into TikTok with Maggie Berghoff's Go Viral On TikTok & Grow Your Business.

Discover the profit potential of Penny Stocks and how to easily trade them.

Access powerful tools to support your trading in one of the most overlooked investing markets: Penny Stocks. For new traders and experienced investors alike, you'll uncover a treasure trove of strategies and tactics for successfully trading in these exciting, underutilized markets.

In this fast-paced, no-fluff course, you will learn:

PLUS! Once you complete the course, you will access a special group training for graduates that will accelerate the development of successful skillsets for profitable trading.

Take advantage of the stock market's hidden "gold" with Scott Paton's Penny Stock Secrets Revealed.

End emotional eating by transforming your relationship with whatever food calls your name!

If you are struggling to control your food cravings, you probably already know everything about what you should eat and how to exercise. On one hand, you want to lose weight, but a part of you makes you eat that sugar and junk food… It's almost as if an unconscious (automatic) part of you makes you do it again! And this is the sign you have to solve this issue at a deeper level. This Inner Work Group Session will help you rewire your sugar cravings at a deeper level. When you reset the emotions that you currently repress with the food you can easily make new healthy food choices. Because once you rewire your system at that automatic deep level, this new healthy lifestyle becomes part of your being, forever!

You'll learn to:

Find your peace from within with Nell Puetter's Rewire Addiction to Sugar. Inner Work Transformation. 4 Group Sessions.

Recognize your self worth and unlock your power for both your business and your clients.

Designed especially for female coaches who struggle with self-confidence at any stage in their business and are lacking results because of it. This coaching program is designed to help new and established coaches create unshakeable self-confidence in their coaching and business building abilities.

You’ll learn:

Reclaim your power with Stacey Myers's The Coaches Confidence Code.

Deliver your message to the masses and make a global impact with a published book.

Speak to your ideal clients with a published book that inspires, educates, and sells with no distractions. No links to click on or ads flashing in their faces. Just 100% engagement in YOUR transformational message. The right book, to the right audience, at the right time, is magic.

Others using this system have built 8-figure coaching businesses as a direct result of their books. They didn’t have magic powers. They just followed the steps. You can too.

In this training bundle you’ll get:

Go from idea to published book as quickly as possible with Julie Anne Eason's The Profitable Business Author Writing Bundle - Coaches Edition.

Learn how to create high-paying clients in less than 28 days.

You can create high-paying clients even without a FB page, website, blog, or podcast. Get your hands on everything a coach needs to know in the beginning to grow their business with the 5-step process to selling high-fee coaching packages which includes how to connect, invite, inspire, offer, and breakthrough.

You'll access:

Give yourself more freedom, impact, and income with the 28-day Business Accelerator for Coaches: Create Your Next High-Paying Coaching Client.

Open the way to increased clarity, simplicity, productivity, and profitability.

This done-with-you intensive will help you build a custom system designed to support and empower you, whether you're just getting started or a seasoned entrepreneur.

Learn how to implement your Intentional Productivity with the tools to:

Additional information:

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  3. Lifetime access to session recordings will be available to all Super Stack buyers registered by 9/15/2022.

Lose the overwhelm with Nicole Holland's Refocus To Focus (Live Intensive Training Program + Bonus).

Heal yourself from the inside out.

Unsure where to begin with keto? Looking for someone to map out what you need to eat and when? If you want to make keto a lifestyle, not a fad, then grab your 3 months' access to "The Keto Starter Course".

Start your healing journey with Maria Emmerich's "Keto Starter Course".

Jumpstart your metabolism with ketosis and shed those unwanted pounds fast.

Learn how to get your body into ketosis and turn it into a fat burning machine with this 30 Day Plan.

Whether you are just getting started or want to end a weight-loss stall, this program will help you reach your personal goals with 24/7 support, premium member access, and online coaching videos with co-founder Tamara Vahn, a 2x Canadian National Fitness Champion, and former Miss Fitness Canada.



Turn your body into a fat-burning machine with Ryan Mahabir's Keto Jump Start Challenge.