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Complete legal contract templates designed especially for podcasters!

Ensure you and your podcast are well protected with the right boundaries and business policies in place. With lawyer drafted and peer-reviewed legal contract templates, this bundle is one of the only packages on the market designed to legally protect your podcast.

What's included:

Keep things crystal clear with Elena Favaro Viana's Legal Contract Templates Podcast Bundle.

Safeguard your podcasting business and protect yourself from legal issues with a Media Release Agreement.

If you are a podcaster, you need to make sure you get a media release contract signed ahead of publishing your podcast so you are not held legally liable for anything. Without this contract, you risk getting sued for infringing upon someone's right to privacy, publicity, copyright, and other violations.

With this legal agreement signed, you get full rights to:

Keep your podcast protected with Amira Irfan's Media Release Agreement Template.

Ensure your success with contract templates you need to protect your coaching business.

Access comprehensive contract templates designed for the coaching industry drafted by real attorneys that include Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Course Terms, 1:1 Coaching Agreement, Group Coaching Agreement, Business Coaching Agreement, and an Independent Contractor Agreement.

During the COVID-19 crisis, many have had to provide refunds due to not having the proper clause in place. This is why solid contracts matter—they’re literally the difference between keeping or losing thousands of dollars.


Make it ironclad with The Contract Vault Bundle for Coaches by Andrea Sager.

Boost your online coaching business with done-for-you content designed to grow your client list.

Get your hands on this complete coaching content pack that includes workbooks, planners, templates, and coaching content. Whether you are a beginner or a full-time coach, this is a must-have coaching resource. Designed to save you time writing, planning, and designing content so you can focus on growing your clients and subscriber list.



Save time plus grow your subscribers and clients with Kylie Malcolm's The Ultimate Coaching Content Pack.

Protect yourself and your business legally in less than 5 minutes.

This completely user-friendly contract template comes with fill-in-the-blank simplicity. Created for independent contractors or freelancers such as virtual assistants, web designers, graphic designers, freelance writers, social media managers, copywriters, etc., it's also perfect if you are an entrepreneur seeking to hire one.

Suitable for any type of business in any niche, this comprehensive template is:

Get protected with Lucrezia Iapichino's Independent Contractor Agreement/Freelance Contract Template.

Create 100 beautiful marketing images in an instant with your book cover!

Upload your 2D book cover image and download 100 exclusive mockup images featuring your 3D book cover with just a few clicks of your mouse. It's the easiest way to put your book cover in real life scenes in an instant. Shareable on social media and across your author platform!

It's easy!

These 100 mockup images are exclusive to this Super Stack deal. You won't find them anywhere else! Don't miss out!

Make book marketing easy with Book Brush!

Turn your side hustle into a success with the best mindset you can get.
15 beautifully designed and crafted mind maps will walk you through step-by-step what to do and how to do things like the pros. Get your mindset right, develop key habits, and turn your side hustle into an outstanding success.

Develop the power to succeed with Adam Sicinski's "A Visual Framework of a Side Hustler's Mindset".

Quickly design eye-grabbing Pins tailored to attract your target audience.
Exploit the power of the ultimate viral Pin bundle packed with the tools and know-how you need to turn your Pinterest Pins into masterpieces! Includes 84 customizable Canva templates, a master list of the best Canva fonts, an eBook that will break down the best tips for designing viral pins, and a Canva Mastery video filled with tips and tricks for streamlining your design process.

Create powerful Pins that convert with Sarah Larson's "On Pins and Needles".

Get back more of your time, with zero overwhelm, even if you have a complex online business.
Access this "hot-mess-proof" plug-and-play task management system with the power to organize your business no matter what state it's in.
Join over 700 business moms who have organized their business in a painless, flexible, and fun way to achieve maximum productivity, impact, and income.

Plus! Grab some super sweet bonuses to level up your business!

Get more done and make more money with Maia Xiong's "The Mompreneur System with Trello".

Build long-term relationships, avoid legal issues and get paid on time!
Grab the only lawyer-approved contract template you need to easily collaborate with brands to create sponsored content such as blog and social media posts, or videos featuring the brand's products.

Feel safe and protected working with companies and brands with Amira Irfan's "Sponsored Posts Contract Template".