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Avoid legal tangles in less than 30 minutes.

Few things put people into a cold sweat quite like legal matters. You want a lawyer-approved contract to protect your business - but without the lawyer price tag. Use this contract whether you're providing services or hiring a freelancer yourself.

Keep things clear with Amira Irfan's Freelance Contract (AKA Independent Contractor Agreement) Template.

Boost sales with proven flash sale email campaign templates.

Described as “one of the easiest ways I made money this year," these email templates can be used in sales campaigns throughout the year whenever you need an increase in sales. Specifically designed for online business owners such as coaches, digital product creators, service providers, and freelancers, you can modify and use the templates anytime you need to sell your services or digital products.

You’ll get:

Inject quick cash into your business with Destini Copp's Flash Sale Email Box Templates.

Build long-term relationships, avoid legal issues, and get paid on time!
Grab the only lawyer-approved contract template you need to easily collaborate with brands to create sponsored content such as blog and social media posts, or videos featuring the brand's products.

Feel safe and protected working with companies and brands with Amira Irfan's Sponsored Posts Contract Template.

Get legally protected in less than 5 minutes with this plug-and-play coaching agreement template drafted by a top-class lawyer.

Confidently share your skills and expertise and coach your clients secure in the knowledge that the legal aspects of your business relationship have been fully dealt with. Created by an international lawyer, this template has been finely tuned and crafted for coaches just like yourself! This defining, legally binding contract will take the stress off the legalities of your business and allow you to focus on generating income while staying legally protected.

Works for both 1:1 coaching and group coaching and includes:

Get your legal protection sorted in less than 5 minutes with Lucrezia Iapichino's Coaching Agreement Template.

Everything you need to work with clients, get paid on time, and protect yourself financially and legally.

Define your relationship with your client in detail plus protect yourself legally with a legal document that clearly states your responsibilities as a coach, protects you from lawsuits and legal disputes with clients, ensures timely payment for your coaching services, outlines your refund policies, and gives legal disclaimers as a coach to limit your legal liability.

You'll be able to:

Keep things clear with Amira Irfan's Coaching Agreement Template.

Dive into done-for-you social media templates to boost engagement and turn followers into paying clients.

Created for health & fitness coaches to boost engagement and turn followers into paying clients. End stress and spending hours on content creation with zero results.

This bundle is designed to help you:

Create quality content that will connect (and covert) with your audience with Jessica Suzanne's Biz Booster Social Bundle.

Create content quicker than you thought possible with templates, worksheets, an e-book guide, and video training.

Quit struggling to attract new clients, instead use your time to quickly create and finish online products to build a bridge between your free offer and your coaching, help potential clients get to know you better, create more passive income, and even out those income highs and lows.

You'll learn:

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The at-a-glance guide to manage your money, get out of debt, and make smarter financial decisions.

Designed to help you make more educated and intelligent decisions when it comes to building long-term wealth. With this bundle, you will have a proven visual framework and roadmap you can follow step-by-step to accomplish your financial goals and achieve financial freedom.

Especially for anyone who:

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A visual roadmap to help you manage stress levels throughout the day.

Explore a proven visual framework you can follow step-by-step to ease your stress levels and achieve peace of mind.

Especially for anyone who:

Stop stress in its tracks with Adam Sicinski's The Stressless Visual Bundle.

Discover exactly what to eat to optimize your brain into full gear.
Feed a Brain Keto Nutritional Guides are based on Cavin Balaster's popular brain nutrition book How to Feed a Brain which is the culmination of the nutritional lessons he learned during his recovery from a severe brain injury that left him comatose with less than 10% chance of regaining consciousness beyond a vegetative state.
You'll learn how to:

Give your mind the fuel it craves with Cavin Balaster's Feedabrain Keto Nutritional Guides.