Unleash your brand with the ultimate book blueprint for business growth.

Build your brand and business by unlocking the heart of your brand’s story in your next book. It’s like having a business strategist and a writing coach all rolled into one, ensuring your book is infused with your growth goals from the get-go.

You’ll learn how to:

Focus on the heart of your business with Carol Abrahamson’s Fast-Track Your Book! 222 Book Types For Building Your Business & Brand That Require Less Writing

Make creating content and stories easy and impactful with a profitable simple system that works.

Use this kit to make 12 months of unique and impactful content that will create confidence and trust with your customers in just minutes a day.

*marketplace authority that gets your expertise noticed and acknowledged

with Catherine Nikkel’s The Mindful Media Content Kit.

Elevate your social media with a professional, branded, and cohesive look.

Tired of pondering over the perfect social media post? Dive into a trove of 100 ready-to-use Canva templates and wave goodbye to content creation blues. Themes include Dark and Sexy Romance, Feminine Pink Romance, Dark Romance Author, Hockey Romance, and 20 Sexy Mock-Up templates.

Make your life easy!

Take hours of work off your plate with Jessica Lepe’s 100 Romance Canva Templates: Romance Writer’s Super Stack Special

Explore a powerful visual framework designed to help coach clients through typical problems and struggles.

No longer will you be stumped and not know what to do when your client faces a problem. With this comprehensive bundle of mind maps, you’ll be able to empower, inspire, and challenge your clients to get the best out of their abilities in every situation. Whether you’re new to the coaching industry, want creative ideas for coaching your clients, or simply enjoy working visually, you’ll have everything you need in this starter pack!


Keep clarity front and center with Adam Sicinski’s Life Coaching Visual Starter Pack

Everything you need to work with clients, get paid on time, and protect yourself financially and legally.

Define your relationship with your client in detail plus protect yourself legally with a legal document that clearly states your responsibilities as a coach, protects you from lawsuits and legal disputes with clients, ensures timely payment for your coaching services, outlines your refund policies, and gives legal disclaimers as a coach to limit your legal liability.

You’ll be able to:

Keep things clear with Amira Irfan’s Coaching Agreement Template

Get lifetime access to 100+ nonfiction book cover designs that sell.

Get your hands on the cover design secrets that sell without hiring a designer. Add your own art (you’ll learn exactly where to find it) and you’ll have a cover in minutes that’s built to sell.


Get your book noticed in a sea of competition with Derek Murphy’s DIY Book Cover Templates for Nonfiction

Take the guesswork out of whether your product will be successful with presells!

How would it feel to have your offer (e.g. online course, membership, coaching program) already sold before you started creating the content?

Stop creating courses, digital products, coaching programs, and workshops that nobody wants to buy!

Instead, learn how to:

Create better products that clients want with Destini Copp’s The Ultimate Presell Bundle: Get Paid to Create Your Offers

Harness the power of the mindset of a successful entrepreneur with these 17 mind maps.

Overcome what’s keeping you from your success with this series of visual frameworks designed to help you develop the mindset required to succeed in business. Inside this collection of mind maps, you’ll learn to create a shift in your thinking which will quickly improve your work ethic, motivation, and support network, and with its clear step-by-step system, you’ll gain the insights and guidance to stay on top of your game and succeed in your business.

You’ll discover:

Unlock the mindset to success with Adam Sicinski’s A Visual Framework for Succeeding as an Entrepreneur

Hire an illustrator like an expert!

These templates are designed for authors who want to acquire high-quality illustrations but don’t know where to start. The instructions, customizable templates, and expert advice will help you find the perfect artist for your project, no matter your level of experience.

The templates will help you:

Get access to top-notch illustrators who will elevate your project and help you achieve your goals with Marcy Pusey’s How to Hire an Illustrator: Templates and Guide.

Automate, visualize, and manage your finances the easy way.

Designed to simplify your financial life, this template is filled with internal & external automation that will help you get more done faster. Includes trackers for subscriptions, financial goals, investment, happiness, and debt, a budget setter, and a financial planner complete with visualizations.

This all-in-one Notion Dashboard tracker will help you:

Never lose track of your finances with Atul Anand’s Smart Finance Tracker