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Access the editing service that will help you to tighten your metre so your rhyming stories and poems sing.

Published by Scholastic, Walker, and many other fine children’s publishing houses, Jackie Hoskings has been sharing her joy and passion for over 20 years and has helped many writers of rhyme and metre to go on and be published. Especially suited to anyone who writes in rhyme and metre, particularly for children

You’ll learn:

Make your rhymes shine with Jackie Hosking’s Rhyming Manuscript Editing Service (50% off your first hour’s edit)

Get a thorough line edit on 25 pages of your manuscript from a professional editor.

Ready to see your manuscript shine? Dive into a collaborative editing experience where clarity meets creativity, and every grammatical tweak comes with a lesson. It’s not just about commas and clauses; it’s about taking your writing to its fullest potential.

You will:

Take your story to the next level with Beth Fehlbaum’s 55% Discount on a 25-page Manuscript Edit

Boost your visibility on a trusted global health & wellness coach directory.

Leverage your name on an exclusive coach directory tailored for certified health and wellness professionals that will showcase your expertise and specializations to a global audience.

Bridge the gap between you and potential clients with Gayle Martin’s Free 1-Year Grow Membership to Find A Health Coach

Stand out to quality literary agents and publishing houses with a professional book proposal.

Get a thorough review of your nonfiction book proposal to ensure it is complete, coherent, and speaks effectively and engagingly to the literary agents you are seeking representation with so you can pitch your book with confidence.

Your developmental edit helps you:

Land the book of your dreams with Erin R Lund’s 10% Discount on Developmental Edit of Nonfiction Book Proposal

Get an honest, professional appraisal of 10 pages of your manuscript.

Receive the 10 pages of your manuscript with comments throughout evaluating the following:

For Fiction: Overall Story Arc, Structure, Reader Engagement, Character Development, Plot, and Conflict

For Non-Fiction: Quality of your case, theory or argument; Use of examples, illustrations, and citations; Appropriateness to readership; Structure & organization

Get professional feedback before you proofread, copyedit, or publish with Alexa Nazzaro’s 47% Discount on a 10-Page Manuscript Evaluation

Save time and energy with pre-researched speaker leads delivered every month.

Are you tired of spending countless hours searching for speaking opportunities? The SpeakerTunity Member’s Only® program provides leads for live and virtual events and meetings, conferences, podcasts/radio shows/videocasts, virtual summits, TEDx events, and more. Plus, for three months, you’ll receive pre-researched leads every month!

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Find out your Element Type to dress more confidently and be seen as your authentic beautiful self with a complimentary 45-minute personal style session!

What you wear affects your income, whether you get that job/client, how easily you connect with others, your ability to attract an ideal partner, and even how you perceive yourself. If you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, this complimentary 45-minute session can open a whole new way to relate to your closet!

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Never be stuck for something to wear again with Patsy Sanders’s Style Discovery Session

Level up your content and take back your time with professional video editing.

Videos edited by the professionals at Tasty Edits are uniquely tailored to the content creator’s voice and vision — they use the best transitions, effects, and assets to make your content stand out and get views.

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upload your raw footage, provide your instructions then sit back and relax while your viral-worthy video that will captivate your viewers and grow your audience gets created. Get 55% off your first order from Tasty Edits.

Get found when podcasters are searching for experts, authors & speakers.

Use the Podcasters Directory to book more podcasts, sell more books and book more speaking gigs!

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Grow your influence by joining the world’s largest podcast marketplace, Podcasters Directory.