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The winning way to write rhyming books that sell.
If you grew up reading rhyming Dr. Seuss books you might have realized by now it's harder to write in rhyme than Dr. Seuss made it look. But there is another way.
With more than 70 industry awards for her writing--many for her rhyming board books and picture books--Michelle is the perfect teacher to show you:

Get to grips with the basics of the craft and business of picture books.
Enjoy this two-hour mini-class taught by the teacher and award-winning author, Shannon Anderson, to get you started on your path toward publication!
You'll discover:

Begin your journey today to picture book publication with Shannon Anderson's "Picture Book Maker Mini-Class".

Get the secrets to write historical fiction with confidence.
Being able to transport readers to another era is a fundamental skill every author needs in order to build a lasting fiction writing career. In this remarkable workshop, historical fiction master Teresa Funke, renowned for her vividly-crafted books set during World War 2, will teach you exactly how to write historical fiction

Whether it's a flashback set in a current-day novel, or an entire work of fiction set in another time and place, this workshop will be all you'll need to embark on some seriously exciting time travel!
You'll learn everything you need to know about:

Get ready to go back in time with Teresa Funke's "Writing Historical Fiction".

Learn how to edit and revise your picture book manuscript to perfection.
Discover how to notice mistakes in your early drafts and fix them plus get guidance on the practice of story structure, characterization, and how to infuse a manuscript with importance and meaning. If you are a children’s book writer who wants to publish your own book and/or catch the attention of agents and editors, then this is for you!

Inside this 45 minute masterclass you will be able to:

And even better…when you watch the online course "Perfecting Your Picture Book," you also get a special code to enjoy a 30% discount off Alli Brydon Creative kidlit editorial services! Take your manuscript one step further with a professional 1-1 editorial critique. This offer is available only to viewers of this course and lasts the entire year of 2021.
Complete a polished manuscript for your picture book with Alli Brydon's "Perfecting Your Picture Book: How to Revise Your Own Manuscript".

Create and implement your marketing plan in 7 days or less!
Discover how to simplify your marketing efforts to produce actual results in less time than it takes to go on vacation.
In this Masterclass, you'll get:

Roll out an effective marketing plan fast with Mostafa Hosseini's "Simple Marketing Formula".

Discover the proven strategies to build your brand and profitably scale your business with Facebook ads.

Join growth marketer Jack Paxton and learn how to build a brand raving fans will buy and talk about non-stop, then amplify that with a Facebook ads course to get the insight gained from Jack's 7+ years' experience in digital marketing for accounts like Hard Rock Cafe, AppSumo, and Home Chef.
Discover from a pro how to:

Build massive engagement on social media with 12 months' access to Jack Paxton's "Brand Building BluePrint & Facebook Ads Masterclass".

Use LinkedIn to quickly target buyers who need your products or services.
Discover how to fill your sales pipeline with new businesses to target, strategically message key decision-makers, and attract your ideal buyer to message you first. If you are struggling to find new deals and new prospects for your business, you aren't alone.

You'll learn:

Plus get weekly coaching to help keep you on track

Get your customers to come to you with Harrison Baron's 'LinkedIn Masterclass Platinum Package'.

Increase your leads, sales, and website traffic with the power of social media.

Discover how social media can contribute to your overall internet marketing strategy and turn followers into buying customers.

Inside you'll learn:

Turn leads into profit with Adonis Anastasiou's  'Creating a Social Media Strategy'.

Turn your LinkedIn profile into a high performance lead generation machine without any expensive ads.

If you need to generate high-quality leads without spending thousands on advertising this workshop is for you.
You discover how to:

Open the door to expert lead generation with Adam Houlahan's 'Inner Circle 3 Hour LinkedIn Workshop'.

Gain the keys to living pain-free and go from being ‘Average-to-Good’ to ‘Consistently Amazing’.

After 21 years of clinical practice, I have come to expect to provide 80% of my clients with a significant to dramatic improvement in a single session. I’ve known for a few years now that the technique I use consistently provides results that are generally not thought to be possible.

I believe I can teach you this technique relatively quickly and easily. It’s actually very simple once you have the basics. All you need are three things:

Discover a technique to relieve pain with Dr Jimi Wollumbin's 'Myofascial Meridians: Foundations'.