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Say goodbye to the struggle of life and hello to the joy naturally embedded in it.

Learn easy and easily accessible ways to access meditation in your daily life from the meditation teacher of 35 years who has been praised by Eckhart Tolle as "a treasure of practical wisdom and profound insights."

Her inspired and transformative approach to being with life no matter what is happening offers a way to replace fear, hopelessness and struggle with ease, wellbeing and joy.

Glean wisdom from Mary who is a pioneer in learning to work with the easy and the difficult parts of life.

Make your life easier and more joyful with Mary O'Malley's Webinar: How to Awaken with the Assistance of Meditation.

Think you don't have time to meditate? Think again.

The easy and fast approach to the art of meditation made especially for busy people, beginners, or those easing back into the practice.

The rewards of meditation include lower stress levels, enhanced creativity, the ability to focus, better mental health, clarity, focus and the ability to feel more joy!

Once you have discovered your preferred style, committing to your relaxation training is easy!

You will learn how to:

Make your meditation simplified with Claire Stone's Meditation for Beginners.

Learn the five mistakes that writers make and how to avoid them.

In this complete, info-packed webinar, Laura Backes (Publisher of Children's Book Insider, the Children's Writing Monthly) reveals the five mistakes that writers make over and over - and that stop them from moving forward to success.

Open the way to your writing success with Laura Backes's 5 Deadly Writing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them.

Organize your time without stress, get things done easily and finish every day with your to-do list checked & your next day planned!

Discover the number one technique that stops you from being productive in this in-depth training combined with action steps primed to stop procrastination and help you get things done easily!
Whether you are just starting or have been working for a while, this system and productivity techniques can really help you! You don't need to work harder to be more productive, you just need to know what to do & how to focus on getting that done.

You’ll learn how to:

Get organized without stress with Clàudia Orengo's "The Productivity System to Work from Home".

Harness the power of nutrition to calm autoimmune inflammation and improve gut health.
Dive into this insightful webinar and accompanying ebook that features simple-to-follow guidelines on foods, drinks, and condiments that have anti-inflammatory, gut-healthy benefits for autoimmune disease patients.

You'll also learn life-changing information about:

Enjoy better health and immune function with Mary Shomon's "The Autoimmune Healthy Gut Plan".

Clear your energy and past life frequencies with powerful Akashic Healing Sessions.
Access 14 hours of Akashic Record Healing to support you in releasing long-standing physical pain, clear the Pain Body of accumulated pain from this and other lifetimes, release Karma, and clear past life Vows that keep you stuck.
With this program, you will create deep relationships, clear painful emotions, create boundaries, learn a powerful tool to create your heart’s desire, clear trauma, and connected addictions, and confront physical pain and health issues. All you need do is sit back and listen to these Divine Frequency Activations & Clearings.
What's inside:

Plus! Get a 25% discount on a 55-minute Akashic Consultation and Healing Session with Lisa
Clear your karma and release your past life burdens with Lisa Barnett's "Akashic Healing Activations for Health & Wellness".

Master realistic dialogue that will make your characters leap off the page.
How your characters speak shows so much more of who they are, but there's a knack to getting it right. In this forty-five minute workshop you'll learn how to improve your craft and strengthen your dialogue.

Bring your dialogue to life with Kirsten Oliphant's "Use Your Words: Crafting Better Dialogue."

Take your business to a whole new level!
Learn how to use your podcast and book to not only promote your brand – but how to profit from these powerful business builders as well. You will also receive resources and motivation to help you get started.
Plus you'll also receive:

Make the most of your passion and expertise with Suzy Prudden's and Christine Blosdale's "Write Your Book and Create Your Podcast Master Course".

The winning way to write rhyming books that sell.
If you grew up reading rhyming Dr. Seuss books you might have realized by now it's harder to write in rhyme than Dr. Seuss made it look. But there is another way.
With more than 70 industry awards for her writing--many for her rhyming board books and picture books--Michelle is the perfect teacher to show you:

Get to grips with the basics of the craft and business of picture books.
Enjoy this two-hour mini-class taught by the teacher and award-winning author, Shannon Anderson, to get you started on your path toward publication!
You'll discover:

Begin your journey today to picture book publication with Shannon Anderson's "Picture Book Maker Mini-Class".