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Make Your Gut Happy With Simple Changes.
Do you have pain, inflammation or just haven't felt like yourself in awhile? In this online course, you’ll learn the importance of gut health and how you can make some simple changes to keep your gut happy.
Includes everything you need to know about inflammation in the body and what you can do to reduce it, plus the building blocks your body needs to heal and live your best life.

Say goodbye to inflammation and pain with Jen Bayer's 'Healthy for Life! A Guide to Reducing Inflammation Through Gut Health'.

Get Faster and Better Results with Natural and Energetic Medicine.
The old way of healing your mind and body separately is slow and incomplete. The proper way of healing focuses on your health as a whole, which is complete and sustainable. By understanding why your mind and body are so deeply interconnected you can treat the root cause of anxiety, depression, weight problems, hormone issues, acne, and/or digestive issues.
Dive into your mind-body interview and discover how to:

Get to the root of your health issues with Ameet Aggarwal's 'Heal Your Mind, Body, Gut, Liver & Adrenals with Naturopathic Medicine, Psychotherapy & Family Constellations'.

Discover the Healing Power of a Healthy Gut in Just 50 Minutes.
Dive into a whirlwind tour with a registered dietitian board certified in oncology nutrition of the importance of maximizing your gut health to protect yourself from disease plus how you can optimize your gut biome's diversity to reach your ultimate health.

In just 50 short minutes you'll learn everything you need to know about gut health, including:

Optimize your gut health for ultimate health with Alison Tierney's 'Gut Health for the Ultimate Health'.

Cook plant based dishes with ease and get fantastic results with a Michelin Star chef.

When you increase your technical skill and understand your product and you will soon be cooking just like a Michelin Star chef! Get full access to the combined result of many questions asked, problems presented, and solutions given to over 30,000 home cooks in countless face-to-face cooking classes.

You'll learn:

Get Michelin Star training with Walter Trupp's Plant Based Online Cooking Course.