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Are hidden emotional barriers and unconscious money blocks sabotaging your marketing and client attraction efforts? This deep-dive masterclass is your personal guide to breaking free from unconscious money blocks and unleashing your true income potential. Perfect for entrepreneurs, professionals, and anyone ready to transform their financial reality.

You will:

PLUS! Experience a potent guided meditation process that clears emotional attachments and limiting beliefs about money, rewiring your subconscious for abundant success!

Attract clients and generate wealth effortlessly with Dagmar Fleming’s Activate Your Abundance Mindset for Effective Marketing Masterclass

Revitalize your sales with the skills and strategies to build trust-based relationships.

Designed to transform your sales strategy by teaching you how to move from a transactional approach to building genuine, long-lasting relationships with your customers, prospects, and business allies. Ideal for anyone looking to enhance their sales and relationship performance.

You’ll learn how to:

PLUS! Get a BONUS Live Q & A Group with Christine West on Zoom to ask your specific questions.

Get a competitive edge in the market with Christine West’s Skyrocket Sales by Shifting from Transactional to Authentic Relationships

Learn how to use marketing funnels to create the business you desire.

In this deep dive 5-hour training experience, you’ll learn from the trainer who generated over $2.5 million online how to create the transformational business you desire, no matter what is happening in your world.


Discover all the components you need to succeed with Robert Martinez’s Mastering Marketing Funnels

Gain status, authority, and credibility in any market with your own digital magazine.

Learn how to stand out from the crowd with MagCast – one of the world’s leading digital magazine publishing platforms. This 5-day digital magazine publishing course taught by industry veterans is super schedule-friendly, and packed with pure, actionable content, with zero fluff.

You’ll learn:

PLUS! Includes one-on-one coaching, and course participation includes a $500 discount on a full MagCast membership.

Grow your reach and authority with Jill Burk’s Stand Out & Sell More: Grow Your Revenue with a Digital Magazine

Discover how to turn Instagram into a lead magnet machine!

Unlock the tools and strategies you need to convert followers into dedicated email subscribers. Perfect for both beginners and established content creators, digital marketers, and business owners!

You learn how to:

Start building a more engaged and profitable audience with Juan Galan’s How To Grow and Nurture Your First (or Next) 1k Email Subscribers Using Instagram.

Turn Storytime into a Mesmerizing Adventure!

Join this compelling presentation designed for children’s authors and illustrators who want to captivate young minds and sell more books. Learn how to turn every storytime into a spellbinding event that keeps kids engaged and eager for more.

In this lively session, you’ll master:

Discover the core elements of effective storytimes, tailored for different age groups. Learn presentation tips that keep kids actively involved and connect your stories to music, movement, and interactive activities. Imagine kids, teachers, and families begging for more and lining up to buy your book! Don’t miss out! Elevate your storytime and boost your book sales. Get started today!

Break into Children’s Literature: Picture Book Coaching Masterclass

Ready to conquer the world of children’s literature and see your name on the shelves? The Picture Book Coaching Masterclass is your ticket to becoming a traditionally published author without the years of struggle and stress. Get instant access to the Advanced Video Series for Aspiring Picture Book Authors and start your journey to a thriving career in children’s books today!

This unique masterclass shows you how to:

Get ready to wow your young readers with stories that leap off the page. This is your moment to shine in children’s literature. With one click start your journey to becoming a successful children’s author. Grab your spot now!

Get your book into the hands of new readers consistently and predictably, and grow your reach, readership, and royalties.

Turn Your Email List into a Money-Making Machine: 1K Subscribers in 30 Days!

Email subscribers are more valuable than likes, shares, or follows. Reach your audience directly without the hassle of algorithms. Sell your books and services effectively. Email marketing offers an ROI of up to $40 for every dollar spent.

Join this workshop led by a USA Today bestselling author. Learn the exact system to grow and manage your newsletter business.

Here’s what you’ll get:

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a step-by-step plan to attract 1,000 email subscribers in just 30 days. Get ready to turn your passion for writing into a profitable business!

90-Minute Writing Masterclass: Turn Your Passion into Profits

Ready to make a living from your writing? Join our 90-minute masterclass and focus on one writing project, find your unique “why,” and learn the ins and outs of self-publishing or creating a blog.

Here’s what you get:

What’s included:

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