Discover why most coaches starve and how to avoid letting it happen to you.

If you are wondering why you are not booked out even though you are fully qualified, this learning experience will help you become an expert in your field of excellence and create 7 streams of income - of which coaching is just one. Plus, learn why it's a bad idea to be a generalist coach who helps anyone and everyone - because it doesn't work. Instead, become an expert and attract the ideal clients you want to work with.


Learn how to avoid a coach's worst-case scenario with Katrena Friel's Why do Coaches Starve?

Learn how to make your voice heard and respected whenever you speak.

If you don't like the sound of your voice, feel your voice doesn't reflect your experience and expertise, or you lose people's attention, then this 90-day program will give you the key to developing a powerful voice that will be heard and respected by others.

You'll learn how to:

Be the one being listened to whenever you speak with Cynthia Zhai's 90 Days to Be Heard with a Powerful Voice Self-Study Program.

Dissolve all your blocks with this powerful and practical manifestation course.

Explore a deeper understanding of how manifestation works with clear examples of how to use this skill from a world-class spiritual teacher. It doesn’t matter where you are in your manifestation journey, this course will help you unearth what you really want, and then learn how to dissolve all that is blocking you from having it.

This mystical class will help you:

Superboost your manifestation skills, abilities, and knowledge with Inelia Benz's Journey Into Manifestation.

Re-frame limiting beliefs to unleash an abundant life.

If you feel anxious when new bills arrive, avoid looking at your bank accounts, think more money means more problems or your parents have convinced you that money doesn't grow on trees, it's time to change your money story to a new one of living in abundance!

You'll learn:

Heal your money story with Lidiya Kesarovska's 3-Day Money Magic Training.

Learn which pathogen may have caused or triggered an autoimmune response so you can request the right test from your doctor and get it treated.

Uncover what your own specialists have never considered when it comes to your autoimmune condition. If you've been suffering from an autoimmune condition and been told that no one knows why autoimmunity happens, this masterclass is for you!

You will learn:

Get the answers you need to heal your health with Margaret Romero's Masterclass: Acute and Chronic Infections that Lead to Autoimmunity: How to Test and Treat.

Explore the elements that give stories the power to tug at readers' heartstrings.

Especially for picture book writers at all stages on their journey, learn how to make your writing sweet and heartfelt, while avoiding being saccharine. In this webinar, we'll explore the elements that give stories the power to tug at readers' heartstrings so the feelings stay with them long after they've closed the book.

You'll get:

Infuse your stories with "heart" with Rosie J. Pova's Writing Picture Books with Heart Webinar

All the strategies you need to find, fund, and acquire real estate in 30 days.

Learn how to find, fund, and acquire your next real estate deal using a systematic, 30-day approach. Especially for anyone with a full-time job who wants to diversify their retirement using real estate investments; those who want to find profitable deals to flip, and experienced real estate investors who want to get back to the basics. It's all about achieving a Return on Investment in the least amount of time. You will be equipped with all the tasks required to secure a profitable real estate deal in 30 days. Not only that, the bonus Web class will help you write and send letters to potential owners - securing those deals before any other investor!

You learn:

PLUS! Bonus workshop: “How to Write Letters That Land Deals” is exclusively available with this Super Stack deal.

Secure more real estate deals at a higher velocity with Kimberly Kesterke's 30 Days to Close - Foundational Strategies to Find, Fund, and Acquire your next Real Estate Deal.

Access the proven system to generate the private capital you need to do all the real estate deals you want!

Start raising private capital for your real estate investing business with this proven system that will show you how you can raise 6-figures in a matter of weeks, and 7-figures in a matter of months, even if you've never worked with investors before! Includes 5 easy-to-follow video training lessons, a resource bundle of handouts, worksheets, and action assignments to help you implement what you've learned, and 2 Tickets to our LIVE (via Zoom) workshop where you and a guest can learn the newest and most up-to-date capital tricks and tactics working right now.

You'll learn how to:

PLUS! 3 BIG Bonuses: The More Deals Now - Deal Attraction Marketing System; Insider Secrets for Raising Millions - video training; A 1-on-1 Coaching Session (Clarity & Capital Strategy Session).

Scale up using other people's money with Dave Dubeau's The Capital ACTIVATOR System and Live Training Workshop.

Increase your success and authority with paid speaking engagements.

If you are called to impact the world in a bigger and more impactful way, then speaking is one of the easiest and quickest ways to expand your brand, increase your income, and generate leads. If you are a thought leader, author, speaker, or coach your profits are contingent upon you getting in front of your ideal client.

Speaker Bootcamp is for you if you:

Do what you love and get paid to do it with Jessica Houston's Be The Answer Speaker Bootcamp.

Discover the proven system to a consistent stream of leads & clients in just 90 minutes.

With this proven, 7-step system, you'll learn how to create an actionable plan for a consistent stream of leads and clients - all on autopilot. Especially for coaches or consultants who’re looking to scale their business WITHOUT adding more hours to their calendar; or their highest-ticket item is at the 2-5K mark and they're worried about charging more, or their earnings have plateaued and don't know how to get past it.

Liam has helped countless business owners:

Get your leads on autopilot with Liam Austin's Predictable Income Machine Workshop.