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The smart way to go from paycheck to paycheck to assets and wealth.

Even if you have nothing left to save, debts to pay off, and love to spend money you'll learn how to save, set, and accomplish money goals (without starving yourself to death!), plus invest your savings wisely and protect the wealth you build!


PLUS! The Smart Goals Masterclass & Worksheet: Helps you set financial goals you can crush! Understand why you need smart goals plus tips to keep you motivated along the way.

Get back on track to eliminating debt and building wealth with Acquania Escarne's The Purpose of Money Budget Bundle.

Divorce was hard enough, reclaim your power by taking charge of your money.

Stop trading time for money and money for time and prepare to secure your financial future, put your money to work as much as you work for your money, and learn the system to financial security. In this masterclass, we will go through a healing process and exercises that you can use to help you. 

Get ready to:

No more saying 'I can't afford it!' with Sara Chevere's Divorced, Not Broke - From Financial Uncertainty to Financial Security.

Find success as a children's book author with your own set of inspiring, achievable, and actionable goals!

Tailor-made for children's book authors who are just starting out or who have previously published books but haven't seen the success they'd hoped for. Includes video training and a workbook to show you how to plan your goals for your book launch, book sales, and ongoing marketing efforts.

You'll get walked through:

Turn your book success plans into reality with Lauren Ranalli's Setting Achievable Author Goals.

Identify your ideal audience with these easy-to-implement strategies.

Perfect for KidLit authors who are preparing to launch their book baby but need assistance understanding who their target audience is before they implement a marketing strategy.

You will learn:

Get your book, brand, and message in front of the right people with Jennifer Vassel's How to Identify Your Niche Audience as a KidLit Author.

Go from idea to complete picture book with these easy-to-follow steps.

Step your way through a story creation process designed to help you turn your children’s book idea into a complete manuscript ready for the next stage in the publishing process. Especially for first-time authors who want to write a children's book and don't know how to start, can also be useful to second or third-time authors struggling with writer’s block.

You'll get:

Make writing your children's book easy and enjoyable with Kate Stead's Children's Picture Book Creation Masterclass.

Access powerful advice for writing nonfiction and short stories for kids' magazines.

Grab a warm beverage and sit down with Laura Backes, publisher of Children's Book Insider, the Newsletter for Children's Writers, and one of the most respected children's writing experts, and learn the fundamentals of writing nonfiction articles and short fiction stories for children and teens.

In this series of videos, Laura:

Grow your reach and exposure with Laura Backes's Writing for Children's Magazines.

Create a well-planned & beautiful illustrated book within your budget.

As a children's book author, if you know what to do and plan well, you can absolutely influence the outcome and budget of your illustrations project. With this practical 30-minute video masterclass and checklist you'll discover detailed, actionable steps for how to get the best book for your budget. Perfect for children's book authors who are at any stage from just starting, to those who are ready to get their illustrations started.

Find out how to:

PLUS! Get an action step checklist to get the best book for your budget.

Influence the outcome of your budget with Karen Ferreira's Masterclass: How to get stunning book illustrations that tell your story for less.

Turn your social media conversations into cash!

If you want to be seen, heard, and appreciated as the influencer you
are, this class will help you get paid as a speaker based on your social media posts.

During this 2 hour session, you will learn how to:

Get paid to talk about what you post with Precious L. Williams's Pitch and Speak to Grow Rich: A Masterclass.

Learn the secrets to launch and scale your business in just six weeks.

Especially for anyone who's struggling with getting their online business off the ground or moving to the next level, who needs a simple, proven launch template with clear, simple step by step instructions, this 6-week launch challenge will get you from zero to launch faster than anything else you've ever tried.

Get walked through all the steps including:

Launch with ease with Jesse Doubek's The Influencer Challenge - 6 Weeks To Masterclass Success!

Get the details of how to build a 6-figure online business from someone who has done it!

In this deep-dive live workshop, Gael Wood shares the details of exactly how she built her 6-figure online business (mistakes and all) and leads you through planning products, services, and marketing your business. You'll be able to apply the insights to your own business through the idea-generating prompts and questions presented throughout the workshop.

Go live to:

PLUS! Get Four Exclusive Bonuses!

Build a brand new stream of income with Gael Wood's Online Business Buildout Workshop and Bonuses.