Learn the secrets of how Universe is created, so you can better manifest what is important in your life.

Find greater emotional balance in the midst of chaos and challenges and becoming more soul connected and able to access your creative, intuitive and multi-dimensional self.

You will:

Experience greater joy in your life with Gail & Gregory Hoag’s Universal Secrets Revealed: Simple Actions to Activate Your Core of Love and Wisdom.

Unlock the secrets of manifesting a life filled with joy, abundance, and fulfillment.

Step into the life you’ve always dreamed of with this unique program that unveils the pragmatic aspects of manifesting that go beyond popular media portrayals. Take a deep dive into the art and science of turning dreams into reality. Whether you’re just starting, seeking to enrich your journey of abundance, or ready to advance your manifesting skills, this course provides tailored learning paths including Qi Dao principles, Qigong Coaching, and Dream Yoga meditations.

You will:

PLUS! Create and implement a tailored plan that fits your lifestyle, complete with strategies to access the right energy resources.

Tap into powerful energy resources to manifest your ideal life with Lama Tantrapa’s Manifest the Life of Your Dreams.

Get the methods to transition away from stress and face the world with serenity and strength.

Embark on a transformative journey during this concise two-hour course designed to unearth and eliminate the root causes of your stress. Discover the secret to achieving radiant health, emotional balance, and a state of happiness that permeates both your personal and professional life. Through the innovative C.U.R.E. Process, transition from a state of stress and anxiety to one of tranquility and peace. You’ll be able to start applying simple yet effective anti-stress methods from the first session and feel the benefits instantly.

You will:

Take control of your life with Georgiana Danet’s Be Stress Free in Just a Few Minutes.

Discover the proven steps to improve sleep and conquer insomnia.

If you are aged between 20-65 years and looking to improve your sleep quality, these tools used by Dr. Oseh will help you improve your sleep.


Get the tools to sleep better with Dr. Christopher Oseh’s The 4 Essential Pillars to Improve your Sleep and Conquer Chronic Insomnia.

Get the skinny on how to break free of bad habits and addictions.

Designed for anyone who’s found themselves caught in the cycle of trying and failing to break a bad habit. With a blend of scientific insight and practical strategies, you’ll uncover a new perspective on overcoming addictions and compulsions, no matter how daunting they may seem.

You will:

Be healthy and (bad) habit-free with Ed Latimore’s Vicebreakers – Kick Your Bad Habits & Addictions.

Learn how to reach the writers on your list most likely to attend a writing retreat.

If you want to run a retreat, but your current marketing isn’t working, this workshop will show you the exact steps to attract email subscribers who are most likely to purchase a spot. Includes ideas you can use in your email newsletters plus how to use your email marketing together with social media for extra impact.

After the workshop, you’ll:

PLUS! Get the List Building 101 Workbook to customize your List Building Plan.

Fill up your retreat list with keen writers with Lisa Shaughnessy’s Email List Building for Writing Retreat Hosts.

Learn how to (easily) create a synopsis agents and editors will love.

Say goodbye to the dread of writing a book synopsis in this workshop that shows you how you to handle this important part of your pitch with confidence.

You’ll learn how to:

Never fear writing a synopsis again with Susan Palmquist’s Writing the Synopsis Workshop.

Discover how to create marketable story concepts that you’ll love to write and readers will love to read.

Learn from a USA Today Bestselling Author their go-to process for creating concepts for hundreds of bestselling novels.

You learn how to:

Take your writing to the next level with Dana Pittman’s Heart of a Novel Writers Workshop: Developing Addictive Story Concepts.

Catch the attention of producers with killer loglines and captivating query letters.

Tailored for writers at any stage, this masterclass focuses on creating captivating content that grabs the attention of producers, execs, and reps. Gain insights into the nuances of crafting loglines and query letters, crucial for pitching, querying, and the news cycle.


Submit scripts that’ll stand out with Danny Manus’s The Keys to Writing Great Loglines & Query Letters

Discover how to create a dynamic and intriguing cast of characters that audiences will love.

Dive into the art of character creation with our unique workshop. Learn to craft a compelling ensemble of characters that bring your story to life. Drawing inspiration from literary greats and modern critics, this workshop equips you with the tools to build a dynamic and engaging narrative.

You’ll learn how to:

Create a cast of characters that compliments each other with My Story Doctor’s Making the Perfect Cast