Discover how you can turn your social media conversations into cash!

If you want to be seen, heard, and appreciated as the influencer you

are, this class will help you get paid as a speaker based on your social media posts.

During this 2 hour session, you will learn how to:

Get paid to talk about what you post with Precious L. Williams's Pitch and Speak to Grow Rich: A Masterclass

Unlock your speaking success with this irresistible speaker proposal toolkit.

Speaking engagements can be a total game-changer for your business, but creating an irresistible speaker proposal isn't always easy. If you want event planners eager to book you, this practical and actionable collection of templates, tools, and training will empower you to confidently pitch yourself as a speaker and land more speaking opportunities than ever before.

You’ll access everything you need to:

Take your business to the next level with Aurora Gregory's Get Picked Speaker Toolkit

Optimize your marketing efforts and drive business growth with the power of AI.

Explore the advantages of one of the most exciting and transformative technologies in marketing today by harnessing the power of AI to create personalized, data-driven marketing campaigns that drive results. Designed especially for marketing professionals, business owners, and anyone looking to drive growth and improve marketing performance using AI.

You'll be able to:

Transform your marketing efforts with Jeff Beale's Mastering AI-Based Marketing Automation To Elevate Your Business Growth

Unlock the power of a truly inclusive workplace and watch your profits soar!

Discover the secrets to building a culture of belonging inside this 40-minute video from a TEDx speaker and award-winning author. If you are a leader challenged by The Great Resignation aftershock or Quiet Quitters or you are someone just establishing a team or company, you'll understand the value of belonging and get tips on actions to take that will create a desired culture for your own business to thrive.

Learn the strategy to:

Create a work environment employees will love with Dea Irby's The 5-Facet Leadership Strategy C.L.A.I.M. Explained

Discover how to create beautiful digital content for your business with Canva.

Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars on graphic design services for your social media content? This course will teach you how to design stunning on-brand graphics for your Instagram grid, stories, highlight icons, and reel covers using Canva. You'll learn design basics and how to apply them specifically to social media graphics, saving you money and empowering you to create professional-looking designs yourself.

You’ll learn how to:

Save thousands of dollars on content design with Brodi-Rose Newsome's Canva Fundamentals for Small Business (12 Months Access)

Launch your business with a professional brand identity in just 80 minutes, and no creative skills are required!

Are you a small business owner, side hustler, or personal brand looking to launch your business with a professional brand identity? This 80-minute masterclass is designed to help you create a simple but versatile brand identity that can evolve with your business, without needing any creative skills.

You’ll learn how to:

PLUS! Be sure to add the Masterclass Template Bundle that comes completely FREE with this Super Stack deal. The Masterclass Template Bundle includes 5 Canva templates that will help you design your brand with the utmost ease, save you oodles of time, and help you stay on brand going forward.

Boost your credibility and brand awareness with Jenny Henderson's The Brand Identity Masterclass

Learn how to charge what you're worth with confidence!

If you are undercharging for your products or service because you’re doubtful of what people will pay, then this 90-minute training will give you the tools and strategies you need to charge what you're worth and trust that people will buy.


Earn more with confidence with Katrina Sawa's Pricing for Profits - Price for Your Worth, Trust People Will Buy

Master the art of understanding and engaging your ideal customers.

For entrepreneurs looking to improve their customer engagement and increase revenue, this 3-hour live masterclass offers step-by-step guidance and practical tools for conducting market research and strategies for addressing your ideal client's needs and pain points. This program is designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of your ideal customers, develop effective and targeted marketing campaigns, and create more meaningful connections with your audience.

You will:

Find out what matters most to your clients with Catharine O'Leary's Kickstart the Conversation: Understanding Your Clients 3 AM Problem

Improve your writing and eliminate 76% of the most common writing errors identified by Grammarly.

Designed to teach beginner and intermediate romance authors how to “Show Don’t Tell” by varying sentence structure, correcting verb tenses, ambiguous pronouns, and overused pronouns, as well as how to change Passive Voice to Active Voice and improve your Author Voice by using Power Verbs, similes, and metaphors. Experienced authors will also find the information an excellent review of writing basics.

 You'll be able to :

PLUS! Each workshop comes with a detailed handout exclusively available in this Super Stack deal.

Boost your writing craft with Paula Judith Johnson's 3 Writing Mistakes You Don't Want To Make (3 Part Workshop)

Everything romance authors need to know about finding, hiring, and working with freelance editors.

Are you an indie author looking to build a successful publishing team? Look no further than this comprehensive course on navigating the indie editor world. With insider knowledge and practical tips, you'll learn how to find, hire, and work with freelance editors to take your books to the next level. You’ll also discover how to practice editing self-care and determine if a freelance editor relationship isn't working out.

You’ll learn how to:

PLUS! Jen is available to answer your questions! Get all the details in this fabulous Masterclass!

Build your dream team with Jen Graybeal's Indie Author's Guide to Indie Editors