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Instantly create your podcast's concept, unique style and generate new ideas (plus get the right mic without breaking the bank)!

Jump into this practical workshop with tons of prompts to get you in touch with your creative juices to build your podcast concept, plus gain the know-how to figure out which mic to own based on your situation, budget, and goals.

Perfect for you if you want to create a podcast but:

Have the confidence to do it your way with Angie S's How To Create A Podcast Concept And Never Run Out Of Ideas + Microphones 101.

Step into your power to create your best life and help others, too!

All around the globe, people are looking for reassurance, guidance, inspiration, and support on a vast array of niches and topics. You can be a part of their solution by turning what you know and do into a thriving online business that changes lives.

Learn how to monetize your podcast using a new, unique, and proven process that grows an audience of eager buyers and creates a consistent stream of high-ticket sales month after month.

What you’ll learn:

Sell more high-ticket offers and grow an audience of buyers by sharing what you know with Michelle Abraham's VIP Tickets to Podcast Sales Machine Live.

Learn the exact system to max out sales of your programs and services with Facebook Challenges.

Get ready to transform your business from a trickle of clients to a robust system designed to guarantee you, clients, each time you have a group to fill. With this complete system for a profitable Facebook challenge, you'll be able to launch your next coaching product, program, service, or membership with confidence.
Perfect for your business if:

Take your business to the next level with Vicky Etherington's How to Run A Profitable Facebook Challenge.

Create irresistible lead magnets that convert!

Grow your mailing list faster than ever with the know-how to create irresistible lead magnets. This course is perfect for any solopreneur or a digital marketer who wants to stand out from the crowd and deliver leads that click!

In this video course will learn how to:

Get people clicking "subscribe" with Kimberly George's The Epic Optins Workshop.

Discover your 5 core values to get your business aligned for its best success.

Designed to help you tease out the values that mean the most to you, and hone them down to your top 5 that are non-negotiable. Most successful companies have core values as part of their mission, and especially as you get started, you should too!

When you live your life, build a business, and make daily decisions based upon your core values, you will save yourself a lot of frustration and disappointment – and feel more fulfilled as you live a more centered, focused life.

In this class you will:

PLUS! Access to a 6-page workbook that includes an extensive list of core value words designed specifically to help you get started.

Get aligned to your purpose with Gina Kershaw's The Core Values Masterclass.

How to increase your skills, comfort, and confidence speaking in front of a camera.

Online video is a 600% more effective marketing tool than text, but so many miss out on this explosive tool because of these same fears. But you CAN unlock your confidence and shed your fears of being on camera. It's all down to knowing how to maximize 5 key strategies: Mindset, Script prep, Setting, Insider Secrets, and Repurposing your Content.

In just 45 minutes you'll learn:

PLUS! Learn the recommended length for different types of content, how to add subtitles, uploading videos correctly, quick editing tips, and how to get the most out of each video appearance with tips on how to repurpose your content in different ways.

Learn how to speak on any platform like a pro with Angela Lussier's How to Build Confidence to Speak On Camera.

Discover your ideal coaching niche in less than three hours.

No more wondering if you're "coaching the right people". Now you can learn how to redefine your ideal client, or even change your market altogether. Discover exactly how to research, select, and validate your perfect coaching niche…and in less than three hours.

You'll learn:

Coach your ideal client every time with Jeffrey Sooey's 3 Hour Niche Masterclass.

One Gut Health Masterclass to Rule them All.

Coming this Saturday, September 11, four gut health experts provide a strategic “GPS” route from mind to mouth and “beyond” to help you navigate your way to ultimate gut health. “Zoom” to learn the latest science and natural solutions. Plus with plenty of time for Q & A, you’ll be equipped to travel in your vehicle for life – your body – with greater comfort, wellness, and vitality.

In this info-packed masterclass, you’ll receive:

Topics include:

Our live Zoom Masterclass will be recorded so you can benefit even if you cannot attend live. Pre-submit your questions to us! Support@LeanHealthyAgeless.com

Build a stronger gut highway to your optimum health with All Systems Go! Live Gut Health Masterclass with 4 Experts plus Q & A.

Got IBS? Here's How to Get Your Doctor's Attention.

This series of videos provides evidence-based, scientific education about IBS and other Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction that is filled with practical tips for how to manage your symptoms and improve your care with your health care providers.

If you have IBS or other gut disorders, you'll be able to:

Take control of your IBS health care with Dr. Douglas Drossman's and Johannah Ruddy's M.Ed Gut Feelings: Improving the Patient-Doctor Relationship.

Say goodbye to the struggle of life and hello to the joy naturally embedded in it.

Learn easy and easily accessible ways to access meditation in your daily life from the meditation teacher of 35 years who has been praised by Eckhart Tolle as "a treasure of practical wisdom and profound insights."

Her inspired and transformative approach to being with life no matter what is happening offers a way to replace fear, hopelessness and struggle with ease, wellbeing and joy.

Glean wisdom from Mary who is a pioneer in learning to work with the easy and the difficult parts of life.

Make your life easier and more joyful with Mary O'Malley's Webinar: How to Awaken with the Assistance of Meditation.