Rapidly build a following of highly targeted and engaged leads.

Having your own business book is fantastic both for positioning yourself as an expert and for highly targeted lead gen. If you already have a book, you’ll learn how to take your book sales and lead gen to the next level. Get ready to build a following of fans who are a perfect fit for your product or service!

You’ll learn how to:

Grow your business with your book with John Tighe’s Author Platform Building

Go from blank page to finished book in 6 months!

Get the book writing calendar that will help you get your book done with just 20 minutes a day. If you are tired of thinking about writing your book and want to get it done, this is the course for you!

You’ll get walked through the entire book-writing process, including:

Hit 50,000 words in six months with Jennifer Locke’s Book In Six

Make your book more compelling to readers with author archetypes.

Imagine positioning yourself as a recognized expert in a global market! If you are a purpose-driven visionary, coach, or healer working in the transformational space this e-course is your ticket to overcoming the dreaded blank-page syndrome and structuring your work in a way that not only engages but transforms your readers.

You’ll discover strategies to:

Learn how to connect with your clients with Krystal Hille’s Authorship Unleashed E-Course

Get the tools to quickly take your book idea from first word to first draft. 

Discover how you can use your book to build your business, establish thought leadership, and increase your bottom line. You can learn what it takes to write your first (or next book) in as little as six hours or as long as you like, moving at your own pace. If you download the pages before the session, you’ll get maximum value out of the modules!


PLUS! Get full access to Cathy’s webinar library of 100+ recordings with thought leaders on writing, publishing, and promoting your book.

Learn how to establish thought leadership with Cathy Fyock’s On Your Mark Online

Write more successful promotions, be able to charge more for your work, and take control of your copywriting career with the impactful insights from this Intensive.

Perfect for writers at any stage who want to write A-list copy that converts.

Take a giant leap forward in your mastery of copywriting with Kim Krause Schwalm’s Virtual LA Boot Camp Intensive.

Write consistently high-converting sales pages, emails, and ads to scale your business, improve your numbers, and become a skilled career copywriter.

Master the art of Neuro-Response copywriting and double your copywriting skills so you can consistently write persuasive copy.

You’ll be able to:

Double your copywriting skills in 3 months or less with Daniel Doan’s The BananaDNA™ Advanced Copywriting System.

Choose your niche and writing specialty, then stand out as an expert in the freelance writing crowd.

Find your perfect writing niche and specialty, to pave the way for you to shine and thrive in the freelance writing arena with this mini-course.

You’ll be able to:

Book more clients and charge more by choosing your writing specialty with Kat Gál’s’ To Niche or Not to Niche: Everything You Need to Know About Niching Down – For Freelance Writers.

Elevate your professional presence by tapping into LinkedIn’s dynamic network, the ultimate hub for professionals across industries, not just corporate entities.

LinkedIn is primed for business development, where users anticipate and welcome pitches, making it an ideal space for service providers. Whether you’re a VA, freelance writer, editor, or beyond, this course can transform your connections into valuable clients and collaborators.

You will:

Master the art of knowing what content to create on LinkedIn to connect with your ideal audience, build your brand, and establish your expertise with Heather Ritchie’s LinkedIn Content Marketing Magic.

Learn the techniques the best suspense writers in the world use to write a gripping screenplay.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned screenwriter, this course is your ticket to crafting suspenseful screenplays with spark.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Also included are two exciting bonuses – PDF documents showcasing the course techniques in action in popular movies you likely recognize.

Get a great screenplay that film producers, and movie audiences will love with Ted Galdi’s Premium Blueprint Course.

Screenwriting made ridiculously smart.

Formatting secrets for beginners, wisdom gems for more advanced screenwriters, and a course designed for anyone to pitch their works, while monetizing along the way.

You’ll get:

Master the mechanics of screenwriting so your story can WOW Hollywood with Tammy Gross’ The WOW Hollywood Screenwriting Bundle: Format, Structure, Career.