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Learn how to manage anxiety and reduce distress in difficult times.

Facing difficulties and challenges are a part of life. Sometimes these challenges can be overwhelming and cause significant distress especially when they are long-term and have uncertain outcomes.

This course shares the latest scientifically-backed strategies & skills from both the acceptance and change pathways to help you cope with and reduce distress in tough times. Practical, and user-friendly, it's full of techniques you can start to use immediately.

Each 15-minute lesson includes either a downloadable worksheet or an additional mindfulness and relaxation exercise.

You'll learn:

Transform the fear to calm with Dr. Lillian Nejad's Coping with Anxiety in Challenging Times.

Answers common questions about how to meditate and on the path to calm, peace and joy.

If you've been thinking about learning how to meditate, or have just begun, this course will get you started with confidence.

You'll learn:

PLUS! This course also contains six guided meditations you can download. Some of the recordings are done with 528Hz, known as the love frequency.

Gain greater well-being, inner peace and ease with Estra Roell's Guided Meditation for Beginners: Ecourse and Audio Meditations.

Learn to navigate difficult conversations with ease.

Do you shy away from having difficult conversations and avoid them because they always end up in a fight where nothing gets resolved? Know that you aren't alone, most of us aren't ever taught how to navigate difficult interactions.

In this meditation series, you'll be guided through meditations to help you:

Move your life in the direction you want it to go with Cynthia Kane's Working with Difficult Conversations Meditation Series.

Heal and shift your way to abundance in 30 days.

Bring more love, peace, beauty, fun, connection, and joy into your daily life plus release what you don't want. These daily 20 minute meditations will translate into Quantum Success, deep healing, and massive manifestations for you!

This step-by-step guide explores the simple art of expanding abundance in all areas of your life. Through one critical shift, you can manifest every opportunity you’ve been hoping for.

You will discover how to:

Learn how to shift from lack to abundance with Christy Whitman's The Abundance Online Course & Meditation Bundle.

Bite-sized lessons to help you become your present in your life, work, and relationships.

Gain a personal understanding of what "being present" means, and a rejuvenated ability to be more present in your life, work, and relationships.

The course covers a variety of topics including:

Especially for you if:

Make a lasting impact on your life with Charles Freligh's How to "Be Present" Video Masterclass.

Discover the powerful benefits of aligning your chakras with meditation.

This enjoyable, balancing meditation is like having a tune up for the body. Get rid of negative energy that causes dis-ease in the body and in the mind. Release anger, guilt, fear, sadness, loneliness and gain feelings of being safe and secure and the ability to trust and feel connected.

Over 7 days you'll learn about one of each of the seven chakra energy centers and listen to a guided meditation to balance that chakra. In only minutes per day, you can bring your body’s energy centers back into balance.

The course teaches:

Get your chakras aligned and recharged with Becky Hays's Balance Your Chakra Energy for Peace and Serenity.

An enjoyable, simple meditation you can complete in 3 minutes.

Explore this easy way of meditating where you never have to worry about outside distractions, don’t have to be perfectly focused, and don’t have to memorize scripts or scenes to use.


PLUS! Additional unadvertised bonuses (plus extra content just for this Infostack edition)!

Give yourself the gift of simplicity with Andrew Kap's The Easiest Meditation Ever (Digital Stream and Download).

Step into your power and become who you were born to be.

Whether you are a meditation novice or an expert this course works at any point in your personal development journey.

This program will help you to clear, align, and balance your chakras from your root chakra to your crown chakra.

Discover how to stop playing small and step into your power so that you can become who you were born to be.

Create the aligned inner life you want with Abiola Abrams's Chakras Unblocked: Guided Meditation Journey.

Turn LinkedIn connections into clients, in less than 15 minutes a day for 15 days!
Access everything from basic training to the “secret strategies” you need to know to turn LinkedIn connections into clients! If you're not leveraging this incredible asset for influence and sales, you're missing out on the best low-cost method to grow your service business.
Suitable for freelancers or solopreneurs, network marketers or if you’re scaling or already running multiple businesses. If you have services to sell, you need this reliable and repeatable system to generate leads through LinkedIn.

What's inside:

Turn your connections into cash with Estie Rand's "The LinkedIn15".

Discover everything you need to start and grow a profitable blog.
Perfect for anyone just getting started or who hasn't yet made an income from their blog. If you're drowning in conflicting advice, are tired of hearing big promises from online marketers who care more about taking your money than helping you get results, or are overwhelmed by the hundreds of options to grow your blog, this course will change everything.

Get instant access to:

Build a profitable blog and earn your first $1k with Sally Miller's "Blogging For Profit Bundle".