Breakthrough New Markets: Master Multicultural Communication in Business in 30 Days

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Captivate Your Audience: Elevate Your Video Presence in Just 14 Days!

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Rev Up Your Leads: Your Fast-Track Solution to a Flood of Ideal Customers!

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The Author AI 101 Workshop: Elevate Your Children’s Book From Dream to Bestseller

The Author AI 101 Workshop is your go-to guide for navigating the world of AI in children’s book writing, publishing, and marketing. Designed for authors who are eager to refine their creative skills and simplify their publishing path, this workshop provides you with the essentials for thriving in the dynamic world of children’s literature.

It’s perfect for both newcomers and experienced authors. You’ll gain crucial insights and practical tactics to use AI in a responsible, impactful way. Whether you’re just beginning or ready to boost your book business, our workshop gives you clear, practical steps towards your objectives.

Join the Author AI 101 Workshop, and here’s what you’ll achieve:

Join the Author AI 101 Workshop and elevate your children’s book to new heights. It’s practical, powerful, and proven – a true game-changer for your writing career.

Let’s Make Landing a Literary Agent Happen for You!

Dreaming of being a beloved children’s book author? Imagine your creation sparking joy at a Scholastic book fair, or catching a child’s eye on a bookstore shelf. That dream feels out of reach without the right connections, doesn’t it? You know you need to reach out to agents, but beyond that, you’re not sure what to do next.

Here’s where the Query Kit for Picture Book Authors comes in. This self-paced course equips you with everything you need to stand out and secure a literary agent.

What’s in store for you?

Think of it as your personal guide, leading you through each stage with clarity and insight. Say goodbye to confusion, self-doubt, and the costly missteps that often trip up aspiring authors.

And here’s the best part – this course sets you on the fast track to finding an agent, slicing through the usual 12+ month wait!

Your story deserves to be told. Let’s make sure it reaches the hands of the right agent, and eventually, into the hearts of children everywhere.

Dive into the enchanting world of children’s and teen literature with confidence!

This pre-recorded webinar and workbook are here to demystify these queries and guide you through the unique nuances of middle grade and young adult literature. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or new to the scene, this resource is tailored to make you feel at home in the kidlit community.

Explore key questions that shape young fiction, like:

To solidify your learning, it also includes engaging quizzes to test your understanding of the market. And the best part? No pressure of assignments or exams. It’s a stress-free, self-paced journey, complete with all the answers you need.

Embrace this opportunity to turn your aspiration of writing for children and teens into a thriving reality. Your story could be the next beloved treasure in a young reader’s life. Let’s make it happen!

Boost your AI expertise by crafting a children’s book in just 90 minutes!

This easy-to-follow video course is designed to fit your schedule. In a total of 90 minutes, broken down into manageable segments, you’ll quickly bring your book to life!

Here’s what you’ll achieve in this swift 90-minute journey:

The most effective way to grasp AI’s power is to use it in a practical, time-efficient project. Plus, it’s a fantastic activity to enjoy with your child!

Don’t just learn about AI – use it to create a heartwarming, personalized children’s book. Ready to start? Sign up now!

Energize your life in this journey through your chakras from the root to the crown.

Your chakras are like a book that holds your story within and a journey through your timeline. We carry around a lifetime of negative energy and limiting beliefs within our chakras and we may or may not realize it. Understanding the emotions held within your chakras is literally life changing.

At the end of this course, you will:

PLUS! Get 2 Bonuses: Chakra meditation and Chakra Healing Guide

Use your chakras to heal your energy and health with Simone Grove’s Journey Through Your Chakras.

Transform your sensitivity into your most powerful strength.

Designed specifically for the sensitive soul, this course reframes your innate sensitivity as a unique asset, teaching you to navigate the world with newfound confidence and self-care strategies. Through five days of video training and a comprehensive course workbook, learn to identify, embrace, and utilize your sensitivity to thrive in any situation. Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and hello to living with clarity, resilience, and purpose.

You will learn:

PLUS! Bonus FLIP THE SENSITIVITY SCRIPT provides additional resources for lasting empowerment.

Step into your power with Sabrina Vogler’s The Sensitive Woman: 5 Days 2 Thrive

Gain clarity on what to eat for everyday wellness and sports performance in this 8-week, self-guided nutrition course.

Access professional insight designed especially for active individuals who want to make small but impactful changes in their everyday nutrition. Instead of following gimmicky diets that don’t consider your unique needs, this is your guide to finally gaining clarity on what works for you.

You will:

Get top wellness strategies for peak performance with Caitlin Holmes’s Empowered Personalized Nutrition.