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Become your own dietitian with this award-winning keto app.

Whether you’re looking to lose some weight, start a keto diet, simplify or diversify your current keto diet, get a personal diet plan, track water intake, or get personal nutrition advice, this app has you covered. There is no need to be a dietitian, the app will do the job for you!



Keep track of your keto life with Remy and Astrid Bonnasse's DietSensor - Keto & Intermittent Fasting App.

Crush your cravings for brownies, muffins, and cake with these delicious soft-baked bars!

Selected as one of healthline.com's best keto products of 2020, GOOD TO GO delivers the perfect, guilt-free snack that tastes like cake but has just 2g of sugar (or less!) and only 160-170 calories. Plus, as a 1% for the Planet member, GOOD TO GO soft-baked bars are not only good for you but also for the planet!

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Access the fastest way to turn your side hustle into a real business.
Totally easy to use with no learning curve, it's the app that does the time-consuming work of following up leads, prospects, and customers. Perfect for people just getting started as well as business owners who are busy juggling day-to-day tasks and need a system to automate following up so no lead falls through the cracks.
It takes anywhere from 6 to 16 interactions with a prospect to make a sale. Most people give up after 1 or 2. The one thing that can help you crush your sales goals is follow-up, and this app gives you the ability to automate your follow-up with texts, emails, and voice messages.

Leave no leads behind with Richard Miles's "CLOSEM".

Go wild with your ideas with the hit party game loved by entrepreneurs worldwide.
Described by fans as "Apples To Apples meets Shark Tank", it's the improv game that never gets old! A fun and entertaining way to pitch a side hustle idea and get others to invest in it.

Fill your next game night with laughter, creativity and imagination with "SideHustle: The Party Game for Entrepreneurs (15% OFF)".

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Want to work with a literary agent? How about winning representation? You can with the Page Turner Awards! All you need to do is enter your book into one of the categories below and your book will be judged by agents, publishers, authors, and filmmakers! It really is a dream come true for every author!
Last year’s awards include three writers who won literary representation, six writers who won a writing mentorship, five writers who won a publishing contract, and thirteen independent authors who won an audiobook production.
The Page Turner Awards consists of five different awards:

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Wandering Words Media understands every manuscript is at a different stage of development and needs individual editorial treatment. If you want your book to look professional, your words to come across as intended, and the grammar is perfect, this team of editors are here to help!

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Reach 800,000 readers across the world with engaging book bubbles featuring your book.
Share the stories behind your stories and engage new readers across the world with Book Bubbles, enriched book excerpts that take only minutes to create. Each week Bublish will share them in their Weekend Reader Marathon. Our readers spend about three minutes browsing a Book Bubble, much longer than they spend on ads.
Just some of the benefits:

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Elevate your podcast to the next level with industry-leading dynamic microphones.

Deliver articulate, professional-quality sound without the need for a preamp or additional processing.

The HEiL PR40 and PR30 microphones both feature:

Get the best with HEiL Sound microphones and produce professional-level audio for your podcast.

Give your body the best with organic, wild-crafted, and ethically grown herbal products.
Experience the healing power of true farm to pharmacy products crafted through the art of medicine-making with herbs. Discover a wide spectrum of remedies and plants from around the world integrating several traditions such as rainforest tribal styles, Ayurveda, Chinese-Daoist Medicine, and European style alchemy.
With Organic Plant Medicines, you'll:

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No carbs? No problem! Dig into these delicious cinnamon cakes minus the carbs from Smart Baking Company.
Smart Baking Company has truly broken the code on healthy baking, creating products that bring everyone to the table, regardless of if they are on a keto diet, watching calories, need diabetic-friendly options, or eat gluten-free.
Smart Baking Company gives you:

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