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Go from draft to done with expert digital publishers 1000 Storybooks.
1000 Storybooks removes all the common barriers to publishing children’s picture books by doing everything for you except writing the first draft of the story. All you have to do is write a decent, 14-page story that is roughly 1,000 words in length.
You'll get back a perfectly edited, dynamic children's picture book in eBook, paperback, and hardcover on par with the industry's best and ready to compete in the children's book market.

Once you’ve got a manuscript ready, we will provide:


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Make your picture book shine, get noticed by publishers, and engage readers.

Don't let your story languish or get lost in the slush pile. Be uplifted by constructive, actionable insights from an internationally published author and professional editor Suzanne to learn techniques to apply now and throughout your career. Suitable for new writers and seasoned professionals, this service will give you comprehensive feedback on aspects of your story including theme, language, voice, characterization, narrative flow, dialogue, structure, and more.

PLUS! Writers who book a Picture Book Manuscript Assessment will also get a free bonus entry into Suzanne's How to Self-Publish a Picture Book e-course, which covers all aspects of writing and creating picture books, including:

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Boost your picture book's potential with the expertise of a Disney Press professional editor.

An editorial assessment gives you the opportunity to fix major issues before spending time on the details since changes to the bigger issues often affect the text. Your editorial assessment offers an analysis that includes notes on what is working as well as areas that still need work, along with suggestions on how to fix issues in the manuscript.

Your professional editorial assessment will include:

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Get discovered by both readers and publishing professionals with a prestigious IndieReader Review.

Boost your book's reach and prestige with a professional editorial review from IndieReader, a major player alongside Kirkus Reviews, minus the huge price tag. Plus, if your title is IndieReader Approved (4 to 5 stars), it will be included in IR’s "Best Reviewed Books of the Month" feature posted to the IR site and sent to 10,000+ subscribers.

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