Get the ultimate toolkit and guide to launching and growing your speaking business.

Whether you're just starting out as a speaker or looking to take your speaking career to the next level, this book is packed with invaluable information and resources that will equip you with everything you need to succeed. From setting up your business and finding your brand to getting more bookings and polishing your speaking style, this comprehensive guide has it all.


Learn what it takes to build a successful speaking career with Kathy Carlton Willis's The Ultimate Speaker's Guide: Practical Tips, Tools & Takeaways

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Protect your small business from cybercrime with your own pocket security consultant.

As a small business, cybercrime can be a major threat to your security and your customers. However, budget constraints and a lack of expertise can make it difficult to build an effective cybersecurity strategy. This practical guide provides a solution, acting as a pocket cyber security consultant that helps you build a layered security approach using both free and paid services.

You’ll learn how to:

Don’t let your business be a victim of cybercrime with Nick Ioannou's A Practical Guide to Cyber Security for Small Businesses

Get the winning 7-step strategy to creating a highly profitable Google Ads campaign.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the intricacies of Google Ads or frustrated by poor campaign results, then this is the solution you need. As a trainer of 40k+ people, Ads specialist Claire Jarrett offers a fresh perspective on Google Ads marketing, debunks common misconceptions, and shares have proven strategies for success.


Make your marketing profitable with Claire Jarrett's Rapid Google Ads Success: And How to Achieve it in 7 Simple Steps

Unlock your business's hidden financial potential.

Discover the power of understanding your business's financials with expert guidance to simplify the complexities of accounting so you can focus on what you do best: building and growing your business.

You will:

Simplify the chaos of business accounting with Pam Jordan's Start with Profit

Learn to create a swoon-worthy reverse harem story readers will love and will sell like CRAZY.

Reverse harem/why choose romance novels are hot in the charts right now, so if you want to write your own reverse harem and create the ultimate wish-fulfillment story where a strong, sassy heroine gets all the hot guys, check out this guide by a bestselling six-figure reverse harem author.


PLUS! Learn how to level up with expert tips on how to create a successful series, choose covers that grab readers and won't let go, and how market your series for maximum profit.

Write your first hot reverse harem romance with Steff Green's Writing Reverse Harem Romance for Fun & Money

Confidently build a sizzling story or slow burn with this handy glossary of romance genre terms.

Are you a romance or rom-com fiction writer looking to take your writing to the next level? This guide is designed to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to navigate the choppy waters in the sea of love. With over 365 romance terms and definitions, you'll have the essential jargon you need to succeed as a romance writer without feeling like you're drowning in information. 


Sprint from outline to final draft with Sydney Brown's The Fiction Writer's Handbook: 365 Essential Terms and Definitions for Romance Writing Success: The Rom-Com Dictionary: A Guide to Love and Laughter

Everything romance authors need to know about finding, hiring, and working with freelance editors.

Are you an indie author looking to build a successful publishing team? Look no further than this comprehensive course on navigating the indie editor world. With insider knowledge and practical tips, you'll learn how to find, hire, and work with freelance editors to take your books to the next level. You’ll also discover how to practice editing self-care and determine if a freelance editor relationship isn't working out.

You’ll learn how to:

PLUS! Jen is available to answer your questions! Get all the details in this fabulous Masterclass!

Build your dream team with Jen Graybeal's Indie Author's Guide to Indie Editors

Discover simple, tried-and-true steps to heighten the romantic tension in your novels.

Get ready to uncover the secrets to creating romantic tension in today’s inspirational/sweet markets with humor and heart. Filled with tips to ramp up the WOW factor in romance that is both sweet and swoon-worthy, you'll explore tried-and-true methods with before and after examples.

You'll learn how to:

Intensify your romance writing with Julie Lessman's Romance-ology 101: Writing Romantic Tension for the Inspirational and Sweet Markets

Bring your story and characters to life with the easy outline solution that guides and inspires writers.

Develop your story idea into a workable outline for your first draft with this easy guide that takes you through the stages of plotting, including a ton of information and examples to strengthen your story’s arc and theme. By the end, you’ll have a completed first draft based on the plot you’ve outlined and the characters you crafted.

You'll be able to:

PLUS! Word count trackers, scene brainstorming pages, and mood trackers for each day.

Complete your first draft the streamlined way with Iris Marsh's Easy Plotting & First Draft Planner