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Your A-Z guide to writing children's fiction from picture books to Young Adult.
Grab this ‘course in a book' that has everything you need to know to write fiction for children, along with advice on how to find a publisher or agent and market your books. Explore many examples of good children's writing, plus resources to help you as you progress.
You'll learn how to:

Plus, if you write a review on Amazon and email the proof to Karen, you'll also get her ebook: "DIY Self-Publishing" that talks about the formatting of your book, book covers, ISBNs, the LCCN, making your book searchable, and so much more.
Craft your book with confidence with Karen Cioffi's "How to Write a Children's Fiction Book".

Discover the secret to make your words sing.
Explore this easy to read, interactive e-book/course that will show you how meter works and why it matters.
Also included with the course:

Rhyme like the experts with Jackie Hosking's "Metre Matters".

Don't just dream about your children's book. Write it!

Make this the year you write your first picture book. This beautiful workbook will teach you how step-by-step.

You'll learn:

with Brooke Van Sickle's "Picture Book Perfection".

Do less, make more, and have more fun with the master of time mindset.
Dive into the essential tools, tips, and strategies - and the powerful mindset - that will help you take charge of your time and achieve your goals and dreams.

You'll access templates to help you:

Enjoy personal and professional success with Walt Hampton's "The Power Principles of Time Mastery and Executive Planning Templates".

Grab this must-read to supercharge your conversions to the max.
Access the exact steps to take from start-to-finish to grow your revenue, from a long-time optimization specialist. This easy-to-understand, no-frills guide to e-commerce conversion optimization is your all-in-one manual to maximize your earnings like a conversion pro.

Inside, you’ll get the know-how to:

Generate continuous revenue growth with Joris Bryon's "Kill Your Conversion Killers: A Pragmatic Approach to Conversion Optimization for E-Commerce".

Get the most of out your "Online Business Toolkit" purchase with the Online Business Toolkit: Unfair Advantage Cheat Sheet.

Get the most of out your "Kidlit Creators" purchase with the Kidlit Creators: Unfair Advantage Cheat Sheet.

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Get the most of out your "Plant Based Diet" purchase with the Plant Based Diet: Unfair Advantage Cheat Sheet.

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