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Get the most of out your "Podcast to Profit 2.0" purchase with the Podcast to Profit 2.0: Unfair Advantage Cheat Sheet.

Get the step-by-step blueprint to launch your podcast.

Everyone has a different starting point with a podcast. Some are just beginning, others are changing careers or want to change, and some are well established in jobs or businesses and want to add value. No matter where you are, you can prepare to launch your podcast with this easy-to-follow blueprint for success.

Get what you need to prepare your podcast with:

Release a podcast that aligns with your business goals with Podcast Recipe: The Step-by-Step Blueprint to Launching Your Show by Nat(e) Schooler.

Learn how to build a content plan, develop your host persona and create your first ten podcasts, even if you are a total beginner.

An easy-to-follow guide that's ideal for the first-time podcaster who's not sure where to start or how to structure their show and wants to make sure they don't abandon their show by episode 3!

It's tempting to dive into buying all the expensive equipment you think you need for your show - but what you really need is a realistic, solid content plan.

Get everything you need to know to:

Plan for a successful podcast with Pilar Orti's Plan Your Podcast: Use the STEP framework to start podcasting.

The fun, fast way to go from story inspiration to a novel-worthy plan!

Are you planning a novel or struggling with story problems due to a lack of pre-writing on your current work-in-progress? Help is here! This downloadable pdf is a beautiful, relaxing workbook created to walk you through expanding your story inspiration and turning it into something novel-worthy.

Inside you'll find instructions and prompts on:

Open the doors to your story crafting creativity with Sarah Siedenburg's Before the First Draft: The Plantster's Guide to Pre-Writing.

Step-by-step instruction to create your brand aesthetic, author bio, blurbs for all of your books, and more!

Access the step-by-step process to create an authentic author brand you can use as a foundation to build a devoted fan base. Great for anyone new to publishing a book or for authors looking to rebrand an existing book or series.

Get the tools to develop these essential aspects of your brand:

Bring your author brand to life with Branding for Fiction Authors: A Workbook for Authors With No Business Experience by Dianna Gunn.

Create a winning writing system that works for you!

Access the tools to organize your story ideas, create your own writing schedule, and finish your manuscript, your way. Discover new techniques to manage your time, track your progress, and commit to your process so you can tackle your book projects with confidence and ease. Each chapter ends with a specific action step for you to take so you can implement each lesson and find what works best for you.

You'll create a flexible framework to:

PLUS! Access four downloadable worksheets and templates to help you define your process and set yourself up for success!

Take control of your writing life with Productivity for Creative Writers: Refining Your Process and Building a System that Works for You by Hannah Bauman.

A complete system to take you from wanting to write to publishing your novels in a strategic and success-driven way.

Contains all seven volumes of the acclaimed Write Faster, Write Smarter series in one easy-to-read volume.

5,000 Words Per Hour: Write Faster, Write Smarter.

Maximize your writing time by building effective habits that both measure and increase your writing speed.

Lifelong Writing Habit: The Secret to Writing Every Day.

Draws on well tested neuroscience to help you build a daily writing habit that will endure for life.

Write to Market: Deliver a Book that Sells.

This book will teach you to:

Launch to Market: Easy Marketing For Authors.

Provides a simple system to:

Six Figure Author: Using Data to Sell Books.

Amazon uses machine learning to sell massive piles of books, and that engine is just waiting for you to tap into it. This book will teach you:

Relaunch Your Novel: Breathe Life Into Your Backlist.

What if you could relaunch old books, and turn your backlist into a great source of income? You can. This book will teach you:

Plot Gardening: Write Faster, Write Smarter.

Build your own outline without sacrificing the creativity that is vital to telling great stories. You'll learn:

Discover the steps to your writing and publishing success with Chris Fox's The Complete Write Faster, Write Smarter Series.

Everything a first-time author needs to successfully write, self-publish, and market their debut novel.

Get ready to turn your book idea into a book launch with this series designed to cut through the noise and give you the answers you need to make your book a reality. Learn about the common questions and pitfalls that new authors face, plus access planning worksheets you can use to create your own strategy. This bundle has everything you need to get started on your novel today!

Inside, you’ll learn how to:

Go from draft to do with confidence with M.K. Williams's series: Author Your Ambition: How to Write, Self-Publish, and Market Your First Novel.

Get the most of out your "Coach to Profit 3.0" purchase with the Coach to Profit 3.0: Unfair Advantage Cheat Sheet.

Master public speaking fast with these proven tips and steps, even if you're an introvert!

Straight from an introvert, get the proven steps for how to speak in public with confidence. Packed with everything you need to reach your goals and overcome your fear of public speaking.

Get results fast with:

Ditch the fear with Birgit Olzem's GirlBoss Performance – How to Speak in Public with Confidence.