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Live training with the writer's of The Gut Health 2.0 Super Stack.

Get certified to manage your own and your clients' gut health issues.
Gain the expertise to manage common health problems by balancing the gut biome. Access all of the latest information and research on gut health and discover how to treat the most common gut problems with probiotics, foods, and supplements.

In this course created by a medical doctor, you'll learn:

Get certified in gut health with Dr. Shirley Mcilvenny's "Certificate in Gut Health Management".

End the debilitating symptoms of autoimmune disorder in just 6 weeks.

If you are worried you will never feel better, this course offers you a powerful healing strategy to help you get back to the health thought you'd never see again!

You'll access everything you need to heal including:

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Access your own Holistic Health Coach with Georgia Grey's "6 Weeks to Thrive With Autoimmunity."

Harness the power of nutrition to calm autoimmune inflammation and improve gut health.
Dive into this insightful webinar and accompanying ebook that features simple-to-follow guidelines on foods, drinks, and condiments that have anti-inflammatory, gut-healthy benefits for autoimmune disease patients.

You'll also learn life-changing information about:

Enjoy better health and immune function with Mary Shomon's "The Autoimmune Healthy Gut Plan".

Discover How A Carnivore Diet/Zero-Carb Diet Can Heal The Gut And Improve Overall Health.
When the gut is damaged it can result in digestive disorders, autoimmune disorders, skin problems and mental health problems. Gut health is essential for the body to function properly and to do so we need to remove all the toxins, irritants, and fibers that may be contributing to gut damage while providing the body with the proteins and collagens it needs to heal.

Based on a vegan's extensive journey from a plant-based diet to meat only diet, this course is designed to share what your body may experience, how to transition slowly, and the health benefits of a carnivore (all-meat diet). Includes information on how the meat diet compares to plant-based diets with regard to nutrition, how it affects the environment, plus additional research and tips.

The carnivore diet is an animal-based diet that includes meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, organ meats, and dairy products. On this zero-carb diet you will learn how to:

This course is best for people with an autoimmune disease or other chronic health conditions related to gut health.
Go zero-carb the carnivore way and heal your gut with Nicole Carter's "The Carnivore Experience Gut Healing Course".

Lose Weight, Decrease Body Fat, and Look & Feel Amazing in Just 21 days
Dive into this simple-to-follow whole-foods-based program that will help you melt unwanted, stubborn fat deposits, as well as eliminate most nagging symptoms and annoying health complaints in as little as 21 days.

With this program, you'll get instant access to:

Join over 3000 people who have already taken the challenge and discovered the results have been nothing short of shocking - literally LIFE-CHANGING!
Get ready to be amazed at what you can accomplish in 21 days with Janell Yule's "The 21-Day Detox Challenge".

Discover Exactly How and What to Eat to Beat Back Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
Get the expert answers from a gut health dietitian on how to strengthen your gut microbiome, and end the misery of bloating and IBS pain.
Learn what your gut microbiome needs to fight back, what and how to eat, and how to beat food sensitivities.

Get the evidence-based solutions to:

Give yourself a calm belly today with Manon te Linde's "IBS-CARE: Food and the Microbiome".

Revitalize your gut into great health with this easy-to-follow plan.
Across the US, 80% have poor-to-downright-bad guts. Bad guts have been known to be the underlying cause of much of what ails us today, including cancer, diabetes, and even COVID!
With over 30 years of experience successfully counseling clients and even more creating educational programs, Dietitian Jill knows how to mix the right batter of information, story, fact, and easy-to-follow steps to help you get great immunity, weight, health, calm, and overall great life.
You'll get plenty of:

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Get the best "shot in the arm" for what ails you with Jill Place's "Dietitian Jill's Good Gut Plan".

Get the Forbes Featured App Proven to Heal Gut Health in Just Six Weeks.

Access every element of effective remote care for IBS with personalized, digital support. At the end of the program, users report significant improvements in their GI symptoms, mental wellbeing, and overall quality of life.
Gain full access to these tools:

Zemedy was developed and clinically validated with world-class collaborators in leading institutions in the United States and Europe, including the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, Charite, the University of Zurich and many leading experts around the world.
Get the proven tools to live your life unaffected by a chronic condition with 3 month's access to Bold Health's "Zemedy Premium".

The Natural Way to Balance your Hormones and Tune into your Body's Needs.

Know exactly which foods to eat to balance your hormones and nourish your body with food lists packed with healing power and simple, quick, and easy to follow recipes (including vegan and vegetarian options).
You'll discover how to:

PLUS! Access awesome bonuses designed help you on your healing journey.

Love your body in a whole new way with Carmen James's "The 21 Day Hormone Harmony Detox".