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Jumpstart Your Journey: Create and Publish Your Children’s Book with Ease!

Are you eager to share your children’s story with the world but feel lost on where to start? This course is your roadmap!

Discover the simplicity of crafting a children’s book using Canva. This course goes beyond basics, guiding you through every step of designing a book ready for Amazon KDP publishing.

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Step your way through a story creation process designed to help you turn your children’s book idea into a complete manuscript ready for the next stage in the publishing process. Especially for first-time authors who want to write a children’s book and don’t know how to start, can also be useful to second or third-time authors struggling with writer’s block.

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The Author AI 101 Workshop: Elevate Your Children’s Book From Dream to Bestseller

The Author AI 101 Workshop is your go-to guide for navigating the world of AI in children’s book writing, publishing, and marketing. Designed for authors who are eager to refine their creative skills and simplify their publishing path, this workshop provides you with the essentials for thriving in the dynamic world of children’s literature.

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