Unlock the 5 secrets to beating sugar cravings for good.

Discover the 5 secrets to stopping sugar cravings in their tracks – without having to go hungry or rely on willpower - plus ways to reduce inflammation and heal your body. In this Masterclass, you'll learn how to bust unhealthy food cravings and gain energy quickly and naturally from delicious, whole foods.

You'll learn how to:

Gain the freedom to enjoy food without feeling guilty with Lori Kampa's Heal with Whole Foods: 5 Secrets to Stop Sugar Cravings in Their Tracks (And, They Have Nothing To Do With Willpower).

Heighten your intuition and gut instinct with the foods that heal you - and avoid the ones that make you sick.

Especially for anyone who's been sick and wants to feel better, or is well and wants to stay that way, or wants to feel great and become bulletproof to sickness. There has never been a more critical time to build and repair your immune system so as not to be vulnerable to the constant pressure of environmentally generated toxicity. This 8-module online course will help you truly understand what makes you sick, what makes you well, and how to implement your healing immediately.

This program will help you:

Love your body and your life with Sherry Strong's Building Bulletproof Immunity Naturally 8 Module Program.

Learn which pathogen may have caused or triggered an autoimmune response so you can request the right test from your doctor and get it treated.

Uncover what your own specialists have never considered when it comes to your autoimmune condition. If you've been suffering from an autoimmune condition and been told that no one knows why autoimmunity happens, this masterclass is for you!

You will learn:

Get the answers you need to heal your health with Margaret Romero's Masterclass: Acute and Chronic Infections that Lead to Autoimmunity: How to Test and Treat.

Discover which foods fuel you - and which ones inflame you.

Did you know that the body carries around 4-8 pounds of toxicity (aka inflammation) that can lead to headaches, weight gain, and bloating? If you are struggling with fatigue, unwanted weight, headaches, or digestion issues (including bowel movements), Eliminate will help you discover your blueprint for life. No more guessing which foods are causing you issues.

You'll learn to:

Power up with the food your body will thrive on with Belinda Whelan's Eliminate - 11 Day Elimination Program.

Create delicious and satisfying gluten-free meals your whole family can enjoy - even if they have allergies!

Learn a chef's secrets to creating delicious gluten-free meals without adding a bunch of junk or processed gluten replacements. Inside, you'll learn how to cook tasty foods without using gluten or wheat. In 6 video lessons that include live kitchen instructional footage and informational slides, you'll access easy-to-understand concepts, printable resources, and additional recipe links.

You'll uncover:

Make food for you and your family that heals with Andrea Sprague's The Art of Gluten-Free Cooking.

Control your hunger and kick cravings throughout the day with Sweetkick's convenient delicious nutrition shake.

Introducing the perfect product for anyone who's motivated to make a change to their sugar consumption and looking to kick those cravings for good! The Sweetkick Macro Shake provides the perfect balance of high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, prebiotics, and essential fats all in a convenient delicious nutrition shake to help you control your hunger and kick cravings throughout the day.

Sweetkick Macro Shakes come in chocolate and vanilla flavors and:

Kickstart your low-sugar lifestyle with a 15% Discount on Macro Shakes from Sweetkick.

Take back control of your life by unlocking your own unique ways to reverse the discomfort of autoimmune symptoms.

Get ready to gain a better understanding of how to keep your autoimmune symptoms under control by addressing some of the root causes of autoimmune disease. The Evolution Health Method uses the latest research to help you find the lifestyle changes that will reverse your autoimmune disease.

You will learn:

Turn the tables on your autoimmune symptoms with Sameer Dossani's The Evolution Health Method - Reversing Autoimmune Disease.

Develop a daily yoga practice that can help reduce pain, improve energy levels, and aid with better sleep.

If you're living with chronic pain or fatigue and want to move in a way that feels good for you, these 3 yoga and meditation videos will help set you up for building daily habits that nourish your body and help you get the deep rest your body needs. Each of the courses (Yoga for Chronic Pain, Yoga for Chronic Fatigue & Yoga for Insomnia) contains 10 videos of 10 minutes each to help you focus on a different aspect of reducing pain, improving energy levels, and sleeping better every time you practice.

Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness have the power to help:

Discover how yoga can benefit your health with Kayla Kurin's Yoga for Chronic Illness Course Bundle.

Detox your body, boost your immunity, and lose weight by eating these affordable, delicious foods.

Learn how to lose up to 10 pounds by eating unlimited servings of delicious, Reset-friendly foods for 7 days. The food’s delicious, affordable, and easy to find around the world with no additional products needed. You’re encouraged to eat when you’re hungry and there's zero calorie or macro counting! You also get 4 optional exercise sessions to enhance your detox and boost results.

The Reset Cleanse can help you:

Get the results you want fast with Christina Carlyle's The Reset Cleanse.

Learn simple, natural, and practical strategies to lower inflammation and greatly improve your quality of life with Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis.

Unlike most “alternative health” information out there that just tries to decrease inflammation, this course will provide methods that target the cause of the condition: the autoimmune component. By targeting and decreasing the body’s attack on itself, inflammation levels lower automatically and flare-ups decrease. And the best part of all: what you'll learn doesn't require you to go on strict elimination diets or take drugs with obvious long-term side effects!

On top of the course, you will also receive 3 amazing bonuses:

Gain lasting freedom from IBD with Sean Golden's Ultimate Freedom From Crohn’s and Colitis.