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Get out of debt for good.

If you are carrying perpetual debt, you know you're giving away a large chunk of each paycheck as an interest to the bank. It doesn’t have to stay this way. Follow the journey of one man’s desire to break the cycle of debt by completely paying off his $500,000+ debt, including his home mortgage, and becoming debt-free for life.

You will learn about:

Never let debt control you again with Dr. Cory S. Fawcett's The Doctors Guide to Eliminating Debt.

Never feel small again.

Jennifer Hadley has helped over 50,000 spiritual students to let go of the painful past and has more love in their lives. Jennifer shares how to get out of your head and into your loving heart so you can help be of greater service in the world.


Find your true power within with Jennifer Hadley's Self-Love, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem.

Take a time out with a mystic blend of nature sounds, Tibetan Bowls, and flute.

Immerse yourself into a blissful audio experience with the soothing sounds of large Tibetan Bowls.

Perfect for:

Find your inner harmony with Solala Towler's Boundless.

Start turning rejections into requests!

If rejection emails from agents and editors are clogging your inbox, or your beta-readers are giving you tepid reactions to your fiction, this is your solution to get noticed!

Grab an agent or editor's attention with Tom Leveen's How To Write Awesome Dialogue! For Fiction, Film, and Theatre with Bonus Material!

Tap into transformational meditations to re-align your energy toward inner peace, clarity of intention, and personal power.

These musical meditations are for any individual ready to live the life they have dreamed of. The music awakens your higher knowing, to bring all of your energy that is extended out into the world, back home to the self. This reclamation brings a feeling of calm and presence. Over time, you will feel the meditations gently guide you back to the greatness of who you are. You will start to experience:

Watch your life's journey unfold more clearly, with an understanding that you are the creator of your experience, and direct the outcome of daily events, with more ease and grace than ever before with Paul Armitage's "Meditations - Dreams Fulfilled."

Unwind, slip into sleep and wake up refreshed with these guided meditations.

Science says sleep is essential for healthy minds and bodies because lack of sleep can lead to death, dementia, and worsen stress-related conditions. These 9 meditations will help you unwind, fall asleep, and sleep well.

Say goodnight to sleeping troubles with Jens Boje's Guided Meditations for Deep Sleep.

End anxiety with Glenn Harrold's bestselling hypnotherapy and meditation titles and ebook bundle.

Praised by celebrities Lindsay Lohan and Naomie Harris for their supremely relaxing audio meditations, this bundle combines Glenn Harrold's powerful hypnotherapy techniques with state-of-the-art recording technology. The special background sound effects have been recorded in certain keys and frequencies to help enhance the meditation effect and guide you into a deep state of mental and physical relaxation.

Includes: Morning Meditation MP3, Mindfulness for Anxiety MP3, Overcome Anxiety MP3, Spiritual Healing MP3, Star Meditation MP3, 396 Hz Solfeggio Meditation MP3, The Ultimate Guide To Self Hypnosis eBook, and About The Solfeggio Scale eBook.


Find your inner peace with Glenn Harrold's Hypnotherapy & Meditation MP3 & eBook Bundle.

Leverage the power of music to improve your sleep.

Spoil yourself with one of the highly-rated audio courses on Insight Timer and discover how to use music to enhance your sleep and develop habits to improve sleep and your general well-being.

You'll get:

Create a beautiful, sleep-focused routine with Joseph Nimoh's Music As A Sleep Tool - Audio Course.

Indulge yourself with keto recipes to make all your cookie dreams come true!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with mouthwatering keto cookies that also keep your blood sugar in check! Browse recipes for Christmas cookies, soft & chewy cookies, crispy & crunchy cookies, chocolate cookies, fruity cookies or even savory biscuits! Includes 8 egg-free, 10 nut-free and 14 dairy-free options.

Here's what's inside:

Never say no to cookies again with Katrin Nürnberger's Keto Cookies - 35 Recipes For Every Day And The Holiday Season..

A practical and effective way to have a smiling heart and mind all day!

Inner peace is the key to outer peace, and the three much-loved audio downloads in this meditation package teach time-tested, effective techniques for healing, inspiration, and inner peace.

Immerse yourself in 20 tracks that include both guided meditations with relaxing music as well as pure, unguided music for reflection, healing, peace, and inspiration.

Practice of The Four Viharas (love; compassion; joy; peace) offers a path that has been tried and proven for over two thousand years to bring harmony to our feelings and daily lives. Part of the beauty of these techniques is that they can be carried out anywhere at any time. Regular practice of The Four Viharas will gradually transform your internal environment, healing and opening your heart to others and to all of life. It is especially powerful for transforming negative emotions, and cultivating both inner and outer peace.

OceanPrayer is a recording of original uplifting and meditative piano music, perfect for yoga, massage, and quiet contemplation. OceanPrayer rolls serenely through eight hauntingly touching pieces for solo piano. This album bears testimony that slow, relaxing music can also embody musical richness and vibrancy.

World Peace Meditations is especially created to use both during wakeful activities such as driving, as well as being excellent for relaxation and meditative inspiration. This Eight-fold Meditation created by Dr. Tuttle is for world peace for all of us, both inner and outer, and the eight meditations can be used individually or together.

Find your soul's inspiration with Dr. Will Tuttle's World Peace Meditation Package.