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Create content from your phone and market your side hustle like a pro with smart SEO.

If you have great ideas but don't know how to let the world know about them, these are the books for you. It is time to become the content creator and marketeer you always knew you could be. From content creation, and social media to SEO, these three books will help you bring your products and services to life and help you get found.

You'll get everything you need to:

Get the best exposure for your side hustles with Robb Wallace's 3 ebooks Smartphone Smart Marketing, SEO: A Layman's Guide, and 80 Plus Ideas to Market Your Business.

Discover how to travel the world and earn as a high-earning digital nomad.

This #1 bestselling book will transform the way you think about becoming a successful digital nomad. Learn directly from nomadic entrepreneur, Mike Swigunski who has helped build one of the fastest-growing companies in the USA from his laptop while visiting 100+ countries. If you have ever fantasized about a more fulfilling international career, this book will empower you to buy a one-way ticket to your dream destination, and further your career in ways you never thought possible!


Build a life of location and financial independence with Mike Swigunski's Global Career: How to Work Anywhere & Travel Forever.

Start and grow your own home-based business to six figures with Amazon.

Learn direct from the author how they grew their Amazon business to reach over $100,000 in sales per month and how you can do the same! The concepts in this book have helped thousands get their business off the ground and profitably sell on Amazon. Just follow the advice step-by-step, day-by-day, and you could be the next success story, working from home and bringing in a full-time income!

You’ll learn:

PLUS! Includes a bonus audiobook and jumpstart course to get you on the right track!

Use Amazon to build a full-time income with Jimmy Smith's Side Hustle to Full-Time Income: From $0 to $100k Per Month with Retail and Online Arbitrage.

Skip the MBA program and go straight to the launch of your successful business.

In a world of outdated entrepreneurship books and expensive MBA programs, this tactical guide combines inspirational examples of today’s entrepreneurs with practical steps you can immediately take to get results. You'll get everything you need to launch your business, including actionable advice from diverse Silicon-Valley entrepreneurs, strategic frameworks to shift your mindset to take action plus time-efficient how-to templates to launch and run your startup.

You'll learn how to:

Go from idea to funded with Anne Cocquyt's Dare to Launch - Mini MBA for First-Time Entrepreneurs.

Grab the guide to going low carb at the 25 most popular fast food chains in America.

This book is the culmination of hundreds of hours reviewing fast food menus and taste testing over 200 low carb fast food entrees over a 6 month period. Includes over 150 personally selected low carb and keto options at the most popular fast food chains in America.


Go fast and go keto with Brian B's Keto Fast Food Survival Guide.

Learn how to generate sustainable passive income and turn your monthly income into your weekly income!

In this award-winning book co-authored by Dr. John Gray (author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus), Marci Shimoff, and Raymond Aaron you will learn the powerful ‘4M’ system used by successful people and businesses to generate sustainable passive income streams.

You'll discover how to:

Live your life without limits with K. Raj Singh's The Authorities - K. Raj Singh: Control Money Before Money Controls You!

The steps to fix your finances and finally pay off your debt.

Have you been feeling anxious, worrying about paying just the minimum monthly payment on all your bills, or even quitting opening your mail? Living with all this fear and anxiety takes a toll on your physical and mental health, which can affect your relationships, your career, and your future. You don’t have to live like this.

Inside, you will discover:

End your financial burdens with Michael Steven's Getting Out Of Debt: Money Management: You Cannot Afford to Wait Any Longer: Rich or Poor, 9 Simple Rules to Clear Your Debts Faster, Rebuild Your Credit.

Stop stressing about payday and get on track with your finances with this simple to use paycheck budget planner.

Get rid of debt overwhelm and start taking back control of your finances

with a simple-to-follow budget that you create to suit your needs.

You will:

Get your finances back on track with Ashley Patrick's Budgets Made Easy Budget Planner.

Discover how to find the bestselling story idea already within you!

Uncover the ultimate step-by-step framework to guide you towards finding and developing ideas that aren’t just arbitrary or generalized, but have a genuine impact on your audience and contain themes and concepts that you can be passionate about.

You'll learn step-by-step how to:

Find your best story ideas with Alex Peart-Johnson's Big Ideas for Children's Books!: The Essential Guide to Developing Ideas of Impact for Your Next Bestselling Children’s Book.

The essential guide to the skills you need to write book children will love.

Get ready to write a book children will want to read over and over! Whether you write creative fiction or nonfiction, are a brand new author, or are a seasoned writer, this book will help you find a path forward and give you the tools to refresh your writing skills. Whether you intend to self-publish or plan to submit your manuscript to a traditional publisher or literary agent, make sure you have all the tools to present the best story possible.

You will learn to:

Master your storytelling skills with Bobbie Hinman's How to Master the Art of Writing Children's Books.