Get the business and life you’ve always dreamed of, increase your prosperity, and have fun!

If you run a client/service-based business, and exchange your time for money but don't have much of either, then TAKE YOUR SHOT is the book for you. ONLINE BUSINESS STARTUP is for those who want to start a business with access to all the knowledge an experienced entrepreneur wishes he had known when he started.

TAKE YOUR SHOT will teach you how to:


Quickly implement proven strategies that avoid all the noise with Robin Waite's Ebook Bundle - Take Your Shot + Online Business Startup.

Build a fit, highly functioning body that you can maintain even in old age.

Building a beautiful and fit body does not take endless hours in the gym. Two workouts a week that last less than 30 minutes produce such results. With good guidance for any level, you'll get the support you need to get in, do a workout and get out and have a life.

You'll learn:

Turn back the ravages of time with Gregg Hoffman's "Buff" After 40: Say No To The “Dad Bod” and Regain Your Youthful Vitality Without Committing Endless Hours in The Gym Using the Hystrength(sm) Training Program.

Get more sex (and less fighting) in your relationships with women!

Discover how to create emotional connection and trust with the woman in your life so you can have more sex and less fighting in your relationship.

You'll learn how to:

Get more of what you want from your relationship with Terah Harrison's Be Her Hero: Strategies for Building Trust and Connection

Discover how to get your energy back, feel your best, and lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks (without starving yourself or killing yourself in the gym).

If you've been struggling to lose weight and have a hard time following through on fitness programs, this will help you get in the best shape of your life and give you an unshakeable foundation for your fitness.

You'll pick up:

Get back in great shape with Rex Andrews's Executing Fitness Success: The Busy Man's Playbook To Getting Back In Shape Fast.

Unlock the confidence-building steps that take the stress out of dating online.

Dig into one of the world's only books on online dating written by a woman for men based on years of revamping client profiles and research from several leading sociological/psychological studies. The New York Times reports women on average swipe left 86% of the time. Swipeable was written to help you become a part of that 14%.


Get more matches with Camila Arri-Nudo's Swipeable: Avoid The 8 Mistakes Men Make On Dating Apps & Discover What Women Actually Want.

Avoid the dreaded 'Manopause' and start thriving again!

Have you struggled to get in shape, or tried and failed to follow fitness and diet plans that didn't suit your lifestyle? In just 4 weeks, you will build all the health and fitness habits you need to start getting a body shape you're proud of and boost testosterone, strength, and muscle while decreasing belly fat and stress levels! With this exact roadmap, you can take back control of your health, fitness, testosterone levels, and body shape to regain body confidence, energy, and libido.


PLUS! A FREE bonus 15-minute online chat with the author, to get all your questions answered regarding how to overcome the specific hurdles YOU face in YOUR life that have stopped you previously from getting in shape.

Get the body shape and health you've been looking for with Chris Davidson's The 4-Week Manopause Dodger.

Discover how your money stories affect your behavior.

Learn the truth about how your personal history, ancestry, and environment as a Woman of Color play a role in your money habits plus get help to build a financial wellness plan with access to insightful weekly money practices and strategies to guide you to unravel and understand your money story.

You'll learn about:

Understand your money story with Eugenie George's Our Money Stories: A Six Week No B.S. Holistic Financial Wellness Plan.

Discover the money-management system that has the power to create a massive flow of money into your life.

Unlike other books that contain general guidelines and motivational pep talks, this book shows you step-by-step exactly what to do and how to go about it. And doing it is easy. In fact, it’s fun. And you don't need any money to start, either!

Inside, you'll get:

“The two-prong method” - the most powerful money-management system ever devised.

Discover the secret to making your money dreams come true with Victor Boc's How to Solve All Your Money Problems Forever: Creating a Positive Flow of Money into Your Life.

Learn step-by-step how to save for travel and make it a financial priority in your life.

After reading this book, you'll discover how to incorporate saving for travel in your budget, why you need a travel fund and ways to take control of your finances to plan your next adventure.

You'll learn:

Make travel a priority with Danielle Desir Corbett's Affording Travel: Saving Strategies For Financially Savvy Travelers.

Go boss mode with the skills to stop reacting, get out of your own head, make better decisions, and become more effective.

Discover how to stop reacting, get out of your own head, make better decisions, and perform at a higher level. This bundle includes the Think Like A CEO e-book, audiobook, and 5-day challenge. So whether you like reading, listening, or watching, you'll have everything you need to help you start mastering the mental game needed to be a highly effective CEO.

You'll learn how to:

Do it like a boss with Byron Morrison's Think Like A CEO Bundle.