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Discover how to reframe your thoughts, create an empowering morning routine, and get time on your side!

This workbook is for women who are ready to take back control of their life and health by starting with who they are and where they are. Whether they’re feeling lost, overwhelmed, or simply want to live with more intention, this 12-month workbook provides the tools and framework to create self-awareness, manage your mind effectively, and set holistic and meaningful goals aligned with who you are, your values, time, and dreams.

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Set holistic goals with Christina Ayala’s It’s all About YOU! An annual workbook for self-awareness, mind management, and goal setting to find your answers within yourself.

Get a storytelling edge by learning the eight writing crafts and the secrets of how to engage readers.

Most books on writing specialize in one, two, or three writing crafts, this award-winning book gives a structured overview of all eight writing crafts. Great for both aspiring writers and writers who are a few years into their writing journey and might like a compass though the writing weeds.

Explore new writing territories, including:

Get a solid grip on storytelling with Stefan Emunds’s The Eight Crafts of Writing: The Map of Storytelling.

Unlock depth and intrigue in your stories with the ultimate A-Z guide to character fears.

Packed with over 777 fears, this comprehensive ebook and workbook is designed to help you weave fear into your characters, and enrich your storytelling with authenticity and depth.

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Deepen your character development with Linda Toms’s A Writers Guide to Character Fears Bundle.

Discover simple, tried-and-true steps to heighten the romantic tension in your novels.

Get ready to uncover the secrets to creating romantic tension in today’s inspirational/sweet markets with humor and heart. Filled with tips to ramp up the WOW factor in romance that is both sweet and swoon-worthy, you’ll explore tried-and-true methods with before and after examples.

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Intensify your romance writing with Julie Lessman’s Romance-ology 101: Writing Romantic Tension for the Inspirational and Sweet Markets.

Discover how to bring your story to life with vivid imagery.

Unlock the full potential of your storytelling with this concise guide. Designed for authors seeking to refine their craft, this guide offers practical techniques to vividly bring your narrative to life. Learn to effectively use setting, description, and voice to transform your writing from flat to captivating.


Revolutionize your writing journey with Tristi Pinkston’s Setting, Description, and Voice: The Write It Right Series.

Create a clear business map with common sense copy!

Discover the keys to persuasive communication that’s ideal for newly launching entrepreneurs, established companies seeking message clarity, and seasoned professionals in need of business guidance. Based on years of practical experience, this guide offers a down-to-earth approach, emphasizing that there are no absolute rights, wrongs, or rules in the business world—only a multitude of opinions, options, strategies, and suggestions.

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Empower yourself with common sense and watch your messages thrive with Marilyn Messik’s Common Sense Copywriting for Your Business.

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Turn your entrepreneurial wisdom into a book that makes waves!

Discover the playbook to become a self-published thought leader in your field. From jotting down your first idea to nailing the marketing, you’ll be walked through it all step-by-step. Dive in and you’ll learn how to write your book, make it look good, get it in front of people, and even make some cash along the way.


Make an impact with Rae Stonehouse’s Share What You Know: Writing and Self-Publishing for Entrepreneurs

Get the complete guide to SEO for authors, from keyword research to technical improvements to your website.

If you are selling books directly to customers, looking for new clients for author services you provide, or just want a stronger web presence, this guide is for you.

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Keep your web visitors coming back for more with Troy Lambert’s The Pocket Guide to SEO for Authors