Turn your entrepreneurial wisdom into a book that makes waves!

Discover the playbook to become a self-published thought leader in your field. From jotting down your first idea to nailing the marketing, you’ll be walked through it all step-by-step. Dive in and you’ll learn how to write your book, make it look good, get it in front of people, and even make some cash along the way.


Make an impact with Rae Stonehouse’s Share What You Know: Writing and Self-Publishing for Entrepreneurs

Get the complete guide to SEO for authors, from keyword research to technical improvements to your website.

If you are selling books directly to customers, looking for new clients for author services you provide, or just want a stronger web presence, this guide is for you.

You’ll learn how to:

Keep your web visitors coming back for more with Troy Lambert’s The Pocket Guide to SEO for Authors

Learn how to use ChatGPT to save you time and money on your blog posts, email newsletter, and other nonfiction content.

For beginners and experts! These guides will teach you how to use ChatGPT in your business. It is for creative professionals such as nonfiction writers and content marketers. You won’t believe how easy it is to train AI to write in your voice!

Create high-quality content in a fraction of the time with J. Thorn’s ChatGPT Book Bundle for Nonfiction Writers

Earn a full-time income as a part-time freelance copywriter with this ultimate guide to securing well-paid jobs.

There is no reason to start at the bottom or “pay your dues” for years. Good and even average writers are in great demand if you know where to look. Turn your writing skills into a six-figure-a-year income and ensure profitability from the beginning.

You’ll learn:

Start your profitable freelance copywriting career with Louise Lloyd-Thomas’ How Writers Make Money.

Create characters that stay with your audience long after the story is over.

Dive into an intriguing mix of theory and exercises designed to help you to take your character writing to the next level.

Make your characters unforgettable with Mark Boutros’s The Craft of Character: How to create deep and engaging characters your audience will never forget.

Learn how the pros on both sides of television’s complex notes process deal with the give and take dynamic – based on the viral PDF that shook the industry!

Get help to not only brace for the inevitable notes rounds on your work, but help you to understand the obfuscated motivation behind the notes.

You’ll get:

Come off like a pro in the notes process with Troy DeVolld’s AND ANOTHER THING: A Beginner’s Guide to the Television Notes Process.

Learn how to get the basic concept of your story right, so it has the most chance to succeed in the marketplace.

Writers tend to rush past the idea stage too quickly because they want to “start writing.” But the idea stage is where all the magic happens, and can make or break a book’s success.

Inside, you’ll get the keys to story success from an Emmy and Golden Globe award winning writer-producer (of HBO Band of Brothers fame) with a list of 7 critical elements, and how to make sure your project has them.

Give your story idea the best treatment for success with Erik Bork’s “THE IDEA: The Seven Elements of a Viable Story for Screen, Stage, or Fiction”.

Discover 12 creative archetypes to unlock your creativity and authentic voice.

Deepen your understanding of your creative flow and expand your self-expression with creative archetypes. These cover the whole spectrum of the creative world described in detail, showcasing their abilities and vulnerabilities. Whether you’re a beginner or a lifelong creative, you’ll discover which creative archetypes can support you in unlocking new levels of your creativity and authentic voice.


Unlock new levels of creativity with Camilla Fellas Arnold’s Meet Your Creative Archetype

Grab readers from the first page with this killer first-chapter formula.

Inside this go-to guide for aspiring authors, you’ll learn how to craft irresistible opening chapters that hook readers fast.

You’ll get:

PLUS! Get a BONUS checklist to ensure your first chapter’s success.

with Ella Barnard’s How to Write a First Chapter That Sells

Get a head start on your creative writing journey.

Kickstart your creative writing adventure with our comprehensive guide, especially for new writers who want to learn about the world of storytelling. From exploring genres to mastering word counts, this guide is your roadmap to writing with confidence and clarity.


Become a confident storyteller with Kevin Berry’s Creative Writing for Beginners