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Learn how to become a well-paid freelance writer in 60 days, even if you have no experience, qualifications or contacts.

This essential ebook will teach you everything you need to know to go from zero to paid for your writing within 60 days, even if you have no writing qualifications or experience!

You will learn:

Give yourself the freedom to earn from your writing with Aisha Preece's How to Become a Freelance Writer (In 60 Days).

Access the ultimate 15 day keto meal plan program.

Get your body burning fat fast with these gluten-free and sugar-free keto recipes. Most dishes are plant-based, and each recipe has vegan or dairy-free alternatives.


Keep it simple with Julie Van den Kerchove's Julie's Lifestyle Keto Made Easy Meal Plan.

Grab the guide to going low carb at the 25 most popular fast food chains in America.

This book is the culmination of hundreds of hours reviewing fast food menus and taste-testing over 200 low-carb fast-food entrees over a 6 month period. Includes over 150 personally selected low carb and keto options at the most popular fast-food chains in America.


Go fast and go keto with Brian B's Keto Fast Food Survival Guide.

Indulge yourself with keto recipes to make all your cookie dreams come true!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with mouthwatering keto cookies that also keep your blood sugar in check! Browse recipes for Christmas cookies, soft & chewy cookies, crispy & crunchy cookies, chocolate cookies, fruity cookies or even savory biscuits! Includes 8 egg-free, 10 nut-free and 14 dairy-free options.

Here's what's inside:

Never say no to cookies again with Katrin Nürnberger's Keto Cookies - 35 Recipes For Every Day And The Holiday Season..

The beginner's guide to ease into the keto lifestyle with success.

Discover how you can improve your health, energy, and happiness through a ketogenic lifestyle. Along with being an excellent diet for weight loss and managing type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome, there's mounting evidence that a keto lifestyle can improve heart health, neurological function and reduce the risks of cancer.

The subjects are organized based on what we think you’ll want to know first, including:

Get on the path to your best, healthful life with Mister Mojo's Keto-Mojo Beginners Guide to Keto.

How to gain control of the mind to realize eternal truths.

The mind is a powerful tool capable of great creativity and invention. But, when used improperly, the mind can also become an instrument of suffering. When the mind finds its proper place the heart is revealed and, with the heart, joy.

This book will:

Reach spiritual illumination with Solomon Katz's Beauty as a State of Being: Mastering Mind and the Spiritual Path.

Access practical solutions to experience peace, joy and fulfillment on your life's journey.

True happiness and fulfillment depend on integrating our spiritual nature with our human existence - which means we need a clear understanding of both.

Understanding this can radically shift the perspectives that determine your reality, allowing you to engage in a fulfilling and joyful experience - here and now.

The intention of this book is to explain spiritual and human nature in a down-to-earth, relatable way and give you the information necessary to get in the game of life and enjoy it!

This book provides you with:

Change your reality with Glenn Ambrose's Down To Earth: The Spiritual Being's Guide to a Happy, Human Experience.

Explore 18 worthwhile side hustles you can start today, even if you've never done it before.
Prepare to land on your great side hustle idea by exploring the 5 factors that make up a great side hustle, gain confidence in your business, plus explore 18 worthwhile side hustles you can start today.
This handbook helps you find your big idea plus gives you ways you can take action to strategically start and grow your side hustle. Grab this handbook if you are thinking about starting a side hustle, or if you've already started and you want to set yourself up for faster growth.

What's covered:

Get your successful side hustle on with Ben Hawes's ""Handbook: How to Find and Start Your Side Hustle".

Get a clear path to promoting and selling your products and services, without cheesy marketing tactics, even if you are experienced in side hustles.
Miracle checklists or over-the-top sales and marketing tactics don’t work, and this book will show you why. Instead, access the rock-solid ways to effortlessly connect with your prospects, engage with them, nurture relationships, build trust and convert them into buyers—and loyal, lifelong customers.
By the time you reach the last page you'll know:

Pave your way to long term success with Eli Natoli's "The Service First Framework: My not-so-secret secret to thriving as an entrepreneur".

Discover how easy it can be to make great-looking designs for Merch By Amazon and book covers for KDP.
Print on demand and self-publishing businesses are super hot right now and you can get in with a little design help from this guide that shows how easy it can be to create designs for print-on-demand platforms.
Learn how to quickly and easily make great-looking designs for your print-on-demand or self-publishing businesses. Beginners will learn the basics of great designs, and more advanced readers will discover tips and tricks to get the most out of today's online design software.

What's inside this best-selling guide:

Boost your design confidence with Chris Green's "The Ultimate Guide To Stencil for Print On Demand, Merch By Amazon, and Kindle Direct Publishing".