Master your money in just 4 minutes a day.

Move towards your financial freedom with this collection of 44 short, daily lessons sourced from the world’s leading money experts and investors. In just 4 minutes a day, you’ll rethink money from the ground up, build better financial habits, and learn to invest wisely. Each lesson comes with a short, realistic action item you can complete quickly without feeling overwhelmed. You’ll also get several free bonuses, including a curated list of the world’s best finance books, a cheat sheet of all action steps, and a directory of useful tools and resources.

You’ll learn:

Make real measurable progress towards financial independence with Niklas Göke's The 4 Minute Millionaire

Say goodbye to the chaos in your life with this gentle how-to guide that will help you get organized and clutter-free!

This is the ultimate guide to learning how to relax and unwind so that you may change your life for the better and learn to be truly happy!

You will learn how to:

PLUS! How your diet can affect your well-being and the benefits of practicing meditation and gratitude daily

Cultivate your calm, chaos-free environment with Spencer Coffman's Relax And Unwind

Get good with your money with this creative step-by-step how-to guide that uses one unique idea, one system, and one action at a time.

If you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck and feeling stuck when it comes to your finances then it's time to start hacking! You only need 3 things to succeed: a willingness to learn, a willingness to take action, and a creative idea. If you have the former, this book provides 101 of the latter! And it only takes ONE idea to gain (net worth) momentum. This is not a stuffy charts and numbers book. It doesn’t even tell you to budget! This is an idea, creative thinking, and action book. In the end, you’ll be convinced that when it comes to your money, you can indeed hack it!

You’ll learn how to:

Increase your net worth the creative way with Frankie Calkins's Money, You Can Hack It

Learn how to buy your first stock in 7 days using this simple and easy-to-understand method.

If you're trying to figure out how to start investing, where to start investing, and what stocks to invest in because you know your job and savings are not going to give you the financial freedom you deserve, then this framework is the answer you've been looking for.

You'll learn how to:

PLUS! You'll get 5 bonuses: Instant Access to How to Buy Your First Stock in 7 Days Blueprint, Full Access to How to Double Your Money in the Stock Market Training, Instant Access to The Insider's Net Worth Spreadsheet, Access to The Beginner Investor's Stock Research Bible, Full Access to The Investment Apps Decoded, Instant Access to the Brokerage Account Survival Guide: Every Beginner Investor Needs

Become a confident investor able to buy their first stock with Ashley Fox's How to Buy Your First Stock in 7 Days Guide.

Discover how Web3 gives content creators more freedom, better monetization methods, and protection against IP and identity theft.

Developers are busy creating the tools to usher in the next great age of the World Wide Web and early adopters already have a head start. Content creators should not get left behind. Now is the perfect time to gain an understanding of Web3 tools and how decentralization will benefit you as you position your personal brands in the emerging World Wide Web.

You'll learn:

Gain more control over your content, better monetization models, and more freedom with Allen Taylor's Web3 Social: How Creators Are Changing the World Wide Web

The fun, fast way to go from story inspiration to a novel-worthy plan!

Are you planning a novel or struggling with story problems due to a lack of pre-writing on your current work-in-progress? Help is here!
This downloadable pdf is a beautiful, relaxing workbook created to walk you through expanding your story inspiration and turning it into something novel-worthy.

You'll get instructions and prompts on:

Open the doors to your story-crafting creativity with Sarah Siedenburg's Before the First Draft: The Plantster's Guide to Pre-Writing

Learn over 500 lessons from a prolific writer, so that you reach your publishing goals.

Finish your next book with confidence, using these practical and concise tips learned by M.L. Ronn over the course of writing more than 60 books. 

You’ll learn:

PLUS! An exclusive copy of The Self-Publishing Resource Guide, with 20+ book recommendations and YouTube videos

Find out how to write, publish and market a self-published book with Michael La Ronn's The Self-Publishing Advice Compendium

Solve your character-related issues so that readers fall in love.

Stop struggling with two-dimensional characters, inconsistent points of view, too-much backstory, stale dialogue, or lack of voice by analyzing, spotting problems, and fixing them before you publish.

You'll discover how to:

Learn to craft compelling characters, solid points of view, and strong voices readers will love with Janice Hardy's Fixing Your Character and Point of View Problems

Think strategically about becoming a content creator.

Practical advice for getting started, finding a niche, and setting realistic expectations for yourself as you get started as a content creator. Also included is a recommendation list of free or inexpensive tools, perfect for beginners.

Compile strategies that will:

Get started in the world of content creation now with Nate Ciraulo's First Steps: Becoming a Content Creator and Next Steps: Approach Content Creation Strategically

Grow your personal brand and navigate the influencer path from start to finish.

As a micro-influencer, your impact is a hot commodity, and you need a step-by-step process to ensure your financial freedom. Success as an influencer is a replicable formula if you follow a strategic plan.

You'll learn how to:

Master the art of self-marketing on social media and land brand partnerships to grow your income, following, and brand with Ashleigh Warren's The Micro-Influencer’s Brand Partnership Bible