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Turn Your Gut Health Into a Lifestyle With This Simple to Follow Guide.

Healing your gut isn't just about what you eat-it's a whole way of life. Mind Your Gut Health is the holistic guide you need to succeed, combining a step-by-step program and a premium cookbook. With over 70 easy-to-follow recipes, adaptable to vegan, vegetarian and meat-eaters alike, you'll be on the path to recovery in no time.

With this guide, you'll:

Mind Your Gut Health is also suitable for families working with autoimmune disease.

50 delicious, gut health-focused recipes the whole family will love!
Eating to support a healthy gut is crucial for overall mental and physical wellbeing. If you are new to gut health, this is the perfect place to begin. Packed with information and practical, delicious, family-friendly recipes that will take you through from breakfast to dinner, plus treats and snacks, you'll be on your way to a happy gut in no time!
You'll get:

Make it enjoyable, fun and delicious with Nena Foster's "Family Gut Nutrition Recipe eBook".

Revitalize your gut into great health with this easy-to-follow plan.
Across the US, 80% have poor-to-downright-bad guts. Bad guts have been known to be the underlying cause of much of what ails us today, including cancer, diabetes, and even COVID!
With over 30 years of experience successfully counseling clients and even more creating educational programs, Dietitian Jill knows how to mix the right batter of information, story, fact, and easy-to-follow steps to help you get great immunity, weight, health, calm, and overall great life.
You'll get plenty of:

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Get the best "shot in the arm" for what ails you with Jill Place's "Dietitian Jill's Good Gut Plan".

Discover the 9 funnels top online experts use to double and even triple conversions.
Access the tools to build and scale conversion funnels into your business that can turn every $1 spent on advertising into $3 - $5…week after week and month after month.

You'll gain access to:

Get the conversions you want for your business with David Nadler's "The Perfect Conversion Funnel".

Get the proven six-step process used by successful entrepreneurs to build multi-million dollar startups.
Imagine owning a business you love that generates consistent wealth and mostly runs itself. In this complete guide, you'll learn how to go from idea to systemized company as quickly and easily as humanly possible.
This book is not for the stereotypical Silicon Valley-type of a startup that gets millions in venture capital. This book is for “the rest of us”—the 99% of entrepreneurs who bootstrap and start real businesses.

Whether you have a business now or are looking for an idea to start one, this book will quickly take you through the process of perfecting and growing your business, including how to get out of your own way and even take a vacation.

Discover how to:

Learn all the steps to startup success with Matt Knee's "Startups Made Simple: How to Start, Grow and Systemize Your Dream Business".

40+ delicious recipes for busy families on the go from a food expert who knows.
Get your printable/digital collection of over 40 healthy family friendly recipes curated by the Becca Ludlum, owner of MyCrazyGoodLife.com.

This fantastic bundle includes:

Plus! Exclusive to this Super Stack you'll also get "Delicious Dinner Recipes" which includes 15 additional recipes that can be cooked on the stove, in the slow cooker, or in an electric pressure cooker.

Eat healthier and cook more at home with Becca Ludlum's ""Family Favorite Recipes & Healthy Slow Cooker Meals Bundle".

Stay young, vital, healthy & happy with these powerful anti-aging foods.
When used right, certain foods and herbs can safely and effectively boost your virility and vitality. Through scientific scrutiny, the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of their enhancing nature are now understood, while other foods have simply proven themselves over time.
Find out which foods, when, and how much you need to eat to improve your health and happiness.
Inside, you'll uncover the secrets to:

Unlock the secrets to longevity, happiness and good health with Ellen Kamhi's "Keys to Virility and Vitality".

Discover mindfulness techniques with self-discovery writing exercises that create greater self-awareness, inner peace, and focus.
Explore a powerful writing technique that reveals the hidden beliefs, themes, and stories that shape your life. If you are seeking greater self-awareness, inner alignment, and focus, this workbook will help you identify patterns, discover personal truths, and address limiting beliefs that are in the way, so your unique perspective can be revealed and elevated.
Make writing a creative outlet, a self-care practice, and a tool for personal growth and gain:

This newly updated 2021 workbook is available exclusively through this Super Stack!
Express yourself in writing and find true authenticity with GG Renee Hill's "Writing the Layers Self-Discovery Workbook".

Discover the gentle alternatives to heal trauma without having to talk about it.

An estimated seven out of ten people will experience a trauma, but for many trauma survivors, traditional talk therapy is either ineffective or too stigmatized to even attempt. How To Heal provides alternative therapies to help you understand what trauma is, how it affects your life, and how you can heal without having to relive it again in talk therapy.

These integrative therapies can be powerful additions to your or your loved one's trauma healing journey:

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Break the bonds of trauma with Jessi Beyer's "How To Heal: A Practical Guide To Nine Natural Therapies You Can Use To Release Your Trauma."