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April 25th - April 27th, 2024
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Book Profits Accelerator LIVE! Is The Only Event For Authors To Learn How To…

Stand out in a crowded market

Grow your revenue faster than on your own

Increase success by using up-to-date marketing techniques

Avoid burnout with scalable systems

So You Can Stop Relying On Out-Dated Methods That No Longer Work To Predictably Grow Your Author Business.

Say "goodbye" to...

Dancing and pointing on reels or Tiktoks 
Spending thousands on unreliable ads 
Wasting hours a day "hustling" on social media 
Staying undiscovered by your ideal readers

Leading experts in the publishing world are coming together live online to share exclusive tools, systems and actionable strategies on how to grow a profitable author business in 2023.


Book Profits Accelerator LIVE! isn’t some boring, stuffy “writers conference”...

It’s an intense, ENERGIZING 3-Day JOURNEY... that will inspire you to grow beyond your expectations!

Each day you’ll be greeted by our very own Cary Richards who will inspire you and create a powerful LEARNING environment where you can focus and make the most from what you learn in each session.

Each topic is chosen for a very specific purpose, and each presentation fits perfectly into a carefully weaved journey that we will take you on over the course of 3 days...

There is something for EVERY author at this event, no matter WHERE you’re at in your journey.

By the end of this online event, you’ll walk away knowing the exact next steps you need to take to nail your messaging, use marketing strategies that are working now, and monetize your author business.



Your future readers are already looking for you.

Get the blueprint on how to attract potential readers on demand by crafting a captivating message and creating a magnetic author brand so that everything you do has more impact.

1. Know exactly who your potential readers are (and where to find them)

2. Create messaging that attracts readers to your content​

3. Make readers crave more of your writing



You can't succeed using last year’s tactics.

Predictably generate leads and sales with up-to-date marketing strategies and proven frameworks so you don't waste time on marketing that doesn’t work anymore.

1. Ditch the old exhausting ways and embrace new ones that work

2. Drive more traffic with less effort

3. Eliminate the guesswork from your marketing



Fast track your reach, royalities, and revenue.

Learn the most powerful author business strategies, so you can maximize your ROI and grow your profit.

1. Expand your reach with scalable strategies

2. Turn your appearances into sales opportunities

3. Discover unknown sources of revenue for quick cash injections

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Meet The Team Behind Book Profits Accelerator LIVE!

Cary Richards and wifeCary Richards race driver

Cary Richards

Entrepreneur, indie author, grandfather, and vintage open wheel road racer.

Cary spent years in the trenches of the corporate sales world. All the while dreaming of one day becoming his own boss. Several years ago, setting out on a mission of discovery, Cary began searching for a way to become a full-time internet entrepreneur. After a very steep learning curve and several dead ends, opportunity finally met with preparation and was born.

Today, Cary is focused and passionate about bringing high quality teaching, information and resources to those searching for a way to fulfill their dreams without breaking the bank. He lives in the Pacific Northwest of the US with his wife Jeannie and competes with the “Infostack RF 81 Van Diemen Formula Ford” in vintage races up and down the west coast.

Tom Morkes

Author, publisher, Father, Husband, and homesteading enthusiast.

Tom Morkes is the founder of Insurgent Publishing, author of "The Art of Instigating," "The Complete Guide to Pay What You Want Pricing" and "Collaborate," and host of the iconic podcast “In The Trenches,” where he interviews today’s most fascinating marketers, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, including: Dr. Jordan Peterson, Seth Godin, and John Jantsch among many others.

Tom is a sought after marketing and growth consultant who has helped his clients reach the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists, set the record for the most-funded, non-fiction publishing project in Kickstarter history, and generate millions in sales online.

Tom is a West Point grad and Iraq War veteran who spent 5 years as a commissioned officer in the US Army before making the plunge into writing, publishing, and entrepreneurship. When Tom isn’t helping brands and businesses grow their profit, he spends his time with his family, working outside on his mountain homestead, and enjoying nature.

Lise Cartwright

Best Selling Author, Creative Business Strategist, and Book Profits Accelerator Head Coach.

Lise has published over 35 books and generates 10-20 leads per day without running ads, all through leveraging her books and relationship marketing.

Her speciality lies in being able to help authors and creative entrepreneurs maximize and leverage their books and businesses beyond anything they could imagine.

Lise has worked with over 2,000 authors personally to help them optimize their books into lead and cash-generating machines.
Tom Leveen

Tom Leveen

Best Selling, Award-Winning Author, and Book Profits Accelerator Head Fiction Coach.

Tom is the author of nine novels with imprints of Random House, Simon & Schuster, Abrams, and Sky Horse. He has published two books on writing and two horror novels.

His novel Hellworld is a Bram Stoker Award finalist. Zero was an ALA/YALSA Best Book of 2013. Sick won the Westchester Fiction Award and the Grand Canyon Reader Award. In addition to several books being translated into Korean and German, he adapted his novel Random into a stage play which then won second place in a German-language script competition.

Tom also enjoyed writing and plotting five issues of the comic book series Spawn with Todd McFarlane.
Book Profits Accelerator LIVE! 2024 starts in...
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