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Drive Your Author Career to New Heights, Tap into Reader Demand, and Generate Book Sales Consistently

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Maximize Your Book's Reach, Visibility, and Profitability

Build an impactful author business that generates new readers, consistently and predictably
Learn, grow and scale with the help of our expert “Impact Author Sherpas” (who will be there with you every step of the way)
See results quickly with proven templates and resources
100% “No Quit” Guarantee: No author left behind!

It’s easy to dream about having a successful career as an author…

About focusing on ‘only the writing’ as your books get magically discovered and fly off the shelves, without you having to shamelessly "hustle" for sales…

But if you've published a book (or spoken to writers who have) you know that marketing takes a lot of time and energy, and the dream of success can get crushed under the weight of marketing overwhelm…

The truth is, it doesn’t have to *just* be a dream…

Every day authors just like you are generating book sales in a way that doesn’t involve:

  • Feeling embarrassed about dancing and pointing on social media
  • Burning out from trying to do ‘all the things’ you think you should be
  • Wasting time on outdated strategies that no longer work
  • Throwing money away on paid advertising that isn’t getting you results

Take advantage of proven knowledge, techniques, and tools to
market your book effectively and efficiently,
without wasting time or money

Newer authors getting ready to publish their first books often wonder if this system will work for them…

… well here’s proof it does!

The foundational system and strategy we teach in Book Profits Accelerator are responsible for NYT, WSJ, and USA Today bestselling book launches. The below image is a screenshot of a KDP dashboard, showing the first two weeks of sales, when a brand new author became a bestselling author using our system.

From $0 to more than $5000!

screenshot showing impact of the Book Profits Accelerator principles during book launch to bestsellerScreenshot showing impact of the Book Profits Accelerator principles during book launch to bestseller
Jerry was struggling to make any money with his writing. He didn’t know how to market his books and was feeling pretty discouraged. After taking the Book Profits Accelerator program, he saw a HUGE turnaround and is excited for what the future holds. Jerry learned how to effectively market his book and within just a few months, he increased sales by 2000%!

“I know, if I put more effort, it'll go much higher - it used to be zero!”

Jerry Rogers

This is what happens when you have the right tools and strategies to succeed.

“I just really want to tell you what a great program we've got. I got a lot out of it and enjoyed Lise and Tom and it’s just fantastic. It’s really an original approach. You're tackling a big question that I had… just how do you grow your book sales?

I write fiction and I'm confident that I can get to 20,000 sales at least using your influencer approach.”
~Pamela Blake
“Book Profits Accelerator provided great tools that were a lot easier than when I was in project management. I really enjoyed the Trello board, it was really cool. The Trello board is awesome.

I'm still seeing the fruits of what I've done through to Book Profits Accelerator, because I still get emails that ask hey, what's the next book coming out?”
~Jerry Rogers
“The older I get, the harder it is becoming even just to write a simple email. So the templates that the program provides. Oh my gosh, it’s like a godsend.”
~Robin Glassey
“The older I get, the harder it is becoming even just to write a simple email. So the templates that the program provides. Oh my gosh, it’s like a godsend.”
~Robin Glassey

Impact Your Readers and Build An Author Business That Fuels Your Lifestyle!

You’re here now, which puts you one step ahead of other authors. You have the chance to learn and implement the Book Profits Accelerator system that will help you elevate your author business & brand and make your dream of being a successful author come to life.

Impact Authors Increase Their Reach, Impact And Profit From Their Writing

We work closely with each student to design an individual plan that optimizes your book marketing program so that it aligns perfectly with the goals and objectives of your author business.

Book Profit Accelerator growth

Avoid The Usual Traps!

Comprehensive Instruction, Coaching & Accountability
As We Walk You Step By Step Through
The Book Profits Accelerator
Marketing System

Week 1- 4

Lay the Groundwork for a Successful Author Business
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Develop a solid author brand that resonates with your target audience so that you can establish a strong and recognizable presence in the market
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Craft a compelling author bio that showcases your expertise and unique voice so that readers are eager to read your work
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Build an email list of dedicated fans who can't wait to hear from you and anxiously await every new release
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Establish a social media presence that showcases your books and connects with readers, builds a community of loyal followers, and generates buzz around your writing
Welcome to

Week 5 - 8

Expand Your Reach and Build Your Community
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Identify and connect with target readers who are passionate about your genre to build a dedicated fan base filled with loyal readers
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Cultivate relationships with book bloggers, bookstagrammers, and other influencers in your niche so that you can tap into their existing audiences
Infostack item
Learn how to leverage social media and online platforms to connect with readers and promote your books, to amplify your reach to a wider circle of potential readers
Infostack item
Develop a system for reaching out to potential endorsers and reviewers to extend your discoverability to more readers
Infostack item
Create a buzz around your book that generates interest, excitement and great anticipation for your books
Welcome to

Week 9 - 12

Launch Your First Campaign Like a Pro and Start Making Sales
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Create a campaign that maximizes exposure and generates sales
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Set up effective systems for tracking sales and ROI so that you never have to wonder if your efforts are paying off again
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Establish a system for maintaining momentum and generating ongoing sales, over and over again
Welcome to
Here's what you’ll get

A Pre Cohort Group Orientation Call

Welcome to the program!

Let’s make sure you have everything you need - materials and mindset - to make Book Profits Accelerator 2.0 a huge success for you.
You will start your journey with a 1-on-1 Impact Author Roadmap call with Head Coach Lise Cartwright to craft a custom marketing strategy based on your strengths, goals and genre.

You’ll get a program custom designed and based on your goals that fits your Author Business Profile and that gives you the exact steps and processes, tools, training, and resources to help you breathe new life into an existing book (or series), or help you successfully launch a brand new book. Then you move on to...

12 Weeks Of The Live Fiction Author Mastermind

(Mondays) With head coach Lise Cartwright
Lise walks you step by step through the Book Profit Accelerator System and helps you create your first custom author collaboration and/or influencer marketing campaign.

Because this is a ‘system’, you can use it over and over again for all your books and other online business initiatives.

12 Weeks Of The Live Fiction Author Mastermind

Led by best selling fiction author and Bram Stoker Award finalist, Tom Leveen

Tom gives fiction authors the unique perspective of a top fiction author who is certified as a Book Profits Accelerator coach

12 Weeks Of Live Office Hours

These office hours are facilitated by Book Profits Accelerator certified coaches and
sometimes a guest appearance by Tom Morkes or another successful IMPACT AUTHOR

This is the perfect opportunity every single week to check in, ask questions, get clarity and leave with confidence that you’re taking all the right actions.

Lifetime Access To The Recordings And Materials

Use the system again and again, with easy access to past info as you progress with each book.

Impact Author Outreach Dashboard

Custom Trello Board where you’ll be able to track, organize, and scale your IMPACT AUTHOR outreach campaigns - never look like an amateur again

24 - 7 Access To The Community

You can send a text message and a Book Profits Accelerator coach will respond within 48 business hours, because sometimes you need help fast.

Premium Hard Copy Workbook And Physical Printouts

We’re making it easier for you to get faster results. Use the printouts and workbook to keep track of your progress as you go through the trainings.

Transform Your Writing Career and Become an IMPACT AUTHOR with Book Profits Accelerator

I have this confidence now, and more connections because of doing this one event. I love having done this program. And having put it into practice I can now say that I know how to do this.

The older I get, the harder it is becoming even just to write a simple email. So the templates that the program provides. Oh my gosh, it’s like a godsend.
-Robin Glassey
Book Profits Accelerator Graduate
I think the reciprocation has finally come around and he's going to do a big newsletter swap with me for my cozy mystery series. BPA was the reason I went out and made those connections and I mean, that's just one connection. So yeah, it's been quite a ride.

And, and then, of course, my email list is the other thing that BPA has really skyrocketed. I wouldn't have an email list at all, if it weren't for BPA
-Claire Fulton
Book Profits Accelerator Graduate
This is the first program I've ever taken where I can walk away and say I got more than I paid for.
-Patti Hornstra
Book Profits Accelerator Graduate

"With Tom’s help, I hit the New York Times bestseller list on my first try".

Neil Patel is a New York Times Bestselling author. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies.

Neil Patel
Neil Patel is a New York Times Bestselling author. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies.
Jesse Krieger

“Before hiring Tom, my biggest concern was whether or not we'd get a critical mass of promotional partners on board. Fortunately, that fear did not materialize. With Tom’s help, we got commitments from upwards of 70 influencers, and even some companies that explored sponsorship opportunities. This ultimately resulted in 60 plus partners...which resulted in close to 10,000 new subscribers, and more than 400 sales [over a 3 week launch window]. If you are looking for somebody that's hard working, very detail oriented, has a lot of relationships and good connections, Tom and his team are a great choice...I highly recommend Tom and his team for your next launch.”

Jesse Krieger
Jesse is the founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneur Press and host of Bestseller Summit Online.

"In January of 2016, I launched my first physical product, "The Freedom Journal," on Kickstarter. To accomplish this, I knew I needed help. That's why I hired Tom Morkes...What happened next exceeded my expectations: We were featured on dozens of big name blogs and podcasts, our press release was picked up by all the major networks, and we managed to get over 100 influencers to email their email lists about the launch. All in all, thanks to our heavy outreach and promotional efforts, "The Freedom Journal" raised $453,803 in just 33 days, becoming the 6th most funded crowdfunding publishing project on Kickstarter (and number 1 in the "non-fiction" category).

Choosing Tom Morkes was a big investment, but in hindsight it was a no-brainer; we got way more than 10x our value and I couldn't be happier. Bottom line: if you're looking to do a large scale book launch, get in touch with Tom and his team ASAP so you can launch your book the right way."

John Lee Dumas
John Lee Dumas is the founder and host of the award winning podcast EOFire, and bestselling author of the Kickstarter record-setter “The Freedom Journal.”

Building An Impactful Author Business Is A Huge Challenge For Most Authors

Becoming a successful author requires you to get good at many new skill. Master them in Book Profits Accelerator to skyrocket your success!

Finding Ideal Readers

Once you find out who loves to read your books, how do you reach them? Many authors get stumped here, and don’t reach out at all.

Bridge the gap between your books and the readers waiting to discover them in week 5 of Book Profits Accelerator.

Brand Building

What message resonates with your perfect readers, and how can you use it to stand apart from the
sea of competitors?

We’ll help you craft a distinctive, captivating author identity to ensure a lasting impression in a crowded market.


Putting persuasive words together to make people click ‘buy’ is an area most writers get wrong, simply due to lack of experience with copywriting.

Why not use our shortcuts? You’ll get templates to copy/paste so you never have to start from scratch.

Generating Buzz

With no established audience, how do new authors make people sit up and take notice when they’re starting out?

We make sure you’re equipped with strategies, tools and knowledge to create a buzzworthy presence that makes readers sit up and take notice!

Building an Author Platform

A website, social platform and email list take a lot of time and energy. Most writers give up in overwhelm before their platform is complete.

Accountability, support, coaching and templates are available to you, so that you can create your author platform quickly , efficiently and effectively

Finding Strategies That Work

So many techniques are outdated and take up too much time, energy and money! It’s easy to get caught up here, listening to people who don’t know what’s working NOW.

We’ll be your trusted resource for proven, current methods that deliver real results and keep you ahead of the curve.

We Developed And Perfected A Systematic Approach To Consistently Grow Your Book Business And Create More Impact…

…so that you don’t have to face the challenges alone.
Our Guarantee
We know it’s hard to take a chance on ourselves as authors, to invest in a career that sometimes still feels like it’s only a dream. That’s why we have a ‘No author left behind guarantee’ where we’ll keep working with you as long as you keep doing the work.
Book Profits Accelerator 2.0 image
But We Didn’t Stop At World Class Coaching, A Proven Book Marketing System, and Expert Impact Coaches Who Are Actually ‘Walking The Walk’...

You also get...


Unlimited Access To Tom Morkes’s Private Vault Of Email Outreach Templates

Tom has 100’s of highly effective email templates that will allow you to simply and easily have top influencers not only open your emails but positively respond back to you.

Behind-The-Scenes Book Launch Teardowns Of New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Book Launches & 7x Advanced Book Launch Strategies

There are hundreds of book launch strategies out there. Tom Morkes takes you step by step through 3 highly successful book launches utilizing the Book Profits Accelerator influencer marketing strategies to see what’s possible. You can then use the 7x book launch strategy Playbooks to identify the perfect book launch for your own IMPACT AUTHOR business.

Impact Author “Masterful Lead Magnet” Lead Generation Masterclass & “Impact Author Collaboration” Lead Magnet Masterclass

You need a great, high converting lead magnet to attract your perfect reader into your IMPACT AUTHOR business. With these Masterclasses you’ll not only come away with a solid, high converting lead magnet but you’ll gain a full understanding of how to deploy it effectively

IMPACT AUTHOR List Building 101 & Email Marketing 101 & Autoresponders

Premium Courses. The foundation of any author business is a large, engaged, responsive email list full of rabid readers who will buy anything you publish. These email, list building and autoresponder courses in conjunction with your high converting lead magnet (bonus above) will have you expanding your list by exponentially. Many of our students have increased their list sizes by thousands in as little as a few weeks!

Amazon Mastery For Impact Authors Course

Mastering blurbs, descriptions, keywords and categories and A+ Content.  We will show you how to drive tons of traffic to your books sales pages. It only makes sense to have high converting pages for when your perfect reader lands on them.

Schedule A Call With A Book Profits Advisor And Secure Your Bonuses

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With Book Profits Accelerator 2.0 PLATINUM you’ll receive the

Detailed Knowledge
That create an IMPACT AUTHOR
You’ll get everything in Book Profits Accelerator as above - PLUSS

6 Months Of 1 On 1 Personal Coaching…

Our coaches will work with you to design a unique IMPACT AUTHOR approach to YOUR origin story.

So that you can be memorable and discoverable when you share it with any audience.

AND to increase your discoverability as readers connect with the authentic and engaging origin story behind your writing career

Your Custom Impact Author Origin Story

We use our proven templates to customize a marketing packet that presents you as a serious, professional, independent author who influencers and other authors will feel great about collaborating with.

You’ll look professional and highly successful when you reach out to potential partners.

Plus your perfect readers will resonate with your marketing materials at first glance!

Your Own Custom Impact Author Marketing Brochure That Opens Doors To Big Names Promoting and Sharing Your Book!

Once you find out who loves to read your books, how do you reach them? Many authors get stumped here, and don’t reach out at all.

Bridge the gap between your books and the readers waiting to discover them in week 5 of Book Profits Accelerator.

Your Very Own Custom Impact Author Website

We install and setup your very own high converting, cutting edge author specific website, using our “IMPACT AUTHOR” website framework. The site will include custom tools and features specifically designed for authors to grow their lists, build a huge fan base and run collaborations and promotions with ease.
(built on Wordpress with top-rated “Bricks” WYSIWYG editor, allowing you full control of your website once we complete your build-out)

1 Year Of Premium, Custom Managed Website Hosting
with our Partner:

We will give you 1 full year of premium custom managed hosting on our lightning fast servers - Managed Wordpress Hosting (What that means is that you won’t have to worry about your site ever again -- we’ll make sure your site is always online, up to date, and protected against hackers, bots, and spam!).
WordPress plugin, Core, and theme updates HTTPS / secure / bot and spam protected 24/7 technical support led by Wordpress geeks and PHP experts.
“For that third book in the series I won the Literary Award for their literary group so it was awesome. That was really cool because they actually got involved with finding the series through the process that I went through with BPA.

I learned how to meet and integrate with other authors and everything else. By doing that, then boom, I got the emails back and they got involved and were interested and the next thing you know it took off from there.”
- Jerry Rogers
“I just followed the whole BPA method, and it totally worked. I am actually becoming friends with one of the top 50 authors on Amazon. I just followed the whole BPA method, and it totally worked with her. (That’s top 50 in all of Amazon, not just her category!)

The warm up plan and how to approach people and get them to notice you. That was mind blowing! I mean it totally made sense. Then the whole research part on how do you find people that are influencers out there? That was very, very helpful as well, just awesome!"
- Bob Lutz
"I mean, there's so many things there in the program, in addition to BPA itself, so many extra things. Videos and tutorials and stuff that provide a lot of additional value. I love you guys."
- Robin Glassey
“If you do the work, if you set it up correctly, it'll support your business for years, and you can refine it and work on it, so that's a good way to go.”
- Jonathan Biss
“I think that writing is a journey and it’s something you have to be committed to… something you have to continue doing. I kept going for 12 years, without any sale. None, like no sales, and I just kept writing.

If I had given up, if I hadn't taken courses, if I hadn't gone out and invested in myself… like, with BPA, that's an investment in myself… then I wouldn't have become the writer I am today.”
- Claire Fulton
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Book Profits Accelerator program?
The Book Profits Accelerator program is a 12-week online private mastermind designed to help authors learn proven book marketing strategies and implement them to achieve success in their author business, without burning out.
Infostack item
Who is the program designed for?
The program is designed for new and published authors, both fiction and non-fiction, who want to implement effective book marketing strategies that will help them scale and grow to the next level, and achieve greater financial success with their author business.
Infostack item
What will I learn in the program?
You will learn a variety of book marketing strategies, including how to optimize your book listing on Amazon, how to run effective email campaigns, and how to leverage influencer and partner marketing strategies to expand your reach and impact as an author.
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Will I have access to coaching and support during the program?
Yes, the program includes 12 weeks of live virtual coaching with head coach Lise Cartwright, as well as access to the Fiction Author Mastermind led by Tom Leveen and Live Office Hours facilitated by BPA certified coaches.
Infostack item
How much time will I need to dedicate to the program each week?
The program is designed to be completed in 12 weeks, and you can expect to spend several hours per week on coursework, coaching sessions, and implementing the strategies you learn.
Infostack item
Will the program help me sell more books?
The Book Profits Accelerator program is designed to help you develop a comprehensive book marketing strategy that will help you increase your reach and impact as an author, which can lead to increased book sales. However, individual results may vary and success is not guaranteed. As with anything, what you get out of it is directly related to what you put in.
Infostack item
What is the ‘No Author Left behind’ guarantee?
If, after completing the program within the 12 week period, doing all the exercises and implementing the strategies, you are not completely satisfied with your progress… we’ll continue to work with you for another 12 weeks free of charge. Nobody leaves the program without real, quantifiable results!
Welcome to
Book Profits Accelerator 2.0 image

It doesn’t have to be *just* a dream…

Become An IMPACT AUTHOR: Build a Successful Author Business Even if You Are A First-Time Author

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