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In this brand new LIVE Workshop, we will help you craft a CUSTOM 1-Page Marketing Plan For Your Book, because we live where simplicity meets success.

This straightforward, user-friendly workshop is your shortcut to creating a personalized marketing plan for your book — all on one convenient, powerful page.

Picture this: a clear view of your book’s profitability potential, and an effective, streamlined book marketing plan that empowers you to achieve your goals faster.

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The perfect readers who will find the most value in your book
Key marketing channels to connect with potential readers, so you can leverage them for maximum impact
A tailored marketing strategy that takes your book's unique features and your audience's information into account
Your success measures to analyze and adjust where necessary


Part 1: Your Book's Power Team

Basic but essential information
Putting this information on our book marketing canvas helps us all work together better. It also keeps things tidy, especially when we're working on more than one book at the same time.
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Know exactly who the key players are on this team
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Have them ready at a glance when you need them
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Part 2: Defining Your Readership

Who's the perfect reader for your book?
Nailing this down is absolutely vital. Without knowing your intended audience, how can you reach them or design an appealing cover? How can you craft an enticing description? In this section, we want to clarify your target reader base.
Some questions to ask yourself are:
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ho is the ideal person to read your book?
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What type of reader will connect most with your book?
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How would they describe themselves or people like them?
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Part 3: Turn Early Adopters into Raving Fans

Discover your first 100 die-hard fans who will propel your book's success
nce you know this, you’ll be able to:
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Use the enthusiasm of early adopters to fuel your book's initial momentum
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Encourage your fans to become advocates, spreading the word about your book
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Offer exclusive rewards to your top supporters, creating a community around your book
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Part 4: Your Reader's Problem Is Your Opportunity

Identify and clearly explain the problem your book solves
When you know them, you’ll be able to:
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Speak to the deep-seated needs and wants of your readers
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Highlight the barriers your readers face and position your book as the solution
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Craft engaging marketing and sales copy that resonates with your reader's pain points
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Part 5: Your Book Is The Perfect Solution

How does your book help solve a problem?
Once you understand the problem you’re solving, the next question is: how do you actually solve it with your book?
When you are clear on the solution your book provides, you can:
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Dive deep into the issue at hand, showcasing the thoroughness of your solution
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Position your book as an in-depth exploration of the problem, far exceeding the content of a simple blog post
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Strip your marketing of unnecessary content, focusing on providing a concise, effective, and action-oriented solution
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Part 6: Master Your Marketing Channels

Conquer the platforms that will connect your book with its perfect audience
It doesn’t matter if you write the best book in the world -- if no one reads it, does it even exist? Where do your ideal readers gather, and what’s your plan to reach them there?
You need to:
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Select the marketing channels that your readers frequent most
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Understand which channel will most effectively engage your reader, encouraging them to buy your book
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Develop and implement a multi-platform strategy to maximize your reach
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Part 7: Define Your Success Metrics

Set clear goals and track your book's journey to success
Don’t skip this step! How will you know if your marketing efforts are working or not, if you aren’t measuring anything?
Decide what metrics to keep track of:
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Set specific, measurable goals that will guide your book launch
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Choose a publishing platform that aligns with your goals for the greatest potential success
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Measure your success in a way that reflects your unique goals and objectives
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Part 8: Activate Your Book's Unique Selling Power

What makes your book irresistible compared to the competition?
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Identify the unique aspects of your book that make it a must-read
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Position your book in the market to stand out from the crowd
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Use your book's uniqueness as a powerful marketing tool, setting it apart in a saturated market
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Part 9: Pricing and Profit Strategy

Create a profitable pricing strategy and anticipate launch expenses
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Create a detailed financial plan, from overhead costs to individual launch expenses
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Set a price that reflects your book's value and matches your audience's expectations
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Develop a pricing strategy that aligns with your goals and appeals to your target audience
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Cary Richards and wife

Cary Richards

Entrepreneur, indie author, grandfather, and vintage open wheel road racer.

Cary spent years in the trenches of the corporate sales world. All the while dreaming of one day becoming his own boss. Several years ago, setting out on a mission of discovery, Cary began searching for a way to become a full-time internet entrepreneur. After a very steep learning curve and several dead ends, opportunity finally met with preparation and was born.

Today, Cary is focused and passionate about bringing high quality teaching, information and resources to those searching for a way to fulfill their dreams without breaking the bank. He lives in the Pacific Northwest of the US with his wife Jeannie and competes with the “Infostack RF 81 Van Diemen Formula Ford” in vintage races up and down the west coast.

Lise Cartwright

Head Coach

The eldest of five kids, this secret tech whiz called Lise wants to spread inspiration and positive action. And where there are lots of GIFs around, that's guaranteed to make her smile! But beware - she doesn't like passive-aggressive discussions and people who don't take action but complain they aren't getting any success.

By yearend, she wants to have her husband out of his full-time job and, in five years, be living in Portugal. Oh, and did we say she has 30 fish?
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